Role Play a Woman’s Wishes

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Role Play a Woman’s WishesFIRST BEFORE YOU READ!!!!! THIS IS ROLE PLAY!!!! THIS IS BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULT’S IN A COMMITTED LOVING RELATIONSHIP. AND YES I AM THE THE WOMAN IN THE TALE. I NOR DOES MY PARTNER CONDONE REAL **** UNDER ANY CONDITIONS!!! THIS WAS A FANTASY WE BOTH AGREED ON. SO PLEASE ENJOY A BIT OF FORBIDDEN CARNAL DESIRES!A WOMAN’S WISHESI had been a long day at work but then Fridays always are. I seem to count the minutes until it is time to go home. Then I get two days that I don’t have to wake up to my screaming alarm. I can drink when ever;know where are my keys; I have the whole time to myself; and I finally find the key and I get in my apartment, and head for the shower. I was stripping as I walked down the hallway and totally naked by the time I am am about to step into the bathroom. I started to walk in the bathroom and I hear something. I looked around a bit, I decided it was wind. I need a long, hot, stress reducing bath with scented bath oils. It makes everything smell great and it makes my skin so soft. I light a few candles and sink in to the water. I start to wash my day off and as I rub the sponge across my breasts. If feels so good. I realise I haven’t touched myself in a while. I start to rub my nipples, and pinch them and twist, slowly I drop my left hand to my clit, I’m already ready. I rub my clit and pinch lightly I’m wanting a big hard cock but I think my pulsating, massage shower head will have to do for tonight. I stand up and get the nozzle and all of a sudden I feel like I’m being watched, a thrill runs up my spine. I get a slight sense of danger, I listen and hear nothing. I hate to admit it but the thought of a stranger watching me playing with my pussy is a huge turn on. I get the shower nozzle and sink back in the tub. I set it to my favorite setting and lay back. I lift one leg a d**** it over the tub. I’m facing the door, I’m going with the stranger danger watching role play in my head while I use the shower wand on my clit and finger my pussy. I feel myself building. I know I’m gonna cum. I shove 4 fingers in my pussy and squirt my release out of the tub. I needed that. I finish up my bath wrap a towel around me and head out if the bathroom. I’m thinking a nice glass or 4 or wine, and curling up in my big bed and reading a new book I have. I take a couple of steps toward the kitchen and two very strong arms wrap around me. I start to scream and he shoves some balled up cloth in my mouth. I realise it’s my panties that I dropped in the hall. I was being watched. I tried to run but the jerked me back by my hair. He pulled me up against him, oh god his dick was hard and pressed up against my back. He was tall, well over 6′ I’d say 6’4″/6’5″ kinda tall. He stuck a piece bursa escort of duct tape and covered my mouth. he starts dragging me, I’m fighting like crazy, he grabs my neck and pushes me I’m my bedroom. He throws me on the bed and grabs a strap tied to my headboard. I freak. He grabs my neck again and says “I like a bit of a fight, but you are getting out if control. I’m gonna tie your hands. Then I’m gonna flip you over and punish you. Then I’m gonna fuck you. Do you know what I’m gonna do to you?” Scared and a bit turned on, god I’m warped. I shook my head. He got a blind fold and put it on me, now I couldn’t speak or see. Then I feel him put earbuds in my ears. Before he turns anything on he tells me. “I am gonna fuck you like you have never been fucked. I watched you get off. I saw you squirt. By the time I leave tomorrow you will be dry as a bone. I will make you cum like that and better. Your ****st will make you cum. Now how does that make you feel?” I just shook my head. He blasts death metal through my ears. I cant see, hear, or speak. I’m tied to my bed. I don’t know where he is, oh god my toy drawer. I bet he’s found it. I feel the bed dip and I feel him start rubbing my tits. He reaches down and sucks my nipples. With those 3 senses barred everything else was more intense. I am terrified, but my body is betraying me. This whole thing is disturbing, I’m being ****d and my nipples are hard as rocks and I’m pretty sure my pussy is very wet. All if a sudden he was gone. I am helpless. I get scared again. All of a sudden hes straddling me. I feel his balls rubbing on my lower belly. He flicks my nipples hard. It hurts like hell. but when the sting eased up it felt good too. He grabbed my left nipple and pulled a bit. I felt the bite of metal as he tightened the clamp on, he did the same to the other nipple. He looped the clamps together somehow and had a chain he could pull on. With out warning he flipped me over. He tied my ankles apart and spread my legs out. Then he was gone again. 5 minutes seem to go by and nothing. I’m getting more scared and turned on the longer I lay here, I think I need a shrink. He pulls on the chain connected to the nipple clamps. Omg it hurts, but at the same time….. Oh god, this is awful. He tugs on the chain again and at the same time he starts rubbing my ass. Then when his big hand connects hard with my ass. He is spanking me!! Hard. It stings like hell and he keeps tugging on the chain. I loose count on how many times he spanks me. I just know my ass is on fire and my nipples are throbbing. He gets up and leaves again. It’s insane I start freaking again. I don’t know where he is or what’s next. I’m laying there thinking he could do anything and everything and probably will. bursa escort bayan I know I’m in trouble but am helpless. Suddenly he is pushing my massager against my clit. It is powerful and only takes a few seconds to make me cum, my clit is so sensitive now but he turns it up and pushes it to my clit harder. It’ss torture I realise I’m screaming but no one can hear me. He starts rubbing my ass and he pulls me up to my knees. He ties me so I am kneeling and can’t move. I’m getting scared again. I think he is gonna fuck my asshole. I’ve never done that. I never wanted to. I knew it hurt and wasn’t interested in trying. I try to wiggle down and I can’t. I’m doing what I can to fight again. He jerks on the chain hard. He pulls one earbuds out and tell me to quit fighting. He says he was gonna take my ass easy and slow but now he was gonna fuck my ass hard. He says he’s gonna go balls deep on the first thrust. I freaked again. He put the ear bud back in and got up. I didn’t know how big his cock is I hoped it was small but somehow I didn’t think so. When I felt it pushed into my back it seemed big. Im waiting, and I’m freaking out. Hes gonna stick his dick in my ass. I’m know it’s gonna hurt. I wonder if he’s gonna kill me. I don’t know what he looks like so he’s safe from that. I’ll always know his voice though and his smell. My brain is going 100mph when I feel him come up behind me on the bed. He rubs oil all over my ass down my crack. He sticks his finger up my ass with oil on it. Then he’s gone again. I feel he is looking at me, I can feel his eyes. Again he climes on the bed behind me. I’m shaking all over. Again he pulls on the chain but this time he pulls up and wrap’s it semi tighty around my neck. I can breath fine but I can really feel it there not to mention it has my tits are pulled up by my nipples. He starts rubbing my back going down I feel him pull my ass cheeks apart. Then I feel his cock right there. He has his head pushing against my virgin asshole. Then he shoves into me. I scream and try to get away from the pain but I can’t move. His cock is huge. It’s really long and huge around and I feel like I’m being ripped in two. He doesn’t slow down he just grabs my hips hard and starts fucking my ass hard and fast and deep. I think I’m gonna pass out from the pain. He reaches down and gets the massager and pushes it against my clit. Hes pounding me hard and all of a sudden it doesn’t hurt that bad, it’s starting to feel good?? Oh what is wrong with me. The I feel it. I’ve never felt a orgasm build like this. It was mind blowing. He realised what was happening and really started to pound me. I came so hard I almost passed out. I kept cumming. It was the most intense multiple I’ve ever had. I squirted escort bursa all over. He kept pounding me until I came again and I felt him shoot hot cum up my ass and that set me off again. He pulled out and untied my legs and flipped me on my back. I thought he was done. I was so wrong. He tied my legs up high and spread wide. I felt him squirt lube on me. He again put the massager on my clit. He pushed it hard against me and then taped it to my belly. Where it non stop vibrated on my clit. I then felt him pushing something back up my ass. Slowly this time. I realised it was my 18″ double headed dildo. I loved it cause I could really fuck my pussy with it. He seemed determined to shove the whole thing up my ass. It hurt again cause he was pushing it very deep. then he starts fucking my ass hard with it. He made me cum again then I felt him start finger fucking my pussy. then I realised he’s gonna stick his whole fist up in my. I had heard of fisting, but never tried it and his hands were huge. he poured more lube on me and shoved his hand all the way in me. Oh got it hurt and then I felt him make a fist inside me. He slowly started moving his hand around and pumping pushing against my walls hard then it starts again. He is making me cum again. He’s now getting into it and starts fist fucking the hell out of me. I cum so hard I did pass out . When I came to he was about to shove his dick up my ass with the dildo still in there. He takes an earbud out and says “I am going to enjoy this. You may not. I don’t care. I have gotten you off which is fucked up, your twisted maybe as much as I am. But this is just for me.” He puts the earbud back in my ear and slams his hard cock in my ass with my huge dildo. It’s so much worse then just his cock. He is pounding me and all I can do is cry. Then the twisted part of me kicked in and I start enjoying the pain. I want it deeper, harder faster I want it all. When I cum again I scream and squirt all over him he roughly jerks off the nipple clamps and starts sucking my nipples while he pulls out of my ass and slams into my pussy. We had been fucking for hours. At one point he untied me, took the earbuds and gag off. He left the blindfold and I knew why. He ****d me but somehow as the night went on I would have let him do anything he wanted to me. I had never came like he made me. My whole body was tingling. I sucked his cock and shocked him when I took all if him down my throat. We fucked until the sun was coming up and he left. I told him I wanted him to come again no warning. Catch me off guard. I told him to come **** me anytime. He said he would be back. I still had the blindfold on but I heard him walk out the door and shut it. I took the blindfold off and looked around. You could smell sex in the air. I was so sore, every inch ached. I should be calling the cops but I wouldn’t. After a bit it stopped being **** and just turned into some hardcore Dom/Sub BDSM fucking. Hmmmmm I wonder when the will be back.