Roommates – Mom and Me

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Just so you don’t waste your time on something that will disappoint you, this story features no monster cocks, watermelon sized breasts or pregnancies.

The sex takes a while to develop. if you’re looking for hot action on the first page, you’d do better with most other stories.

Thanks in advance for reading and I do reply to comments.

Well this sucked. I was scoping out our new, tiny apartment which took all of ten seconds to absorb. My father, Bjorn, and mother, Rose, had recently spilt. I’m Anders, 19 years old, blond, 5’10” (178 cm) and a bit stocky. My mother was also blonde with a round face and a bit of extra weight on her hips and thighs. She had just turned 40 when my father walked out.

We’d been renting a small house but with our now reduced circumstances, my mother and I had moved into a cheap apartment. The living room and dining room were basically the same room and both the kitchen and bathroom were small. All the doors were cheap, not even wooden. Just some cheap panelling stuffed with what looked to be wood chips, judging by the gash in the bathroom door. At least there were two bedrooms.

My mother looked around and sighed. “Well Andy, this is going to be our life for the next little while.”

She was already depressed so I didn’t want to say anything too negative. “Don’t worry Mom. We’ll make the best of it. And Dad hadn’t been very good company these past few years.” That part was true. He’d grown increasingly withdrawn and irritable and I just tried to avoid him, which he seemed content with.

My mother on the other hand had always been cheerful and affectionate. She’d often touch my arm when we talked, there were lots of hugs and she greeted and bade farewell to family members with a brief kiss on the lips.

She smiled. “You’re right Andy. He hadn’t been and we’ll be better off without him. But it’s going to be a tough adjustment and I miss our old house already.”

“Me too Mom, but it could have been worse.” I didn’t know exactly how but it seemed a comforting thing to say and she didn’t challenge me on it. I gave her a hug and she hugged back strongly. Our bodies were pressed together and I could feel her breasts flattened out against my chest. Then I felt myself starting to get hard so I backed my hips away. I couldn’t tell if she noticed but she broke the hug, caressed my cheek, tousled my hair and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Looks like you’ll be the only one I can kiss for a while.”

“That’s OK Mom. Do you think you’ll start dating anytime soon?”

“I don’t know. It does seem too soon but I’ve always had a man in my life so I’ll miss having that.”

I could sort of imagine what “that” referred to but I didn’t want to venture down that alley. Yoiks, it was my Mom.

In the next several days we began settling in. As this was a considerable downsize, there was a three-way split on our furniture. One part moved in with us, another got put into storage and the rest we sold. There was just enough money from my mother’s pay to cover the rent and bills. Once my father started coming through with support payments, we’d be able to afford a car and then some small luxuries like the occasional restaurant and new clothes. In the meantime it was permanent home cooking and second hand shops.

A big drawback of the new place became evident in the first few days. I’d been doing my jerking off in the shower but at 19, once a day isn’t always enough. So one night I was taking care of business in my bed. I’m not noisy but the bed wasn’t completely silent, my breathing may have been elevated and then there was the “unghh” I let out when I came. No big deal; nothing to even notice; except just after that I heard my mother in her room softly cough. Fuck. These walls were more like amps.

I couldn’t be sure she heard me but I assumed she knew I masturbated so even if she did, it shouldn’t be that big a deal. Still, who wants their mother to know exactly when they’re jerking off? And when they come.

I kept up with the shower routine and tried to be extra quiet at night. Mom never let on about anything so I didn’t worry about it. Then one night I heard sounds coming from her room. Nothing loud but some audible panting and the occasional sloshing sound. Yikes, Mom was jerking off too. I suppose it shouldn’t have come as a surprise but I’d never given a thought to her sexual side. Nor did I want to. But I could be as mature as she so I wouldn’t mention it.

I didn’t hear her again until a few nights later. This time I paid closer attention and found myself getting hard. Both the panting and sloshing seemed a bit louder and I started touching myself. And at that age genital touches are like Pringle’s Potato Chips. One is never enough. So I started jerking off too and didn’t pay any attention to the bed noises. When I heard a soft “ahhh” from her room, that pushed me over the edge and I answered with a muffled grunt.

In the morning and during the day life carried bursa escort on as normal. She went to her job and I had classes at a city technical college. There I was majoring in law and real estate but I’d taken a culinary course as an optional seeing as how we had to cook all our own meals. My mother had also taken to giving my kisses in the morning as she left and in the evenings whenever we returned home. While they were on the mouth they didn’t last long and there was nothing overtly sexual to them.

Nighttimes were a little different though. I soon figured out that if I went to bed a few minutes after her, it wouldn’t take long before I heard her stroking herself. And while I had zero thoughts of getting sexual with her, her sounds always got me horny and I’d start jerking along with her. She never acknowledged that she could also hear me but I had to assume that she did.

I didn’t want my mother sexually. I must have told myself that a thousand times. Geez, what guy (present company excluded) does? But with 19 year old hormone levels, hearing any woman touching her pussy is bound to turn you on. It did me. I’d imagine it to be some other woman but I couldn’t always pull that off convincingly. After I’d come I’d always feel kind of squeamish but since there were never any consequences, I got used to it and over time the squeamishness diminished.

In the meantime I got a girlfriend. She was in my real estate class and we went to parties around the college. I couldn’t afford to take her on real dates and we only had sex a couple of times — once in someone’s bedroom at a college party and once standing up in her parent’s garage. She didn’t seem too impressed at our digs the one time I invited her over for tea and she soon dropped me for some other guy in our class who drove a Mercedes.

My mother too had gotten into the dating world. There were a couple of one date onlies with jerks before she met one guy, Trevor, she seemed to care about. They’d gone out a few times when she eventually invited him back to our apartment. He was good-looking in a conventional way, sort of like an actor in a supporting role on a TV series. And he looked to be mid-30s so a few years younger than her.

Trevor seemed surprised at my age when we first met. “Hi Andy. You’re older than I expected.”

“Hello Trevor, nice to meet you. I sometimes act like an immature jerk so you must have been reckoning my age from some of my Mom’s stories.”

I have to admit I was impressed by what I came out with. Usually I get tongue-tied but I didn’t take to the insinuation that someone must have been lying about my age. Or hers. I decided to make it an early night. “Classes”. It wasn’t long before I heard them in Mom’s bedroom. Whispers and muffled voices that didn’t sound especially amorous. When there was a moment of silence I decided to cough.

Then, slightly louder muffled voices. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I did hear him get up and exit the bedroom. At the door to our apartment I heard my mother say “Sorry Trevor, see you soon. Trevor’s reply was less audible.

I remained in my bed and heard my mother sit down on the sofa. My room was adjacent to the living room and my bed and the sofa were against the same thin wall. For a few minutes all I could hear was my mother’s breathing. Then, what sounded like soft, suppressed sobs. I felt I should do something but didn’t want to intrude on a vulnerable moment. On the other hand, maybe she’d appreciate some support. After a bit of dithering, I got up and went to her. I was in my usual bedtime gear — T-shirt and cotton pyjama bottoms with an elastic waistband and no opening at the crotch. Comfortable enough but it meant I had to pull them down to piss and they did a horrible job at hiding an erection. Fortunately that wasn’t a concern at the present.

My mother looked up and I sat down beside her. She was in pants but with a pyjama top, as though Trevor had gotten her blouse off before leaving.

“Hi Mom. Is everything OK?”

Kind of a stutter sob. “No. Trevor left and I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again.”

“Why not? Anything you care to talk about?”

“Oh, why not. You’re just about all I have left in this world.”

“That’s not entirely true Mom. You have a big family, friends and your job.”

“Yes, but they’re not around when I need them most. I’m sorry to say Anders but that burden falls on you.”

“It’s no burden Mom. I know it’s tough times now but I’ll try to help out however I can. And Trevor sounds like he must have been a jerk. What happened?”

“Thanks Andy. You’re too sweet with me. Trevor got cold feet because he thought you’d hear us through the walls. Plus, he didn’t seem to like the fact that I had a 19 year old son living with me.”

“Well, not much we can do about the walls for now.” She looked at me and smiled. “And he knew you had a son so I would have thought that 19 was better than nine. You know, flying the coop lot sooner.”

“Oh those walls! Yes, bursa escort bayan we do hear things we normally wouldn’t. But we’ve coped well with that don’t you think? As for Trevor, he may have thought I was too young to have had a 19 year old.”

“Geez Mom. Didn’t he know your age?”

“Well, he may have thought I was more like mid-30s than 40.” Rueful smile here.

“His loss Mom.”

A nicer smile and she caressed my cheek. “You said it Andy. As I told you, you’re too sweet to me.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and got up. “Andy, if you don’t mind staying up with me, I’m going to get changed. Be right back.”

I felt a bit strange. This looked to be unknown territory. I most certainly didn’t think that anyone was trying to seduce anyone but being the designated comforter coupled with a late night talk was new to me.

I thought more of my mother. She had a pretty face though it wasn’t to my tastes. I liked the leaner, high cheekbones look. But I could see why Trevor would have pegged her for several years younger than she was. No blemishes or wrinkles and she smiled a lot. I wondered about her allusions to the thinness of the walls but reckoned it meant nothing more than acknowledging the obvious.

That led me into wondering what she looked like naked. From one of her bathing suits she wore a few years back, I could tell that she had puffy, curly, blonde pubic hair. She only wore the suit once until my father pointed out that her pubes were sticking out. Her hips were a bit wide, her stomach had a small bulge and her breasts were about average from what I could tell, though they sometimes seemed a little flattened. All in all, while her body look wasn’t my ideal, she probably looked good enough in the flesh. But why was I even wondering? I didn’t actually want to see her naked, did I?

This reverie was broken by my mother’s reappearance. She was her pyjamas — off-white long-sleeved top and a pant-like bottom made of something artificial. Rayon or nylon or some other –on. No bra apparently and in the light I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties.

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting son.”

I laughed. “I hope it was worth the wait.” She laughed too.

She sat down beside me. “Here, I could use a little cuddle.”

I put my arm around her shoulders and she nestled into my chest; her right arm around my stomach. She issued a long “Mmm” and I squeezed her shoulder. She responded by rubbing my side and hugged me harder. I was now beginning to get hard but she wouldn’t notice unless she looked down.

“Well Andy, it’s just the two of us for now.”

I hugged her again and ran my hand down her back to her hip. “Yes Mom. We’ll get through this and better days are ahead.”

She sat up and put her left arm around my neck while she rubbed my chest with her right. “My dear, sweet boy. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Then she kissed my cheek a couple of times before planting one on my mouth. It only lasting a couple of seconds, a bit longer than the hello and goodbye ones.

“Oh, I think I miss kissing, and being kissed, as much as I miss sex.” I blinked. “I hope I’m not embarrassing you Andy.”

“No.” That lie came easily. “And you can kiss me whenever you like.” I skipped the part of kissing her in return.”

“Really? You know how much I like kissing. A lot.”

I could see that’s I’d taken a wrong turn but damned if I was going to acknowledge it. That was as bad as asking for directions (if that even makes sense to the GPS generation). “No Mom. Whenever you need to.”

“Or want to? Like now?” She was looking me dead in the eyes, our faces just a few inches apart. It was so obvious what this meant. I nodded.

She moved in with both her hands around my head. At the last second she turned her head slightly and our lips met. At first just some solid contact and then she began moving her lips. I followed her lead. It felt like several minutes but was probably 15 seconds or so. She broke it off.

“Oh Andy, thanks so much for that. I’m sorry if I overdid it.”

She had overdone it but I didn’t want to tell her that. “It’s OK Mom. Heat of the moment and all that.”

“Well I’d best be off to bed now. That got me a little…oh, never mind.” She got up and now saw my tented pyjamas. Then she blew me a kiss that looked aimed at my groin, and was off. I sat there a while trying to figure out my feelings. I didn’t want to have sex with her — that much was for sure. But hearing her masturbate was kind of a turn-on and tonight’s hugging and kissing felt nice. But I half feared it would lead to more and I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take it.

More kissing? OK. French kissing? Maybe. I loved French kissing but with my Mom? Maybe. I suspected it would head that way so I’d see at the time. Touching her breast? If it stopped there I suppose. Her pussy? NO! Her touching my cock? No, but hard to resist if it came to that. But that would call for reciprocation so no.

I got up escort bursa to go to bed and had just taken a couple of steps when I heard that sloshing sound. Her bedroom was at the end of a short, five foot hallway with the bathroom on one side and my room on the other. I stopped outside her door and listened closer. I could hear the breathing and sloshing quite clearly and it got me even harder. So I dropped my pyjama bottoms and started stroking. Her sloshing sounds were getting louder and faster and her breathing was now mixed with soft moans. I was getting close and when I heard a sudden “OHHHH!” from her room, I came too.

I tried to contain it all in my hands but some must have dripped out. I stepped back into my room and cursed the creaky flooring. Back in bed I got out the Kleenex and cleaned my hands off. Then I felt post-orgasmic regret and drifted off.

Next morning at breakfast my mother looked rueful. “Andy, I want to apologize for getting carried away like that last night. I wanted to give you a kiss but I came on too strong.”

Decision time. Should I accept the apology and hope we’d leave it in the past? That would be the smart and reasonable course of action. But if a similar moment should ever arise, it would make it awkward as hell. Better to share the blame.

“Mom, we both got carried away. You didn’t see me resisting you. Anyway, it was just a kiss. Let’s not make too big a deal of it.”

She looked at me uncertainly. “Are you sure Anders? I’m the one who’s supposed to be responsible and I’d hate to think I pressured you into anything.”

“Mom. You’re not the only adult in this dump. As I said, it was just a kiss. Let’s not make it into anything bigger.”

Now she smiled. “OK then son. But now I have to rush off. Goodbye kiss?” It was just one of the usual quick ones. That was a relief. I hate family dramas.

The next few days were fairly normal. The goodbye/hello kisses were standard practice and we usually sat together on the sofa with some minor cuddling. And we kept up with the never-acknowledged nighttime masturbation sessions.

But I expected that the normalcy wouldn’t last and it didn’t. We were watching TV and I had my arm around her. “So Anders, if the kisses were no big deal, does that mean we can do it again sometime?”

Sigh. “Well, yeah, I suppose so.”

“Like right now?” She looked up at me. “I’d really like to kiss you again.”

What could I say? I had enjoyed those kisses but I would have been fine had she never again raised the matter. Any reluctance would mean hurt feelings and awkwardness.

“Mom, I’d love you to kiss me.”

Her lips were on mine a millisecond later and the lip action started right away. No tongue but I had a feeling that day wasn’t far off. I had another feeling too and since I was in my pyjamas, it was showing. The kiss went on for a lot longer this time, maybe 30 seconds. It was my mother who broke it.

“That was wonderful Andy. But please do stop me if I’ve gone too far.”

“It was fine Mom. I enjoyed it too.”

I guess that “fine” was too lame an adjective because I got a look. But she went back to kissing me again. This time it was only about 10 seconds but there was lots of lip movement and I could feel her saliva on my mouth.

“Was that ‘fine’ too?”

“Yes, much better than fine. So was the first one.”

“Well I think that’s enough for one night but let’s cuddle a while before bedtime.”

She moved closer with her head on my chest and my arm around her. This gave her a close-up look at my protruding pyjamas. She didn’t say anything but kept her gaze fixed there. In that position I couldn’t do much to adjust so just tried, unsuccessfully, to will it down. The cuddle felt nice but I was as embarrassed as hell.

Finally my mother got up, gave me quick goodnight kiss and called out “Sweet dreams.”

I waited for her to go to bed and looked forward to jerking off to her sounds. But not the one I heard. It was a loud, a very loud buzzing. I guess that vibrators are much quieter now but some of the 80s versions could wake a neighborhood. Which this one did. The buzzing had only lasted a few seconds when I heard a thumping on the floor and a man’s voice shouting “Turn it off. Now!” The buzzing stopped and I didn’t hear anything else.

Next morning over breakfast my mother shook her head. “I guess you heard everything.” I nodded.

“That was so embarrassing. From now on I’m going to take the stairs to the seventh floor (we were on the 9th) so if I ever run into whoever that was, he won’t suspect me of being the one.”

I laughed at this. “But Andy, I apologize if I embarrassed you too. But now I’m running late so we’ll talk about it this evening.”

Frankly, I could do without the talk, though I was kind of curious what she’d say. She waited on that until we were in our pyjamas watching television.

‘So Andy, about last night’s incident.”


“This isn’t easy to say but since we’re both adults, I hope you can handle it.”

Laying it a bit thick I thought, but I was curious where it was headed. “Yup.”

“OK, good. Now, we both know we masturbate.” No beating around the bush there. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that line.