Roy and Annie try something new.

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Roy and Annie try something new.This story contains very taboo topics please be advised.Roy and Annie shared a fairly good sex life, although her drive was a little stronger than his. After fifteen years of marriage and two daughters it was hard to keep things exciting. They tried a lot of different positions and played with toys but something was still leaving them both wanting more. One night Annie came home and told Roy she had set up for a babysitter on Friday night. She told Roy that the sitter was going to stay over night so they didn’t have to worry about getting her home or what time they came in. Roy knew that this meant that Friday would be a fun night of sex. Friday came and they left for dinner in town. Annie was dressed in a short black skirt and a sheer red button down top. She had gained a few pounds after her two daughters were born but carried it well and looked hot as they were leaving. Dinner was exciting as Annie flirted with Roy and with the waitress. Annie told Roy she wanted to do something tonight that she had never done before, but when he asked what she wanted she didn’t really know and said maybe it will just happen? After dinner they went to a local lounge that had dancing and was dark and sultry. After a few drinks Annie again began to flirt with Roy but also with a guy that seemed to be alone at the bar. Roy found himself very excited about seeing Annie flirt so hard with this guy. At the restaurant she had flirted with the waitress but not in such a wanton way. Roy asked Annie if this is what she meant about trying something new? “I don’t want to have sex with him but I do want to have him touch me. “Roy said he needed to use the bathroom and as soon as he was out of sight Annie signaled for the guy to come over, the club was really getting crowded and she knew Roy would be gone for at least 10 minutes. When the guy got to her table he said hello and started some small talk. Annie wanted nothing to do with that. She told him that her husband was at the men’s room and asked him if he would like to touch her. He was taken off balance and flustered she said make up your mind I want you to be gone before he comes back.The guy sat down next to her and she whispered in his ear to put his hand between her legs. He followed her instructions, slipping her panties aside and running his finger up and down her slit. He then pushed his finger inside her and saw her eyes roll back. She grabbed his hand kissed him on the cheek and said thank you. Again he was flustered but in a satisfied way. He got back to the bar just as Roy was in sight of Annie. When Roy got back to the table Annie said lets dance and dragged him to the dance floor. She danced hard with him for the next three songs, making sure to grind other dancers in the processes. They were both sweaty when she said I think it is time to go home. Annie kissed Roy hard before they left the dance floor and ran her hand firmly over the woman’s ass next to her, the dance floor can be so much fun. After getting their jackets at the coat check they made their way to the parking garage. It took some time because Annie kept stopping Roy and making out with him. When they arrived at the garage they began to walk up to the third floor where they were parked. Annie’s short skirt was showing off most of her legs but she decided to hike them up so Roy could see more. She was sweaty and wet and it showed in her panties, which were tightly embedded in between her lips. Roy’s hard on was growing. Annie noticed that a couple guys were on their way down the stairs and she hiked her skirt up so that all of her legs were showing and so that they would see her panties. They took notice but said nothing. Roy was a little freaked out and pulled Annie’s skirt down just a bit. Annie was a lot drunk and maybe too playful for Roy’s taste.They were almost to the car when Annie dashed for it jumped up on the hood and spread her legs. Roy said “What are you doing?” Annie responded just by saying “Fuck me” Roy’s hard on was raging and he couldn’t resist. He pulled out his cock and pushed right past her wedged panties. It wasn’t too late, they were in between the crowds coming and going so Roy knew he had a few minutes but was still keeping an ear open, he didn’t want to be caught in the act. Annie was making a fair amount of noise and Roy decided it might give them away so he pulled out and walked over and pulled her head over and put his cock in her mouth. She took him in and it wasn’t long before he was filling her mouth with cum. Annie kept his cock in her mouth until Roy was almost limp and then she hopped off the hood and kissed Roy hard. She did it so quick that he didn’t realize she still had his cum in her mouth he tried to pull away but it was too late she had put almost all of the cum into his mouth. He got away from her and spit. He said “You are trashed lady” and he put her in the car. When they got home the baby sitter was still up on the couch, it was about two. Roy put Annie to bed and came back down stairs to see how things had gone for June with the k**s. All was well and June said she was on summer break from college and was happy to watch the k**s anytime. Roy said he thought they would probably need her pretty regularly. That night out had been great fun; Roy and Annie talked about it a lot the following week and Roy suggested they do it again. Annie agreed and said they should again do something new. The sex that week was great. Saturday came and they followed a similar pattern with dinner and hitting tempobet yeni giriş a club. Annie thought dancing was a lot of fun so they danced for almost an hour before finding a place to sit down. While dancing Annie had been very free with her hands on other peoples bodies especially on a girl who seemed to be alone and Annie thought was very hot. After Roy and Annie had sat down they got a couple drinks Annie asked Roy if he would be upset with her if she kissed another woman. Roy didn’t know what to say. Annie had never expressed any interest in women. Annie pointed out the girl on the dance floor that she had been eying and told Roy she wanted to try to make out with her on the floor. Roy wasn’t sure what to say but told Annie to go dance and see what happened. Annie made her way out onto the floor and started dancing near the girl she noticed. Annie quickly moved closer to her. They danced tightly not too much differently than other girl friends on the floor whose men were to embarrassed to dance and then a song with a very strong beat and sexual lyrics came on and Annie decided to go for it. She grabbed the girl by the hips and started to grind her. The girl didn’t skip a beat and closed her arms tightly around Annie’s back. They danced hard and ground their thighs into one another. Annie thought if this isn’t the perfect moment to kiss her I don’t know what is. She moved one arm up her back and placed her hand behind her head and moved to face her. They looked at one another for a fast second and then Annie pressed her mouth hard to hers. Again the woman didn’t skip a beat their tongues both deep in each other’s mouths they kissed and ground hard.Roy was all the while watching and his cock was so hard he thought he would shoot right there in his pants. Right at that moment a guy said to him “Is that your girl out there?” “Yeah the blonde” The man asked him if they were looking to try some new things? Roy said he wasn’t sure what he meant. The man said “I run an after hours club that is for people who like sex and are willing to try new things. I see that your girl is out there right now trying something new. If you want to go further that is what you will get.” The man handed Roy a card and was gone. Roy looked out on to the dance floor and couldn’t see Annie or the other woman. While Roy was talking the woman dancing with Annie had moved them off the dance floor and they had gone into the ladies room. As soon as they were in a stall Annie’s hand was in Beth’s crotch, her pubic hair was fine but curly and she was wet from sweat and her juices. Annie’s fingers found her slit and slid in easily. She quickly removed her hand and put her fingers in her mouth wanting to taste Beth as soon as she could. Beth hiked up her skirt and pushed Annie onto her knees pulling her head into her wet pussy. Annie went wild, her tongue working on Beth licking her and parting her lips with her hands and sliding her tongue into her. Beth began to cum and pulled Annie’s head so tight to her that Annie could barely breath. Annie’s hair was completely mused up and her face was covered in Beth but she didn’t care all she wanted to do was go and kiss Roy so that he could taste Beth on her lips. Beth asked her if she wanted her to bring her off but Annie said she came three times while eating her pussy. She kissed her and said thank you. She rushed out of the bathroom and quickly across the dance floor kissing Roy hard. He knew immediately what had happened and savored the taste of Beth’s pussy on Annie’s mouth. They again fucked on the hood of the car in parking garage only this time Annie pulled off her panties for Roy and he put them in his mouth to taste her wetness and then before entering her he started putting them inside her until they were almost gone and then he finished pushing them in with his cock. Roy wasn’t surprised when Annie kissed him with a mouth full of cum and did something he had never done and swallowed it. Roy didn’t pull Annie’s panties out of her until they got home that night. The night had gone so crazy Roy had forgotten about the man asking if he and Annie wanted to try something new until he found the card in pants pocket the next day. He put it on his dresser and didn’t think anything of it. A couple days later Annie saw it and asked Roy whom the card was from. Roy said it was just some weird guy who came up to him at the club that past Friday. Annie asked if he had checked out the website that was on the card and Roy said no, he had just figured the guy was trying to pick them up or something like that. Annie “Lets check it out.” The site came up and said “Looking to try something new” it had the normal adult site disclaimer so Annie hit the enter button. The first page said that “Try something new” was a special kind of after hours club where consenting adults could experience new things. It had a two-minute clip of what Annie and Roy thought must be the insides of the club. It showed people having sex, men and women with multiple partners, women with women and men with men. There was some light bondage and a little water sports play. The room seemed to be set up with a series of tables in a circle around one larger center table. Above that center table was a wheel with 100 numbers on it. Roy said to Annie it looks like a goddamn game show. It was late and the site had got them a little horny so they decided to retire to the bedroom for some activity. After sex Annie asked Roy what he thought about the site. Roy said he thought tempobet giriş it wasn’t for real and even if it was he didn’t want to go any where he might be approached by another man and he thought the water sports part was disgusting. Annie responded by saying that she thought it looked very real and not staged at all. She said that the water sports things was disgusting but it did make her quiver a little when she saw the woman opening her mouth and receiving some guys pee. Roy was a little shocked and said so and then Annie really floored him by saying “And I would love to see another guy cum in your mouth.” Roy said “Well that is not going to happen.” and he rolled over a little upset. A couple weeks went bye before Annie brought up the club again. She thought it best to let sleeping dogs lie. But one Thursday evening she told Roy she had gotten a sitter for Saturday and thought they should go out. Roy was excited. And then Annie said I think we should try to go to that place from the card. Roy said “No” flat out. Annie said come on lets just go if we get there and thinking it is too weird we will just leave. Roy was having none of it. And then Annie said “If you do this for me I will give you a blow job every night for seven nights after we go and I won’t spit.” Roy looked at her and said “Plus one right now under the table while I am eating my dinner and you have a deal.” Annie crawled under the table and pulled Roy’s cock out and sucked him off. Annie had never liked to swallow and she knew that by telling Roy she would convince him to go the club with her. Roy came hard a few minutes later and Annie swallowed it all. It was a good thing she was under the table so she could hide her contorted face as she chocked it down. Saturday came and they went to the club where the website said was the rendezvous point. It said the address would only be given out in person and was left up to the discretion of the point person at the club how or if people would get to the club. The website wasn’t clear on how to meet the point person. Roy and Annie figured that all the cloak and dagger stuff only added to the thrill and also helped to keep just anyone from showing up. They got to the club late, about 12:30 but things were still happening; the music was pumping and Annie dragged Roy out on to the dance floor. They danced for a while until Roy decided to let Annie play by herself for a while he left the floor and got a drink. While standing at the bar he noticed the man who had given him the card, he waved at him and soon the man was standing next to him. Roy showed him the card. “OH so you finally decided to try it out?” “I think we just want to check out the scene and go from there. The web-site wasn’t really clear what goes on there.” Roy said. The man leaned over and said in Roy’s ear “Fucking goes on there, lots and lots of fucking. Why don’t you get that little lady of yours over here and we’ll see what happens next.” Roy got Annie’s attention and she came over quickly. The man looked Annie up and down and then placed his hand on her ass Roy moved to stop him and the man looked at Roy and said, “Look if you want to check out my place you better get used to people touching her.” Roy pulled back and watched as the guy ran his hand over Annie’s ass while looking out into the crowd. After a few minutes he waived to a woman who came over and they whispered to one another for a minute before she went up to Roy and grabbed his crotch, Annie shuddered and the man knew she was growing excited. He tapped the woman on the shoulder and she came over to Annie and pushed herself close to her sliding her hand between her legs and feeling her pussy. She turned to the man and said “She is soaking wet.” “OK” he responded take them there. The man looked at Roy and Annie and said “this is Stephanie she will be your guide tonight, we always give first timers a guide. She will take you to the club and get you inside from there you are on your own. She will be in the club all night watching you to make sure you don’t loose it.” Stephanie led Roy and Annie out and said they would be taking her car. When they got in the car she told them they had to put blindfolds on until they were in the club. Roy and Annie both thought it was kind of fun and didn’t care too much about it. Stephanie drove for about a half an hour and then walked them out of the car and through what sounded like a large metal door they then went down two flights of stairs and through a door. They could then hear loud music and a slight smell of bodies was in the air. Stephanie told them they could now remove their blindfolds. They were in a dark hallway about ten feet from a large steel door. Stephanie said: “OK this is the place once you go through the door you will have two minutes to watch and then the bouncer is going to tell you the rules of the club and ask you to say yes or no. If you say yes you are there for the rest of the night usually things wrap up around eight in the morning.” Roy looked at his watch it was 2:30. Stephanie said: “shall I open the door?” Roy and Annie looked at one another and said yes. Stephanie knocked hard on the door and a small window opened a large black man looked out and said ” Hey Stephanie.” “Hey Bruce I have some newbies with me.” “OK but you going to have to wait for about five.” “Cool” Stephanie looked at Roy and Annie-“You heard the man” A few minutes later the door opened and Bruce ushered Roy and Annie in while Stephanie slipped away. “You’ve got two minutes” tempobet güvenilirmi he said. Roy and Annie looked out from a mezzanine on about 70 people all with either nothing or very little clothing on. Women were lying on their backs on tables with multiple men surrounding them, or on their knees sucking cock, or on their backs with other women sitting on their faces, their were men fucking men, women fucking women it seemed that everything you could think of was happening. At the back of the room was a large wheel with numbers going up to 65. In the center of the room was a large table that looked like it was covered with a wrestling mat. Roy looked at Annie and said “Are you sure you want to try this?” At that moment Bruce walked up and said “times up. Here’s the rules you loose all your clothes, they go into a locker with your number, you are free to participate with anyone in the club you are also free to refuse anyone in the club, Stephanie will keep an eye on you, all men must were rubbers they are all over the club. Finally little lady when you take off your clothes I am going to write a number on your right tit and right ass cheek. Now you see that wheel back there. Every 45 minutes to an hour we spin that wheel if your number comes up you have to go to the center of the room and get on that table. This is the only point in the evening when you are not allowed to say no. And believe you me a little hottie like yourself is going to have every guy in this place wanting to fuck you if your number is pulled. And just for your info the number of guys in here tonight is 34 so far. So yes or no?” Annie looked at Roy and looked back at Bruce and said “Yes” “Alright loose the clothes.” As soon as they had removed their clothes Bruce took out a sharpie marker and wrote 41 on Annie’s right tit then told her to turn around and he did the same on her ass cheek. Then he cupped her mound and pushed his middle finger inside her dripping cunt. Annie just arched her back as Bruce removed his finger and told them to head on in. Roy and Annie walked down the stairs from the mezzanine and almost as soon as Annie put her foot on the floor a man grabbed her by the arm and led her to one of the tables he turned her around and bent her over the table and shoved his cock into her pussy. Annie could do nothing but cum and cum again she couldn’t believe how turned on she was by being fucked by a total stranger in the middle of this wild orgy. Roy stood and watched Annie fuck a total stranger he was flabbergasted. Annie came three of four times and then the guy just pulled out and walked away. She looked around the room to see if she could see Roy but she couldn’t find him in the crowd. Roy was looking for Annie for 20 minutes but would only catch glimpses of her and usually she was on her back or bent over a table with some guy pounding her. Then lights went on the wheel and it was spun. Annie was scared if her number came up she might have to fuck every guy in the club she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. The wheel landed on number 12. One of the bouncers led the women up to the mat. She was a brunette who was pretty and a little chunky she got up on the mat and was immediately surrounded by a group. Annie couldn’t really see what was going on but she was definitely getting attention. Annie wanted to check it out but realized that she desperately had to pee. She saw Stephanie and flagged her down and asked for the bathroom. Stephanie pointed out one of the women in the group around number 12: “Talk to her she will help you out” Annie walked up to the women and told her she had to use the bathroom. “Perfect the toilet is right here. You just jump up there and sit on her face and pee right into her mouth.” Annie couldn’t believe what this women just told her to do. The women just said come on she’ll love it and you just might love it to. The women yelled out to the group OK everybody I have a special surprise. Annie climbed up on the mat she looked at number 12 and wondered if her number came up on the wheel would this women be wanting to return the favor she was just about to presenter her with. The women Annie had just been talking with yelled up to Annie “Come on straddle that little face and tell her to open wide and what you are going to do.” Annie looked out in the crowd and saw Roy. It gave her a little boost. She looked down at the women as she straddled her face and said in a loud voice: “Open up honey I am going to piss in your mouth and you better not loose a drop.” and with that Annie let go of a flood that she had been holding for a while. She saw the women’s mouth begin to fill and she stopped the flow and told her to swallow. The women closed her mouth and did so. Annie put her finger in the women’s mouth and opened it back up and let more go. She filled the women’s mouth four times. After the final time she moved herself down the women’s body so that their pussy’s were grinding and she kissed her deep. Annie was in a virtual orgasm. She felt like it would never stop. Annie got down off the table and the crowd filled in back around number 12. Annie moved her way through the crowd until she got to Roy. Roy felt overwhelmed but was excited about what he had just witnessed. He and Annie spent the rest of the night pretty much to themselves Annie played with two women and Roy joined in once but for the most part just watched Annie. The wheel spun four more times and Annie’s number was not hit. By eight the next morning most everyone was passed out or close to it. Roy and Annie left the club exhausted and sexually spent. When they got home the baby sitter was sitting at the kitchen table in a flimsy nighty and looked very cute both Roy and Annie had no energy to even talk to her they just went to bed. They slept until 5 that evening.