Rugby Bus

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Rugby BusHeres a second one to make up for the short one. Still a fantasyLou could hardly remember what had started the fight. But it had gone from bad to worse and now Malc had gone off and left her.They were out of town at a club. It was their first time here. They had been arguing in the car on the way. Then it got heated, things were said and he left. Lou was alone now. At first she thought he would come back any minute; but when an hour went by and there was no sign she went out to look for him. The car was gone. The bastard really had abandoned her. She was at least 30 miles from home. A cab would cost a fortune.Lou decided to go back in. Maybe he would cool off and come back. Maybe she would get a lift. Who knows. ‘Even if I have to give some lucky bastard a blow job, I’ll get home,’ she thought.Back at the bar she ordered a drink. Lou is a gorgeous woman. Pretty face, sexy legs shown off in a short (but tasteful) dress. And beautiful big boobs. Her boobs always get her noticed. They are shapely and firm and Lou isn’t afraid to make the best of them. Naturally it wasn’t too long before she got into conversation with a couple of lads. They couldn’t have been more than 20, and to be honest, a right couple of pratts. But they bought her a drink and Lou thought she might be able to persuade them to take her home.They asked her to dance and they moved out to the floor. They danced either side of her and it wasn’t long before they were brushing against her. Their hands brushed her hips then they moved closer and were dancing up against her. One in front, one behind. They were up pressing into her. The music was pounding and she could feel their hot hands on her body and their breath on her face and neck. The one behind clasped her boobs and the one in front bent to kiss her. As his lips touched hers she felt his hand move up her leg. The inside of her leg. Her dress was being pushed up between her legs and his tongue was pushing between her lips.Suddenly Lou felt panic. These lads clearly thought they were on to an easy thing. She wasn’t having it. At first her protestations were muffled and her kisser obviously took them as moans of encouragement. She had to get them off. She started to twist away but they held her firmly between them. Then in desperation she bit the tongue and lip of the lad kissing her. That got him off he stepped back and issued a stream of curses. His friend now had Lou’s arms held back against her sides. They were angry. The one she had bitten stepped forward. She didn’t catch what he said only the words ‘…fucking bitch….’ Then he slapped her hard across the face.There was a great commotion and the lads were pulled from her by a couple of larger older guys. There was a brief scuffle and Lou was aware of being steered away. There were three or four, no five, perhaps more guys around her. There was lots of excited talk. Slowly she realised that she had been rescued by these lads. She was given a glass of water and was now sitting at a table. They explained that they had seen what was happening on the dance floor and when it became clear that she was having a problem they intervened. Lou thanked them and they got talking some more. It transpired that they were a touring rugby team. They were up from Bristol for the weekend. They had a bus. They asked if she was here alone. Lou explained what had happened and that she was stranded. After some discussion it was agreed that they would drop her off. It was more or less en route.Lou was delighted to be in such gallant company and readily accepted the lift and the offer of a drink. They guys introduce themselves but Lou remembers very few of the names. They continue to talk and laugh and drink until late. Then it is suggested they go.Lou feels very tipsy as they make their way to the bus. She also feels strangely naughty, like an errant schoolgirl. There is something bold and slightly sluttish about being the only woman with all these men. How many? She isn’t sure. Certainly more than a dozen. How many does it take to play rugby?Lou is aware that she has been flirting outrageously. Some of them really are very good looking and she has been resting her hand innocently on a leg or two as they talk. She danced with a few of them and couldn’t help notice the bulges in the front of some of their jeans. And she didn’t have any reason to think they were excited!At this thought she chastises herself. After all its only a bit of harmless fun. They are nice men. They all probably have girlfriends and wives at home. She is sure she is quite safe in the company. ‘Shame!,’ she thinks and then giggles to herself. ‘What’s funny’ Jon asks. ‘Oh.. eh, just thinking that Malc missed a good night’ she lied.On the bus Lou is in for a bit of a shock. ‘Bus’ is hardly the right word for it. It is one of those luxury touring coaches with long, curving sofa type seats. Very plush, with canlı bahis soft lighting. They steer her to the back to where there is a large round sofa with a large circular footstool in the centre. They sit around and she finds herself on this big seat with about six of the guys. Some others are in a second ring of sofa and the rest in some large comfy looking arm chairs at the front.They get underway and Lou realises she is next to one of the very cute guys. She knows by now that he was one of the ones who tackled the lads earlier. ‘Oh I forgot to say thank you for rescuing me,’ she says leaning close to almost whisper in his ear. He looks into her eyes and she can feel a little surge of excitement. He is so gorgeous. ‘I am sure you did already,’ he responds smiling.Lou is almost overwhelmed with the situation. This lovely man. The booze. The gentle rocking motion of the coach. She can hardly recall what made the next words pop out of her mouth. ‘No. I mean to thank you properly. You know like when the hero saves the girl she always kisses him’ Lou is very close to him now. Their faces just an inch apart. They look into each others eyes and then almost imperceptively they move together. Soft lips, warm tongues, they kiss passionately for a few moments.As they break apart there is a silence then some laughter. Both Lou and the guy seem embarrassed. But then the awkwardness is lifted when the guy to her right says ‘I helped too.’Lou smiles and there is soft laughter all around as she turns to kiss him too. Not just so passionately this time, but still a meaningful snog, not just a peck. Another is waiting when they stop and she kisses his too. The three guys she has kissed are now to either side and in front of her. Lou’s breathing is slightly faster. She looks from one smiling face to another. Not only are the three guys closest to her looking but the other are too. She realises that this is one of those moments of decision. Brush them back and laugh it off and they deliver her home and she has a nightcap and goes to bed. It could even be the basis for a really good fantasy. No doubt she could give her pussy a good wank while thinking about all the cocks that she could have had tonight. Alternately she could have them.The pause continues and Lou looks from face to face. They are studying her closely, watching for a sign, a nod, any indication of submission. But she can’t. There are too many. How many? Six here. The same over there. Perhaps five or six again at the front. Would they all want her. Of course they would. They’re men aren’t they. Could she do it?No. For fucks’ sake. Lou thinks she is a slut just for even considering it. But what a fantasy situation. A girl doesn’t get into this kind of situation very often. Some of these guys are real hunks. Big. With big dicks, no doubt. Christ, what to do. No laugh it off. Have another drink and get home un-m*****ed. Or get royally fucked, teach that bastard cunt of a husband a lesson for leaving her. If she fucked all of them that would be more men that he’s had women. Now that would teach him. ‘No. Don’t be a stupid tart, Lou’ she thinks to herself.All of this went through her head in a flash. But it seemed like an age. The guys were still waiting for a response a sign. She looked to her left. The really cute guy was looking back at her intensely. His sexy eyes penetrating her. If she hadn’t looked at him at that moment it probably would have ended there. It was then that the guy in font of her put his hands on her knees. May be she did yield a little. Maybe she did weaken just a tad. Or maybe he just read the situation and played his hand. Either way he moved his hands up her legs just a fraction. She heard the erotic rasp of her nylons and his fingers just passed the hem of her dress. She was looking into those eyes. Lost in desire. Her muscles relaxed just slightly and she heard herself breathe out the words that would be the starting gun to this fantasy roller coaster ride. ‘Yesss. Do it. Do what you want to me. Do what you want, everyone…..’Then she was kissing him again. Hot passionate kissing. She felt herself being lifted. Hands were everywhere. They started to undress her. No that was too easy. Too consenting. Lou wanted to be taken. Not with her clothes folded neatly on the side. ‘No. Not like that. Strip me. Tear them off!’She landed on the large circular footstool and the hands grasped at her. It was like pass the parcel. He shoes came off almost at once. She was face down and felt her dress being pushed up over her bum and back. It was then pulled up over her head and seemed to get stuck. She was now blindfolded by the dress. Her arms trussed up inside it. Helpless. She could feel the tights being torn from her legs. She could feel the air on her legs and then she felt hands on her panties. The tearing sound was now her panties. Fingers poked at her pussy and then bahis siteleri slipped in. She writhed against them and gasped out loud. Suddenly she realised how wet she was. How much she wanted this.She was turned over onto her back. They were trying to release her boobs but the dress was preventing that. Suddenly there was a great ripping noise and the light returned. Lou could now see that she was on her back with her legs being held up and open in a wide ‘v.”Fuck what a slut’ she thought. She didn’t even know the names of most of the men who were now staring at her naked, open and very wet pussy. In that instant she had now been seen in this most private and exposed way by more men than had shared that pleasure in the entire rest of her life.Lou’s attention was then drawn to the struggle with her bra. They couldn’t get it open and it was being pushed up over her tits. ‘Wait!’ she called ‘bloody men, I’ll do it.’ Lou removed her bra and then looked around the now still circle of men. The crowd was now three deep in places ‘Fuck’ she thought. ‘I’m really going to do this.’ Then she though that she might as well make a last request. ‘Ok guys, don’t make me regret this. Don’t disappoint me.’ With that she lay back down and closed her eyes.Soon the hands were everywhere again. Prodding, squeezing, pinching. Her nipples where harder than ever and her pussy was glistening with juice. Mouths began sucking her nipples and licking her body. Someone kissed her. Then she jolted as a finger entered her pussy just as a tongue lapped at her clit. She moaned aloud as the kisser moved away. ‘I need a cock. Somebody fuck me, please’ she begged.Opening her eyes she saw that some of the guys were naked a most other were naked from the waist down. There was an impressive array of dicks but she was looking for one in particular. She found him. Her knight in shining armour. ‘You,’ she pointed. ‘I want you to fuck me first. Just you then the rest can do anything they like.’There was a small sheer as he moved into position between her wide spread legs. He leaned forward and entered her. Lou gasped. He was big. Every bit as big as she’s hoped. He lay down on top of her and started to fuck her slowly. He kissed her and she kissed back passionately. Their tongues fenced as he built up a steady rhythm. Pounding into her cunt with every stroke. Lou was gasping and panting in tune with his movements. She could feel the thick head of his cock deep inside her. Filling her.Her hands were clasped around his back pulling him to her. It was so dirty being fucked like this with an audience. An audience who had stripped her and now stood around stroking cocks that would soon replace this one. A couple held her feet and they started to kiss and lick them. Sucking her toes. This sent waves of ticklish pleasure surging through her and heightened the sensations created by this gorgeous man and his great cock.Lou was coming hard. All the pent-up anger and frustrations of the evening earlier now being released in a crashing tidal wave of pleasure. Then she heard her lover moan and felt the big jerking twitches of his cock as it fired jet after jet of spunk deep into her pussy. He seemed to shoot for ages until at last he slumped on top of her panting. There was a ripple of applause as he pulled out of her smiling. Lou smiled too. She really liked this sexy man and decided to show her appreciation.She knelt up on the stool and bent to take his wilting cock in her mouth. It was still wet with her juices and covered in the remains of her cum. She sucked and slurped until she had replaced the mixed juice with her saliva. All the while her hand had been cupped between her legs and now she withdrew it to show the audience the palm full of spunk she had. Then staring had her favourite she licked her hand clean of his cream. There was a great cheer and suddenly they were on her.Lou was pushed back down onto her back and felt cocks prodding her from all sides. Soon she had one in each hand and two by her mouth. A fifth started to fuck her and she responded by opening her mouth to receive a thick hard dick. The fuck was short and the guy came soon but was immediately replaced by another. She wanked the cocks in her hands and guessed that those belonged to the mouths that were sucking her nipples.She alternated between the two cocks at her mouth until one came covering her mouth and chin with his salty mess. She was turned over now and was soon being spit roasted by two cocks. Again the one in her fanny came first and was immediately replaced. How many was that? Four or five.The fucking was relentless and lovely. After her first big cum she had been having numerous little micro cums, one after the other. She was moaning constantly and every time a cock popped out of her mouth she would. Groan or exclaim ‘Aw fuck, yess. Yess, yess.’Lou was in heaven. Malc was good, of course. bahis şirketleri But when he came he generally needed a rest before going again. But this was amazing. A regular fucking production line. The cocks just kept pumping and she just kept cumming. The orgasms were now just like one continuous sensation that every now and then would over-whelm her and she would cry out and shout some obscenity. Often this would make the cock fucking her go faster. Sometimes it made it cum. She loved not knowing who was fucking her. She had been on her knees for ages and so she couldn’t see the faces. But now she needed to change position.She rolled onto her side and the cock in her cunt fucked her hard. His legs now either side of her body so she was able to squirm her clit against the muscular thigh to her front. This made her squeal with pleasure and she had another big orgasm just as the cock exploded inside her.As he pulled out someone bent to her and said ‘Would you like a rest, Lou?’ Lou was panting and sweating and her hair was stuck to her face. But she was no where near tired. ‘No fucking way. I want every cock on this bus.’ Sitting up Lou surveyed the naked men around her. She noticed now that the bus was stopped. Where were they? She didn’t care. ‘You’re doing a good job on my pussy, guys but I love the taste of spunk as well. And please remember that I have another hole which you are neglecting.’As if to demonstrate her point Lou pulled the nearest cock to her to her mouth and began sucking and wanking it. She did a masterful job. Sucking his balls and licking and sucking his shaft and knob. When he declared he was ready to cum she took it porn star style into her open mouth. She relished it and sucked him dry. Swallowing every drop.Finishing this display she laid back down and said simply ‘Next!’ A large older man moved between her legs. He had a hard body for an older guy. A sort of Sean Connery look about him. Lou looked up at him and smiled. He started to prod her cunt with his thick headed cock. ‘No. Not there,’ Lou reached down between her legs and pushed his dick down towards her bum. ‘I want to feel you here.’He obviously knew what he was doing because he smeared the spunk and juice running from her pussy around her anus. Then pressed his cock to the puckered brown hole. He slowly eased it in. Lou tried to bear down to take it in but it was very tight. Seeing her frown he asked ‘You sure?”Just fucking ease it in there then fuck my brains out.’He did. It went in slowly until her ass swallowed up every last inch of the big muscle. Then he started to fuck her. Slowly. Then faster and faster until she was squealing with pain and pleasure. Gradually she opened to him and took him all the way back at every stroke. Sawing at her clit she brought herself to the brink of what was going to be a big orgasm but she wanted to wait for him. She decided to encourage him. ‘That’s it fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. Oh yess. I love it. Your big cock in my tight hole. Bet you love my young ass. Bet you want to fill me with your spunk. Go on. Do it! Fill me. Fucking do it! Fucking, fuck my ass and spunk in it.’With that he groaned long and loud and Lou felt his cock erupt inside her. She pushed herself over into a screaming climax of her own and bucked in time to his spurts until finally it was over and he pulled from her.Lou lay panting for a moment but she was to get no peace. They were at her again. This time one lay beneath her and had her sit on his cock. Then he pulled her down to lie on him. She then felt a second cock pressing at her rear. She was going to get DP. She had wanted this for years and now it was happening. Soon two cocks were buried in her; back and front. They pumped her alternatively. The sensation was fantastic. Better than either hole alone. She was filled to splitting point. The orgasms were continuous again. But more intense this time. They were real studs and fucked her for sol long she lost track. Maybe she blacked out, but next thing she knew there was a cock erupting in her mouth. She did her best to swallow the new load of cum and was aware that her ass and pussy were still receiving a pounding. She was almost delirious with pleasure. She knew she was talking but what she said made no sense. Just a stream of encouraging expletives.Cocks cannoned spunk into her body for the next hour or so. Lou lost track of how many and what positions. Eventually she was almost u*********s by the time they stopped.She was woken gently by her favourite lover again. At first she thought it was for more sex and started to tell him no more. But he said softly ‘You’re home.’The bus was by her house. It was almost dawn. They gave her a long rugby jersey to wear and handed her a bundle of her tattered clothes. As she made her way down the bus they all kissed her and said ‘Bye Louise’ or ‘Thanks Louise.’One thing she had to know before stepping off. At the door she turned to them and asked ‘So did you all fuck me?’ Smiles and nods all round. ‘Some of us had two or three goes’ said ‘Sean’ smiling. ‘How many of you are there?”Nineteen’ came the reply.