Running fuck buddies

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Running fuck buddiesI’ve been running for a few years now. Not super-quick, but not bad. I run with a group that meets a couple of times a week. It’s generally those who have gone beyond couch-to-5k and want to run regularly.The guys tend to be my age (late 40s) with a few younger guys here and there. The women are a mix from anything from late 20s to early 60s and outnumber the men by two to one. Once a new woman joins us they tend to stick it out, whereas the guys come and go.I’ve long enjoyed looking at the ladies in their lycra and if I’m honest there’s been many I would have loved to fuck. We have a good amount of yummy mummies! However, I rarely flirt, keeping chat to running chat.After a few years with the group I decided to get myself a coaching badge and started a weekly session of interval training for those wanting to push on and improve their times.Inevitably, those wanting to join in were in the minority. At first I had a group of about a dozen, meeting every Tuesday in the evening and spending about an hour on speed and fitness training. After only three weeks that was down to five, including me. Pleasingly, the ones left were all women.They covered the whole range of ages of the group. Barbara was 60 and Joanne, early 30s. Both okay runners wanting to improve. Sally was in her mid-20s, not long had a baby and as keen to get out the house and escape the family for an evening as she was to get her body back in shape. She was chatty and amiable and by far the prettiest of the group. She had a tendency to want to hog my attention and always ran next to me during the training. I was hardly going to complain though as her shapely figure and good size tits were a winning combination as far as I was concerned.The final member of the group, Samantha, had just turned 40 and was equally as keen as Sally to participate in the training group. She was less chatty though and had the air of someone taking this very seriously. She was super-slim, short blonde hair and tended to wear short lycra shorts that showed off her pert ass really nicely. The nipples on her lovely small tits poked through her sports bra on a regular basis. Even better, her tight shorts also gave a fantastic view of her camel’s toe. I couldn’t resist glancing whenever I got the chance. I suspected she was completely smooth down there.After a few weeks more of training this smaller group it was clear Samantha was getting annoyed at Sally’s hogging of my attention. She made no secret of her disdain for Sally and after one evening’s training asked to have a word with me:”I think Sally needs to back off a bit, don’t you?””No, I think it’s good she’s enthusiastic. Is there a problem?” I replied.”I’m not complaining but I’ve heard she has a tendency to takes things too far”.Intrigued, I asked: “What do you mean?”Samantha looked around and by now everyone had gone. “I used to run with Sally in another running club before she had her baby. Rumour was she fucked her way through half the club. She may seem like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but once she’s got her eyes on someone she picks her moment and goes for it. I hate to say it but she can be a bit of a dirty slut. Be careful Dave.”Be careful? Wow, all I could think about was not being careful. If Sally wanted to come on to me then who was I to stop her?Which, even though I shouldn’t have, is exactly what I then said out loud to Samantha: “If Sally wants to come on to me then who am I to stop her?”Samantha was briefly taken aback. But then, with a quick check around her to make sure no one was looking, she took my hand and moved it down to the front outside of her shorts, taking my finger and making sure it rubbed along her camel toe. Looking straight at my shocked face and pushing my finger against her pussy at the same time, she said: “she’s not the only one round here who enjoys your company Dave. If you’re looking for a training partner who will work hard for you, then keep an open mind.”And with that, she turned around and jogged off home, leaving me hard and wanting more.——Given our last training session had ended with Samantha rubbing my hand on her pussy, along with the news that Sally was a bit of a man-eater, I was more than a little excited in anticipation of the next one.The following week it was little hotter. Hot enough for me to just put on a running vest rather than t-shirt and for both Sally and Samantha to choose crop tops and lycra shorts. They both looked amazing. Sally with her fuller, shapely figure and D cup tits; Samantha with her super-slim shape and nipples that were already protruding before we’d even started. Samantha was the only one of the group that had that really athletic slim figure you see on real athletes and it’s a shape I find gümüşhane escort really hot.We trained as usual and worked pretty hard over the hour. It’s fair to say we were all a bit sweaty and stinky at the end of it. I always finish with a bit of a slow run to warm down, usually alone as everyone has had too much by that stage. This time however, Sally was quick to say that she would join me.”Okay, I was just going to head into the park and back, 10 minutes at most” I said.”Can I come too?” chimed in Samantha with a smirk on her face.”No problem,” I replied, noticing Sally looked a bit peeved at that news.So we headed off, leaving the other two women in our training group to head home. We jogged at a slow pace into the park, having quite a nice three-way chat as we did so. Sally told us how the training was helping her mentally as well as physically. Her home life was fine but the new baby was proving tricky to handle and anything that go her out of the house was welcomed.Samantha said how the training was helping her re-live her younger days of competing in athletics. She was a long jumper and sprinter but didn’t have the speed anymore.”You definitely have a great athletic figure, I’m so jealous of it.” Sally said to Samantha and they both smiled.As we reached a wooded bit of the park Sally stopped us.”I’m so sorry, I really need to pee. Can you wait here and keep look out? There’s a few bushes over there. I really can’t help it.””That’s fine, we won’t peek” said Samantha jokingly.Sally trotted off to the bushes about 20 metres from us. Samantha and I turned our backs and looked around to make sure no one was coming.Within a few seconds Samantha tugged at my arm and got me to turn round.”Look”, she said. I could see Sally facing away from us and pulling her shorts down. Her gorgeous bare ass was facing directly towards us. I was transfixed. We both were. A moment later and we could see the piss streaming from Sally.As I stared, Samantha’s hands were wandering. At first to my bum which she gently stroked. Then to my cock. I immediately hardened, turned on by both the sight I was seeing and by the gentle touch of Samantha at the front of my shorts.As Sally was finishing up I presumed Samantha would move her hand. She didn’t. Instead she put her hand inside my shorts and removed my hard cock, grasping it and wanking it hard as she looked down at it.Just as Sally was turning round Samantha then pulled my face to hers and snogged me. I resisted a little as I knew Sally was about to see us. But Samantha didn’t seem to care so I went along with it. I was snogging Samantha and was now aware that Sally was looking straight at us. And straight at my cock being wanked.As we finished kissing I looked up. Sally was now right next to us. She looked shocked but then gave a knowing smirk.”I knew it” Sally said. “You dirty fuckers. I should have know you would get to him before me you slut.”And with that, Sally dropped to her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth.—-There we were, out in open, with Sally on her knees and Samantha holding my cock ready for it to feel the warmth of Sally’s mouth around it.And how good it felt. She took it fully down her throat in a way that suggested she was well schooled in the art of cock sucking. Samantha was equally impressed with the technique: “wow, you really are the dirty slag I’d heard you were” said Samantha.Sally was about to reply but as she went to remove my cock from her mouth Samantha pushed the back of her head and forced her back on to me, making her gag in the process. “Suck him, that’s what you’ve wanted so just get on with it”.Samantha’s aggression was really sexually charged. I got the feeling that Samantha had wanted this to happen; had almost orchestrated it.Just as I was wondering what I should do next and thinking that perhaps this was the moment to get my hand back in the region of Samantha’s pussy, we all heard a noise nearby. Sally stopped sucking me and stood up. It was another runner coming our way. I immediately put my cock back in my shorts and we all tried to affect a “we’re just chatting” pose as the runner came by (a young guy, no one we knew but he did give us a bit of a knowing glance – had he seen us in action?).After he’d gone we all looked at each other embarrassed, almost as if we’d suddenly come to our senses. Sally was first to speak: “we’d better finish our warm down run I think”. Samantha and I nodded and with that we carried on with a slow jog back to the training meeting point.We didn’t speak as we ran but we all exchanged a few smiles and glances, a kind of acknowledgment of what had happened. Shortly before we arrived back Samantha gestured to stop us all as we ran down one gümüşhane escort bayan particular road.”Everything okay?” I asked.”Yes fine, I live here,” she said, pointing to the terrace house we were standing in front of.”Okay then, so we’ll catch you again at the next training session?” I said, hoping that of course she would say yes and that what had just happened wasn’t so embarrassing for everyone that it had put a stop, at the least, to our training sessions. Sally was smiling at Samantha, trying to project some warmth.”Of course yes, I’ll be at training next time.” She didn’t move. Then she added: “I just wondered if you fancied coming in. Both of you.”Another pause. An awkward shuffle and a puzzled look from Sally and myself.”We can use the shower,” Samantha said as she looked directly at me and then at Sally. “I just thought we could all use a shower.”Ridiculously my first thought was: “a shower? Why would I shower and then put back on my sweaty running stuff? That’s a mad idea.”Which was of course a stupid thing to think as who gives a fuck if you put your sweaty running stuff back on when an amazing fit woman has just asked you and another amazing fit woman into her shower….”Yes, yes of course. A shower, let’s shower” I said, almost stuttering as I said it. We both looked at Sally. She seemed completely stunned. She looked at her watch.”I’ve got 30 minutes” she said and looked at each of us in turn.And with that Samantha turned on her heels and led the way to her front door, removing her front door key from the rear pocket of her lycra shorts and inserting it into the lock. “It’s okay,” she said, turning back to us as the door was opening, “I live alone.”We all went through the porch door and into the lounge, Samantha closing the doors behind us. We could all sense that we were immediately back into the feeling and mood of just five minutes earlier in the woods. This time I led the situation, almost fearful that we’d all chicken out before we got started. As Samantha was about to speak I pushed my hand to her pussy and my other hand around the back of her neck, pulling her to me to snog her. I released her and did exactly the same with Sally, pushing my tongue into her mouth where my cock had been so expertly sucked earlier. I switched between the two of them, groping and snogging each. Making sure they knew I wanted this and that I was in control. I took my time to grope Sally’s firm, large tits over her top as my other hand went down the front of Samantha’s shorts to explore her sweaty, smooth pussy.Suddenly, Samantha grabbed my hand and pushed me away. “We haven’t got much time Dave, stop fucking around and let’s get in that shower.” She then looked directly at Sally: “because Sally needs your cock inside her, the slut is gagging for it. Aren’t you slut?””Yes Samantha,” she replied, staring at me. “I just need fucking, let’s do this.”Samantha raced up stairs, leading the way…—-At the top of stairs Samantha went straight into the bathroom. Sally and I followed her in.It wasn’t the biggest of bathrooms and the shower was over the bath. It was tidy enough but given the harsh bright lighting it might well have killed the passion had we stopped to take in our surroundings properly.We weren’t given that time because once Samantha had reached in and turned the shower on, Sally was already stripping, lifting her lycra top off to reveal her sports bra. “I’ve got 30 minutes,” she repeated.Samantha and I followed her lead and we all stripped off completely, as quickly as we could. It wasn’t till the last sweaty items came off did we stop to take in the moment. We stared at each other’s bodies. Samantha’s pert erect boobs caught Sally’s eye, whereas I was taken aback at Sally’s lovely hairy pussy. She caught me looking.”Sorry, it’s usually a lot trimmer down there” she said.”It’s lovely” said Samantha, reaching out to feel it with her hand. Sally returned the favour and touched Samantha’s completely smooth pussy. They both turned to me and looked down at my now erect cock. “You seem pretty trimmed Dave,” said Samantha, giggling as she reached for my near-bald cock, stroking my smooth balls. Sally reached out too and grabbed my shaft.”We all really stink,” exclaimed Samantha, making us all laugh, “let’s get under the shower.”There followed the odd sight of the three of us trying to take our turns under the shower, squeezing past each other and groping, rubbing and kissing as we did so. My soapy cock took its turn rubbing against Sally and Samantha’s sweet arses as they soaped up each other and soaped up me. The interaction between the two of them was girlish and endearing. They didn’t kiss each other but weren’t afraid to stroke each escort gümüşhane other as they rubbed shower gel into each other’s bodies. They both turned to snog me in turn which just made me harder. My cock was well cleaned as their hands were all over it, pushing my foreskin back and reaching around my balls to clean my ass. Samantha in particular seemed to enjoy putting her hand over my ass and even touch my asshole a couple of times.”I’ve got 30 minutes,” Sally said again.”More like 20 minutes now”, responded Samantha, adding assertively: “you need that cock in you.”Samantha stepped outside of the shower but when we went to follow her she stopped us. She was back in charge.”Is that nice cock hard enough for you now Sally?” she demanded to know.”Yes. It’s so hard,” she responded as she gently wanked it for me. “It’s really fucking nice and hard Sam.””Suck it again, taste that lovely clean cock.”Sally dropped to her knees with her back to the shower and the water now running down the back of her neck. She took me deep again. Samantha put her hand on the back of Sally’s head and stroked her hair, gently pushing her head back onto my cock deeper each time. Again Sally gagged on me. Coming up for hair she looked to Samantha, as if for her next instructions.”Turn round and bend over” was the instruction from Samantha. One that no doubt Sally expected and wanted to hear.My rock hard cock was desperate for Sally’s pussy. We switched positions and now Sally was at the end of the bath, bent right over and legs slightly spread. I could see her fulsome pussy lips waiting for my cock to penetrate her. I looked to Samantha, almost as if I was awaiting instruction too. I think my face was trying to say: “are we sure? should I be fucking this pussy with my bare cock? in your house? with you watching?”.Samantha winked at me. A lovely cheeky, sexy wink. She then said: “do it Dave, Sally needs that cock in her.””Please Dave,” chimed in Sally.Fuck; hearing her say ‘please’ almost made me explode.I pushed myself into her. She felt amazing. Warm and wet. I started slow but it was clear that wasn’t what was needed here. Sally reached around with her hand and pushed my hips against her, indicating that she wanted it harder and faster. I duly obliged, speeding up and really pushing against her, making her moan in delight with every thrust.Samantha watched. In fact, she watched really closely, touching us from time to time but moving in to get close-up views, At one point lifting up Sally’s nearby leg so that she could look at my cock thrusting into her bushy pussy. Samantha brushed her hand across Sally’s bush from time to time, finding her clit and stroking it in time with my movements.Samantha was also, as I was, amazed at Sally’s lovely, large, hanging tits. I kept reaching up to stroke them and tweak her nipples. I was at risk of losing my balance as I felt myself nearing a climax.”I want to fuck you as well Samantha” I blurted out. Sally reached back again to encourage me to keep fucking.”This is Sally’s moment Dave. Time is against us. Do your job and fuck her.” She turned to Sally: “isn’t that right Sally? You need his cum don’t you?””Fuck yes!” Sally screamed as she reached her own climax. “Please Dave, I fucking need you.”That made me fuck even harder. Sally was now arching her back, making me move down to keep thrusting but allowing Samantha to more effectively rub Sally’s pussy and also take her turn in groping and also sucking on those amazing tits.”I need to cum” I shouted.Sally immediately turned around, my cock falling out of her. She got back on her knees, placed her head right in front of my cock and looked up at me. She didn’t need to speak, Samantha and I both knew what she wanted.Samantha grabbed my cock and started wanking me. Wanking it right in front of Sally’s face. Sally was smiling, eyes closed now, ready for what was to come. She rubbed her own tits, almost giddy with excitement. Samantha wanked me with her right hand and slyly moved her left hand to my ass, slipping a finger between the cheeks and teasing my asshole. We looked at each other and smiled.And then I was there. I came so hard as Samantha gripped my shaft. My spunk spurted directly into Sally’s face, over her forehead, on her eyelids, over her mouth. Samantha made sure every drop made it onto that pretty face. She even wiped my cock over Sally’s lips, prompting Sally to open her mouth and give me a cleaning suck.Sally at last opened her eyes and looked up at me and across to Samantha with her cum-covered face.”Thank you. Both of you.””No, thank you Sally,” replied Samantha. “You’re such a sweet sexy slut. I knew you would be.””Wow,” I said. “That was incredible. I had no idea doing a bit of running could end up in this kind of fun. Maybe we should end every training session like this?”I smiled at them both but Samantha looked back at me seriously.”Maybe,” she said. Looking knowingly at Sally she added: “to be honest Dave, this running club is full of sluts, you shouldn’t limit yourself. There’s more to come but who knows who with.”