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SamThis is a work of pure fiction.I lay back and looked at her. Slim, juvenile, naked. Standing there, her bum nicely rounded but still with the slimness of youth. Long dark hair flowed rather than hung over her shoulders. A soft back with a slim waist. I could see the thong disappear between the buttocks and under her body as, with slim fingers, she tightened the side straps. She looked over and smiled.“Ready, Mum?”“Always, darling.”She turned and the ten inches of soft latex cock bounced as she padded back to the bed. I could hear it vibrating slightly. Not too fast. Just enough to tickle the inside of my vagina. Sam was too much of an expert in using it to need harder vibrations and she kept me close to orgasm for ages until I could stand it no more before letting me cross that Rubicon and scream my satisfaction.As she knelt on the side of the bed I strained forward to take it in my mouth first. She laughed at my struggles and reached over to make sure the handcuffs were firmly locked to the bedhead.“You can’t get to it, whore,” she said softly. “You’ve got to be a good and dirty slut to get this in your mouth. Are you going to be a good dirty little slut?”“Yes,” I said, still straining but the leather straps holding my legs wide and fixed to the foot of the bed made me powerless.“Yes, what?” the question was asked with a slap between my spread legs across my labia. I winced.“Yes, mistress!”“That’s a good little slut,” she said. Despite her young years, she was totally sexual. She eased her hips forward until the tip of the cock was at my lips but not far enough for me to suck on it. I stretched my tongue out and licked it before I had to slump back onto the bed.“Ahhh! Is my little slut tired?” she said mockingly. “Guess she won’t want to suck on my little girl tits then will she.”She massaged the small swellings on her chest. Delicious pink nipples hard and jutting. She knew how much I loved chewing on them.“Slut mummy loves adana escort bayan to chew on her little girl’s titties doesn’t eh. Loves it almost as much as she like to lick my tight little cunny.”Instinctively my eyes went down to her groin and saw where the strap of the toy wwent between the puffy little lips, bald from the fact that hair was only just sprouting on her young cunt whereas mine needs the touch of the razor every other day. Another chore she likes doing.“I do,” I said. “Please mistress, let me suck your titties.”“What? These little things?” she teased. “These pathetic little mounds?”“Your father used to say anything over a mouthful is wasted.” I said.“Well he must have wasted a lot with yours, Mummy dear.”I am a 38DD“He ate them bit by bit,” I said.“Like your nasty little whore daughter does.”“You are very like your father,”“What? Did he have a ten inch cock?”“No way! He couldn’t get it in unless it was doggy and then only just.”“Then you must be pleased with your little girl and this toy.”“Mmmm,” I said as her little fingers pushed between my legs and scooped out my profuse juice. As I watcched she smeared it on the long phallus and went back for more. Finally satisfied, she guided it between my legs and I felt the large head spred my lips and find my fuck-hole. Sam was an expert and just eased the tip into me, stretching the opening and gently pumping. Hardly more than a couple of millinetres at a tim and it was electrifying.“All the way!” I begged at last. “Please. All of it in me.”She laughed“No fucking way mum! You’ve got to beg better than that!”“Oh, please darling. Please put it all the way in!”She pulled it out.“What?” she barked.“Sorry! Sorry. Mistress. Please, Mistress!”“That’s better.” and the dildo eased between my legs again. I had made an error and now had to suffer and my suffering meant that I would not get it all the way in for a long while and I would be held on the edge of orgasm for a adana escort long, long while.My buttocks could feel the wetness building on the sheet beneath me. “Oh, Yes!” I said. “Oh, sweet fucking YES!”Sam giggled and kept tormenting me.“My mother, the whore,” she sadi gently probing occasionally deeper. “Look at you, handcuffed to the bed and writhing in pleasure as I fuck you.”“Yesssss!” I said.“Yes? You like this?”I couldn’t speak so just nodded.“Bet you like this more,” she said and rammed the cock fully into me. I screamed and she lay full length on me. What’s wrong, whore?”“Nothing, Mistress,” I moaned. “It’s lovely. It’s so fucking lovely.”She laughed and withdrew it to the just rimming my hole and I writhed trying to get mor in me but Sam is an expert and the restraints on my ankles stopped too much movement. She was driving me wild and she knew it. A torture of pure pleasure. I was desperate for an orgasm and she knew it and she wouldn’t let me have one.I was sweating with the need of it. Begging her and pleading with her.“Sam Jacobs!” I cried finally. “You may be my fucking mistress but you are also my fucking daughter. Give it to me. NOW!”“Desperate are you, you fucking slut?!” she laughed and lay along my body, her flat belly against my rounded one, her little tits pressing against mine.But the vibrating cock slid all the way an. Iw was warm from the motor and it fel soo good. My cunt was swollen from all the attention so far and it was tight but I was so wet that it slithered into me and she began to pump it.I writhed. Restrained in a spread-eagle position I could only use my hips to hump back against her thrusts as she kissed my lips, my cheeks, my ears, my neck, my eyes. I was shouting for her to fuck me harder and the words were muffled as she closed her mouth over mine, I felt her wet, she was almost dribbling into my mouth, her saliva sweet. She let it dribble and collect and we swished it back and forth, escort adana building to a full mouthful and I swallowed it all.And I orgasmed!Although restrained, I bucked like a crazy horse and heard her laughing as she clutched at me to hold on and keep pumping.Finally I lay there shuddering and she kept pumping.“I can’t!” I managed to say breathlessly. “Please, Mistress, I can’t cum agaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!”I came again!And again!I was exhausted and she knew it. She smiled down at me as she unbuckled the strap-on. She eased herself from it leaving it in me. My cunt so swollen that it held it tight.She disappeared from view as I lay on the bed, too exhausted to raise my head to see where she had gone. I felt the dildo being withdrawn, my swollen cunt trying to hold on to it all the way She eased her way back up smiling. She had removed the dildo from the harness and moved to to my lips.“Breakfast, mother darling,” she cooed. “Your mistress is good to you and letting you eat all your cum off this delicious dildo.”“thank you, Mistress,” I said and took the wet implement into my mouth, sucking all the sticky sweet juice off it. She moved and I felt her head down between my legs and gave a squeal as her tongue worked my aching cunt lips and found my clit. Surely I couldn’t cum again.I came again.It took a long while and was a little painful as I’d been so well used but she knew just how to lick a woman and I was in heaven.“Sam!” I said finally. “Please, love. I have to go.”“Where?”“Not where. I have to go. To pee!”“Oh,” she said. “Well I’m not releasing you so you’d better go.”“What? On the bed?”“No, silly slut,” she giggled and I felt her mouth clamp over me.“I can’t!” I said and her tongue tickled me and I did. And not a drop was spilled!“Sam! You drank my pee!” I said. She grinned looming over me.“I know and it was delicious. As you will now find out.”It was.* * *I looked up and Sam was looking at me. I smiled.“Morning, Darling,” I said as I fastened the buckle on the strap-on. She smiled and lay back, the handcuffs at her wrists jingled.“Morning, Mum!” she said.“Morning Who?” I barked.“Morning, Mistress.”Sam and I just love school holidays.