Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 1

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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 1Sara and I arrive at the airport, ready to have to our long waited trip to the sun. As I step to a kiosk to get our boarding passes, Sara gets a phone call from her friend Laura. She tells Laura the plane will take off in 1hour. After disconnecting the call, we head for the lounge to get drinks before we board our flight.We take a table with a nice view of the planes. A pretty waitress comes to our table asking what we would like to drinks. I look at Sara. For some reason, she seems scared to me.“Just a water.” she says to the nice woman. I order a cola while looking at Sara. She seems somehow very distant. She will not make eye contact with me. Instead, she just watches the planes outside. Maybe it is my own fault she seems distant. After all, I was a bit rough with her on our last date in the forest. Even she wanted to, and seemed to like it?While my mind took me back to that day, the waitress came back with our drinks. Sara grabs the water and starts to drink. She’s so nervous water spills on her shirt. Her shirt is all wet. She looks at me with frightened eyes.“Don’t worry,” I say. “Just come to the rest room and we will dry it up.” Her pink bra is showing through her wet shirt. Damn what a nice view!In the lady’s restroom, I ask Sara to take off her shirt. She silently she takes it off and hands it to me. Her pink bra is also wet so she hands it to me as well; her face looking down.“Don’t be shy. We are in a ladies restroom what could happen?” The words help her to relax and get more comfortable. The shirt is soaked. “Can’t get it dry so quick.” I gave her my jacket with the zipper so we can get our drinks and move to the plain. Sara seemed more relaxed. She smiles and asks for more water. She is still so young. She forgot she fethiye escort gave her ID to me . . . silly teen girl.We get to the boarding aria where Sara asks for a seat next to the window. I tell her its fine by me. The cabin is big; three by three seats across. We have two seats next to window over the right wing. Sara looks so cute in that to large jacket I gave her. I take her shirt. It is almost dry.She takes it and opens the zipper of her jacket. I look at her and say. “What are you doing? The plane is nearly full.” Seemly without a care, she takes off my jacket. She is nude to the waist. Her lovely breasts move delightfully, as she puts the shirt on. Sometimes I really do not understand little Sara. But that is exactly what I like about her. After take-off, we climb high into the sky. Sara looks at a girl in the seat ahead of us. She has nice blond hair.“What is it?” I asked. “You like that girl?”“Yeah! Ask her to take a seat here with us.”“Baby she’s calling. How can I ask? Just leave it. We have a nice free seat it’s okay.” I tell her.Sara looks outside her window, and falls asleep. Later I woke up. The plane all dark and quiet. Everyone seemed to sleep. Just like little Sara. I cannot describe how sexy she is. Her nice white shirt, black leggings, short skirt. Just looking at her turns me on. Without a thought, my hand goes between her open legs.Mmmmmm her pussy feels warm. I hear her moan. She seemed to like it even in her sleep. I look around to see if someone heard. No one seems to have noticed. Everybody is still quiet. My hand slightly moving in her leggings, I stroke her pussy lips through the soft cloth. Now her head is moving around; little moans coming from her throat.I feel her little pussy getting wet; soaking the crotch of her leggings. I don’t want to wake escort fethiye Sara so I force myself to stop and leave her pussy alone. Sara sleeps for three more hours. I cannot believe she is so tired. It seems she needed the rest. She wakes smiling.“I had a very nice dream. You were fucking me.”I smiled knowing that in a way, I was. The girl in the seat ahead must have heard the f-word. She turns around and looks at us shaking her head with a frown.Few hours later, we land and get a cab to the hotel. Finally, in our room, Sara is all-happy. Our room has a nice balcony. She runs outside and looks. A nice big smile on her face, I am happy to see. “Pfffew” she says and let herself fall on the bed.“Can I take a shower?”“Sure.” I say. She quickly gets all naked right before my eyes and walks to the shower.I hear all she is doing . . . washing herself. From the bathroom, she yells: “Take out something for me to wear!” I jump off the bed and open her bags. I took out a bright yellow bikini. I want her to go with me to the beach. I promised it to her long ago on xHamster.There she is all naked and wet. “What did you choose for me?” she asked breathing heavily from the hot shower with a big smile on her pretty face. “Yes baby we go to the beach.”“Oh great!” she answers putting on the very brief bikini. “There, the sea!” She yells running. I throw down the towels and bags and take out after her. She looks so hot with her breasts half down in the water. She keeps teasing me whit them . . . touching. Suddenly my hand is between her legs. She seems shocked. “Relax nobody can see under water. She likes it and moans. I feel her hot pussy. I can feel her moving on my hand. She begs for more. Slowly I take her hand and move it between my legs.Damn she knows how to handle my pussy. Before fethiye escort bayan I know it, she puts a finger inside me.“Oooh!” I cannot control myself and start to moan. She dives and starts licking me under water. Moving my panties aside and licking my clit. I grab her head and push it deeper into my cunt. She comes to take a breath and dives back down to finish the job. I am growing to a really hard orgasm. I pull her out of the sea. “What happened?” she asks.“Nothing! Just please let us go back to our hotel room!”Quickly, we gather our stuff and run to our room.“Baby please finish me.” I ask Sara. If it pleases you mistress!” she says pushing me down on the bed. She goes back to work with her soft tongue on my clit. I knew she was a slut. However, I never was prepared for this. I grab her head and push it hard between my legs; her tongue strokes between my pussy lips I feel every breath she takes; every movement of her lips and tongue in my wet cunt. Suddenly Sara stops and grabs something out of her bag. “Ooooh!” I groan as I see the sex toy we bought in her hand. Sara is a sweet weird girl before I realize she has the toy in my pussy. She fucked me with it like a real slut. Ooh the feeling of her moving it in and out makes my cunt more wet. I feel the drips running down my leg. I cannot control my breath. Moans came out of me, louder and louder. Sara does not stop. The toy is moving so fast I cannot feel whether it is in or out. She lowers her head to my cunt; her tongue licking my hard clit.“Squirt on me please!” she asks. “I can’t squirt!” I am now frantic for my orgasm. Nevertheless, she does not listen. She is too busy with the toy and her tongue. I feel all my body shut down. I focus on the spot Sara is serving.My body starts to shake. I have lost all control over my legs. Before I can warn Sara, I com. so hard. Sara does not seem to notice. She keeps licking. “Please stop.” I ask her. “My cunt is so sensitive.”Sara worked so hard her arms are shaking too.Story by Linker_001Translate by beardedlion