Sarah and Daniela

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Sarah and DanielaThis piece is a chapter extracted from my novel “Toggenburg” a lesbian love story set in the mountains of Switzerland which I’ve posted in case any Xhamster reader might enjoy it.Toggenburg Thirty. “We are going to get wet!” declared Sarah firmly. It was a fair analysis as she and Daniela stood huddled in the doorway of the Hotel Toggenburg contemplating the wretched weather before them. It was still raining heavily and the wind was blowing the sheets of rain around in a bewildering variety of directions. Umbrellas promised to be hazardous accessories rather than being of any use in affording protection from the elements. Beyond the pool of light surrounding the hotel there was only forbidding darkness and the hiss of the wind and rain in the tops of the trees.Daniela squeezed Sarah fondly. “Well we’d better make a dash for it although how the hell we’re going to see where we’re going in this muck I’ve no idea!”Sarah, ever the practical one, produced a large, heavy duty torch with the smugness of a person who has come prepared for every eventuality. “Frau Fritzl leant me this Danny. We’ll be alright. Come on let’s do it!” They dashed out into the night and the powerful beam of the torch was a godsend in the wild night. There were no other illuminations on the tiny little road between Schwendi and Oberdorf and without something to light their way it would have been almost impossible to orientate themselves in the darkness. The wind whipped at their skirts and lashed their sodden hair about their faces as they struggled along picking out their way in the light of the torch. Within a few hundred yards they were both soaked and staggering in the high wind. It should have been almost unadulterated misery but somehow it was nothing of the sort. They were both gripped in a madness of exuberance, exulting in the howling wet gale that threatened to lift them bodily from the narrow road. They clung to each other laughing helplessly as they battled across the flank of the hillside high above the valley bottom. There seemed no spite of the weather that could break their unity or dampen their exhilaration. Their spirits were as wild as the night and the most vicious gusts of wind only made them whoop and laugh the louder. It was a crazy night to be abroad on, absolute madness to be out in and enormous fun. Daniela’s villa was set back some way beyond Oberdorf and they passed through a small belt of woodland before they reached it. The villa was set in a little glade that afforded some shelter from the storm but the tiny stream that skirted the edge of its gardens was swollen with water. Daniela led Sarah to the front of the house and in the relative shelter under its eaves fumbled in her bag for her keys. The porch of the house was a warm sanctuary after the conditions outside and the two young women looked at the wreck of each other’s appearance after the battering of the storm and broke into giggles. Sarah looked at Daniela’s glorious golden locks reduced to a wasteland of saturated chaos, dripping water on the tiles of the hallway and burst into laughter thinking that she had somehow never seen Daniela look so beautiful. “You look a mess!” she told her fondly.Daniela laughed merrily. “You’re not exactly a picture of haut coiffure yourself Miss Fuchs! Come on for God’s sake let’s get these wet clothes off and get into a hot bath!” They were interrupted by the sudden presence of two cats that greeted them with purrs and a determination to entwine themselves about their ankles. Daniela laughed and bent to pick one up and hold it to her face affectionately. The cat closed its eyes ecstatically and rubbed its head against her face purring loudly. “Let me introduce you Sarah. This is Lady; short for Lady Gaga, and she is gaga too!” Sarah grinned and stooped to stroke the head of the big tabby tom that was apparently trying to make the intimate acquaintance with her thighs. “That’s Tom.” Daniela told her. “Tom Jones formally but Tom to his mates!”“Do you name all your cats after singers?”“Well this gang anyway. I suppose Stevie’s probably asleep somewhere and Roddy will, most likely, be out in the old barn at the back chasing mice. He’s an unrepentant predator! Come on give me your coat and let’s get inside properly.”Daniela ushered Sarah into the living room and then rushed off to run a bath for her. For a few minutes Sarah was left to examine Daniela’s domain alone. She was gratified to note that Daniela’s house was much as she had imagined it. The living room was huge and tastefully furnished although not ostentatiously so. The large veranda windows were covered in long rose coloured d****s that matched the cream of the walls and the cream and pinks of the deep pelted carpet strewn liberally with thick rugs in cream and magenta. The furnishings were simple yet luxurious; a pair of enormous soft leather cream couches and two large armchairs in matching colours around a large open fireplace and a huge coffee table carved out of the bole of what must have once been a magnificent tree. Daniela liked the contrasting hues of modern styles and rustic harmony it seemed for she had retained the old wooden beams that were a part of the infrastructure of the house and blended them perfectly into the more modern fittings. The fireplace was magnificent in stone and cast iron and clearly ancient. It was obviously hardly necessary for heating purpose for the house was well provided for with radiators and under-floor heating but it leant a cosiness to the overall room. This was a room to relax in and to lie around at your ease in. It spoke of sensual informality and languid hedonism.Although the furnishing was simple it was not austere. There were deep cushions on the couches and large poufs for one’s feet on the floor. One wall was taken up with a large bookcase that reflected Daniela’s character for there were volumes of books on music, fine arts, high literature, philosophy and poetry. They were not only for show either for they were obviously well thumbed and loved. Sarah saw books on gardening and decorating nestling alongside Tennyson and Wordsworth. She spotted a biography of Mozart flanked on one side by an imposing looking treatise on Buddhism and on the other by a well worn copy of Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings”. She found a full anthology of Shakespeare’s works sharing bookshelf with the complete Penguin collection of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. There were volumes of written music too but Sarah noted that Daniela had a fondness for old P.G Wodehouse novels of which she had a formidable collection. Art fascinated her too for there were reams of books on the subject; Impressionists, Surrealists, Modern Art and classical art. There were at least three books on Dali alone, two on Turner and three more on Van Gogh. But Daniela seemed to love the period of the Renaissance the best for she had shelves of books on Titian, Rafael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Tintoretto, Caravaggio and the like. The whole book collection bespoke of a woman with a profound love in all things beautiful from music through the visual arts to the glory of the written word. It was a telling insight into the complex character of the remarkable woman Sarah was beginning to discover.Another set of shelves contained a collection of DVDs and that these were well used was evidenced by the enormous plasma screen television, the biggest Sarah had ever seen, that nestled close to the fireplace. Here Sarah saw that Daniela had special tastes too. She obviously loved old musicals. Some of the great classic musicals of all time resided among her collection; The Sound of Music; The wizard of Oz; Singing in the Rain; The Jazz Singer; West Side Story; My Fair Lady; Mary Poppins; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and many more; Daniela loved them all it seemed. There were newer musicals too such as Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia and even Bollywood productions from Mumbai. Daniela loved old classic Hollywood films. There was Citizen Kane there and Breakfast at Tiffany’s; venerable old westerns and Gone with the Wind; Casablanca and Mutiny on the Bounty. It was an archive of some of the greatest films in the history of the medium. There were also newer films as well though and filmed concerts of modern and classical artists were well represented and Daniela seemingly had a weakness for Walt Disney cartoons; Jungle Book, Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, sleeping Beauty, One hundred and one Dalmatians, Pinocchio and such. Another set of shelves held a formidable collection of CDs and the stereo system was large and obviously expensively state of the art. Music held a place of importance in this house. It was not untidy but also not without its clutter for two guitars and a set of keyboards reclined carelessly about the room and several sheets of musical scores were s**ttered about on the coffee table. There was even a harmonica and a small amp and speaker pushed aside into one corner. Three CDs lay on the coffee table. They were interesting. One was Beethoven’s violin concerto, another was the Beatles “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and the other was “I am…..Sasha Fierce.” by Beyonce. It would be hard to categorise Daniela’s musical tastes!The room was green in many ways for Daniela loved her plants. At least a dozen large pot plants occupied the room including an exquisite little bonsai holding a place of honour on a small side table to a large Rubber plant taking up much of one corner. There were also two or three beautiful arrangements of wild flowers which bespoke of Daniela’s interests in this floral art. Here was a woman who liked to surround herself with beauty. In nothing was this more illustrated than in the pictures hanging on the walls. The voluminous space in the big villa had acres of wall space and Daniela had set to determinedly to utilise that space for the display of her collection of art. It was mostly watercolours and oils although there was the odd pencilled drawing and the subject matter was the simple things that Daniela found beautiful, landscapes, paintings of wild flowers, still life, a****ls and portraits. It occurred to Sarah after about five seconds that the pictures showed a single characteristic style. They were all painted by a single person and the identity of that person was revealed by the large picture over the fireplace. It showed a beautiful young woman squatting among the meadow flowers by the Schwendisee. It was Sarah. Daniela must have painted it from the sketches she had made of Sarah on their afternoon walks during Sarah’s free hours at the Hotel Toggenburg. The picture was beautiful and lovingly crafted. Sarah felt her eyes fill with tears; touched to the point of heartbreak that Daniela had put such loving into the picture and then hung it in pride of place in her living room above the fire where she could gaze upon it every evening. So intent was Sarah on the picture that she never heard Daniela re-enter the room. “It’s not very good I’m afraid!” Sarah spun guiltily at the sound of Daniela’s voice, almost as if she’d been caught in a discretion. Daniela was stood by the doorway eying her quizzically. “It’s beautiful Danny!” Sarah exclaimed at last. “I can’t believe you painted this!”“Do you want it? You can have it as a wedding present if you wish.”Sarah shook her head vigorously. “No! Never! I could never take this Danny. It… it wouldn’t be right! This belongs to you!”Daniela lowered her eyes sadly for a brief moment before smiling at Sarah. “Come along Sarah. I’ve run a big hot bath for you. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”The bathroom was enormous and the bathtub was appropriately huge and full of steaming foamy water deliciously scented with rose and apple. Daniela handed her a bathrobe and showed her a set of towels hanging luxuriously on a heated rail, shampoos and scented soaps. “Are you sure you don’t want to bath first?” asked Sarah. “Oh I’ll take a bath bahis siteleri in my own bathroom while you soak Sarah.”“Good God! You mean this is just the guest Bathroom?”Daniela laughed. “I have three bathrooms altogether Sarah!”“My God! Daniela looked at her with a wicked smile. “I’m a wealthy woman Sarah; probably much richer than your current fiancée! Your parents would never be able to claim that I was unable to keep their daughter in the manner to which she was accustomed!”“Danny! You promised!”Daniela laughed mischievously. “I’m not seducing you Sarah! I’m just pointing out economic realities! Come on get in the bloody bath!” With a last laugh Daniela swept out.Bemusedly Sarah undressed and laid her damp clothes on a chair before sinking into the enormous bathtub. Daniela presumably had a heat resistant hide for the water was very nearly scalding and Sarah eased herself into it gingerly. Once immersed among the suds however she lay back languidly and luxuriated in the warm soapy water. She soaped herself all over and giggled at the imposing array of shampoos and perfumed gels around the tub. She tried them all frivolously and closed her eyes ecstatically; cocooned in the heat of the bath and her nostrils full of warm scents. She washed her long hair until it squeaked as she ran her hands through it and rubbed a sponge sensually over her body until she tingled. She could have laid there for hours and indeed she lingered long; almost dozing with the suds rising to her chin.Sarah was startled from her revelry by the bathroom door. Daniela walked in clad in a bathrobe and her hair wrapped in a towel. Suddenly feeling shy Sarah folded her arms over her naked breasts. “You might have knocked Danny!” she protested feebly. “I’ve seen you without your clothes on before Sarah!” Daniela picked up Sarah’s clothes from the chair. “I was just coming to put your things in the wash with mine.”“Oh! Oh er thank you.”“I’ve put some night clothes on your bed. When you’ve finished your bath I’ll show you your room then I’ll make us a bit of supper and we can eat in the lounge.”“Oh er… good.”Daniela smiled and walked out but, as Sarah noted wryly, not before giving Sarah such a long look of appraisal that it made Sarah shiver and caused her hormones to send urgent messages to the relevant parts of her body. Fully awake now, Sarah eased out of the bath and took one of the deliciously warm scented towels and rubbed herself dry. Her body was glowing pink with the stimulation of the bath, her nipples stood erect, her pupils were dilated and her nostrils flared as she drank in the aromas of her body; dangerously aroused. Daniela’s promise was all that separated her from complete ruin. It would have taken but a single offer to scrub her back Sarah knew. With her heart beating powerfully in her chest and her breath deep Sarah took a long look at herself in the bathroom mirror before folding her damp hair in a towel and wrapping the bathrobe around herself. Daniela had left her an unopened toothbrush and toothpaste by the washbasin and she carefully cleaned her teeth and rinsed her mouth with antiseptic mouthwash before setting out to find Daniela. Stepping from the bathroom she ran straight into Daniela who was carrying some plates through from the kitchen. Daniela smiled at her warmly. “Feeling refreshed?”“Yes thank you. Much better.”“Good. Come on let me show you your room. There’s a drier in there for your hair.”The room was large and comfortable decorated in warm creams and pink and dominated by a huge bed with cream satin d****s over the duvet and enormous pink and cream pillows. The bed looked invitingly luxurious and sensual. It seemed almost a desecration not to share it. Decorating the walls were several watercolour studies of pink and red flowers and they had been so meticulously executed that Sarah could identify the species; Fringed Pink, Red Campion, Ragged Robin and Sweet William. They complimented the decor of the room perfectly. Daniela showed her to the other dominant item of furniture in the room; a huge ornate, white dressing table in a French design with an enormous arched mirror flanked by two side mirrors and illuminated with its own lights. Sarah stared in bewilderment at the vast array of scents, powders, creams, implements and cosmetics half of which she had not the faintest idea of the function of. At least she could recognise the hair brushes and hairdryer. “I don’t know what you normally wear to sleep in Sarah,” Daniela was saying, “so I’ve laid you out a selection of the sort of nightwear I usually go to bed in and you can take your pick as to what you’d be most comfortable in. There’s a dressing gown hanging up on the peg there.”“Thank you. I’m not used to this sort of luxury!”Daniela grinned. “If you’re not too tired, join me in a glass of wine and a bite to eat in the lounge after you’ve dried your hair.”“Yes of course.”“I’ll leave you to it then. The cats are bugging me to be fed.”After Daniela had departed Sarah lowered herself onto the stool in front of the dressing table and shook her hair loose. She was quite unused to such an altar to female vanity. At home her dressing table consisted of a mirror propped up against some books on a sideboard and some rudimentary accessories. This shrine of indulgence felt almost decadent. She dried her hair carefully, brushing it until it gleamed under the soft lamps on the dressing table and admired its burnished sheen as she stroked her fingers through it. She undid her bathrobe and cast it aside to sit naked before the mirror and drew breath at the sight of herself glowing in the gentle illumination. Experimentally she examined the other items on the dressing table. She found a bottle of expensive body moisturising cream and she worked it into her skin loving the softness of her skin under the ministrations. She hesitated over the cosmetics on the table. For some reason she wanted to make herself look beautiful but putting make up on before going to bed was a dangerously overt signal. Only tarts went to bed with their make up on she told herself. She did however pick up a bottle of ludicrously expensive perfume and applied two tiny sprays of the scent to her torso. Finally she rose from the stool and walked to the bed to peruse the nightwear that Daniela had left her. This precipitated the major crisis of the night so far. Daniela was unabashedly sensual and her nightwear collection reflected that. She’d left half a dozen outfits for Sarah’s approval and there wasn’t one of them that didn’t make Sarah tingle with strange feelings. Sarah picked up a tiny, pink, sheer sleeping vest and matching g-string in pink that tied with a single bow at the breast and otherwise lay open and would just about fall to the bottom of the buttocks even if its transparency did a wretched job of concealing them. It was obviously expensive and decorated in sequins and artificial pearls and with Venetian trimmings but it was so overtly sexy you might as well have worn an advertising board around your neck. Sarah rejected that out of hand. She groaned as she regarded the other items on offer. Normally during the summer Sarah wore a vest and a pair of knickers to bed or a pair of old cotton pyjamas during the colder months. Until her recent purchases in Winterthur she had possessed nothing of a particularly inviting nature as night attire.In confusion she sat down heavily on the bed. It was ironic that but a few days before she had deliberately gone in a shop in Winterthur with the express intention of buying some titillating lingerie and night wear for Daniela’s benefit but now she was hesitant to the point of embarrassment in wearing any such thing. Despairingly she picked up a short silk nightdress in violet with semi-sheer lace cups and a low cut back. It was gorgeous and the material so enticing that she couldn’t help herself from holding it against her cheek. There was also a long soft pink nightdress of such seductive silkiness that it took Sarah’s breath away. It was another creation with sheer cups and Sarah rejected it on the grounds that she felt she wanted more than a token gauzy film to conceal her breasts behind. There was also a matching set of silk cream camisole and French knickers, a lovely lacy chemise with matching briefs in pale green and a pink baby-doll.In the end Sarah bottled it! She picked out the one costume that could decently be described as modest. It was a pair of silk pyjamas in classic style; ivory in colour and deliciously soft on the skin. Even these failed in the chastity test however for they were sensually luxurious and the material felt like a caress against Sarah’s skin. Over these Sarah donned the pink silk robe Daniela had left her and left the bedroom in search of the lounge.Daniela was sat on one of the big couches with a short silk robe in aquamarine tied loosely over pale blue knickers and camisole. Her hair was brushed and shining gold in the subdued lighting as she bent over her foot perched on a low stool to paint her toenails, biting her lip in concentration. “Everything ok?” she asked.Sarah nodded numbly. Daniela looked so radiantly beautiful she robbed Sarah of speech momentarily. Sarah felt suddenly overdressed. “Yes er fine.” She breathed at last. Daniela nodded to the coffee table. “I put out some munchies for us. Only cold stuff I’m afraid. I couldn’t be arsed to cook anything!”Sarah gazed at the food. There was good country bread, a selection of cheeses, pickles, big green olives, a plate of cold meats and salami, sticks of celery, slices of honey melon, green g****s, slivers of smoked salmon garnished with onions and capers, a tomato salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a bowl of pasta salad in mayonnaise and a plate full of chocolate truffles liqueur stangeli. Sarah blinked in pleasure. “Well I don’t think we’ll go hungry!” she remarked. “Would you pour the wine sweetheart?” Daniela asked. A bottle of fine Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 1997 was open on the table accompanied by two crystal goblets. Reverently Sarah took the bottle and poured two glasses full of the rich deep red liquid. Daniela replaced the cap on her bottle of nail varnish extending her foot to examine her labours critically and wriggling her toenails. Pointedly she made no comment on Sarah’s dress choice but took the glass from Sarah with a smile. There was soft music playing from the stereo. Sarah recognised the music. It was Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony; one of her favourites. She racked her brain to think whether or not she had ever told Daniela that. Daniela had also lit a fire in the fire place and a pair of logs were crackling merrily casting dancing reflections into the soft light of the lounge and filling the air with aromatic scents. Two of Daniela’s gang of felines were curled up contentedly on the rug in front of the fire. “Cheers!” Daniela raised her glass in salute. “Take a seat Sarah and let’s eat!”Sarah lowered herself into an armchair opposite and began to fill a plate with tasty titbits. The food was simple but delicious and they picked at it in silence. Sarah spread a wafer thin slice of smoked salmon onto a piece of bread and smeared sweet horse radish on it before conveying it to her mouth with pleasure. She watched Daniela in fascination. Daniela always seemed to eat so delicately yet there was a true delight in the flavours of the food which belied the dainty manner in which she ate. She could pop an olive into her mouth with the tiniest of movement but her eyes would close in something approaching ecstasy as she savoured the oily saltiness of it on her tongue. You had the feeling that she was greedy but far too fastidious to gobble her food. Her eyes fixed on the food before her with a gleam of satisfaction and from a tiny morsel of cheese she would extract the maximum amount of enjoyment. It was sensual, hedonistic; it was the indulgence of a woman that was enslaved to her senses; d**gged on the sensations of life. Daniela lay back canlı bahis on the couch as she ate and the short robe she wore fell away from her shapely legs. Sarah could not tear her eyes from those silky limbs. Neither could she divert her attention from the glorious golden locks that fell across Daniela’s shoulders. The robe was loose about Daniela and it fell from her right shoulder to reveal the perfect skin of her slender neck and the inviting curve of the nape. Sarah longed to caress that soft skin; lift the hair away and bestow soft kisses. It suddenly seemed so terribly, terribly wrong that this loveliness was denied to her. She felt the hot flush of mounting arousal but Daniela seemed oblivious to her urgently growing interest. Daniela pushed her plate away with a sigh of satisfaction and sipped her wine delightedly; rolling the rich Rioja around in her mouth and dabbing away the tiniest trickle at the corner of her lips with a napkin. Sarah was transfixed; mesmerised by the vision of loveliness before her. With a sudden awareness of her physicality and passion Sarah knew then that she wanted this woman more than anything she had ever wanted in her life before.Daniela brushed a hair from her face. “So what do you want to do Sarah? Shall we watch a movie?”Sarah could hardly breathe. “Er… well maybe…”Daniela raised an exquisite eyebrow. “Maybe what?”Sarah blushed and lowered her eyes. “I… I don’t know!”“What’s the matter Sarah?”Sarah swallowed and took a breath. “You er… well you had a poor record of keeping your honour as a girl guide didn’t you?”“Are you impugning my honour Sarah?”“No! No! I… er just well hoped… well I mean… well that your honour… wasn’t so… well honourable.”Daniela frowned with an ironic smile. “I’m not following you Sarah.”“You know bloody well what I mean!”Daniela shook her head. “Nope! Completely fuddled at this end Sarah! Please elucidate.”“You… you promised not to seduce me!”Daniela held up her hands in innocence. “And I have been true to my word Sarah! I have done nothing whatsoever to endanger your celibacy.”“Oh Right! So trying to dress me up in the sort of clothes more commonly associated with a high class bordello and plying me with food and fine wine in front of a log fire to the accompaniment of soft music had nothing whatsoever to do with your amorous intentions then?”Daniela shook her head indignantly. “Absolutely not Sarah! My sole intention was to make you feel comfortable and at home. I swore that I would not seduce you and I remain faithful to that oath! I have no amorous intentions on you and I will not make any move to seduce you at all!”“None at all?”“Absolutely none! You have my word!”“You mean this?”“Sarah! I’m not used to having my honour and sworn word questioned in this fashion! I am upset that you have so little trust in me!”Sarah bit her lip. “I’m sorry Danny. I… I didn’t want to doubt you or anything.”“Good! I’m gratified to hear it!”“It’s just that….”“Just what?”“Well I might be open to negotiation.”“Negotiation?”Sarah cringed and clasped her hands tightly. “Well yes. I mean I won’t think the worse of you if you were to break your word.”“Break my word?”“Stop repeating everything I say Danny! You know what I mean!”“Well let me make a shrewd guess Sarah darling. Do I assume by this oblique line of reasoning that you wish to release me from my sworn word; that in fact you wish me to seduce you after all?”Sarah gulped. “Well yes…. I suppose so!”Daniela laid down her glass decisively. “Absolutely out of the question!”Sarah blinked. “What?”“I said Sarah that it was out of the question. For the past few weeks you have resisted every effort I have made to seduce you into an intimate relationship with me. Furthermore you have extracted the most solemn of oaths from me to the effect that I respect your purity and have pointed out repeatedly that my advances were unwelcome to you. In deference to those stated rules I will therefore make no attempt whatsoever to seduce you.”“Oh!” Sarah was deflated.“Absolutely not! It is unfair of you to place such restrictions on me and then expect me to come running the minute you change your mind.”Sarah was chagrined. “I’m sorry Danny. I… I didn’t want to offend you.”“I’m not offended Sarah just… well just a little disappointed.”“I’m so sorry Danny! I just well… I just thought…. Oh God I’m stupid!”“For what Sarah?”“I… I thought you wanted me! I’m sorry!”“I do want you Sarah!”“Eh?”“I want you more than anybody I’ve ever known Sarah but I’m not going to seduce you!”“I don’t understand!”“Don’t you? It’s like this Sarah. I want you; God I want you! The question is do you want me?”“I… I’m willing to let you seduce me Danny!”“But I’m not going to!”“But… but…” Sarah shook her head in bewilderment.Daniela sighed and lifted a lock of her hair. “Tell me Sarah what colour is this?”“Well it’s a sort of honey gold…”“In other words it’s blond right?”“Well yes I suppose so…”“And your hair is what… dark chestnut brown… or shall we say brunette?”“Ok but…”“So please tell me Sarah why you are the one being so blond at the moment?” “I’m sorry?”“Let me spell it out for you Sarah. I am refusing to seduce you, correct?”“Well yes…”“I have also indicated firmly that I desire you. Am I still correct?”“Yes but…”“You have intimated that a sexual contact between us would not be disagreeable to you as well I believe.”“What are you trying to say?”“Namely this Sarah; I have vowed not to seduce you but I’ve left a hole in that vow you could throw one of Messalina’s orgies through!”Sarah bit her lip in puzzlement. “I’m not following this!”“Sarah in my vow that I would not seduce you did you at any time hear me say that it was forbidden for you to seduce me?”Sarah sat bolt upright. “What?”Daniela held her hands out. “I’ve done all the running up until now Sarah. If you truly want me and you truly love me well here I am! It’s your turn to go the distance.”Sarah was in shock. “How… how am I supposed to seduce you?”Daniela shrugged. “Well you’ve wined me and dined me; got me barely dressed by the light of an open fire; half the work’s done already. I’m sure I won’t put up too much of a fight!”“This is ridiculous!”Daniela slumped. “Oh well if you don’t want to I suppose we can always see if there’s anything good on the telly!”“Stop it Danny! I… I don’t know the first thing about how to seduce a girl!”“Well that much is obvious since you’re making such a pig’s ear out of the thing!”“Well… well what am I supposed to do?” Sarah’s voice sounded shrill with agitation. “Hmm, just a suggestion you understand, but it often helps to compliment the person who you want to have your wicked way with. You know; tell them that they’re beautiful and desirable.”“But you already know that you’re beautiful!”“Way to go Sarah! That’s right! Just tell me that I’m conceited and vain! Not exactly a major step forward to relieving me of my drawers is it?”Sarah snorted in exasperation. “All right then bugger it! You’re beautiful alright!”Daniela feigned indifference. “Well thank you for the compliment but you could have couched it in more romantic terms I think!”Sarah took a deep breath. “Danny you know that I think you’re the most beautiful woman I ever saw. I’ve told you that before! You are sensational; I’ve never seen a woman to match you.”“Getting better Sarah! Anything else you’d like to add?”“What else should I add?”“I think an Early Purple Orchid is beautiful Sarah but I don’t want to sleep with it!”“Ok, ok! You’re not only beautiful but you’re desirable too! Does that make you happy?”“Not quite!”“Oh God! Now what?”Daniela simpered comically and rolled her eyes theatrically. “I just want to know that you want me for more than just my body!”Sarah gripped her forehead and resisted the temptation to throw the olive bowl at Daniela. “So you’re a blushing virgin now!”“I’m a sweet young lady being stalked by a predatory seductress with dishonourable intentions on my innocence. I need reassurances that you don’t just want to have your wicked way with me and then abandon me, a ruined woman.”“My arse!”“Is very pretty but not sufficient at this juncture in time to lure me into your lair. I am requiring romantic cajoling not vulgar language expressing a disbelief in my veracity!”“I’ll slap you in a minute!”Daniela inclined her head thoughtfully. “That might work but I’m not at all certain that you’re experienced enough to carry off the domineering mistress role just yet. I’d recommend that you leave that part of the proceedings until after you’ve laid a little more groundwork.”“What groundwork?”“Well money is often regarded as the universal aphrodisiac but that won’t hack it in this instance because I happen to be considerably richer than you. Flowers are a good standby but that isn’t an option either because of your lack of foresight and the fact that you’re unlikely to be able to arrange an Interflora delivery at this time of night. So if I was you I’d fall back on the old tried and trusted methods and try telling me that you love me.”“You know that I love you!”“That is exactly what I don’t know Sarah! I hope you love me. I desire above all that you love me but I don’t know! What I do know is that in two days time you are travelling to the Ticino to see a man who you have stated that you have every intention of marrying! Now forgive me Sarah but that is hardly compelling evidence that I am the light of your life or the star in your firmament. It would be possible, with every rational and sober analysis, to argue that I am merely a dalliance; a good time for a night. Naturally therefore I am suspicious of your intentions. So if you want to drag me down onto that carpet you’re going to have to do better than that!”“Is this what this is about? Are you mad at me because I’m going to Ticino to get engaged?”“That’s still two days away Sarah. A lot can happen in two days. People in love are always hopelessly optimistic. That’s your window of opportunity. It is still possible to persuade me that it’s really me you love; that there is still hope for me. I’m so desperate I’ll clutch at any straw. A few little lies and you’ve got me halfway to the bedroom already!”“But I don’t want to lie to you Danny!”“Honest people spend a lot of time sleeping alone Sarah! The wheels of love are greased with pork pies!”“Is that why Muslim marriages are usually arranged?”“Don’t change the subject by using my choice of Cockney rhyming slang to make flippant remarks and cast slurs upon our Islamic brothers and sisters Sarah. I’m sure that the same is true in Islamic society too. The prophet himself had at least eleven wives, if not more, as well as any number of slave concubines and what have you. I’m sure even Allah would have forgiven his prophet the odd little fib to keep that lot happy in the name of domestic harmony!”Sarah frowned. “It doesn’t seem right to tell lies just because you want to sleep with someone.”“Do you play backgammon Sarah?”“Yes. Why?”“Well because a game of backgammon is about the most exciting a prospect that this evening holds for us if you persist in holding a philosophical debate on the virtues of veracity in human sexual relationships!”“I’m sorry. What should I do?”“God Sarah! I’m not an instruction manual! Try reading men’s magazines. They’re usually full of useful tips on how to get women into bed.”“Well I could use some now!”“Alcohol!”“Eh?”“Alcohol! It’s almost universally praised for its efficaciousness in lowering inhibitions and female resistance.” Daniela pointed to the coffee table. “My glass is empty!”“Oh I’m sorry!” Hastily Sarah plied the wine bottle to replenish their glasses. Daniela took a sip and leaned back on the couch twirling her wine in the glass. “Now then! Let’s recap shall we. Where were we before we got sidetracked into a discussion of the moral dilemmas of romantic mendacity?”“You said you wanted me to say I love you.”“Ah yes! Of course! Pretty much standard operating procedure if you want to get to base camp one! Well?”“Well güvenilir bahis what?”“Well are you or are you not going to declare your undying love and devotion to me or shall I get the backgammon board out you muppet?”“I love you Danny!”“Better!”“Danny I love you more than anybody I’ve ever known. I know I’m going to Ticino but the person I love, the person I truly love isn’t there. She’s sat right in front of me now.”“Much better! I love you too Sarah. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?”Sarah blushed and pulled a face. “That wasn’t a lie Danny!”“I believe you.”There was an awkward pause. “Now what do I do?” asked Sarah at last in some desperation.Daniela pursed her lips. “Well the neutral observer would probably remark that you have a spatial problem Sarah.”Sarah blinked. “What do you mean?”“Well it’s a recognised fact that sweet nothings are best whispered at close range and preferably in close physical contact. Our hypothetical neutral observer would doubtless point out that there is going to be little mileage in bellowing endearments at each other from opposite ends of the room!”“You mean I should join you on the couch?”“It’s worth trying Sarah! If I don’t leap up, dash off screaming and lock myself into my bedroom you may consider it an incremental victory.”“You’re impossible!”“That is yet to be ascertained Sarah. You certainly have no grounds as yet to believe it. I’m not giving you negative signals. It’s not as if I’m yawning or passing the tedium of the conversation by browsing through the television channels on the remote or flicking olive pips at you! There are still considerable grounds for optimism.”“All right! I’ll come and sit on the bloody couch!”Daniela sniffed haughtily. “Well if you don’t want to…” Sarah gave a little growl of exasperation and moved to the couch. Daniela raised an eyebrow and regarded her. “It’s an awfully big couch Sarah. I’m pleased that you appreciate its generous spaciousness by utilising all of it!” Sarah groaned and moved up alongside Daniela. Daniela held up a hand palm upwards. Feeling increasingly foolish Sarah took the hand in her own. Daniela rewarded her with a dazzling smile and lowered her voice. “Well, well! We’re making progress! This is cosy isn’t it? Now then tell me again; what was it you were shouting at me from the other side of the room earlier?”“I said I love you, you barmy bitch!”“Shall we try that again only this time sweeter and without the vulgar aspersions?”“I love you!”“Try whispering it softly in my ear.” Daniela brushed her hair out of the way and inclined her head. “Go on! Just try it.”With a sigh Sarah leaned forward. Daniela’s scent was intoxicating at close proximity. “I love you.” she whispered. She sat back once more. “Was that better?”“No! It was rubbish!”“Why?” demanded Sarah indignantly. “I did what you said!” “Which only shows that you’re listening. What you’re not doing is watching!”Sarah shook her head in confusion. “You’re not helping me here Danny.”“I couldn’t be helping you more Sarah! I’m giving you signals all the time and you’re just not seeing them! Good God Sarah even men are usually sensitive enough to spot overt invitations! If they were all as myopic as you then we’d be a seriously declining species!”“So what am I missing?”“Look Sarah I moved my hair out of the way right?”“Ok.” “I leaned slightly away and I even let my robe slip off my shoulder. I exposed a huge area of naked flesh from my shoulder to my ear with your lips two inches away and you haven’t got the common gumption to kiss me on the side of my neck! It’s one of a woman’s most erogenous zones Sarah and I laid it out on a plate for you! A few kisses there and you’d have had me quivering like jelly! Shape up and start watching my body language! Do I have to provide cue cards or something?”Sarah laughed beginning to enjoy the absurdity of Daniela’s coaching. “Can I try again please?”“Ok but don’t mess it up this time!”Sarah leaned forward and kissed Daniela in the nape of her neck. Daniela shivered perceptibly and her hand squeezed Sarah’s. Glorying in the triumph Sarah continued to bestow soft kisses to the side of Daniela’s neck. The texture of Daniela’s skin seemed to change under her caresses. It was an indefinable sensation; a sort of warm glow combined with a suddenly silkier feeling. With a shock Sarah realised that Daniela was aroused. She had never known that a person’s skin felt so different under arousal. She glanced down and saw that Daniela’s robe had come adrift from the waist, and her face and the cleavage of her bosom were suffused in pink. Daniela’s free hand was gripping her leg and her breathing was suddenly deep and laboured. “Is this better?” whispered Sarah.“Yes!” Daniela’s voice sounded hoarse. “But I’m sure you could use your tongue for more useful purposes than to ask for further instructions!”Sarah ran her tongue the length of Daniela’s neck and delighted in the little gasp that emitted from Daniela’s mouth. She became bolder licking the side of the neck and face and nibbling at Daniela’s ear. Daniela was almost panting and rewarded Sarah’s effort with cute little moans and squeaks. With a profound sigh Daniela turned her face to Sarah and opened her lips. “Oh Sarah!” she breathed. Sarah did not make the mistake of ignoring this invitation and she fastened her lips to Daniela’s. Daniela reached up to grasp Sarah’s head and hold it to her, her tongue urgent inside Sarah’s mouth. Sarah was almost shocked by the intensity of Daniela’s passion. In bemusement she realised that Daniela was so much putty in her hands. She had always felt the subservient one in their relationship. Now she realised that she was calling the shots; stoking the fires in Daniela. She felt wonderful. She stroked her hand over Daniela’s bare shoulder marvelling at the softness of the skin beneath her touch. She reached around to touch the other shoulder but inadvertently brushed Daniela’s right breast. Daniela stiffened sharply and Sarah withdrew her hand hastily. “Oh er… sorry.”“For what darling?”“I er… I didn’t mean to… I mean I didn’t….” Sarah groped for words uncomfortably. Daniela gave a muffled squeak and buried her face in Sarah’s shoulder. She was shaking. After a few seconds Sarah realised that she was laughing helplessly. “What the hell’s the matter?” she demanded.“Oh Sarah you’re just priceless! You’re the most adorable little do-nut I’ve ever come across!”“What have I done now?”“Give me your hand!” Sarah obeyed and Daniela lifted it to her breast and clasped it around the orb firmly. “There now! Is that better darling?”“Er… yes…” Sarah’s voice sounded unnaturally high and squeaky to her. “You’re getting up the mountain Sarah! Any sixteen year old lad worth his salt will tell you that if she lets you put your hand on her tit you’re half way there to getting her knickers off!”Sarah grinned. “Shut up talking and kiss me!”“Yes my lady!” The kiss went on interminably it seemed until Daniela broke for air. “I noticed on the Santis when you roped us up you were good with knots Sarah.” she breathed hoarsely.“Now what are you blathering about?”“Do you think you could manage the bowknot on my robe?”“I don’t think that will provide any real technical difficulties!” Sarah unfastened Daniela’s robe and smiled as Daniela seemed almost indecently urgent in divesting herself of the encumbering garment. Eager to feel Daniela’s skin with her hands Sarah lifted her camisole over her head. Daniela was co-operating admirably; even enthusiastically. Bare to the waist Daniela was so beautiful that Sarah abandoned any inhibitions and greedily indulged herself in the unfamiliar novelty of exploring another woman’s breasts. Daniela panted desperately as Sarah kneaded her breasts with her hands and groaned almost comically as Sarah bent to kiss her nipples and nibble them with her teeth; grasping Sarah’s hair so tightly that it hurt. Daniela was almost incoherent with lust and she grasped Sarah’s hand determinedly and thrust it beneath the elastic of her knickers. Sarah felt the damp silkiness of Daniela’s sex with her fingertips and stroked it experimentally. Daniela arched her back and cried out softly. From there it was an easy stage to sliding the last vestige of Daniela’s modesty over her ankles and taking the now naked woman in her triumphant arms. Daniela was pawing at her dressing gown and fumbling at the buttons on her pyjamas. Soon they were both naked in each others’ grasp on the carpet before the fire and Daniela’s cats rose disapprovingly, twitched their tails austerely and sought out a less disturbed environment for their slumbers.The next hours passed in a whirl for Sarah. She could never remember such a night of unalloyed joy. Once the two girls had possessed each other they became greedy for each other. Sarah was beguiled by the experience of squatting between Daniela’s open legs and observing her sex at close quarters. Sarah had never had the opportunity to examine another woman’s vulva at close range before and she found herself fascinated by it. She parted the lips with interest and stroked a finger around the labia majora and the labia minora experimentally; almost academically whilst Daniela moaned in frustration and begged her to stop teasing her. Detachedly she inserted a finger into the vagina and parted the labia minora to uncover the external manifestation of the clitoris; the little “man in the boat” and noted with interest how Daniela’s convulsions and wailing became more frantic by the second as she rubbed a finger across it. She leaned down to kiss it and Daniela’s hand clasped to the back of her head as she writhed in what appeared to be exquisite agony. Sarah found to her surprise that she liked the taste. Better still she liked the manic shrieks and violent shudders of Daniela as she licked her to orgasm. Daniela had her revenge for the sweet torment. Sarah could not tear her eyes from the golden locks d****d across her lap as Daniela buried her face in her crutch and brought her to such a scalding climax that Sarah thought she would faint.They made love on the carpet before resuming operations on the couch. They cleared the dirty dishes from the coffee table and tried it out in the kitchen as well. Their exertions left them so sweaty and soiled that they ran another bath and shared it, getting suds all over the bathroom floor, and performing acts with a shower-head that would make a sailor blush. Finally Daniela dragged Sarah to her bedroom and they sated themselves on her enormous bed collapsing at last into a blissful revelry that was not yet sleep but that dreamy half way stage of exhausted content and sleepy giggles. It was nearly five o’clock in the morning. Sarah looked down at the ruined figure of Daniela on the pillow beside her and felt an upwelling of love that took her breath from her. “Oh Danny! I love you!” she murmured and there was no doubt in her mind of her deepest sincerity. Daniela reached up to stroke her face. “I love you too Sarah. What are we going to do?”“I don’t know Danny. I really don’t. I still have to go to Ticino you know.”“I know darling.”“I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I have to go. I can’t get out of it. What the hell am I going to do now?”“I can’t advise you my love. I just want you to know that I’m here; I’ll always be here. In the end it’ll be your decision my sweet. I love you. There’s no going back from that. Whatever happens you’re my Sarah.”Sarah glanced at the clock. “God! It’s gone five o’clock! We might have to work today!”“Only for lunch sweetheart. We can have the rest of the day together.”“I… I have to pick up my bags to go to the Ticino.”“That’s not a problem. We can drive down to your place after lunch and pick up your things and you can stay here the night. I’ll drive you down to the station in Buchs in the morning.”“Yes ok…” Sarah paused. “Just a second! Just one bloody second Miss Daniela Devin! You told me that your car was broken! That was the reason I had to stay here tonight because you couldn’t drive me home because your sodding car was broken!”Daniela chuckled deeply and pulled Sarah down onto the pillow beside her. “I lied!”____________________________________________________________________________________