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SARAH’S STORIES – FRANKS FUCK PIECEAlmost as soon as we took the step to involve others in our sex I have craved for any sexual partner to have a big cock and to treat me roughly. This is a total contrast to the tender, sensual lovemaking I enjoy as a norm. Reflecting back on my sexual history this may explain why. SxFor a few seconds I begin to wonder what on earth has possessed me. I’m an attractive 22 year old woman with a loving boyfriend yet I’m laying on my back, smelling the body odour and Whisky breath of my overweight 55 year old landlord Frank as he begins to breath deeper due to the fact his pounding of my pussy, which is being stretched to its limit by his enormous cock, is getting faster and faster. Then as my second orgasm in 10 minutes begins to surge through my body I realise why I am doing this.As my orgasm ebbs away Frank pulls his still hard cock, out of me and flips me over like a rag doll and lifts my hips so my bottom is in the air and my knees on the mattress. Seconds later Frank rams his cock into my already throbbing pussy and begins to pound away. He has been at me for a good twenty minutes but I know, due to the Whiskey he has drank I will have to endure at least another 10 minutes hard fucking before he pumps his seed into me.Once he has grunted and jerked his way through his orgasm he will pull his softening cock out of me, stand next to the bed, pick up his glass of whisky off the bedside table and take a sip whilst I am made to lick and suck his cock clean, one of my favourite bits of this ordeal, and savour the mix of both bahis siteleri our sticky juices as, due to the viagra he has taken, it quickly grows back to its full thick hard 9 inches. He will then take a final sip from his glass, wipe his brow on the damp flannel he leaves on the bedside table during these ordeals, kiss me with his whiskey tasting lips and grab my legs lifting them up so my ankles are on his shoulders before telling me to feed his cock back into my pussy so he can continue his fun and this time it will take him even longer to cum. This I gladly do because I am his little Friday night slut, his fuck piece who has invented a Friday night job so I can deny my loving boyfriend the tender lovemaking we enjoy and be fucked by Frank.However, all isn’t as it may seem. Frank is my landlord. Five years ago his wife passed away and although he didn’t need a big house he couldn’t bear to leave the house he shared with his wife for may years so he converted it into two flats. He is a big guy 6ft 4 and large build. I have seen photo’s of him and his wife from years back and he was a very handsome powerfully built man. In recent years his diet has obviously gotten worse and his drinking increased but he is still a powerful guy with a massive cock. I moved in about 4 months ago just after I finished university as it was a walking distance to my new job, so no car or travel, and just basic rent to pay with no extra bills so I knew I’d be able to save quickly to get a deposit on a house. He was and still is a very nice, gentle guy, apart from in the bedroom, canlı bahis siteleri and we get on very well. I had full use of the secluded garden and was quite happy relaxing in there in just a bikini with Frank around. I actually liked the fact he was probably getting a thrill out of it as he, to my knowledge, had no female company.After I had been living there a couple of months it was Frank’s birthday, hence I know his age, and I offered to make him a Sunday roast as he hadn’t had one since his wife passed away several years earlier. Bottom line was he loved it and we both ended up a little drunk and kind of cuddled up on the couch watching TV into the evening. I wasn’t too sure how things developed but that was the night I found out how big Franks cock was although I only ended up jerking him off before fleeing to my own flat feeling rather embarrassed and ashamed.I didn’t see Frank for a few days when I had been for a few drinks on a Friday after work with a couple of girls as my boyfriend was away on a boys weekend. He told me he was also embarrassed about what had happened and invited me in for a drink to put it behind us. As I was already a little drunk and relaxed I accepted. It soon became clear that Frank had also had a couple of drinks, whisky, in his case and I could smell it on him as we sat on the couch chatting. Despite our initial intent we soon discussed what had happened the Sunday before and I found myself confessing to liking his cock, telling him I’d never seen let alone had one that big. He told me he thought I was gorgeous canlı bahis and he would love to fuck me and to my surprise I found myself in the same situation I described at the beginning of this story. I couldn’t believe how aroused I got at being manhandled roughly by a whiskey smelling older guy. I had the biggest orgasm I’d ever had that night and Frank fucked me for hours.The next day I could hardly walk and Frank wanted more but in my more sober and slightly sensible, as well as delicate down below, state I declined him. That was when he moved things on a little and told me I could live with him rent free if I became his fuck piece on a Friday I told him I was shocked at the prospect and went back to my flat. The following Friday came and my pussy had been wet all day as I thought about the situation. I phoned my boyfriend and told him I had got a part time job doing some auditing work in a large shop on a Friday evening after they closed for the day but I had to start straight away as they had failed a financial inspection, then went home got into some nice underwear and a bedroom robe. I knocked on Franks door and when e opened it and I held out an envelope which had my due rent money in it in one hand and undid my robe with the other. “OK! Which one do you want Frank?” I asked him.Frank didn’t speak he just pulled me through the door, took the envelope off me, stuffed it in the pocket of my robe, which he promptly then pulled off me and told me to get on my knees as he pulled his cock out of his trousers. As I knelt he told me to take off my bra and began feeding his cock into my mouth. Several hours later I put my robe back on and dragged my sore pussy and an envelope full of rent money back to my own flat. I was now “Franks Friday fuck piece” but who was using who?….