Sassy’s Superbowl

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Sassy’s SuperbowlOne day after my girlfriend Sassy went to work, I decided to jump on her computer and do some things. Since she was gone, I had gotten curious because I knew she very open about porn so I decided to check her search history. I immediately got aroused when I saw a profile on a porn site she had including her favorite videos. It seemed like she had been having fantasies about being shared. This is something she had never brought up to me like most girls wouldn’t because the idea of sharing their girl with another man is something a lot of guys wouldn’t go for.I had been involved in some gangbangs in college, though I thought that part of my sex life was over after meeting Sassy and getting into a serious relationship. The idea of seeing her with another guy had me very excited and interested to find out if it was just a wild fantasy or if she would actually be up for it.Instead of asking, I decided to plan a small Super Bowl party a couple weeks later with myself,. Sassy and a couple good friends of mine. I had invited my good buddies Brad and Tyler over to watch the big game, not telling them my intentions. I wasn’t sure if they would be into it, though I knew without a doubt if they had the chance alone, they would fuck Sassy in a heartbeat. You see, Sassy is a gorgeous girl with an amazing body and wasn’t shy about showing it off. She’s a petite thing, long blonde hair, tight little waist, amazing tits and a cute little ass. No man could resist that.I told her the day before that some of the boys would be over to watch the game. She’s an amazing hostess, so I knew she would have no problem whipping up some snacks and getting some beer on ice. She had no clue canlı bahis of my intentions either, not even after I suggested she wear her old cheer outfits as a joke to tease the guys.When Brad and Tyler had arrived, they brought with them Tyler’s friend Ryan. They didn’t think it would be a big deal to bring along someone else to watch the game even though it was but Ryan was a good looking athletic guy so I knew Sassy wouldn’t be shy in front of a stranger.Sassy greeted the guys with cold beers and a smile. I could instantly tell seeing her in that outfit that the boys would have trouble focusing on the game. Sassy brought out some snacks as the game began and curling up on my lap to watch the game. I made a point of watching the guys so I could catch them eyeing up my beautiful blonde. Running my hands over her body always gets her a little worked up so I did that while whispering naughty things in her ear. She could tell I was getting excited by the growing bulge in my jeans under her. She just giggled and kept telling me to stop since we had company.I didn’t stop. Instead, I told her quietly how hard she had me wearing that little cheer outfit. I also filled her in on the fact that the guys couldn’t take their eyes off her. I could tell she was getting aroused when I slipped my hand under her skirt. She giggled and said I was being bad, she had no idea what I had planned. I whispered in her ear that I wanted her to suck my cock. She said “here? No way.” I told her the guys wouldn’t mind, it would be more entertaining than the game itself. By then, I had my fingers in her panties, softly rubbing her clit. She let out a couple soft moans that got the attention of our three bahis siteleri guests. I could tell a couple of them were already stiff watching me fingering my girl in front of them.She stood up and turned around as I unbuttoned my jeans. She bit her lip and kneeled down in front of me, not saying a word as she pulled out my throbbing 8 inches and began sucking it. The guys were speechless, as if we forgot they were even there. Sassy looked over at them as she took my cock deep in her mouth. Suddenly, none of us noticed there was a football game on the screen.At this point, I knew Brad had an idea where I was going with this. He had his hard 7 inches out and was waiting for his turn with Sassy’s hot mouth. I told her Brad was waiting and without thinking, she crawled over and began sucking my best friend. Tyler and Ryan both pulled out their cocks and it was officially on. She took Tyler in one hand while sucking Brad, then wrapping her mouth around Tyler while stroking Brad. I sat there stroking my cock watching my girl blowing my two close friends. Soon Ryan stood up and walked over, she bobbed her head up and down his long hard shaft. If I was 8 inches, he had to have been at least 9!! I was dying to see Sassy’s reaction to his size and it was a good reaction. She took turns sucking the three of them, looking over at me for approval every few seconds. I asked her which one of their cocks she wanted first. “The new guy” she replied with a big grin on her face. Ryan’s smile was almost as big as hers as he slid her panties to the side as she eased down on his big cock. She let out a loud moan as he entered her, with Brad in one hand and Tyler in the other. Stroking their cocks güvenilir bahis as she bounced slowly up and down Ryan’s cock. They pulled her top off and Brad and Tyler each had a hard nipple in their mouth. Their hands all over her half naked body, she looked like she was in heaven and I had never been so hard in my life. She then moved over onto Brad lap and eased herself up and down his cock while taking turns sucking Ryan and Tyler. The sound of the game in the background was muffled by the sounds of her slurping on those cocks while he crashed down on Brad. She had 3 men moaning at once and I could tell she loved having that power.Soon, she was bent over sucking her juices off Brad as Tyler pounded her from behind with his 7 inches. This is about the time she started to cum. Her moans and screams only encouraged our guests to fuck her harder. Again Ryan was inside her, I’d never heard her moan so loudly. Her panties were torn off, skirt hiked around her waist. She was a mess but had never looked so hot in her life. Ryan couldn’t handle her tight pussy anymore, blowing a hot load of cum deep in my girlfriend. I knew Brad and Tyler weren’t far behind so I decided to get naked and get in on the fun. Brad soon came all over her gorgeous face and tits as she rode Tyler. I came over and slid my throbbing cock in her mouth. She smiled and looked up at me with her big blue eyes. Tyler moaned loudly as he gave her a 2nd hot load in her pussy. The boys sat back exhausted after gangbanging my girlfriend. They stroked their cocks getting ready for the 2nd half as they enjoyed watching me pounding my girl during the half time show.After another hour of taking turns screwing Sassy’s brains out, the game was over and the guys thanked her for her hospitality. She thanked them for the best Sunday afternoon ever. I told her she did so good, maybe I’d invite a new group of guys over again for Valentines Day 😉