School of Sex

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School of SexWhen Mr. Thomas started the school in that hill station he had two objectives. One to establish an school for the rich and pampered boys and two to groom girls into high class call girls without any inhibitions. It was a small school with two classes of 9th and 10th grade students of the age group of about 14 to 17. Though he charged very high fee, the facilities were very shabby. He ran the school with couple of teachers. The dorms were small cubicles of single bed and bath built inside a hall, three sides covered by wooden partitions of about 7 feet with very little privacy as someone talk loud in the next cubicle can be heard in the adjacent rooms. His students were the boys who were the sons of rich farmers and business men. These boys were dismissed from other schools for their bad behavior. He had bought some girls of the same age from different orphanages. These girls were given jobs as maids to the boys. Each boarder boy will be given the assistance of a girl to take care of his matters. The kitchen was common. These girls were made to work for few weeks or months during which period they will be given practical classes of how to please a man, and then sold to different brothels. There were only two teachers, one male, John who took care of the boys dormitories and one celtabet giriş female, Mary, who was in charge of the girls.Whenever a new boy is admitted, he will be assigned to a cubicle and one girl as his maid. These girls will be rotated among the male students. A girl will be assigned as the maid for a boy for maximum 4 weeks and then sent to someone else. After about 6 to 7 months the girls will be sent away, in fact, sold at a huge profit. Miss Mary would give all sorts of instructions to the girls as to how they should serve and satisfy the boys, their masters. Each cubicle had a desk and two chairs and a large bed and an attached bathroom.When a new boy is admitted he will be given the books and other stationary and then will be ushered to a room with few girls where he can choose one he likes. It is the duty of this girl to keep his room clean,wash his clothes, get water etc. for him, give him massage he if needs and to sleep with him. She should satisfy all his sexual needs too. In the beginning of every month there will be a shuffling of the maids. The boys will be called to a big hall where they will be asked to pick up a chit in which a number will be written. Who ever gets the first number will get the first chance to choose any girl of his liking from celtabet yeni giriş the whole group of maids. The boy who gets the last number may not have any choice, sometimes he may have to share one maid with another boy, depending upon the availability of girls.Martin was a new student to this school. As he was late for admission, he was told that he will have to share the maid with his classmate who occupied the cubicle next to his. As it was the first day he could not sleep. He could see the light from the adjoining room as there was no cover or ceiling over the cubicles. As soon as the lights were switched off he could hear the faint noises from the next room.”So, I have share you with him””That is what Sir Thomas said, master””OK, then give me a good bj before you leave””Yes master,”Then there was sounds of heavy breathing and after few minutes he could hear the boy from the other room grunting.”Yes, Yes, ahhhhhhh, I am cumming, cumming, don’t stop, take it in your mouth, roll your tongue, aaahh yeah there, there, take it take it , I am cumming, aahha.He could hear the moaning of the girl. There there were sounds of running water from the bath.”Shall I go, master, Madam has told me to ask the new one whether he needs me.””mm mm, OK. Wash my underwear and celtabet güvenilirmi keep my uniform ready tomorrow.””Yes master”Martin heard the door opening and closing and then he could hear a soft knock on his door.”come in” he said.He could see a tall girl entering in the faint light of the room.”I am Martha, can I help you master.””I have kept my clothes in the bath, You can wash it tomorrow.””OK.,Do you want me to sleep with you or should I go””Whatever you like, I have no problem”Martha thought for few seconds, and climbed on his bed and lay down on the empty side. She put her hand on his chest and brought her face near him and asked,”Do you want to fuck me or should I suck you?”Martin did not know what to say. All these were very fast on him.Martha pulled away the blanket from his legs. She sat down and untied the strings of his pajamas. She took out his cock, brought her face down and began to suck. Her mouth was big for his 14 year old cock. She licked his balls and began to such him hardly. While going up and down fast, she played with his balls. In about two minutes, he ejaculated his cum into her mouth. She stopped moving her head but continue to tickle his cock with her tongue inside her mouth till the last drop was emptied into her mouth.Then she closed his pajamas, pulled back the blanket and laid down beside him. She turned to one side went to sleep, as if she has completed her duty. Martin did not know how to respond, he was exhausted and decided to go to sleep. He was hearing the sound of her faint snore while he too fell asleep.Continued in Part 2