Scott and His sister Georgina

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My sister Georgina is two years older than I am. When we were little we played together about as well as brothers and sisters ever do. We got along very well, though as we got into puberty, Georgina a lot sooner than me, our interests became more and more different. We stopped taking baths together when Georgina was seven or eight but I didn’t really think anything about it. By then I was taking more showers than baths anyway.Even when she became a teenager and had become very pretty with a slim but very well developed figure, with long brown hair framing an angelic face, Georgina was very casual about how she was dressed around me. She frequently wandered into my room in just her bra and panties or sometimes without the bra and even occasionally without the panties. The first time she did that I looked down between her legs with amazement and pointed out the dark hair that was growing there. “Yes, isn’t it nice?” You will grow hair there, too, in a couple of year’s time. And you’ll get bigger there as well.”I didn’t know then why I would care if I were bigger there but the way Georgina said it, it sounded like that would be a good thing. From time to time as I became twelve and then thirteen and fourteen Georgina would ask me if I had begun to grow any hair “down there.” Finally I did, though it took me a couple more years until I was 16 before I got around to telling her very proudly about it. “Oh, let me take a look,” Georgina said.“Oh, okay, but there really isn’t much there yet.”“That’s all right. This way I will get to see how much more there is as you develop.”Our parents weren’t home so I dutifully pulled down my pants and my underpants. And was a little surprised when Georgina asked me to take off my shirt as well. But I did so willingly enough. Georgina looked at my penis and the scraggly bit of hair around it. Then she really surprised me by reaching out and taking me in her hand. “What are you doing?”“Well, Scott, it looks like it is bigger since the last time I saw you naked and I just wanted to feel if it is any heavier.”“Oh, okay,” I said thinking that it felt strangely nice to have Georgina’s warm hand on my penis. And then she began moving her hand up and down on it. That felt really nice. I told her so. “It’s supposed to feel nice, Scott. And see, now you’re bigger than you were just a few minutes ago.”And I was. It felt really interesting to me even if strange. As I looked my cock became even larger. I couldn’t believe how much bigger it had become. “See, now there is a lot for me to caress. Isn’t that nice?”“Yes, Georgina, it’s really nice. Does it feel nice when you get touched there, too?”“Of course it does, silly. Would you like to touch me there?”“Well, I guess so. Sure, that would be fun.”Georgina let go of my burgeoning, though still quite small, erection. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, leaving her in a bra that was considerably larger than the training bras istanbul travesti she used to wear around the house. “Georgina, you’ve got bigger too.”“Of course I have. I’m almost as big as mom now, and I haven’t stopped growing yet.”As I looked at her I could feel my penis twitching and struggling to get even bigger. It felt really good to me. Then Georgina reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. She pulled the shoulder straps off her arms and then shrugged the bra off her breasts. They were a lot bigger than they used to be. And now there was a dark pink area surrounding her pink nipples, which were sticking out quite a way from her breasts. “Georgina, your nipples are really big. Are they always like that?”“No, Scott. Only when I’m excited, like now. Normally they just lie flat against my breasts. Do they look pretty to you?”“Oh, yes, Georgina. I think they look, I mean, I think you look beautiful.”“Why thank you, Scott. That is really sweet. But you haven’t seen the rest of me yet.” And with that Georgina unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, then stepped out of them. She was wearing thong panties and that surprised me a lot. I was getting a lot of surprises that day. The panties were pink, not white, and they only came up to four or five inches below her waist. “Wow, Georgina, where did you get panties like that? Your bottom is totally bare. Does mom know that’s what you wear?”“Sure she does. We got them at the mall together. She has panties just like them.”“Mom does?” I was flabbergasted. Although our mom was only in her mid thirties I had always thought of her as being ancient. She and our dad had got married when he was twenty and she was nineteen, so she wasn’t very old at all though she always seemed ancient to me.“Yes, she wears lots of nice things. She isn’t very old you know.”“Well, she seems old to me.”“Better not let her catch you saying that. Anyway, do you want to see me without my panties on or don’t you?”“Of course I do. Please, go ahead and take them off.”“Okay, here goes.”She slid them down over hip hips, down to her knees and on to her ankles before she stepped out of them. Her pubic hair formed a perfect vee. It was dark brown, about the same shade as the hair on her head. When I had seen it before it was very short and sort of crinkly. Now it was longer, fuller and looked very soft. “Wow, Georgina, your pussy is really pretty. Can I feel it?”“Of course, Scott, that’s why I took my clothes off. I want you to feel it.”I reached my hand out tentatively and touched a strand or two of her pubic hair. “Not that way, silly, go ahead and touch me like you mean it.”I moved my hand more firmly against Georgina’s smooth flat tummy and slid it down into and then all around her soft, beautiful pussy. “That feels better, Scott. Keep doing that.”I did, and felt my erection getting bigger, too. Georgina spread her legs apart. I looked questioningly at her, hoping istanbul travestileri for some instructions on what she wanted me to do. “Move your hand further down, Scott, down to where my legs meet. Yes, that’s right. Do you feel how moist I am there? And warm? And soft? Now move your fingers back and forth over the wetness. Can you feel me opening up to your fingers? Good, now put your finger inside of me there. No, not there, you went too far, though that feels good too, but first let’s concentrate on the other part. Yes, right there. Can you feel how warm I am inside there, and even softer than outside? Now take your finger out, slowly, and then push it back inside. Yes, just like that. And then do it again. And then keep doing it.”I did so. I couldn’t believe how soft and wonderful my sister felt to me. Georgina was right. She was very wet and very warm, almost hot. I kept moving my finger into and out of her warm wetness. Then I accidentally inserted another finger into her. “Oh, I’m sorry, Georgina, I hope I didn’t hurt you,” I said as she gasped a little bit.“No, Scott. That didn’t hurt, it felt, I mean it feels, really good. You can put another finger or two as well if you would like to.”I thought I would like to and so I did. Georgina was about 5’5” then but I was only 5’7” and my hands, like the rest of me, hadn’t begun to get nearly as large as they would in the next few years. I put three fingers into Georgina’s pussy and after a few more minutes I put four fingers into her. After a few minutes during which I was inserting and then withdrawing four fingers from my sister’s vagina she reached out her hand, grabbed my arm, folded my thumb against my fingers and pulled my fist deep into her. I had no idea you could even do something like that. Of course, I was so naïve I hadn’t even known you could or would want to put a finger into that place. Georgina really seemed to like to have my fist inside her. She moved my arm back and forth a little bit then pulled it all the way out of her before pulling it back in again. When I realized what she wanted me to do I began pushing my arm in and pulling it back as Georgina’s breath became more and more shallow. Once I had a good rhythm going Georgina let go of my arm and reached down to take hold of my erection. She moved her fingers up and down on it as I moved my fist into and out of her. It only took another minute before I felt something building up inside me. A pressure I had never felt before was building in my penis. “Are you about to cum?”“I don’t know what that means,” I blurted just as a whole bunch of white stuff shot forth from my penis all over Georgina’s tummy and my arm and her thighs. And just then Georgina cried out and tightened her legs strongly around my arm as her whole body shuddered. I looked up at my sister’s face, not knowing what had just happened, to me or to her, and hoping that she wouldn’t travesti istanbul be angry with me. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her fingers were still moving on my erection but much more slowly and gently now. I could feel my penis gradually soften and become smaller. I started to withdraw my fist from Georgina’s warm pussy but she let go of my penis and grabbed my arm to keep it where it was. “Don’t take it out of me yet, Scott, it feels too good right where it is.”“Georgina, what happened?”“You really don’t know?”“No, we’re supposed to have a class about sex education next semester but I don’t know anything about those things.”“Didn’t dad or mom ever talk to you about it?”“Sure. They asked me if I had any questions for them but I didn’t know any questions to ask so I told them that I didn’t.”“I thought guys talked about this stuff all the time.”“Not the guys I know. We talk about baseball and basketball and football, not about girls.”“Well, you will, Scott, believe me.”“Will you teach me, Georgina? I don’t want them to think I’m stupid.”“You’ve just had quite a lesson, Scott. But it felt very good to me and I think you will make a good student so I will be happy to teach you.”Georgina then explained to me that I had just had my first orgasm and that when guys came, as she called it, sperm came shooting out. And that when she cried out and shuddered that was because she had an orgasm as well. And that while some girls ejaculate (and then she had to explain to me what ejaculate meant) a fluid when they have an orgasm, many girls don’t and there is generally no way that a guy can tell if a girl has actually had an orgasm or not.While she was explaining these things to me we cleaned what I now knew was sperm off of ourselves and then lay down on my bed, still naked. Georgina took my penis in her hand and gently caressed it as she told me more and more about the facts of life. The topic was quite absorbing to me and very exciting. And even more so were Georgina’s fingers on my penis, which was becoming erect again.“Georgina, could I, would you let me, would it be okay if …….”“If what, Scott? Go ahead and say it.”“Well, your breasts look so pretty. I’ve never touched a breast before. Could I please touch yours?”“Of course, Scott. You don’t have to ask. We’re lying here naked, I’m caressing your cock and we’ve already cum once. And I would love to feel your hands on my breasts and my nipples.”I said thank you and reached my hand over to my sister’s left breast. Her nipples were no longer rigid but they still looked lovely to me. I took a cue from Georgina and moved my hand as gently on her breast and over her nipple as her hand was moving on my now strengthening erection. Georgina’s breasts, which she later told me were 34 C’s, felt really, really good to me. And then her nipple began to enlarge and to become harder. I looked at in wonder and then moved my fingers in circular motions over it, feeling it get even harder and bigger as I did so. Georgina sighed and told me that what I was doing felt very nice to her. I told her I was glad and that what she was doing to me felt very good as well.She asked me if I knew now what I was going to feel like before I was going to cum.