Scott’s Granddaddy part 9

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Scott’s Granddaddy part 9I opened his robe which exposed his muscular tanned body and his thick piece of meat. I leaned forward and started kissing his chest then worked my way to his cock. I knelt down to get comfortable and lightly licked the tip of his cock. He liked it because he became fully erect. I started sucking on his dick and I was in heaven. He already had pre cum coming out which tasted so good. He was moaning and saying “I’m going to explode “. I stopped sucking and said “not yet “. I then stood up and had the towel drop to the floor exposing my oiled body. He leaned for and took my cock in his mouth and was giving me my first blow digitalbahis yeni giriş job. It was wonderful. As much as I liked it I pushed him back. I climbed on top of him so I was straddling him. We kissed passionately and I was bucking my hips so our cocks rubbed together. He started sucking my nipples which was wonderful too. I couldn’t take it anymore so I whispered in his ear ” I want you inside of me ” and kept on kissing him. I raised my hips just enough to where I felt his cock head press against my hole. My hole was already slick with baby oil so I lowered myself slowly until he was all the way inside digitalbahis giriş me. I had to sit there for a moment for my hole to relax which it did. I started bucking my hips and going up and down on his thick shaft. I grabbed hold of muscular chest and moved faster an faster and was moaning so loud. Vern bad his hands on my hips and had his eyes closed. We started kissing again as I was riding his cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. After 10 minutes of me riding his cock, I felt him tighten up and he exploded deep in my ass. The hot cum felt so good which made me instantly come all over his chest. I stayed on digitalbahis güvenilirmi top of him with him still inside me and just laid my head on his chest. We were both panting and he was stroking my hair. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue deep in his throat. God I was in heaven! After about 15 minutes of laying there I felt his cock get hard again so I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom where we stayed the entire weekend. I ended up moving in with Vern a few months later. To everyone else I rented the pool house but I slept with him ever night. When Scott came to visit we kept everything secret. Scott had a girlfriend in college so he never expected anything from me. Vern and I were together for over a year then went our separate ways because I left for college. I’ve met a few other men about his age but never got as close as Vern and I. I am married now but will never forget about my experiences when I was a k**.The end!