Second Time Camping

13 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Second Time Campingso you all remember my first time camping right, well a couple of months later i went camping again with some more friends zack didnt go to this one but a guy who i thought might be gay was going. So i thought i might try and get with him and to do this i had to pretend to be straight. The guys name was fred and he was about 6ft slim and ginger.we got to the camp and then everyone split up to do jobs such as tents and food me and fred got paired and we had to go wood collecting for the massive fire we were going to have that night. So i waited until we were quite a way from the rest of the group and we started beylikdüzü escort talking you know random chit chat about are friends and stuff and then i said to him ” I think i might be gay can you help me find out ” and he said ” umm i dont know what would we do ” so i told him just kissing so then he said ok and i leant in and gave him a peck on the lips and then another and then i kissed him deeply and then lean back and said nothing for a while then i asked him what he thought he said he liked it so then i decide to be brave and told him theres really only one way to really find out if your gay he said how so i stuck my hand avcılar escort down his trouser and i was rewarded with a 9 inch rock hard cock waiting for a touch he looked like he really enjoyed my gentle stroke of his monster but then the others started to call us back.lucky for me, me and him were sharing a tent for the night with some other guy bu he started looking at the stars so i wasted no time in shoving my hand down the front of his boxers but he took my hand out i was disapointed but then he just took off his boxers and before u ask yes he is a natural ginger i then proceeded to suck and kiss and lick his magnificent shaft esenyurt escort then he forces me down it making me gag i only got about half way down but he was loving it as was i. Then we switch and he takes down my boxers and starts to slowly suck my 6 inch dick alternating between kissing and nibbling the end.then we heard tut tut tut what a couple of fags we turned and saw that are tent mate for the night was watching us we got pretty scared right now but the guy said he wont tell on us if he could suck on are toes we were like are you gay too and then he said no i just like toes we said fine and carried on with what we were doing so we went into a 69 postion and then he came in my mouth and i came into his we were then spent for the night so we turned in but we carried on in the morning.part 3 third time camping – zack and fred meet