Secret Diary of a Cheerleader – Chapter 2

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-Monday May 12th Got me a new poster of Branden Casey. That guy is such a beaut! He so needs to get in my bed. I would show him some cheerleading skills that you don’t get in the handbook. I had my work cut out. It was only two weeks before the UGA prizes were to be awarded and I had one last tactical manoeuvre before votes were cast. Then there’s all the revision for end of year exams. If that wasn’t enough, I had to wash my Dad’s car. What did his last servant die of? Serves me right for going to a uni in my home town. It was three days before my appointment with the Principal. I had only spoken to him once, in passing. A good-looking guy, a veteran of the first Gulf War I am told. He took some shrapnel in the leg and so he has a slight limp, but it adds to his character. I wanted to make an impression. Getting caught by Mrs Simpson, giving Billy Schulz a blow job was my master stroke. You should have seen the look on her face. Poor old Billy. He had a clean slate before that. Technically speaking it wasn’t a statutory violation. If I had have been writing on the walls, I would have been busted for sure. No prizes for me. The thing is, blow jobs hadn’t been written into the university’s rules and regulations, so I had to report to Mr LeMay and see what happened. The thing is, the Principal is on the panel that judge all the Cheerleader awards. His vote carries double the weight of any other judge, so get a four from him and you’re practically home and dry. However, that was all to come, if you’ll excuse the pun. ************** Tuesday May 13th I think Mr McCafferty wondered why I had such a smile on my face in his lecture today. If only he had known where JJ had got her fingers! She is such a teasing minx. I was happy to return the favour later, after Cheerleader practise. It was a Tuesday and Julie was in one of her mischievous moods. When she’s like that, you just have almanbahis şikayet to go with the flow. When JJ has a mind to get in my panties, I know there’s no point in protesting. We had finished cheerleader practice for the day and after our shower we made our way home through the park. Maisie Edwards had been mouthing off as usual, trying to call the shots on who should be where. I gave her a mouthful afterwards and stormed off with JJ, leaving her in no uncertain terms that we are a team and that we have a perfectly good coach. Jim is great and wants to be everyone’s friend, but he’s too soft. Anyway, Maisie had got me wound up and I needed to unwind. Earlier that day, JJ had been in a restless mood in lectures. She often squeezes my leg, but today she decided to let her fingers do the walking. I’m not ticklish, but her hand was creeping farther and farther up my leg and I began to shuffle in my seat. The lecturer’s gaze kept landing in my direction. The thing is, she didn’t stop at the top of my leg. She soon had her hand right up my skirt and was rubbing me through my panties. When I looked at her she just cocked her head, innocently and gave me a wink. I gave a little sigh, as she pushed passed my gusset. Julie isn’t the only one that can tease, so I teased back, pressing my legs together, making her job a bit harder. Eventually I just gave in. No wonder I had a big smile on my face. We stopped by a seat, which was up the hill that led to the back of the district where we lived. We were alone apart from a Blue Jay and a woodpecker with a red head, which were munching on some food that had been left on ground. “I like that you put Maisie in her place,” said JJ. “Well, she needed to be told! That girl is going to have to get knocked down a step or two, one of these days!” “Well, I sure hope I am there when it happens, Danny!” “Yeah, me too! Anyway, enough almanbahis canlı casino with Maisie Edwards.” “Hmmm… you seemed to enjoy McCafferty’s lecture more than normal today?” “Well, I wonder how that can be?” I said, putting my finger to my temple. I was in a short grey skirt and Julie was in her teensy red skirt, which left nothing to the imagination. My hand shot up her leg and made a bee line for her panties. “Haaaaa! Danny!” “Heeeeeee! Got you back!” “Got you back double!” She squealed, thrusting her hand up my own skirt. In our excited, energetic romp, we tumbled backwards onto the grass and JJ ended up on top of me. Being cheerleaders, we were used to falls and scrapes and we have both learned to be a bit bendy and shatter-proof. For a moment we just giggled. Then Julie looked into my eyes and being half pinned to the ground, I felt her hand go for gold again. Was there no stopping this girl?! I put a hand around her neck and pulled her towards me for a kiss. I was suddenly very horny and having the weight of Julie’s body on me, was very arousing for some reason. She was warm and I could feel her bare legs against mine. It was a playful moment – the kind we often have but I sensed that we were both a little turned on. I made no attempt to shield my panty crotch as JJ stroked my snatch. I was becoming properly wet and Julie held her fingers as four rigid batons, frigging my pussy lips through the cotton. Our kisses were short and teasing to begin with but as my hand went in her skirt, our tongues rolled together, until we were locked in a passionate French kiss. Rather than play with her from the front, where our hands would get in each other’s way, I approached her pussy from the other way. Julie has such a wonderful butt and I gave her cheeks a nice squeeze before working my fingers further. Even before my finger tips entered her pussy, I almanbahis casino could feel how wet she was. The little slut’s panties were soaked! We lay together, my back to the grass, kissing, nibbling and moaning together. Julie’s fingers jabbed into my pussy as my longest finger curled in and out of hers. I could feel her love box becoming hotter and more swollen as one and then two fingers went deeper, into her slippery velvet. As I have said before, JJ and I aren’t actually an item but we are very experimental. We love to explore our sexuality with each other and just find that we tend to go far when we mess about. What starts off as a giggly game more than not turns into a full-on lez fest. Julie started to rub against me as we fingered each other and it was then that we discovered a new and exciting position. I’m not precisely certain if we had done the one girl on another girl thing before, which may explain it. Rubbing and fingering at the same time was quite a challenge for her, I think, so she removed her fingers, offering them for me to taste. At the same time, I pulled my fingers out of her little twat and just began to grind on her. Suddenly, rubbing ourselves together became the most erotic thing ever! It was a combination of our protruding pussy lips and the cotton pulling this way and that. In a minute or two we were in the most embarrassing state of arousal, both of us gasping and moaning as we got so close to a full orgasm. We would have if we had not been rudely interrupted. “Hey rocky! Here Rock…I …oh! Ummmmm sorry!” “Ha ha! It’s okay, we fell over!” We were both red-faced, with our skirts round our waists and clearly more than a little dishevelled. “I’ll go this way, then,” said the guy, taking his dog and fixing it to the lead. I looked at JJ and we both rolled over, totally losing it in a fit of giggles. “Well, that was interesting!” said JJ as we walked home. “Yeah, surprising what you can discover by accident,” I said. “I know!” I left JJ at the end of her drive and went home for tea and revision. Wednesday May 14th Fancy JJ forgetting her panties like that, and sat facing Mr Cooper as well.