Seduced by My Brother In Law

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I have a story to tell that, I can’t believe happened or that I let happen. I am 19 and have one brother who is older. He married the oldest girl in a family of 4 sisters. The 2nd oldest married a man, and this story is about he and I.

I still live with my parents so one day I get this call, it is some guy who won’t tell me his name but is just telling me how hot I am and going on and on. He tells me he is married but is constantly thinking about me. I told him I had a boyfriend and thought that was great but why was he calling me? You know I was getting a little freaked out. He said he wanted me and had to let me know. I asked his name, he paused and told me…Dave. I said I know 2 Dave’s, one from school and …my brother in law. Another pause and I knew which one it was. To be honest I was interested and excited. He asked me if I would tell anyone, I said no I was so flattered. He then asked me to meet him at a store the next day…I did.

It was a Dillard’s dept. store in a strip mall, I pulled into a spot right next to his car. He got out, opened my door which no man I have been with did, girls you know how Important that is, lifted me out, gave me a hug and this light, long kiss on the lips. I was trying to be so cool, but wow he was cute, 5’9″ nice little build and cute but so I’m like, “so what are we doing izmir escort in this parking lot?” he says I want to buy an outfit for your sexy body. Well I’m not saying no to a shopping trip. So we go in and I ask what he would like and we go find a sexy little denim skirt, and a matching little green tight chemise. I go and try them on, I come out to show him and he is just so into me. I am 5’2″, short blonde hair, I weigh only 105lbs, and I’m in the outfit barefoot. I could tell he really liked it. From there he bought me 2 pairs of shoes, one was just some tennis shows I had wanted the other was a pair of black high heels with a pointed toes that were 4″ high. He then turns to me and asks if we can look at some panties, I was thinking what the hell, he held my hand as we walked. He picks out a sheer black thong and matching bra. Then there was perfume, a necklace and earrings. The bill was over $200.

After that was quick lunch where we ate and talked. The whole time I’m like what about your family? He just tells me how in to me he is, and at the lunch asks if he can have sex with me. It’s hard to refuse so I said yes but where? He took me to a hotel downtown, after checking in, we walk to the room, he kisses me again in the elevator. We get to the room and he hands me the bag of clothes and tells me to get dressed. I do…into alsancak escort the denim outfit he bought. When I come out of the bathroom, the lights are off, curtains shut tight with a couple candles lit, as my eyes adjust he sits me in a chair and has a glass of champagne poured, we drink it as we talk. At this point mostly about sex…and he lightly kisses .my neck. After 1 1/2 glasses, I stand up, and kiss him deeply. I mean tongues deep as he plays with my perky little ass. He is so patient and good; I am literally soaked at this point. I undo his pants he had on these sexy silk boxers, so I began to lightly nibble at his balls and cock through them. He was so hard, I pulled the boxers off.

He had a rock hard, thick, 7″+ cock. At this point I’m so ready he sits back down and tells me to strip down to just the panties and heels. I do very quickly and he gives my nipples on my B cup breast a little lick. He then just tells me to fuck his cock with my mouth. God I gave him the blowjob of my life I mean he was clean shaven, which was awesome, but he the whole time is just telling me how fucking hot I am. I am moaning and just up and down on his cock as he gets closer he tells me he wants to cum on my tits.

So I pulled back dick in my hand and put it right on my nipple and he came and balçova escort came. I made sure his balls were done pumping cum on me and then he stood me up, laid me on the bed and licked ever bit of cum off my breasts and kissed me. At this point I am so ready, he then reaches under the pillow and pulls out a 6″ blue vibrator bought just for me. He begins to rub it gently on my nipples as it vibrates and at this point I am moaning for him to fuck me. He then goes down and removes my thing I arch my back putting my shaved pussy closer to his face, he actually smells the panties and tells me how hot I am. Then he moves and kisses my feet, or the tops since still have the heels on. Moves up to my leg gets to my wet pussy and begins to lick and use a vibrator in a combination I have never had bringing me quickly to 2 orgasms, that left probably the whole floor knowing I enjoyed it. He then removes my shoes licking my feet and toes. And I play with his hard cock with my other foot.

Then without warning while on his knees he takes my feet puts them on his shoulder inserts his cock in my wet, tight ready pussy and begins to fuck me. I am loving it and asking it for it deeper faster, eventually turning him over riding on top, at the end he flipped me over told me to look into his eyes, how beautiful they were and I mean as he does he comes and I orgasm like there’s no tomorrow. We lay there after that and took a little nap. We finished with a shower together mutually masturbating each other and left. It was awesome. There are a few other stories to tell if interested. It gets hotter.