Seduction By the Campfire

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Seduction By the CampfireMy wife Beth and I were having dinner at a local casual restaurant with our good friends Rick and Lisa. Rick mentioned that he was going on a men’s outing later that summer with his church to a camp a few hour’s drive north of where we lived. I was surprised he was considering going back because if I remember correctly, he had gone last year and wasn’t all that excited about it when he got back. But then it came out that Lisa was going back to see her parents that weekend. I pieced together that this camping excursion was his excuse not to tag along. It was spending some time outdoors with a bunch of guys or listen to his father in law drone on about the volatility of the stock market and the upcoming perils of the economy. I had met his father in law and would agree that camping was a no brainer of a choice. But then with a big smile he said, “Aaron, why don’t you come along too? It would make this a lot more fun!”The girls were all over this. Beth immediately chimed in with “Oh, that will be so much fun. It’ll be be like you’re back in school. What are the dates?” (Ever notice how wives love to make plans for their husbands?) As if I needed more encouragement he added “It’s really remote, (these were the days before cell phones and internet) the nearest phone is back in town about 10 miles away, so it will be peaceful. And you’ll already know a lot of the guys there.” He started ticking off names of guys that we had met at parties they had hosted. It was true, I wouldn’t be a total stranger. Most were a lot of fun and we always seemed to have a good time at the parties. “Why not” I thought. “It might be something different.”I asked a bunch of questions – what did I need to bring, what about rain, sleeping arrangements, meals and cooking, activities, all the usual stuff. Since Rick had been there last year he was ready with all the answers – “bring a sleeping bag and an air mattress if you have one – we will be in a 2-man tent that you can share with me. If it rains, the tents are supposed to be waterproof and they are on a raised platform so we shouldn’t get wet. There are old cots but an air mattress would probably be more comfortable. I’m sure he answered all the questions but to be honest, I stopped listening when he said we would share a 2-man tent. My mind immediately went to the thoughts of all the pleasures the night could unfold. I sort of tuned back in to hear him say, “so what do you think – can you do it?”The girls were watching me expectantly and I grinned and said “hell yeah. I think it will be a great time.”The days were blocked off on the calendar that hung in our pantry, and we started to make all the arrangements for the trip. Beth was able to borrow a sleeping bag and air mattress from her brother and I started to think about what clothes I would throw into a duffel bag. I debated about taking underwear – should I go commando? – I mean we were going to be roughing it. I decided a couple of pairs of boxers weren’t going to take up any more space so why not – besides it was a church outing. The camp was rented by the men’s group from Thursday to Sunday. Another group was leaving Wednesday morning and we could arrive after 3 p.m. that day, but we would be totally on our own. The small church bus was scheduled to arrive Thursday morning bringing most of the group. So Rick and I decided that we would drive up a day early and have some alone time to meditate, or run around naked or do whatever we wanted (wink, wink). We laughed about it and let our imaginations run wild for weeks. About a month and a half before we were to leave a little curve ball was thrown at us. Rick’s company was introducing a new piece of equipment and he would have to go back to the home office for training. But the good news was that he was able to change his training group so that he could still make the early arrival day. He said he would be in late, but to “keep his bed warm”. No problem at all, I thought with a smile on my face.It was a warm and sunny when I pulled out of the driveway headed for camp. I have to admit I felt a little like a k** looking forward to it so much. In about 3 hours I was making my way through a small town where I stopped for gas and sandwiches, knowing that I would probably be alone at the campsite. With a full gas tank and now a sack of sandwiches and chips on the seat beside me, I headed toward the campground. There was a car in the parking lot but I couldn’t see anyone around. I knew that Rick and I were to be in Tent #8 in the “Elm Grove”. I saw a sign in the corner of the parking lot nailed to a tree with the word “ELM ” hand painted on it and an arrow that pointed down a path. I walked about 25 yards though the woods and came to a clearing where the tents were in a semicircle. Tent # 8 was the last tent and was back a bit from the rest. I had to smile to think that Rick picked out that tent to give us the most privacy. I dropped my bag and thought I would look around some istanbul escort since I had the place to myself, at least for the afternoon. I saw the small lodge that was the kitchen area – most noticeably because of the bear proof trash receptacles behind it. I made a mental note to get rid of the sandwiches before nightfall. I took another trail down a slope where I could hear some running water. Before long I came to a clearing where there were large boulders and flat rocks making a natural sluice that fed a mountain stream into a small lake. As I walked closer to the lake I was startled to see a man lying naked as a jaybird on one of the rocks. His right hand was definitely stroking himself as his left hand played with his nipples. I froze not knowing if I should interrupt or just watch. Since he didn’t see me yet I slowly backed up to see if there was anyone else or how this would unfold. I was wishing I had brought my binoculars to get a better view but this was still a pretty good show. I couldn’t get much of a description since he was lying there but I could tell he had a nice size cock on him. Taking his time, obviously edging, he would alternate stroking fast and slow or just playing with his head. I watched for a good while and found myself rubbing my own cock through my pants and decided to see if I could lend a helping hand. As I walked from my little perch I called out, “Hey, Hi! How are you doing? Looks like fun. Can I join you?” He jumped up and threw a pair of crumpled cut off shorts over his crotch. “Nothin’” was his reply. I laughed to myself. I guess he thought I was accusing him or at the very least asking what he was doing. I decided to go for the soft but direct approach. “I’m here for the camp and was just looking around. I didn’t mean to interrupt but this location is so – so – what’s the word, idyllic, and you seemed to blend right in. I couldn’t help but see you were enjoying yourself. Do you mind if I sit down?”Now that I was standing near him I could see that he was young – I guessed around 20. He was tall and slim, not overly muscular but just well proportioned. He looked a bit perplexed at my suggestion to sit down and so I just sat without waiting for his reply. I could sense his unease at not only being discovered jerking off but also sitting naked with a stranger. To help break the awkward silence I asked “Been skinny dipping?”“Ugh, yeah, I tried but the water is just too cold. That stream must be coming from the arctic” and he let out a nervous little laugh.“Yeah, these mountain streams stay bone chilling cold all year. I’m with the church group that is coming up here tomorrow. Were you with the group that just left today?”“Oh – no – I’m with the church group too. Sort of. I mean, my dad is part of it. I go to college not far from here. We just finished up our summer quarter when my dad called and asked me to stop by and give someone a message. I may stay a day or two but then I’m headed home.”He started to relax forgetting that he was sitting naked in the wilderness talking to a stranger. His name was Tom but he liked to be called Thomas. I found out that he was starting his senior year in college, had turned 21, and would be applying to grad school in hopes of getting a better job. He had a nice tan with a very definite tan line on his flat stomach and on his upper thighs. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a big white smile. My mind raced back to when I was a senior in college and seduced by an older guy. Mmmm, was it now my turn to do the seducing?“By the way, who is the message for?” I asked.“Someone named Aaron C. I don’t know him but he is supposed to arrive tomorrow.” “Shit! That’s me! Is everything ok?” I just knew Beth had an accident. He shifted his tee shirt to cover his privates and then picked up his shorts and fished a folded paper out of the pocket which he had scrawled the following message on one side: “Aaron C. Tent # 8 – arriving late Wed evening or Thursday.” On the flip side it read: “Lisa’s dad had a severe stroke and I had to go to be with family. I won’t be able to make the outing. Aaron, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to but it could be a good time. I’ll leave word with Beth as soon as I know more. Nothing anyone can do but wait. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. R”Wow. That threw me for a loop. I stood up and reread the note. The phrase “It could be a good time” struck me. How would it be fun without Rick. “What are you going to do?” The boy asked still sitting on the rock. “Do you need a ride or something? “What I need right now is a drink” and I started off toward the tent area. All I could think of is how your life can change in an instant. Here we were planning a little get away and suddenly our plans were upended. And then of course, Lisa’s parents – one minute everything was fine; the next you’re in rehab – if you’re lucky. Boy, life can change in a blink of an eye.I got back to the tent avcılar escort and rifled through my duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka that I had stashed in there at the last minute. Normally I like a vodka tonic or water and a squeeze of lime, but right now I just took a pull from the bottle. “Do you want to be alone?” the voice came softly from behind me.I turned and Thomas was standing there, now dressed in shorts, a tee shirt and sandals.“No, actually I would enjoy some company. Do you want a drink?” I offered as I extended the bottle. “Sure. If there is one thing college taught me is to never turn down a free drink.” He took a gulp from the bottle and handed it back.“What are you going to do?”“Well to be honest, I really didn’t know the guy that had the stroke all that well. He is my best friend’s father-in-law. Just the shock of it caught me off guard. But since my friend isn’t coming, I’m not sure I’ll stay.”“I get that. But it’s getting late and if you leave you may want to wait until morning. I’m sticking around for a day or two. You would be keeping me company at least until the rest of the group shows up.”“That’s a deal” I said and grabbed the bag of sandwiches. “Want one? – unless you have something better in your bag.” Thomas laughed. “No, actually this will go well with the cans of Beanie Weanie I have. We can build a fire and warm them up.”“Sounds like a party to me.” Somehow the bit of shocking news bonded us together. If he was still anxious about me seeing him jacking off, it vanished.We gathered wood and built a small fire in the pit near the tent area. I put the opened cans in the embers andin no time at all they were bubbling away. I noticed that Thomas was working on his right hand a bit. “Did you burn yourself” I asked. “No I picked up a splinter as I was getting the wood and I think a portion of it went in deeper. The first aid kit is locked up in the kitchen so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to fish it out.”“Mind if I take a look at it?” The paternal instinct in me sort of took over as I held out my hand. The splinter had entered the meaty part of his palm, just below the thumb. I could see a tiny dark spec in the incision where the bulk of the splinter was but I was unsure if what remained was just a spec of dirt or more wood. I tried squeezing it and the spec became more visible.“I think you’re right – there is something more in there. I don’t want to keep squeezing and possibly break off more. Let me try something different.” And with that I held his hand to my lips and sucked on the area. After a second or two I let my tongue touch his palm and I could feel the tip of the splinter. I sucked again and this time enough of it came out and I could definitely feel it. I probably could have pulled it out with my fingernails, but I gave it one more shot with my mouth. “There you go” I said as I took the tiny splinter from my mouth and showed it to him. I was still holding his hand and our eyes met for a second. It was a terribly erotic moment for me and my pecker responded as usual, getting long and swollen. “Let’s put some vodka on that to clean it up. No sense taking any chances.” Thomas smiled and took a deep breath. I think he felt a little tingle in his pecker with what just happened as well. We sat around the fire watching the flames dance and listened to the branches crackle and fall to the embers. I poured more vodka into our paper cups and diluted it just a touch with that ice cold mountain spring water. I was enthralled with him and couldn’t stop thinking of him lying on that rock and playing with his hard cock. The setting was fantastic – alone in the woods, a good looking young man, a crackling fire and crickets chirping around us – I mean, could it get any better?I tried to casually navigate the conversation over to sex and asked if he was dating anyone. He laughed and said his most serious date in a while was his right hand “and I think you met her this afternoon.” I’m guessing the vodka was taking some of the shyness away.“You certainly have a body that would turn any girl on. And that cock of yours – surely you have no problem with the girls.”Thomas blushed and just shook his head “Not really. Maybe I’m too shy but I’ve only done it once and that was when I was too hammered to remember much about it.”“Don’t worry – there will be time and someone special” I tried to be on his side.“But I feel like I’m missing out”“When you were starting to mature, did you ever do anything with any of your friends?” I was hoping that maybe I could draw some connection from then to now.“Oh no. I mean we talked about jacking off, and what we would do with girls but no, never. I mean I like girls.”“I didn’t mean to say you didn’t like girls – it’s just that some guys experiment with their friends as they are maturing. It can make them a better lover when they’re older.”“Did you?”“Yeah. As a k**, I did. It was innocent fun and boy was it ever fun. We didn’t know şirinevler escort what we were doing but, yeah, we had a good time.” I left off the details to see if he was interested at all and quickly got my answer.“Geez, what did you do?” Even though the dusk settling around us I could see the curiosity in his eyes.“It started out innocently enough. First we talked about jacking off, then we jacked off together, and then, well, one thing led to another.”Thomas swallowed hard and I could see the woody in his shorts. I made a show of adjusting my cock and let it’s outline show on the leg of my shorts. His eyes never left my crotch. “What do you mean, ‘it led to something else’? What did you do? Where were you? How old were you? Please, I’ve never talked to anyone like this before.”I put my hand back on my cock and I started to rub it up and down very slowly as I said, “believe it or not, we started kind of like this. Camping out. Telling stories about what we would do with this girl or that girl at school. Everyone was playing with their own cocks through their pants.”I looked down from Thomas’ eyes to his crotch and I could see his hand was mimicking mine, running up and down the outline of his sizable cock. So I ran my hand under the bottom of the leg of my shorts so that I could touch the head of my now throbbing cock. Thomas’ eyes were watching my hands and when he saw the head of my prick peek out from my shorts, his mouth opened slightly. I continued with the story: “It was getting late so we dropped our pants to crawl into our sleeping bags. You could tell that we all had hard ons – our BVDs couldn’t hide them. Once in our bags you could tell that everyone had just pulled their cocks out and we were stroking away. One of my friends stood up with his pants around his knees yelled, ‘Mary Katherine – this is for you’ and he started to stroke it good and fast. We all started to jump up and do he same. I don’t know who reached for who first, but in a matter of seconds we were all jacking each other off. There was so much cum I think we almost put out the campfire.”Thomas took another long drink of liquid courage and then asked “but did you ever do anything else with your friends?” He was definitely hooked.“Oh sure. One time Billy, my best friend, and I went camping and as we started to get ready to get in our sleeping bags, I told Billy that I was so horny I might fuck that old pine tree that was nearby. He surprised me by saying he would suck me off if I would do him. I couldn’t agree fast enough and had my dick in his face before he could say ‘just k**ding’. I’ll never forget that time – both gettin’ and givin’ – it’s quite the experience. It doesn’t make you gay, it just, well, broadens your concept of sex.”I stood slowly and undid my belt buckle. Thomas was frozen on that log and didn’t even blink. Moving very slowly I undid the top button of my shorts and then slid my zipper down. Thomas’ eyes were glued to my every move. My shorts fell to the ground and my cock pitched a tent with my boxers. My hands moved to the waist band and started to slowly push down the pants, stopping just as my pubes started to peak over the top. I pulled on my cock for a minute and then pushed my boxers the rest of the way down making my cock spring like a diving board. I thought Thomas was going to cum right there. His breaths were short and shaky. I took the few steps forwards him and stopped when my aching cock was about 3 inches from his face. His eyes looked up at me and then he took me in his hand and his mouth. For someone who had never had blown anyone before, he sure knew what to do. I guess in his fantasies he had blown a lot of guys because his tongue was working my cock like a pro. I moved my hips back and slid out of his mouth. “Slow down there, partner” I hoarsely whispered. “I want some of that too.” I pulled him by his arms to a standing position and then knelt in front of him. When I touched his cock with my hand through his pants he softly moaned. I undid his shorts and let them fall to the ground as I took his swollen and hard cock in my mouth. I hadn’t slid down that pole three times when I felt him convulse and a load of thick creamy cum filled my mouth. He moaned over and over as he cum shot into my mouth and kept me swallowing. “I’m so sorry – I was just so worked up.” He tried to explain. “No, it’s okay. It really is. Especially if it’s your first time. The sensations are not like anything you ever experienced.”“I’ll say not. But I really want to taste you. Can I finish you too?” “Of course” was all I could get out, as if I even needed to answer that question. Thomas fell on his knees and took my hard cock in his mouth again. His hands massaged my balls as his head moved back and forth. Every now and then he would come up for air but kept his lips and tongue working on my shaft and head. This was too good to be true. I felt myself building to a gigantic cum and moaned, “I’m about to shoot! I’m cumming…”Thomas took all that I shot as he sucked and swallowed and was eager for more. I finally had to pull out from his mouth as the sensations passed from intense to painful. I took a deep breath and smiled down at him. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see his hard dick being stroked in his right hand. Oh, this was going to be a fun night…