Seductive Stephanie’s Debut Ch. 01

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Before getting started with this story, I must inform you that this is my first attempt at, what could be, the first of many chapters about the life of Stephanie and her Stepfather. Please take the time to vote, and comment, on this story. If there is a next chapter depends on the feedback I receive.

A very special thank you goes to Angel Love for editing this. Thanks Angel.

Enjoy all . . .


Stephanie had always been referred to as the daughter I never had. I met her mother (Jane) when she was two months old, and she recently divorced for me for some rich, young, handsome businessman after 18 years of a rocky, childless marriage, a typical slut. I’d always suspected she’d been fucking behind my back. She would make up lame excuses, and then disappear for as long as four hours, reappearing reeking of sex. So when Jane announced her intentions to divorce me, it was no surprise. Stephanie announced her intentions to stay with me.

This announcement caused a never-ending circle of vicious arguments that sometimes ended up in things being thrown between my baby Stephanie and her mother. Personally I was thrilled to have this vivacious, attractive, busty young 18 year old chose me over her mother. I loved Stephanie as my own daughter, and to hear her choose me over her sent shocks of enjoyment to every nerve ending in my body.

The divorce was finalized very quickly and Stephanie and I settled into our own little routine. At first it was strange crawling into bed alone, having my stepdaughter doing my cooking, cleaning, and washing. But as time progressed, things seemed to flow quite smoothly, and we had a very cosy home life, and Stephanie had adapted to the change almost instantly.


One night, over dinner I mentioned to Stephanie that I had a little job for her to do over the next few weeks, but I’d let her know more when the details were a little clearer. Stephanie loved surprises, but hated the anticipation. I know she’d pester me to give her some clue as to the details, but I was determined not to ruin her 21st birthday present.

The night of her 21st birthday was great. Stephanie insisted on having a few people over, for a few quiet drinks, instead of the monstrous party I was expecting, and willing to pay for, which I guessed was ok. The night ended very early, Stephanie’s friends had cooked and cleaned up, and left Stephanie and I alone by midnight.

I’d had a little bit to drink, and I was feeling the effect of the lack of a woman’s attention, and my cock was semi-hard from watching my stepdaughter’s scantily clad ass wonder round the house as she socialized all night. At one point Stephanie bent over so far, I saw the lower edges of a tight ass cheek, cheekily poking out the bottom of a black mini skirt.

I was sitting in my favourite chair when Stephanie returned from walking the last of her friends out. Stephanie walked over to me and sat on my lap, beaming at me. She hadn’t done this since she was six or seven. Stephanie slid one of her slender, feminine arms around my shoulder, making me shudder as her nails raked across the back of the neck, pulled me close and kissed me on my lips. I’m sure she must have felt my ever hardening cock, pushing subtly on her trim ass, but if she didn’t she was certainly doing a good job of ignoring the fact.

“Thank you for a wonderful night, Daddy.”

Stephanie had never called me Daddy before. I’d always been ‘Uncle.’ The sound of this sexy, ravenous woman calling me daddy completed giving me one of the hardest pricks I can recall. I smiled at her, wanting her so badly, to kiss her deeply, and carry her off into my den, throw her on the ground and savage her in every way, but I couldn’t.

I made an excuse about having to go to the bathroom, forcing the sensual vision of temptation to climb off my rocket which I’m sure was in between her ass cheeks. She climbed off looking a tad upset, I told her not to go too far, I had one last present for her when I got back from the bathroom.

It wasn’t the best wank I had, but it got rid of that aching hard-on that goddess of a stepdaughter of mine, had given me. I returned to the lounge room, wearing nothing more that a robe. In one of my pockets, I had Stephanie’s 21st present.

“Stephanie,” I said walking over to her, my robe tied very loosely, “remember that job I said I had lined up for you?” I asked.

Stephanie’s face now contorted in curiosity. “Yes Daddy,” she said in her best schoolgirl imitation.

“Well, I need you to arrange some accommodation for us, for summer break,” I said matter of factly.

“Where are we going Daddy?” she asked her eyes widening in excitement.

“Here,” I said, handing her two airline tickets.

She looked at them dumbfounded, before shrieking with joy. We were flying round the world over eight weeks leaving at 6:30 the morning summer break began, which was in about four weeks.

She jumped up kissed me firmly on the lips. “Thank you Daddy,” she said with a sultry tone in her voice, the biggest türbanlı porno smile, and an even sexier twinkle in her eye.

I was confused by the sudden title thrust upon me. I took a step back and asked Stephanie “Why I have been promoted to Daddy, Honey?”

“Well no one could ever have done as much for me as you’ve done. And I love you so much, you couldn’t begin to imagine how much love I have for you, and I know you feel the same way I do. I can tell by the lump in your robe, Daddy,” she said mischievously, as if knowing what effect that had on me. Stephanie must have felt the increasing throbs when she sat on my lap.

I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t think of an answer that wouldn’t encourage her to further pursue the issue. I had to change the subject. “Well Stephanie. You’ve got a busy few days in front of you. Best be off to bed Honey,” I said caringly.

“Goodnight Daddy,” she said and kissed me firmly again on the lips, this time trying to part my lips with her tongue. I enjoyed it for a moment then I regretfully pushed her away.

“Stephanie Anne . . . ,” I said in my sternest voice, the kind of voice I thought she would know meant stop.

“Yes Daddy?” came the voice of an innocent little girl.

The type of voice she had used to use to manipulate me when she was younger. I said nothing. Just stared in those deep ocean blue eyes of hers, for a moment, then turned away saying goodnight as I walked up the hallway.

Stephanie had given me my second, very painful erection in half an hour. A fete not many girls, including Jane, had been capable of. I had to do something. My cock ached as if I’d been hit in the nuts with a golf ball from five metres away. I lay down on my bed undid my robe and looked at the purple headed rocket waiting to blast off, that was staring back at me through it’s one eye. I knew what had to be done. I got out my lubricant, squeezing the cold gel along my shaft, and then slowly spreading it from a single line of clear gel; I transformed it into a brilliant velvet coat. The purple head was glistening, like a royal crown, in the moonlight.

I slowly slid my hand from the hairless base of my dick, (I shave for personal preference), all the way to the base of the head, over & over, the purple head swelling with each stroke. My strokes were becoming quicker and more ragged, my dick bouncing with each stroke, my breathing harder and more irregular. My climax was so close, then with the thought of that succulent ass, forcing my cock to slide between those tender cheeks, and to swell and ache like this . . . I blew my load of cum, some of it hitting the bed head. As I lay spent, my thoughts carried me off to sleep, reliving those sensational kisses my newly found daughter had given me.

The following morning over breakfast Stephanie advised me that she had reviewed our itinerary and wanted to know how I felt about sharing a room with her at the places we only stayed one or two nights. I had total faith in my stepdaughter’s judgement, and when I told her that it was her job and to complete it as she saw fit, she just smiled at me devilishly and pottered round till I was walking out the door.

As we exchanged goodbyes, Stephanie asked me if I thought she was attractive. My cock was beginning to stir, again. Little shocks of electricity shooting through my flaccid penis that was slowly becoming not so flaccid. My reply was short and precise, the events of last night playing through my mind, “Of course I find you attractive. But nothing more can ever come of it Stephanie.” I turned and walked away before anything more could be said.

The following weeks passed quickly, and our departure date was soon upon us. Before we were fully awake we were boarding the plane for the first leg of Stephanie’s 21st present. The flight was not overly crowded, but it wasn’t empty either. Not long after the morning refreshments were served on the plane, Stephanie took my hand and launched off about how wonderful this trip was going to be. Eight marvellous weeks jet setting around the world, the sights we were going to see, and then she turned deadly serious on me.

“Daddy,” she began. “You know how you said it was my job to arrange the accommodation?”

“Yes sweetie,” I replied.

“Well . . . They might be addressing us in a way which neither of us has heard before,” she said with a twisted look of guilt of her face.

“Oh! And why is that?” I asked somewhat cautiously.

“Well it’s a long story, and it happened by accident, the first time anyhow, and then it all happened,” she blurted out.

After a lengthy discussion, it came out that Stephanie, in the interest of saving money, had booked us in to all of the hotels as a newly wed couple on a round the world tour. I wasn’t impressed about Stephanie’s underhanded techniques here, but I was resolute the actions of four weeks ago would not repeat themselves.

We arrived in California, cleared customs, and there was a limousine driver with a sign reading ‘Newly Weds . . . Welcome türk porno to California . . . Mr & Mrs White.’ I stood looking at the sign, shocked. Although Stephanie had warned me, it still didn’t prepare me for the shock. Stephanie confidently strolled up to the limousine driver pushing me forward.

“Mr & Mrs White?” the limousine driver enquired, shook my hand, welcomed us verbally, and then whisked off to a stretch black limo.

We drove for about 30 minutes, in an eerie silence, before arriving at the hotel. We checked in, and we were ushered up to the honeymoon suite, within five minutes. Stephanie twirled on the spot, shouting with happiness, walking over to me, throwing her arms round my neck, kissing me deeply. She caught me so unaware of what was about to happen, Stephanie managed to get her tongue into my mouth and entwined in mine before I could say anything. When the kiss broke, there was a tense, heavy atmosphere.

“Stephanie. You are like a daughter to me. I couldn’t do it, even if I wanted to,” I began firmly.

“Oh, but you do want do. I can tell by that bulge that’s starting to develop in your crotch, Daddy,” Stephanie said coyly.

I turned away, furious at myself for letting Stephanie see me like that. I walked into the bathroom, locked the door and took a cold shower. When I walked back out to the main area of the hotel suite, Stephanie was no where to be found. Just a note scrawled, ‘gone swimming, back soon.’ I had obviously upset Stephanie, but I had to, I felt bad, denying this young, sultry vixen her seductive request. But it wasn’t right.

I waited in the hotel room, flicking through the television. About two hours later Stephanie returned to the room, and took a shower. I found my thoughts straying toward the bathroom door, the naked body concealed behind it, those soft hands and long fingers roaming over her body as she cleansed herself. I also found my cock starting to stir. This was becoming obsessive. Every thought in my being was starting to become occupied with desire for Stephanie. But that didn’t make it right.

Stephanie remained quiet for the duration of the evening. Without saying a word, she had changed into a very revealing two piece lingerie set, reappearing, causing my cock to stir without the utterance of a word. I couldn’t muster a word. I was speechless at this vision of beauty before me. Then an innocent schoolgirl voice broke the air.

“Daddy, I’ve never had a man before. I’ve never even had a boy. The reason for that is I’ve been saving myself for you. I’ve had plenty of boys promise me everything, in exchange for my virginity. But I don’t want to share that moment with anyone other than you.” Stephanie cooed as she strutted over toward me. Her nipples were peeking over the top of their flimsy barrier, with each step.

The basic human urge to grab this female by her hair, drag her off into the bedroom, fuck her until we could fuck no more was burning like a mid summer bush fire. My ability to control this monster was failing me by the second. The last of my resistance abandoned me when Stephanie was standing over me, her aromatic cunt inches from my face, begging me to kiss it.

I used my ample sized hands to cup an ass cheek in each hand, and pulled that virgin cunt on to my face. My tongue delved straight in between my daughters swollen lips, searching crazily for the source of the sweet aromatic nectar that was causing my cock to strain the fabric of my pants. Stephanie moaned in ecstasy as my tongue brushed her clit. My tongue found the top of Stephanie’s love tunnel, and tried to gain entrance, but this wasn’t the most comfortable position. I broke my tongue’s cunt licking to reposition Stephanie so she could get a good tongue fucking.

I stood up, kissing Stephanie for the first time as a lover, not a daughter. Forcing my cunt juice soaked tongue into her mouth. Pulling her hair, my hands roamed my daughter’s body, touching places I’ve not touched in a long time.

I ushered Stephanie into the bedroom and told her to wait there while I used the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and jerked off furiously. My daughter had saved herself for her daddy, the least daddy can do is give her a good fucking. I came over the first thing I picked up, which just happened to be Stephanie’s panties, and walked out feeling relieved, excited and mortified all at once, the result, pure lust. Was I really about to do this?

I walked out naked, being led by a half hard cock, stopping at the foot of the bed. Stephanie’s eyes lit up as I walked in. Her eyes fixated on my shaved manhood. I sat beside Stephanie, taking her hand and resting it on my thigh.

“You sure this is what you want? You know once this happens we can’t wave a wand and undo this?” I said lovingly.

“Daddy, I’ve never been surer of anything.” she said moving her hand from my thigh to my cock, stroking my shaft slowly, as she slowly lowered her head, first kissing the eye, the head and finally the shaft.

Next Stephanie started licking the length of türkçe porno my shaft, from the base right up and over the eye of my cock, and down the other side, my cock enjoying the 21-year-old tongue bath, hardening in these soft, tender hands. My hands started running through Stephanie’s hair, soft moans escaping her as she started guiding the swollen head of my cock, past her red velvet lips, feeling her teeth allowing this hard piece of manhood past, and bumping on the back of Stephanie’s throat, gagging a little. I told her to take it easy.

Her head was now bobbing quite happily up and down on the top four or five inches of my member. Stephanie’s tongue was swirling round my cock, igniting a million nerve endings, I never knew existed. I repositioned us on the beds to give this virgin her first tongue fuck. Stephanie was more than willing to oblige this request.

Stephanie lay across the bed, motioning me to join her. Climbing onto the bed I tenderly slid my hands over my stepdaughter’s face, over her shoulder, down her chest, under the fabric and onto her perfect tits. Her succulent hooters filled my hand nicely, the nipples, beckoning for my attention, standing fully erect, as I cupped these magnificent womanly mounds from underneath, soft as baby skin and smooth as silk.

After pinching Stephanie’s nipples, a muffled, “OH FUCK DADDY!!!” filled the room.

I brought my hands to the outside of Stephanie’s lightweight top, slowly moving them south, mesmerised by this sight of the fabric tightly stretched over her nipples, able to see her nipples fighting the lacy top. I pulled the top up, revealing a firm, flat stomach, which was rising and falling a little quicker than normal. Lifting Stephanie’s top, teasingly slow. Stephanie’s neck was now being thoroughly explored, occasionally finding an ear lobe to pinch, or a piece of flesh to attend to. My hands had now guided Stephanie’s top over each of her arms, freeing one melon, then the other.

A trail of kisses and licks, found their way to the base of Stephanie’s succulent tits. I wanted to take my time enjoying my first taste of taboo love, but the raw animal rampaging from my groin had other ideas. Totally overcome by the burning desire to feel the walls of fire, burning in her panties, surround this rampaging animal.

I bit one nipple, just as my thumb and forefinger pinched Stephanie’s other nipple. The result of my actions was immediate. Stephanie’s breathing increased tempo, her body began to writhe in the heat of the passion. Stephanie scratched my back, threw her head back and shouted, “Fuck me Daddy . . . FUCK ME NOW!!!

“I will Baby, I will. All in good time, all in good time,” I replied breathlessly.

My hands now on the waistband of Stephanie’s scanty panties, she raised her firm succulent ass off the bed, as if giving me permission to take the next step. I just couldn’t do it, as much as I wanted to. Sensing my hesitation, Stephanie used one of her hands to rip her panties down so all was in clear view. I finished removing my final obstacle. My goal was clearly in my sights. I buried my head in that hot, sweet, wet junction of her thighs. My tongue was searching crazily for the entrance to her love hole.

Once I located the entrance to this hidden cave of wonders, I slid my tongue in slowly, hearing soft moans escaping from the other end of the bed. I slid my tongue in and out of her tight hole over and over, my little girl’s cries of ecstasy driving me wild.

I finally found the sensitive tender love button I was searching for. I teasingly circled it, flicking it every so often. I drew her clit into my mouth, closing my teeth round it.

“OH FUCK, YES DADDY!!!” screamed Stephanie, her cunt grinding against my face.

Her cunt spewed nectar over my tongue, down my chin, everywhere. Her clit was teasingly being brushed by my nose, as my tongue attempted to mop up as much of this free flowing nectar as possible.

After my daughter had recovered from her intense, body twisting, convulsing climax, she ran her fingers through my hair, and said, “That was yummy, Daddy. Can I return the favour?”

I didn’t have a chance to answer Stephanie, she’d positioned herself on her side, head at my waist, planting kisses all over my hairless base. I drew Stephanie’s box closer to my face, my tongue mopping up the beginnings of another tidal wave.

My tongue did laps around Stephanie’s clit, inserting my middle finger deep in my stepdaughter’s snatch. Feeling her tightness, the way her cunt gloved my finger, I slowly started to finger fuck her. Muffled moans of ecstasy were vibrating through the head of my cock, as Stephanie tried to vocalize her orgasmic state. Her tongue was doing laps of the edge of my purple mushroom head, a second finger now being used to fill this virgin pussy.

I could feel my balls start to tighten, my breathing had been getting deeper for a while, I knew Stephanie was about to have her first of a father’s loving. I moved my two fingers from her cunt to her ass, which was not as tight as her pussy, which was received with readiness. My teeth had trapped her clit and my tongue was giving it a good lashing. Stephanie was moaning, trying to talk, and suck my cock all at once. My hips drove my cock in out of Stephanie’s mouth, like a well oiled piston.