Service With A Smile

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The building was completely silent. All of the agents had gone home; the downstairs call center was locked up for the night. Therese leaned back in her chair staring at the ceiling and bored out of her mind. Customer Service was dead. No calls were coming in and all the task work had been done. She spun her chair around.

“Aaron, I’m bored to tears here” she called out to her supervisor, “Give me something to do.”

“There’s nothing to do Therese,” he laughed. It was the fifth time she had said that in as many minutes. He looked around at the balloons strewn across the floor. Today was Halloween and a going away party for one of the other representatives.

“You could clean up all these balloons I suppose” Aaron said.

“Might as well before I pass out from sheer boredom” she muttered.

Grabbing a pair of scissors, she started on her side of the room. Snipping away, she watched the balloons spin like dervishes until all the air had left their little rubber bodies. Then she moved to the other side of the wall. As she grabbed the balloons, Aaron pulled all the ones that had migrated under his desk. Surreptitiously she admired the view of his backside. He was pretty cute as far as she was concerned and if he asked her to have sex, she wouldn’t say no. She continued to snip away at the balloons.

Aaron sat at his desk monitoring the queue in New York and California. Every once in a while he would glance at Therese. She had dressed as a gypsy for Halloween complete with bells and scarves. The bodice she was wearing did not unpleasant things to the fit of his khaki shorts. It brought her breasts up and together, tempting him to grab her and lick deep into her cleavage. The bodice nipped in her waist and left her smooth shoulders delightfully bare. Her long curling black hair was held back with a red scarf and the curls spilled around her shoulders and down her back. He definitely liked the angle he had. She was kneeling on the floor and snipping holes in the balloons. If he slid his chair a few feet closer, her face would be level with his lap. He took a moment to imagine the delightful things she could do in that position. Having a vivid imagination, he groaned softly.

“Is something wrong Aaron?” she asked eyeing him suddenly. Her gaze slid slowly down his body in a heated caress. It paused at his groin and slowly a delicate black eyebrow rose.

Therese caught her breath as she spotted the rather large bulge in Aaron’s pants. He was aroused, incredibly aroused from the look of it. Her body hummed in response to that knowledge. An answering ache began deep within her and she felt a ripple of desire slide over her. She brought her gaze back up to his face. Slowly she licked her suddenly dry lips and heard him emit another groan. When he opened his eyes again they were hot with desire. His nostrils flared as if scenting her.

“Stop looking at me like that” she said softly, her voice husky and low with desire.

“Like what?” he practically growled.

“Like I’m a sweet treat and you’ve got a craving” she answered.

He ran his eyes over her body, noticing how her hard nipples now pushed against the thin fabric of her peasant blouse. He let his eyes continue their journey down her body. He took in how her skirt billowed about her but softly defined the curve of her hips and thighs. Slowly he rolled his chair closer to where she knelt causing her to look up at him.

“Aren’t you?” he whispered as he came to a stop before her. Slowly he reached down and slid his hand beneath her hair and around her neck. She gave a soft gasp when his hand caressed her skin. Giving her plenty of time to protest, he lifted her to her knees, bringing her mouth to his. Therese gave a soft whimper as his lips brushed hers and Aaron’s body quivered. Her hands came to rest on his thighs as she opened her mouth and tilted her head, taking the kiss deeper. With a growl Aaron thrust his tongue into her mouth and stroked the sweet cavern. She tasted of chocolate and woman.

After he thoroughly ravaged her mouth and left her gasping, he moved down the slender column of her throat. He flicked his tongue in the hollow at its base before moving to the flesh that had so tempted him a few moments ago. Her nails dug into his thighs as he slowly licked deep into her cleavage like a cat licking cream.

“Aaron” she whimpered, arching into him.

He slid his tongue beneath the fabric to circle around one hard sensitive nipple and was rewarded with a whimper of pleasure. His hand came up to caress the other as he slowly pulled it into his mouth. Therese speared her fingers into his hair, holding him to her while his tongue did wonderful things to her breast.

“Oh yes Aaron” she moaned as electric currents of pleasure raced from her breast to her lower body. She looked down, watching him suckle at her breast, a wet rush of heat moving through her at each pull of his mouth. He then lavished the same attention on her other breast, making her moan and arch into him.

“Do canlı bahis you know what made me moan?” he whispered against damp sensitive flesh.

“What?” she panted, her hands running down to the bare skin at his knees before slowly sliding upward under the fabric.

“The fact that you were sitting on your knees” he gritted through his teeth as her fingers danced lightly over his inner thighs, “and you were in the perfect position to take me between those sweet lips”

“Is that what you want?” she asked, her voice dropping and taking on an even huskier more seductive tone. She ran her hands further up his conveniently baggy shorts to stroke him. His body quivered beneath her fingers as they gently curled around his hard shaft.

“God yes” he moaned leaning back in his chair.

“Well” she purred, “My hands are busy at the moment. Maybe you could help me by opening your pants”

“Not a problem” he groaned, quickly unfastening his pants. He would have sprung out hard and free had her fingers not already been wrapped around his hard length. Slowly Therese leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the tip of his erection. A bolt of pure pleasure shot through his body.

“Geez” he snarled, jerking forward. He didn’t know it was possible to be this aroused.

She laughed huskily before swirling her tongue around the tip of his penis then sliding it hard down the vein on the underside. When she made the return journey, she slowly took him deep into her mouth. Sucking gently, she began to slide off of him only to feel his fingers bury in her hair and hold her where she was. She chuckled and watched the pleasure ripples race over his skin. She slid back down over him, her fingers continuing the journey her mouth began down to the base of his manhood. Aaron threw back his head and groaned loudly as she drew on him. It wasn’t a hard draw or so weak that he could barely feel it. It was a steady draw with just enough suction to be securely felt but not so hard that it actually hurt. She knew her way around a man’s cock.

Therese continued to tease and suck and pleasure his body until he felt like the entire world was going to explode. He felt the tension tighten significantly at the base of his spine and knew that he was about to cum and if she continued to pleasure him with her very talented tongue then she’d get a nasty surprise.

“Therese” he groaned tightening his grip in her hair. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, “babe if you keep that up I’m going to cum in your mouth and that’s not where I want to be”

She lifted her head from his lap and just smiled. It was an evil smile that twisted his insides and made him think of wicked hot things. With a growl he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap.

“Ooh getting a little forceful,” she purred as she captured his mouth in a hot kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and then played advance and retreat with his. Her nails grazed over his shoulders in an erotically gentle caress. She shifted until her legs were on either side of his lap and her skirts were out of the way. She looked deep into Aaron’s eyes. Slowly he slid his hands up her bare calves, smooth and silky. He slid them under her skirt to the bare skin of her thighs. Lightly he grazed her inner thighs with his nails. Therese leaned her head back and gasped. Shivers of pleasure raced over her skin and she moaned.


“There’s more,” he purred against her breast before taking it into his mouth despite the fabric covering it. As he slowly suckled on her breast, he stroked his fingers over the damp fabric of her panties. Therese was incredibly responsive. Her body trembled at his stroking fingers.


“You what Therese?” he asked against her breast.

“I want more”

“You’ll get more, I promise,” he laughed as he slid his fingers under her panties and stroked her core. Slowly he parted her nether lips with the tip of his finger. Teasingly he slid it back and forth until her trembling was visible.

“Aaron,” she whimpered, her hands gripping his shoulders as her legs began to tremble, “Please”

“Please what?” he smiled wickedly.

“I want you inside me” she gasped not one to mince words.

“As you wish” he chuckled sliding his finger deep inside her waiting heat. Therese let out a gasp of pleasure as he followed the first with a second. Both were met with a wet rush of liquid heat. He grazed his teeth over her nipple with a laugh as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of her body. He gritted his teeth and tried to hang on to his control as her muscles tightened around his fingers. She would be tight around his shaft and entry would be eased with the incredible slickness of her body. He withdrew his fingers much to her dismay and quickly removed her underwear. Then his hand was back between her thighs, this time guiding the head of his shaft to her moist opening. Slowly he teased her with just the head sliding back and forth against her damp flesh. bahis siteleri She caught her lip between her teeth to keep from taking control of their encounter. She wanted him inside her and she wanted it now.

With her opening wrapped around the head of him, Aaron pulled his hands out from beneath her skirt and wrapped them around her waist. Slowly, watching her eyes for any discomfort whatsoever, he lowered her over his aching arousal. He growled, the slow slide of her heat down his length was hot, sweet torture.

“God Therese you’re so hot”

“You made me this way,” she panted as he slowly filled her. “You feel so good”

Soon she was settled tightly over him, filled with his hardness. She held his head still for a long kiss. As she pulled back, she caught his lower lip between her teeth. She gave him an evil smile as she released his lip and began rocking her hips. Aaron gritted his teeth as pleasure exploded over his entire body. He leaned forward to nip at her neck; catching just enough skin and then letting his teeth scrape against it. He was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure. Aaron slid his hands beneath her skirt and up her thighs until he cupped her rounded buttocks in his hands. Gently he squeezed and pushed her to a faster pace.

“In a rush Aaron?” she purred in his ear as she nipped her way along his jaw to his ear.

“God you feel tight and hot,” he growled as he moved his mouth along her smooth skin. One hand came out to pull down the fabric of her top, exposing one full breast to his hungry gaze. Again, he took the peak into his mouth and suckled hard. The pull went straight to her core and Therese threw back her head in pleasure.

Soon they movements became erratic as the pleasure built within them. Aaron growled against her skin, the vibrations racing over her with currents of pleasure. Aaron felt her inner muscles pulling at him as her peak began. She began a low keening as the pleasure assaulted her. Her nails dug into his shoulders.


“OH yeah” he groaned as he moved faster, thrusting deeply into her body. He gripped her hips as he moved, her own peak drawing his to the fore.

“Therese” he growled. His body stiffened and he moved faster. Therese arched above him; her vision darkened as the most incredible sensations she had ever felt exploded from where his body was buried within hers. It radiated outwards causing her entire body to tremble almost violently. The world narrowed to Aaron and that sensation. Barely she heard him cry her name as he thrust one final time. His fingers dug into her hips but she took no notice.

“Ah” she cried as she collapsed against his shoulder

“Therese!” he groaned, wrapping his arms around her and breathing heavy against her shoulders.

Conscious thought returned with the sensation of his tongue laving the skin of her shoulder. He turned to look at her as she raised her head. Slowly he leaned forward and kissed her. Then he gave that boyish, mischievous smile that she so loved.

“You’re phone’s ringing” he whispered. Her eyes widened as her mind registered the ringing of her phone. She glanced at the clock. It was 7:59pm and the last contract closed in one minute.

“Wouldn’t you figure?” she laughed, “Um but They’re timing sucks”

“Not as well as you do”

“Why thank you,” she purred as she circled her hips. His body quivered. She quickly slid off him staggering a little as she did so. She bent over her desk and put the headset on.

“Thank you for calling Florida Reservation Service, This is Therese, how may I help you?”

Therese nearly lost it when she felt hands beneath her skirts. She glanced over her shoulder and that smile was back. He mouthed ‘Pay Attention to your customer’. She gave him a disbelieving look as he raised her skirts over her hips. Aaron’s hands slid over her bare thighs. Slowly he dropped to his knees. Her scent filled his nostrils and hardened his body. He listened to Therese handle the call as he slowly stroked her. He smiled again and then leaned forward to stroke her with his tongue. Slowly he swirled his tongue around the core of her pleasure before burying it deep within her. He was amazed she could still type with her entire body quivering as it was. Not once did her voice betray the trembling of her body. She even managed to keep her second peak quiet.

Aaron stood and Therese glanced at him over her shoulder again.

“Yes sir, I can take care of that for you,” she said as she felt him brush her nether lips with the tip of his shaft. She bit her lip as she tried to listen to the man on the other end of the line. Her entire body quivered with the thrill of Aaron’s touch and the danger of discovery.

“No Sir, I can take that…” she paused as Aaron slowly slid within her again, “information and make those changes to your profile.”

Slowly he withdrew and then slid back within her hot body. He gripped her hips as she continued to handle the call as well as him. He smiled again and reached bahis şirketleri around beneath her skirt.

“Yes sir. I can understand how that could be frustrating,” Therese bit her lip as Aaron found the highly sensitized bud. Slowly he stroked her and she thought she was going to scream, his touch felt so good. Aaron began to move faster as the pleasure built, stroking her in time to his thrusts.

“Yes sir. You have a good evening. I will sir” Therese said, she waited until her phone disconnected before letting out the moan that had been building within her.

“Aaron!” she cried his name as her body tightened and tensed with pleasure. Her nails scraped against the desktop and she dropped her forehead against it.

“Yeah Therese,” he growled.

“God, yeah, like that,” she panted, “Just like that”

“Like this” his voice was deeper than normal. He rotated his lips as he bent over her back. Brushing her hair out of his way, he grazed the nape of her neck with his teeth. Her entire body quivered. He felt her knot and tighten once again. He caught her earlobe between his teeth and then began to whisper in her ear.

“That’s it Therese” he whispered, “I can feel you tightening around me. You’re so close to coming.”

“Oh god yeah” she whimpered pushing back against his surging hips.

‘I want you to come for me again’ he purred, “Come for me again Therese. Let me feel your body tighten and pull at me, taking me with you over that edge. Come for me”

A…A… Aaron” she nearly screamed as the cresting wave of pleasure broke over her. She thrust back against him, taking him as deep as he could go. Her body contracted around him, milking him and pulling him along with her. He bit at her shoulder as he howled his pleasure against her skin, thrusting one final time deep within her tight sheath.

As the strength left his body, Aaron collapsed back into Therese’s chair, taking her with him. Her head fell back over his shoulder, exposing the long line of her throat. Slowly she turned to look at him. Her eyes still carried the darkness of passion and her lips were swollen with his kisses. She lazily reached up one hand, buried it in his hair and pulled his mouth to hers for a sweet gentle kiss.

“That was absolutely incredible,” she panted against his mouth.

“Yeah it was”

“Its funny though”


“Because just before it happened, I was thinking how cute you were and that if you asked me to have sex, I wouldn’t say no,”

“I must be a mind reader”

“Oh yeah,” she teased, “What am I thinking right now?”

“That we just had incredible sex, I’m still buried inside your body and you want more but don’t quite have the energy for round three” he smiled.

“Oh you’d be surprised what kind of energy I can amass when the situation rises,” she purred.

“But we have to go home now” he laughed as he stroked down her body.

“So I guess I’ll have to take a rain check on round three?” she said, giving him this incredibly evil look.

“Rain Check on round three.” He laughed.

Therese looked up at the building as she pulled out her car keys. A small smile crept onto her face. Who would have thought that a night, which had begun incredibly boring, would have ended with such incredible pleasure? It was a shame that it couldn’t continue. She laughed softly. Now she knew exactly what it was like to have sex with Aaron. It was damn good. She paused in unlocking her door when she heard the front door of the building open. Aaron came out and, pausing at the first step, looked up into the night sky. Then, slowly his gaze found her. Therese smiled at him and waved. Aaron stalked over to her and she wondered what had gone wrong in the few moments after she had left the room.

She gasped as he pushed her up against her car and captured her mouth in a hot kiss. His hands stroked her body into a fever pitch and soon she was as frantic as he was.

“Once more” he panted, “Just once more before we… again”

“Yes again” she moaned as his hands shot beneath her skirt. Eagerly she reached for the zipper of his pants. It was a good thing he wasn’t wearing underwear or she would have been really frustrated. She pulled him free, finding him hot and hard already. He lifted her and slid deep within her molten core, bracing her against her car. She gripped his shoulders as he began to pump and thrust eagerly. No gentle or leisure session was this. They both wanted it hot, hard and fast. Their panting moans and thumping rhythm against her car filled the parking lot yet they were held in shadows. Aaron thrust in and out of her body eagerly, feeling her body quicken and quiver with each thrust home. She was incredible. She made him feel infinitely alive, infinitely aroused and when she screamed his name in her peak, he could not help but join her.

His head rested against her shoulder. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. Her breathing was just returning to normal. He looked at her as moonlight slipped from behind the clouds to caress her face even as he had caressed her body.

“By the Gods” she whispered, not even bothering to open her eyes, “I could become seriously addicted to you”