Sex and the disabled:- Tamsin and her MASSIVE sexu

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Sex and the disabled:- Tamsin and her MASSIVE sexuA few years back, one of my regular passengers was a disabled lady called Tamsin. Life had been pretty hard for her:- she had a deformity of the spine which made walking hard, and she had often turned to drink to cope with her life. Unlike a lot of the other drivers, I always got on with her (I’ll get on with anyone!), and she she used to book me privately for journeys to various places as she wanted me to drive her.For a few weeks, I had been taking her to one particular house about 20 miles away. I knew a guy lived there, but had never seen him. I assumed she had a boyfriend and this was him. One night taking her home from there, she made a comment like ‘God he wore me out tonight’. I thought she meant they had been talking and talking. How wrong could I be???? ‘Very wrong’ is the answer. “Why? What have you been talking about then?” I asked innocently.”Talking?” she replied, rather puzzled. “No, he’s been fucking me hard tonight…” At this point the car nearly left the road!! I was soooo surprised!!”What did you think I was doing in there then?” She enquired”I thought he was your boyfriend””Boyfriend? Ha ha ha !!!” she threw her head back and laughed long and hard, shaking her head in disbelief. “Do you think I don’t have sex just because I look like this?” she said, pointing towards her bent-over spine.”well, er…. I don’t know what to say…” I pleaded. Tamsin looked at me in the gloom in the car as we carried on towards her home.”It’s alright luvvie, most people don’t know that people like me have a proper sex life’.The conversation went quiet after that, and I carried on driving her home, which took about another 15 minutes. We pulled up outside her home (she lived alone) and we sat there for a moment without saying anything. I didn’t know what to say, to be honest.”Can I ask you something?” she broke the silence. “What are you wondering right now? Let me guess . . . . . ” she pondered… “You are wondering what it would be like to fuck someone like me, aren’t you.” She stared at me in the light from the streetlamp next to the car.”Er…. um…. well..” I stumbled.”You are, aren’t you….. go on… bahis siteleri admit it. You won’t embarrass me!”I looked at her without saying anything. She shifted her position as best she could and beckoned me toward her. I was surprised when she leant toward me and kissed me on the lips. “What you doing tomorrow night?” she asked.”Nothing – apart from working” I said.”Knock on my door about 9pm then….” and she got her walking stick, opened the car door, manouvered herself out of it and walked off up her path. I sat there for a moment wondering what to do.24 hours later, I knew what to do. I told my then-wife I was off to work about about 8pm for the night shift, but instead I drove to Tamsin’s house. I sat round the corner wondering why I was doing this, and then decided that I should just go and see what happened….As Tamsin opened the door, I was shocked to see her standing there in a burlesque outfit, complete with the tassels, stockings – you name it! My eyes obviously bulged at the sight!”Well, what d’ya think?” she asked as I walked past her and into her lounge.”Rather surprising Tamsin. Wouldn’t have put you down for a girl who dresses like that.”You won’t have put me down as a girl who does a lot of things I am going to do to you tonight…” she grinned and came over to me. She obviously wanted to kiss, so I bent down and did just that. Her hand went straight for the bulge in my trousers, and gripped quite tight. “Like that do ya?””Yes, rather nice thanks” I grinned in return.”Sit in that chair” she said, pointing to a comfy looking armchair. I sat and laid back. Tamsin managed to kneel in front of me and ran her hands up my legs to my belt. Without saying another word, she undid my belt, unzipped my fly, pulled my trousers and pants down beyond me knees, and took hold of my now erect and twitching cock between her thumb and finger.”Well, what shall I do with THIS?” she asked. It wasn’t a rhetorical question…Down she went with all the confidence of a prostitute! She opened her mouth wide, and took nearly the whole of my shaft into her throat on the first go. “Mmmmmmmmm, now that’s a nice tasting cock” she said. “Better than my Tuesday night canlı bahis fuck buddy” She meant the guy I had taken her to and from the previous night.Tamsin carried on giving me a blow-job for a few minutes, and she was pretty good at it. Not the best I have ever had, but very enjoyable. Then she stopped, got up and went over to the sofa. She sat down, leant back, put her hands to her hips and whipped her satin knickers off in a flash. “Now get over here and return the compliment!” she grinned. I got out of the armchair, shuffled across on my knees and got in position. “Make me gush baby” she said as I went into her Bermuda Triangle (as she called it!!). I was expecting it to be none too pleasant, as I would have thought bathing and general cleanliness would have been difficult for her, but I was wrong! It was absolutely gorgeous, nice a puffy with perfectly formed pussy lips and neatly trimmed pubes. I flicked at her clit hood with my tongue and she giggled in a very girly way. I slowly slid one, then two fingers into her vagina which was already quite wet. In and out I forced them as she writhed up and down above me. I sucked her labia between my lips and let my tongue go deep into her hole.”Oh you’re good, aren’t you..”she said quietly. “I hope your cock feels as good inside”. She pointed at my cock, and then at her pussy, clearly wanting me to fuck her now. Without saying another word, I got into position. I was really worried that, with her back they way it was, I may hurt her.”Tamsin, you’ve got to tell me when I am thrusting too hard – I don’t want to do you any damage””Look! Just get your cock up in there and get FUCKING ME!!!” she barked “I might have a crap back, but you won’t break me in two!”I did as I was told, I slid my cock inside her warm and very inviting pussy and it felt great. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it was just . . . normal…”Come on baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard… I want to feel you right up to my stomach..” Blimey, she was keen! I started thrusting, and thrusting. She was writhing all over the place. I grabbed at the bra part of her basque and pulled it down to reveal her boobs, which were larger than I had imagined. güvenilir bahis Where her back was normally quite arched over, you got no impression of how large her boobs were – probably in reality about a 38D. She took my hands and slapped them firmly on her tits, making me grab them hard. “Don’t stop lover – I need a good long fucking to make me cum!” I carried on for what seemed like ages, then suddenly she stopped me. “Fuck my arse now baby”. She pushed me away, and quickly flipped herself over and bent over the seat of the sofa. “Go on, get you lovely cock up my arse”. I got the tip of my shaft touching her rim. I pushed gently at first, then as she didn’t make any move or sound to let me know she couldn’t take it, it pushed harder, sliding my cock deep into her back passage.”Oh goddddddddd!” she cried.”Do you want me to stop?” I asked, worried.”Don’t be daft. I’m loving this. Just want you to pump a bit harder and faster””Are you sure you’re okay Tamsin?””Yes. Just shut up and fuck my arse will ya!!”I did as I was told. I fucked her arse as hard as I had anyone else, until I felt myself cumming. “I’m nearly there babes – where do you want it?””Whip it out babes – want it on my face” I pulled my cock back out quickly and started to wank myself to a climax. She turned round and knelt in front of me. I couldn’t hold on to it any longer and the first ball of cum hit her in the forehead, the next got her in the eye, one went up her nose and most ended up in her mouth…I wanked myself for a while longer to make sure she got all I had to give.”Phew… that was fucking good. Thanks baby” she said, as she licked her lips and wiped my cum off her face. “Let me finish you off…” she said as she took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean.”I am amazed Tamsin” I said. “I had no idea you where such a dirty slut!”.”That’s what all you ‘normal’ lot think. You just see a tortured body, but you don’t see the horny, dirty slut inside, do you?” I nodded in agreement.We sat on her floor, leaning on her sofa and hugged each other for a while. Later she suggested we should have a shower, and fucking her in there was even better than in her living room – she was just such a slut on the quiet.After that night, I fucked Tamsin about once a month for the next year until I left the company I was driving for. After that, she didn’t call me again. But it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed.