Sex last Night

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Sex last NightMy wife surprised me, she came wobbling into my room late. She had obviously taken her sleeping meds and I think she might have taken a little extra. She mumbled something about her shoulder being sore and lay down for me to rub her. She is a dutiful woman and she asked if I needed to cum. I had already cum earlier so I told no, I was fine. I continued to rub her shoulder and she whispered that she had thought about masturbating ikonbet giriş earlier in the day. “So what were you thinking about that brought masturbation to mind?” I asked. “Steve, she answered, I heard him starting his motorcycle earlier this morning” “I was thinking about Steve” she answered quietly. Steve is our next door neighbor. My wife allowed my hand to push open her legs and I ran my fingers ikonbet yeni giriş down the inside of her thighs, avoiding her cunt. “Tell what just what it was about Steve you were thinking” I whispered into her ears. “I was thinking about if his cock head was as big as his wife told me it was” She answered pulling my fingers to her already wet and loose cunt. “Would you like that?” I asked. “Would you like ikonbet güvenilirmi to try to work that big headed cock into your cunt?” “Yes, yes I would like that.” she mumbled as she reached for her vibrator. We were silent, she with her vibrator pressed to her clit and me lying next to her stroking my little hard cock. As her orgasm approached, she cried out “Fuck me, fuck me…I began to hump her leg. “More, fuck me more” I continued to pump my little dick against the warm soft flesh of her leg….”I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming off” I cried as I squirted what little cum was left in me weakly against her leg. It wasn’t much but it got her over the top. She came once and then quickly came a second time