sex village V

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sex village VRabbit took me to a building and told me that it is the village library and we went inside. A bespectacled middle aged lady was engrossed in her computer.”Sudha,he is our guest.He came to see Prema,Vanaja’s niece.She is Sudha,our librarian and feel free to ask her about anything under the sun.She is very knowledgeable.I haveto rush to bank.See you at home” Rabbit took our leave and left. She smiled at me and I returned the smile.”Just a minute. I will complete my work and join you ” she said. I told her there is no hurry.I looked around.It was a L shaped hall.In the short leg, there are her office and two beds. In the longer leg were many books,magazines.Few computers were also there.As I was standing near computer she came over and asked me to take a seat.”You have a very unique village.How are you keeping it a secret from media? If the news leaks, you will have thousands of journalists crawling all over” I asked her.”You are right. That’s why we don’t have a major road.Only cars and two wheelers can come in.In our village we are all like a family,we are all united.No one will let out our secret.Did you notice a small house on left side of the road near entrance?” she asked me. I thought back and said, yes.”He is our watchman. He alerts us if any strangers are coming to village.He called me about you.I already have info from Rabbit about your visit, so I told him it’s OK””But how about outsiders? For instance I am allowed to see,experience every thing” I asked her.She was surprised. ” But you are a family member.You are going to marry Prema,aren’t you?” She asked me.”I don’t know. I have neither seen her nor talked to her.Even if I like her she may not like me since I am not a virgin and I had sex with her aunt” I said doubtfully. Sudha laughed.”Prema is not only built like a sex goddess, but is very sweet natured.There is no doubt once you see her,you will fall head over heels in love with her.”Prema is adamant that she does not want to marry a boy from the village.She wants to go out into the wide,exciting world.She also knows, it is very difficult to get a virgin boy.The least she can expect is a good stud.That’s why her parents sent Vanaja to check you out.She gave you full marks” She was reasssuring me.”But she is a virgin.Why should she accept a philanderer like me?” I protested.”If she marries a virgin and he may turn out to be a non starter.Once she gets married, it is for life since there are no divorces in the village.Also may be you are lucky” she guessed.”OK,coming back to my earlier question,how are you keeping this free sex a secret? Your school is only upto 10th.k**s have to go out and study in collages.People in village must be working in banks etc?” I asked her.”See, in outside world you are all a frustrated lot.Boys die to get a glimpse of a female tit.Our k**s are taught about outside world. They will not have relationships with outsiders.Our village people accompany them and stay with them so that they are not sexually frustrated. Our village is very rich and self sufficient.We don’t depend on others.we can keep our secret.”One more important thing is, sex in the open is prohibited.It has to be within house or compound or approved places.So outside world has no scope to know” she explained atlength.”Tell me, how are you keeping a track of who wants to screw whom,when will their turncome?” I asked her.She took me to a computer and opened a program.”Whom are you interested in?” she asked. I thought for a second and told about the vaginal muscle gymnast.”Oh,Geeta?” she typed some keys in computer and Geeta’s name,her bio data and two columns,Activity from her and activity towards her,appeared on screen. Activity towards her had a long list.”My god, the guy at bottom lordbahis güvenilirmi would become old when his turn comes “I joked. She laughed.”You may feel that way.But it is not so bad, Last guy would get his chance in six months.Geeta is very active. Some days she clears 4 to6 men at a time. Suddenly she was shy.”You see, some women are very horny during and after menstrual cycle.In our village there are men who wish to have sex with women during their cycle.So they jump the queue.Some how things move smoothly” She assured me.”How about married couples? Until two k**s are born it seems they should not have sex with others?” I asked.”Yes,the idea is that k**s should know who their biological parents are to have healthy family bonding.but ladies can have oral sex or sex during menses with others. Or after conception till delivery,wife can have sex with other men.That is,in husband’s presense when there is no chance of conception. Once they get operated then sky is the limit.Any way after marriage couple seem to want only each other for few years” she answered.”How about i****t? with so much open sex, don’t c***dren lust after parents?” I hesitantly asked.”In our village, mother-son sex is allowed only if son’s wife has no objection. Only father daughter sex is taboo.Rest all are OK if wives and husbands of parties have no objection.” she was increasingly becoming bold in answering my queries.”Is this list only for intercourse or for oral sex and petting also?” my question elicited a smile from her.”This list is only for intercourse.If you want to suck and squeeze breasts or oral sex, you have to seek date and time from the lady.All these activities should take place only under watchful eyes of others.If oral sex leads to banging,man’s name will go down to bottom in every list.He is supposed to control the events ” She told me.”Suppose after marriage,while I am going out and Prema is seeing me off,some man from village tells her he wants to suck her breasts can I object?” I asked her. She shook her head.”No,you can’t.Only Prema can refuse or accept. There are no hard feelings if she rejects. But she can not keep rejecting every one without reason.She might ask him to come back in the evening when you are there.You have to learn to accept.Yes,you can suck all the breasts in that man’s family,including his grand mother’s.But you have no say or powerto stop”We were silent for few minutes.”How about class divide? Drivers,maid servants and poor people,do they get equal chance?” I asked her.”That is absolutely no problem.Their names, details are also in computer.Money is in no way involved.If a man lusts after a maid, he has to go through same procedure,he will have sex in wife’s presense and wife can enjoy Driver’s ministrations in her in law’s or even k**’s presense if husband is not available.Conversely,Maids and Drivers can do same.For convenience sake,these acts take place in houses of employers”I was curious.”What are those beds for?””For people to have sex.Sitting here I can watch since sex has to be under supervision”She smiled at me.” I will show you something interesting” she clicked on computer and in activity from Geeta’s list my name was there on top.”It is very unusual.She wants you. If you want I will call her, You can screw her on this bed” she looked at me. I gulped and nodded.She called her on phone.After ten minutes I saw Geeta,Vijaya,Vanaja coming towards library. Vijaya smiled at me.”My god,you turn out to be quite a casanova.Wihin less than a day you banged 3 of us and are still not satisfied.”I gave a sheepish grin. “No,honestly,it was Sudha who suggested.I absolutely had no intention” I protested.”We will not keep you waiting.We are going to Prema’s lordbahis yeni giriş house to fix time for your visit tomorrow.On our way back, we will check if you have finished,then we can go home for lunch” Vanaja told me. I panicked. “Are you going to tell Prema about this?”I asked anxiously. “Of course,she will be futher impressed.Scoring with Geeta is not so esy” Vanaja smiled. Geeta spoke for the first time.She was very soft spoken,almost gentle.”Fault is yours,Vijaya,you should not have flaunted him in the buff yesterday.Every woman,girl in the room craved him and envied you both” Geeta dropped into a chair.After Vijaya,Vanaja were gone,I was like a lost boy.I did not know what I was supposed to do and what not to do.Here I was with two strange ladies. My major worry was that Geeta was flat chested and what if my dick did not get excited? I wished Vijaya were there to push her breasts into my mouth.Sudha shook me ” What are you thinking? get going ” I got up and gave a hand to Geeta.We went to the bed hand in hand,watched by Sudha.Now,I was sweating.Geeta was painfuly thin.She was like those super models in Fashion TV. She was not even size zero,she was negative.I am not one of those who find such women irresistable.Smiling at me, she took out my shirt,unbuckled my pant and I fumbled with her saree folds and removed it.My pants dropped around my feet,she bent and put it on the hook. I unhhoked her bouse and as I removed it, I gulped as I saw the small breasts with large nipples. At least her nipples are chewable,was my thought as she pulled down and removed my underwear.I removed the knot on her petticoat and dropped it on floor. Now, both of us were stark naked. Only problem was my dick was sleeping and was not budging an inch.”Don’t feel bad. I can understand.” saying this, she made me lie down on my back on the bed.She lay on top of me and took my head in both hands and kissed me.I returned the kiss, I sucked her tongue.Now, I was getting worried, why my dick was not responding.After couple of minutes,she rolled over me, she held me from side so that her small breasts were pressed against my side and her wet pussy was clamped on my thigh.Before I could speak, she said” Don’t give it a thought.Close your eyes and breath deeply.Relax deeper,deeper as I start counting from ten to one..” Her soothing voice was relaxing me into a peaceful sleep.My breaths became deeper and longer.”You are all alone on an island.You are walking on the warm sand,sun is shining brightly but with gentle warmth, wind is blowing through the trees with a soothing music lie sound,sea gulls are gliding effortlessly in the sky over water.Peaceful waves are gently rolling on the beach.”You walk until you are tired and sit on the dune.As you watch over the dark blue of the water over light blue of the sky,one beautiful woman is coming out of water and is walking towards you,who is she?” she asked me in a whisper.She was Mandakini in the same wet white saree,completely exposing beautiful breasts, sensous thighs and of course,velvet smooth pussy.I told her same thing. I was in two worlds. I was half aware that Geeta was fondling my quarter erect dick and was rubbing her wet pussy on my thigh,I was also aware of Mandakini as she was running towards me bouncing her jugs.”Now look to your right, whom do you see?”Geeta asked in a husky voice.I looked and saw,Vijaya waving at me, she was completely nude,with her wide frame,thunder thighs and swell of mound,flat stomach with deep navel was looking ravishing. I could feel my cock getting half rigid and Geeta was licking underside and balls with slow passion. I told her what I saw.”Now Don’t turn back.You know who she is” Geeta’s voice was becoming lordbahis giriş huskier and sexier.I could sense two thighs clamping on my neck,drenching back of my neck with pussy juices. She closed my eyes but her thick,long tresses falling on my head and her perfume told me who she was.Vanaja.”Now,I will not ask you, you tell me what is going on there” Geeta commanded me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I told her what was happening. I stood up with Vanaja shreiking and clutching my head and rubbing her tits on my head. I saw a big bed underneath a tree’s cool shade.I threw her on the bed and jumped on her.As I was sucking her right tit while squeezing and pulling her left nipple,I felt four hands pulling me away from her and throw me on my back. All three ladies were laughing as Vijaya sat on my face and parted her pussy lips and kissed my lips with her pussy lips. I started licking and sucking and tickling her clit with my tongue. My view was blocked by her broad back. I wanted to grab her tits but Vanaja’s tits with arrogant nipples were forced into my hands.As I was fondling and squeezing, my entire body shuddered with pleasure as Mandakini’s lips closed on my dick. I was dimly aware that Geeta was also sucking my cock with an expertize that caused me to shudder.”Don’t stop,keep telling me what is happening there on the beach?” Geeta’s voice gently prodded me.After few minutes, the ladies changed places.Vanaja was promoted to the job of getting pussy licked and sucked, Mandakini was getting tits squeezed and Vijaya was sucking dick.Once Vanaja’s turn came to suck,she preferred to get impaled on my rod.She slowly slid her pussy on my rod, so tantalizingly slowly that I wanted to thrust from down to bury my dick deep.But I resisted and started enjoying the pleasant torture. Now,Geeta was doing exactly what Vanaja was doing in my dream.She was clenching her pussy muscles with vice like grip and suddenly unclenching,making blood flow fast into veins of cock, filling with exquisite pleasure.She was massaging my cock ,pulling it, teasing it and playing with it in rapid,hapazard sequences with mind boggling speed.She took my hands and kept them on her small breasts. I started squeezing her big nipples and massaging her tits.She was playing with my cock as an expert flute artist would play with his flute. The finger movements of flute artist were replicated by her vaginal muscles which were dancing to a rythm.I was aware and at the same time,paradoxically,blissfully unaware. In my dream all three ladies were taking turns to bang me, until I lost control and pushed them,got up and forced them to bend and started pounding their pussies. I was expertly switching pussies and banging them with such force, they were literally jumping on feet and squealing. Geeta was pulling my cock along her pussy walls and slowly increased speed and rythm.I started giving back thrusts with equal force. She bent forward and pushed her nipple into my mouth.There I stopped narrating my dream and while chewing her nipple,I was banging Geeta’s pussy so hard I could hear the slapping sounds and her moans.Still in my dream, I climaxed in Mandakini’s pussy and filled her pussy with hot jets of lava. As she fell on bed,Vijaya was onto her like a tigress on a prey, parted her legs and slurped all the juice and cum, while Vanaja cleaned up my dick with tongue.Then as all three were kissing each other and exchanging juices, I heard Geeta tell me….” As I count from 1 to 10,you will slowly return and gently open eyes, feeling happy,wonderful and relaxed “At the count of 10, I opened my eyes and found Geeta sitting on top of me with my cock still inside her and all my cum and her juices wetting my pubic area. Her face was glowing with pleasure and joy.”That was wonderful.You have excellent imagination. You got us all horny and we had to get help “. I started and looked to my side. Vijaya,Vanaja and Sudha were totally naked and were being pounded by Raghu,Nitish and Jehangir in that order……….End of PART V