Sex With A Stranger Ch. 2

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It had been two weeks since AJ and Olivia’s night together, and AJ still couldn’t get the memories out of her mind. Most nights she went to sleep after bringing herself to a climax as she relived their passionate night together. AJ had tried to get Olivia to agree to another night, secretly, of course. But Olivia stayed stern that there was no way that they could risk it again. She had dropped enough hints that AJ knew that Olivia wanted it as much as she did. Olivia had even let AJ know about a basement window that had some problem and was no longer linked to her security system. She had stated that she was concerned that someone might break in before she got it fixed the following Monday. So, Saturday night, AJ slipped through the darkness and made her way to the low window. She tested it and found it unlocked. She lifted it up, slid her bag through first, and then slipped through the window. She slid the window down and quietly made her way upstairs to the bedroom that had just went dark. Olivia laid in the dark and listened for any abnormal sounds. AJ hadn’t said she would be here tonight, but Olivia had dropped enough hints that AJ should’ve known that she had tonight or Sunday night to get in without any problems. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about AJ all day. The fact that she could sneak in without Olivia even knowing made her even more excited. She stayed as busy as she could through the day to try to keep her mind occupied. But now, she lay in the dark, and there was nothing that could keep her mind away from AJ. Olivia had never been with any other women but AJ. It had been one time after a night out drinking that AJ had made the moves on her. She had been nervous, but AJ made it easy to make love to her. It had been the best night of sex ever for Olivia, until two weeks ago. Olivia had never been an aggressive woman, an aggressive cop, yes, but never an aggressive woman. She had numerous experiences with men and a failed marriage. She had never found anyone that could match what she had felt with AJ that one night. When she found out she had been accepted in Richmond, Virginia, she knew what she was going to do. She had to have one more night with AJ. AJ made her way to Olivia’s bedroom door without making a sound. She saw that the door was ajar and knew she would not have any trouble getting in silently. She stopped down from the door, quietly removed all of her clothes, and placed them in her bag. AJ got the blindfold and handcuffs from the side pocket, pulled her bag over her shoulder, and walked closer to Olivia’s bedroom. She heard soft music playing as she pushed open the door and slipped into the room. She kept herself against the wall just inside the door as she looked over at Olivia. If she had heard AJ come in, she wasn’t acting like it. AJ stayed right where she was until she saw Olivia draw her legs up under the sheet. AJ saw movement and then heard Olivia’s response as her hands evidently came down between her legs. AJ stayed quiet and moved to the empty side of the bed. She sat her bag down out of the way, gripped the blindfold in her hand, and slid güvenilir bahis across the bed. As Olivia started to turn toward her and lean up off the bed, AJ wrapped a hand around her mouth and slid behind her back. “Not a sound,” AJ whispered as she pulled Olivia’s bare back against her chest. She slid both hands up and pulled the blindfold over Olivia’s head and down over her eyes. AJ picked up the handcuffs, placed one side around Olivia’s left wrist, and then pulled her arm up to the headboard. She looped the cuffs around a rail, and then pulled Olivia’s right arm up and secured that wrist as well. “If you stay quiet, I won’t gag you. Understand?” AJ asked as she placed another pillow behind Olivia’s shoulders. “Yes,” Olivia’s shaky voice answered. She knew this had to be AJ, but it didn’t sound like her. And the scent that always let Olivia know when AJ was nearby, it wasn’t here. What Olivia smelled was an all knew aroma that she would never associate with AJ. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t AJ. Olivia felt the sheet being pulled down leaving her naked body exposed to the cool night air. Her nipples tightened even more from being exposed and from the excitement of the situation. “Look at you. You are all ready for me aren’t you? Your nipples are so hard. I bet they could cut glass. What about your pussy? I’m guessing you are so wet that I could fist you with no problem. Would that be true Olivia?” AJ brought one finger down and slipped it through Olivia’s folds. Olivia didn’t say a word, nod her head or anything. The only thing she did was respond immediately to the finger that was teasing between her legs. Her hips pressed against the light touch and tried to encourage the act. But the finger pulled away, and Olivia heard lips sucking cleaning her juices off of the finger. AJ reached into her bag and pulled out the collapsible whip. She leaned against the wall and slowly connected piece after piece until the whip was fully extended. AJ stayed against the wall as she stretched her arm out and teased the whip up the inside of Olivia’s leg. It reacted right away to the light touch and pulled away. AJ moved further up and let the tip barely graze across Olivia’s thigh. Muscles flinched and tightened as she teased her way up. When she reached the top of her thigh, she slid the shortened leather strap up the side of Olivia’s mound, across the strip of hair, and back down the other side. AJ looked up and saw Olivia’s chest rise with every ragged breath. Her body was clenched from the teasing, yet awaiting every touch. AJ pulled the whip away from Olivia’s legs and up toward her breasts. She laid the leather strap across a breast and slid it down her nipple. She teased underneath each breast before pulling the strap back up and across her other nipple. Olivia had no idea what she was being touched with but it had her entire body tight. Every touch made her clench even tighter. Her breathing was so chaotic that she was afraid she might pass out. Olivia heard a soft sound and then felt AJ’s weight on the bed. A strong but gentle hand massaged up both legs until Olivia’s body güvenilir bahis siteleri was once again relaxed. She felt movement again and felt a body brush against hers as AJ settled beside her. Fingers teased her neck as a hand lowered down to her chest. Light touches made Olivia even more aware of the cool air. Her flesh as well as her nipples responded to more of the gentle teasing. Olivia thought she was in for more light torture when she felt a tongue lick across her nipple. AJ surrounded the nipple and areola as Olivia’s back arched up toward her lips. A satisfying moan sounded as Olivia finally released her held in breaths. As AJ sucked on one breast, her fingers teased and pinched the other until both were straining from excitement. AJ had never seen anyone’s nipples get as big as Olivia’s when she was turned on. She sucked each nipple until they both were so large that AJ thought they had to be hurting. She pulled herself off the bed, reached into a pocket on her bag, and pulled out two clothes pins. She had used them on herself in the past. While they did hurt, there was never any permanent damage, and when you got passed the initial shock, the pain easily turned into pleasure. She had even made sure that both were not too tight on her own nipples before she had come over to Olivia’s tonight. AJ sat back on the bed and lowered the first clothes pin around Olivia’s nipple and then slowly released it. She did it slow enough that Olivia had time to prepare for the full pressure. AJ saw her cringe, but she barely made a sound when AJ finally pulled her hand away. She got the second one and secured it on Olivia’s other nipple before sitting back and looking at Olivia’s face. A mix of pain and pleasure crossed her face as she tried to take in every sensation. AJ sat up in the bed and reached back in her bag for her next item. She pulled up the butterfly stimulator and slid Olivia’s legs through each side. She pulled it up as far as she could and had Olivia raise her hips so she could get it into place. Once she made sure that the straps were tight and everything was where it should be, she had Olivia lower herself back down. AJ pulled herself back to the end of the bed and turned the butterfly on low. “Fuck,” Olivia groaned as the pulses started against her clit. Her body was already in high gear from all the teasing and torturing. Having a vibrator attached to her clit was just another way to string her along without her ever reaching her goal. The vibrations weren’t strong enough to send her over the edge, but they were enough to keep her clit pulsing. The fact that it was still on low gave Olivia slight hope that maybe she would cum before long. Olivia tried to adjust her hips to get more pressure on her clit, but with her hands cuffed above her head, she couldn’t move very far. After watching Olivia’s pleasant torture for a while, AJ slid up the bed, laid the remote just out of the way and gently removed the first clothespin that she had placed on Olivia. She took the nipple between her lips right away and gently circled her tongue around it as feeling started iddaa siteleri coming back. Olivia’s breathing let AJ know that she was enjoying every second of the sweet torture. As AJ moved toward Olivia’s other nipple, she reached over and turned the vibrator up one notch. She quickly pulled the second clothes pin off and sucked the nipple into her mouth. “Yes, god yes,” Olivia shouted as her body started reacting to every sensation. Her nipples hurt but the pain was a good pain, and every time AJ sucked on her nipple, a shock went through her body and built up between her legs. The vibrator was up just high enough to have her right on the edge but not quite enough to send her over. She pushed her chest against AJ’s sucking lips and clamped her legs together and moved her hips against nothing. AJ released Olivia’s nipple and pulled her lips away. She reached for the remote and turned the vibrator off. She heard Olivia’s whine at the loss of sensation, but she never said a word. AJ laid the clothes pins on the bedside table and picked up the handcuff key that she had placed there. She reached up and started unlocking Olivia’s hands. “I will remove the cuffs for now. If you make one move to remove your mask, I will leave and this will never be finished. You can touch me when I say you can touch me. Otherwise, keep your hands above your head or on the headboard. Agreed?” When Olivia nodded to her, AJ released one hand and then the other. Olivia rubbed her wrists, shook her arms a bit to wake them up, and then laid them above her head. AJ laid the key back on the table and crawled up beside Olivia. She linked one hand with Olivia’s as she pulled her head around and kissed her for the first time. The kiss filled AJ in a way that she felt herself moan against Olivia’s lips. She didn’t remember a kiss ever making her feel so complete and turned on at the same time. The kiss made her feel like she had just found the last piece to a puzzle that she had left unfinished for years. Yet, at the same time, her body immediately tensed up as she wanted more of the wonderful sensation. Olivia kept her arms above her head but she turned over on her side and pushed against AJ’s lips. Her tongue was welcomed by parted lips, and she felt AJ’s tongue dance alongside of hers as they moved together. AJ’s mouth was occupied but Olivia felt one of her arms move up and pull one of her hands around her side. Olivia’s hands came down quickly and held AJ as she turned back over on her back and pulled AJ on top of her. Her hands couldn’t decide where they wanted to be. They pressed AJ’s hips down as Olivia grinded up against her. But then they slid up and captured her breasts and immediately started their own game of torture. They barely teased against each nipple and then would pinch a hold of both and twist them between fingers. The only thing that would make it complete for Olivia is if she could pull them up to her mouth. AJ pulled away breathless and sat up over Olivia trapping her hands against her breasts as she did. She encircled each wrist and made sure Olivia’s hands stayed right where they were. AJ slid her hips back until she felt the butterfly stimulator beneath her. She kept her hips there and started grinding down against Olivia. Olivia’s legs moved up behind AJ’s back, and she tilted her hips up and met AJ’s movements with her own.