Sex with boyfriend

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Ariel Rebel

Sex with boyfriendMe Jenny and my boyfriend James had been together for roughly 5 months, and had not done anything sexually so far, it was a casual evening and we were just lying on his bed watching TV, James was roughly 5ft 10 and was a medium build, I did find him attractive and wanted to have sex with him. But I didn’t want to seem slutty by giving it away quickly, James lived with his Mum, she was divorced and was doing the dating scene which meant we had the house to ourselves for a few hours, I only lived down the road from James, and we met on our friends sweet 16, and things went from there. We were gently kissing when I felt James hand stroking my back and bum more than normal. He put his torso against me and I knew what he wanted from the bulge in his trousers, I was turned on but didn’t know if I was ready, I began to touch him around his cock area and he grabbed me harder. asyabahis yeni giriş Rubbing ourselves against each other I guessed that it was the right time. He undid my trousers and put his hand down my pants; rubbing my fanny at first I didn’t open my legs but as he began to rub I felt hotter I pulled them down fully spread my legs and he began to finger me. I let out a moan and undid his trousers pulling out his cock and began to wank him, about 5 minutes passed and we were ready to move on, I took off my top but left my Bra on as I wanted to tease him. He plunged his face into my boobs and started kissing franticly. I giggled and held his head against me; he raised his head and asked “would you suck me off?” I stopped giggling and froze, I had never done this before I didn’t want to mess up he was waiting for a response “ok” I said he moved back across asyabahis giriş the bed and laid back, I lent over to his cock and slowly put it in my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. It felt weird at first, but I think he was enjoying it from his reactions I began to lick the tip of it and the sides; he seemed to enjoy that more. There was a load bang down stairs I stopped sucking his cock, we looked at each other he said, “probably just the cat” I laughed and he gently pushed me back on the bed he opened my legs and began to lick my pussy. It was amazing I never felt so horny he stuck his tongue deep inside of me and I began thrusting against his face, he charged up my body and I removed my bra, once again he began to suck my boobs as he positioned himself to fuck me. At first him putting his cock inside me hurt to spite how wet I was, he began thrusting and I asyabahis güvenilirmi wrapped my legs over him as he pounded away. Because no one was in we could make as much noise as we wanted and a good thing to, I was moaning loudly as he went deeper inside of me, whilst he was shagging me he said “turn over” I did and he positioned me so my bum was facing him, he licked his fingers and rubbed my bum hole. I felt weird and knew what he was about to do, he lifted himself up and put his cock inside of my tight bum, gasping I gripped on to the pillows as hard as I could as his cock penetrated me, it hurt a bit but felt nice at the same he slapped my bum before putting his hands on my boobs, moaning he pulled himself put and came on by bum cheek. I rubbed it off and put it in my mouth, playing with it using my tongue it wasn’t really nice as porn stars claim it to be, he smiled and asked “would you swallow it?” I leant back and gulped, but hated the feeling of it against my throat. We continued going out over the next few months but things got worse when his mum got a new partner and they moved, we decided to split up rather than continue long distance.