Sex With Girlfriend’s Best Friend At School

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Sex With Girlfriend’s Best Friend At SchoolIt’s a fall day in the mid 1980’s at a high school in Florida. I just had first time sex with my new girlfriend Misty yesterday. I arrive at school early and find Misty’s friend Shirley waiting. She’s 18, five foot tall and between 90 and 100 pounds, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and an incredibly sexy body. This day she is wearing a low-cut sleeveless T-shirt, a red warm-up jacket covering it, tight Guess jeans and black pumps to complete her sexy outfit. Staring at me with a big smile she says, “I heard you and Misty did the wild thing yesterday.” “You heard?” “Oh yea I got all the juicy details.” “Really?” “Yep, she called right after you left and told me everything.” We walk to our homeroom and sit down in the back. “Was she satisfied?” I ask. “Oh yea, she said you were very impressive.” At this point she’s staring at the rising bulge in my jeans, licking her lips. I start checking her out as well and notice her nipples start to become erect. As she is sitting with her legs spread, I can’t help but focus on her crotch swallowing up her jeans, and then my gaze goes down to her sexy heels. “So what are you thinking about?” “Just wondering what you look like naked.” “That will be a surprise,” she replies with a smile.The teacher calls role, but then an office aid came in and told the teacher something. She looked toward us, “Mikey, you and Shirley need to report to the office right now.”We walk to the office real slow, putting it off as long as we can. Once there, we’re ordered into the principal’s office. “Where’s Misty at?” she immediately asks. “She’s got a Doctor’s appointment this morning,” Shirley replies. “Ok, where did y’all disappear to yesterday?” “I got sick and went home early.” “Without consulting me first?” “I’m canlı bahis şirketleri sorry.” “You’re damn right you are.” She then looks at me, “And where were you?” “Uh… err, I…” “Maybe you were with Misty, right?” “Something like that,” I nod. “Ok, detention for both of you, and Misty will join you when she gets here.” She picks up the phone and pages Mrs. Beasley to the office. A few minutes later she walks in. Mrs. Beasley is a sexy 30 year old blonde, about five foot tall with good looking legs and decent sized tits. She’s dressed in a red dress with matching heels. I follow them to a trailer behind the school. “Ok y’all take a seat in the front.” We watch her walk around the room closing the blinds. Opening the closet she takes out video cameras and set them up around the room. Sitting on her desk she says, “Ok k**s, lets talk about sex. Shirley, do you find Mikey to be attractive?” “Mmm, very much so,” replies Shirley. “I give you permission to have your way with him.” “Are you sure, Mrs. Beasley?” Shirley asks with disbelief. “Anything you want.”Shirley looks me over from head to toe. She takes off her jacket and slowly removes her shirt and bra. Her tits are medium-sized, firm, with perky nipples. She approaches me, takes my hand, pulls me from my seat and unbuttons my polo shirt. She takes it off and runs her soft hands over my muscular physique. I see her look down, a big smile comes over her face as she unsnaps and unzips my blue jeans, gets my cock out and grasps it in her hand. As she’s stroking it, she gets on her knees and takes me into her hot mouth and sucks me while fondling my balls. “Oh this is so good,” I moan. I run my fingers through her thick blonde hair. As she sucks, her hands start unlacing my Reeboks. She takes them canlı kaçak iddaa off, striping me naked. “Shirley, don’t waste a cum shot,” Mrs. Beasley tells her. Shirley lifts her head from my cock, takes it in her hand and pumps it until my hot jizz sprays her face. She tries to catch some in her mouth, some squirts on her tits. She milks every drop. She rubs it all over her tits, then licks it from her fingers, putting on one hell of a show for the camera.When she’s done with me, I collapse back in my seat for a rest. Shirley stands in front of me, steps out of her high heels and undoes her jeans real slow, pushing them down to her ankles. Next she takes off her pink panties, showing me her neatly shaved pussy. She slides her bare feet back into her heels and bends over Mrs. Beasley’s desk. I get behind her and slip my dick into her slick pussy and start fucking her. “Oh yes, oh yes, harder, harder, fuck me harder!” I pound her as hard as I can. She yells out, “Fuck my ass!” so I pull out, spread her ass-cheeks and put my dick up her ass-hole. “It’s so tight,” I say. “Oh shit, fuck me fuck me fuck me!” A few fucks later she yells “I’m cumming!” I do the same, filling her shit-hole with cum. We collapse in the floor. “Damn, that was awesome,” I told her. “Hell yes, Misty said you was damn good fuck and you are.”Mrs. Beasley tells us to get cleaned up to go to lunch. We get dressed and go to the lunch room and eat. We show up back at the trailer about 12:30. Misty shows up too, I wondered what kind of sex action we could expect now. Misty’s also got long blonde hair and blue eyes, but wears glasses. She’s a busty 38D with a plump ass, dressed in a maroon sweat shirt, tight jeans and high top L.A. Gears.”Misty, do you have a Doctor’s excuse?” Mrs. Beasley canlı kaçak bahis asks. “Yes ma’am,” Misty replies, and takes it from her purse and walks up to Mrs. Beasley, who has a look at it. “Did you have a physical?” “Yes ma’am.” Mrs. Beasley looks Misty over. “Where’s your skirt or heels at?” “I’m being casual today.” “Tell the truth Misty,” Shirley says.”What’s the truth?” Mrs. Beasley wants to know. “Her mom made her change because she looked like a slut.” “Misty, today were having sex ed. and health. So were gonna give you another exam, ok?” Misty blushes, not knowing what to think. Mrs. Beasley rubs Misty on her ass, “I love that fat ass you got.” I take my cock out and stroke it, it’s getting harder by the second. “Face the camera and take off your shirt and bra if you will?” Mrs. Beasley orders. Misty looks at me stroking myself, knowing I’m turned on, and obeyed the order. “Now sit on my desk.” Misty hops up on the desk. Mrs. Beasley fondles her big tits a few minutes. “You’ve got great tits.” She then slowly unlaces her L.A. Gears. “Did your Doctor let you keep your socks on?” “Yes.” Misty watched the teacher pull her shoes off. Looking at her white ankle-socks, Mrs. Beasley goes ahead and takes them off too. “Lay back please.” Me and Shirley watch her take Misty’s jeans and panties off. She automatically spreads her legs. Mrs. Beasley feels up her pussy and ass. “Uh-huh. Oh yea, that feels good.” Mrs. Beasley asks me, “Mikey, you want to offer your services?” I jump at the chance to bury my face in Misty’s snatch and eat her out until she cums. Then I quickly get my pants down and push her legs back, and slide my big dick inside her to fuck her brains out. “Oh yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming!” I grunt.I come, filling her pussy up. We kiss a while, then watch Shirley and Mrs. Beasley pleasure each other. When they finish we get dressed and it’s time to go home. Me and Misty go straight to her bed and fuck until her mom comes home. About a week later we all get a copy of the movies we made and are looking forward to making more.