Sexiplicity Ch. 08

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Sunday morning came. No one got up. We all slept in and kept sleeping until morning, only had an hour left. I didn’t mind. Either did evil Peter. The amount of sex we had yesterday had seemed to quiet his urges, if not for a while at least. I did hear a couple people use the bathroom, but then they both went back to their respective rooms and didn’t make an appearance in the living room where I was in and out of sleep. My bladder finally was screaming for relief, so I got up and made it to the bathroom and back to my couch without running into anyone.

It was Mom that finally appeared at my couch side. She sat down next to me and ran her fingers through my hair, as I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

“Hey, you,” she said.

“Hi, what time is it?” I asked.

“Almost noon. No one wanted to get up this morning, including me.”

“Guess not.”

“Do you have plans with Becca today?” Mom asked.

“Not really, I mean nothing scheduled. Why?”

“Just wondered. Might turn out to be just a lay around Sunday.”

“I’m not opposed to that. I was up late,” I said, smiling.

“Yes you were and so was your…” Mom cut herself off, smiling.

I grinned back, thinking about what we did last night, which got evil Peter congratulating himself again in my head.

“It was sure something, Peter… I’ve been thinking about it all morning since I woke up… how much I’ve missed it.”

“I’m just glad I put two and two together,” I said.

“Oh nice one asswipe… taking credit for my discovery!” Evil Peter howled in my head.

“I’m glad you did too,” Mom replied, leaning over and kissing my forehead.

She stood up and headed for the kitchen. I sat up, yawned and ran my fingers through my messy hair, sitting shirtless on the couch. One by one my girlfriend and sister came out of their rooms and down the hall. With keeping up appearances, Tiffany smacked the back of my head as she walked by calling me loser. Becca did the opposite and kissed me.

“I’m starving!” Tiffany said.

“Well, it is almost noon,” Mom replied.

I turned and watched all three women I just fucked yesterday join together in the kitchen and start fixing food. It was crazy the different body types of the three. Tiffany was taller, toned, with smaller breasts. Mom was shorter, wide hips, large ass and huge breasts. Becca was the shortest of all, more pear shaped than Mom because her breasts weren’t as big, but she had wider hips and a nice plump backside.

“Yep, that’s right, loser… take a good look. It’s because of me that you fucked them all yesterday. We’re back on the saddle, dickhead… all three of them are ours,” Evil Peter chortled.

He wasn’t wrong. And I didn’t respond, remembering what my life was like before I got hit by that car and he showed up. Now I can barely go half a day without my cock getting some sort of attention. Before I hated it, now it’s the best thing ever and drives my three women crazy. It’s the main reason Tiffany’s back in the mix. She’s officially addicted. Mom probably as well. Becca doesn’t know anything else but I’m sure she probably realizes how awesome it is. Right at that moment I couldn’t think how my life could get any better, but I also realized how fragile it was. All it would take was for Mom to catch me and Tiffany or even worse, Becca finding out I’m fucking either my sister or my mom. One slip up and this ‘perfect’ life would come crashing down around me.

“Don’t be a baby. I’ve got this. Just follow my lead and nothing bad will happen,” Evil Peter said.

I ignored him, weighing the pros and cons of his existence. Where would I be if he didn’t exist? It was obvious I wouldn’t be having as much or any sex if he didn’t, but if this goes south… it will be better if he hadn’t existed.

I pushed the thoughts of bad away and watched my three women work together to fix some food. Tiffany in her short shorts and crop top, her tight abs in dazzling view as well as her firm ass. Mom had her robe on and I knew she was probably naked underneath, maybe even oozing some of my load from her ass as she worked. Becca had her flannel pj’s on that seemed to be purchased before her breasts got as big as they are, since the buttons strain to stay closed over her tits. As I watched and lusted, my cock stirred in my pants and I knew if I continued to ogle them it would be a raging boner before long.

Just then, I heard a dog barking outside and stood up to look out the window. As I expected, Cobi had his damn dog on our lawn again and it was about to take a shit. Mom had heard the bark as well and she was going for the front door before I could stop her. She threw open the door and started yelling at Cobi to get his dog off her lawn. Evil Peter took over then.

“Shut it, lady… why don’t you make me,” Cobi yelled back at my mother.

Evil Peter moved fast, stepping past my mother and onto our front porch. I had no idea what he planned to do. The dog was dropping a huge shit at that exact moment. Just like normal, I was female fake taxi porno powerless to stop evil Peter who, with no fear of Cobi, jumped down the stairs and ran right at him and his dog. The dog was so distracted taking a shit that it didn’t even bark or move until evil Peter kicked it full on in the side.

“What the fuck, man!” Cobi roared as his dog yelped.

Evil Peter kicked the dog again, two more times before Cobi could close the distance between evil Peter and his dog. The dog, yelping in pain, ran away and before Cobi could touch us, the dog had yanked him around by the leash. This made Cobi have to follow his hurt and scared dog.

“You’re dead Clawson… next time I see you you’re dead!” Cobi hollered back.

“Anytime you piece of shit!” Evil Peter yelled back, before returning to the porch.

“Peter? What did you do?” Mom asked.

“I took care of the problem. That dog won’t crap on our lawn again, chances are it won’t even come near our house again.”

“Well, yes… but what about that large boy… he might hurt you.”

“I can deal with Cobi,” he said passing Mom, Tiffany and Becca as he took us back inside.

All three women were staring at us amazed. They had witnessed it all, since the yelling from my mother had brought Becca and Tiffany to the door.

“Wow, little brother… that was ballsy,” Tiffany said.

“Geez, Peter… Cobi was really mad,” Becca said as well.

He ignored them, since he already replied to my mom and went and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Holy shit, dude? What was that?” I asked him in our head.

“Something that needed to be done and your pansy ass wasn’t going to do it,” he replied.

“Yeah, ’cause I don’t have a death wish. Cobi’s twice our size… he’s going to murder us now!

The three women came inside, shut the door and returned to the kitchen, looking at me with new eyes as they passed the kitchen table but didn’t say anything.

“Like I told your mom, I can handle Cobi.”

“Oh really? How? Did you suddenly learn Kung Fu or some shit I don’t know about?” I said.

“Something like that,” he replied.

I had no idea what he was talking about, I mean the only martial arts he could possibly be talking about is the couple of years of karate at the YMCA when I was not even a teenager. That wasn’t going to help us against a 6′-5″ monster that wants to murder us. I couldn’t go to school now… I couldn’t show my face anywhere near the place because Cobi would now be waiting for me.

“It’s all about fear, you pussy… I’m not afraid of Cobi and when he figures that out, he’ll leave us alone.”

“Yeah, if we survive that long,” I said.

He still maintained control, and I sensed a calm from him. He really wasn’t worried about Cobi and I couldn’t understand why. Before long, food was set in front of us and the ladies joined us around the kitchen table and we all started to eat. I could sense they all wanted to talk about what evil Peter had done but none of them did. Instead, Mom asked what our plans were today.

“I’ve got work at the gym, meeting a client at one,” Tiffany said.

“We don’t really have plans,” Becca added.

“We might take a walk,” Evil Peter responded.

“A walk?” I asked him.

“Yeah, dummy… Becca’s mother will be at church soon. We can walk to her house and fuck her again in her room.”

“So nothing has changed for you, I see,” I responded. “Always looking for your next screw.”

“Why not… I don’t hear you complaining when you’re ramming your cock into her pussy.”

I didn’t respond.


We did take that walk and he did head right for Becca’s house, holding her hand and talking with her. She didn’t bring up Cobi, which surprised me. It was just casual conversations, like how we both slept and how nice the weather was.

“Hey, I got an idea. Is your mom at church right now?” Evil Peter asked her, knowing full well she was.

“Oh, yeah, probably…”

“Should we go see?” he asked.

“Sure, hopefully she hasn’t moved the key,” Becca said.

When we arrived at the house. The car was gone just like expected and the key was still hidden where we left it last time we snuck in. Apparently Becca’s mom didn’t realize we had used her house or didn’t care. Probably the former.

Inside, evil Peter pulled Becca by the hand up to her room immediately, our cock already growing hard on the way.

“Peter… did you bring me to my house so you could have sex with me again?” Becca asked as we entered her room.

“Sure did. You game?” he asked.

“Umm… I guess so. You are obviously,” she said, seeing the large bulge in our pants.

“Oh, this? Yeah, it’s ready,” Evil Peter said pulling our shorts and boxers down to reveal our hard cock. “Wanna taste?” he said.

“I could practice again, sure,” Becca said taking a step toward us and falling to her knees on her blue carpet.

“I think you have a very nice penis… it seems genel porno so big, but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t seen others,” she said reaching out and caressing the shaft with her fingers.

The sensation rushed through us and we took in a sudden gulp of air.

“Is it normal size or are you bigger than most?” she asked.

“Bigger than most,” he said. “Glad you like it.”

“Like, how much bigger?” she asked, pulling our cock toward her and opening her mouth to envelope the head.

It was difficult for him to respond as her warm, wet mouth sucked firmly on the head of our cock. He hesitated in his response, basking in the sensations.

“Well, every guy’s different but from what I’ve seen I’m well above average.”

She took us out of her mouth and asked, “What’s average?”

“I’ve heard about five inches.”

“Five inches, really? Let’s just see,” she said getting up and going to her desk. She returned with a ruler to measure my dick.

“So this is five inches and you are… yep, well above average… almost nine. “How’d you get so big?” she asked, dropping the ruler and grabbing our cock again to suck it.

“My dad, I guess,” he answered.

She moaned a response as she took a few more inches into her mouth. He looked down and together we enjoyed the view of Becca sucking our cock with both hands on the portion she couldn’t fit in her mouth. Pleasure gripped our body and we stood there enjoying the delights of her mouth. She sucked and licked us while stroking the bottom. She was improving each time she did it. Getting more practiced and adventurous. She managed more than half of our length in her mouth this time and did better at stroking as well, didn’t hold as tight.

“If you were average, I could suck the whole thing,” she said, after taking our wet cock from her mouth.

It seemed she had remembered where five inches was, and she was right… if my cock was that small she could have engulfed it all.

“It makes me wet when I do this?” she said, after no response from him.

“Your nipples are hard as well,” he replied, ignoring the average dick subject.

“Oh, yep… look at that,” she said with a giggle.

She stood up and began to undress. Evil Peter kicked off our shoes and shorts, then the shirt. Becca was down to her bra and panties when he grabbed her and carried her to the bed. Laying her down, he pulled her underwear off, dropping them on the floor as our head fell between her legs. She was wet for sure as our tongue spread her open and we tasted her juices from sucking us. He dug his tongue deep, getting to the tangy center before riding up to her erect clit, he sucked and nibbled on.

“Oh… Peter… I love that… it’s so… intense!”

It was when he flicked it fast with his tongue that she liked, so he kept doing it until she was squirming so much he couldn’t keep going. She was breathing hard, nipples erect and chest rising and falling when he came up for air. She must have taken her own bra off. Crawling forward, he grabbed both her breasts and started feasting on them as he lifted, pressed and palmed the one he wasn’t sucking on. One slight forward thrust and I felt our cock enter her, making her moan and then again, louder as he thrust the rest of those close to nine inches deep.

He was right. I wasn’t complaining as I basked in the same thing he was, thrust after thrust into Becca’s tight, wet pussy. Pleasure coursed through our cock, hands and mouth as we fucked and sucked, groping her breasts and rushing our cock in and out of her. Our whole body was alive as the arousal grew, our cock expanded and our balls tightened for release. Her bed squeaked and the headboard slapped the wall as evil Peter drove our cock hard and deep into my girlfriend.

I was just waiting for him to take us over the limit, to feel that sweet, intense point of explosion. I’d gain my control back and experience the bliss of climax, but of course he was still in control and had other ideas.

Rolling us and Becca over, she was suddenly on top and about to cum so it took her aback to find herself on the verge but in control. She hesitated for a few seconds but then pushed herself up with her arms and began lifting herself up and down with her legs. We watched as she rose about six inches every time, to then drop down fully on our cock. Evil Peter grabbed both of her breasts, tweaking the nipples as she rode us until she got what she was so close to getting moments earlier.

A hot letdown of her juices suddenly covered our cock, as her pussy began to spasm. She screamed, moaning loudly as her orgasm rushed through her, causing her to tremble and her legs to shake until she fell full weight on top of us, breathing heavily. She had gone limp but we could still feel her pussy pulsing around our cock, buried deep. Evil Peter didn’t hesitate, he rolled us all back over, knelt up, lifting her legs and began to drive our cock hard and fast into a moaning Becca who still hadn’t recovered from her efforts.

Friction glory hole secrets porno was intense and two minutes later, after pounding every inch into her with every thrust, he yanked our cock free and proceeded to bath her in ropes of white cum. I found myself in control, stroking my ejaculating cock and grunting from the intense contractions as my semen rained down on my girlfriend. My glands emptied, spurting out to stripe her breasts, tummy and dribble on her open pussy as my load eased and finished. I fell to the side of her, breathing hard and enjoying the after pleasure from the intense orgasm.

We cleaned up, got dressed again and prepared to leave the house before her mother got home from church. I was still in control with evil Peter content and humming something in my head. What happened next is sort of a blur. All I remember was leaving the house, closing the door and using the key to lock the house. As I was hiding the key, I heard Becca scream my name and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving fast toward me. Something hit me so hard in the back of my head everything went black.


When I woke up, everything hurt. It took me a minute just to open one eye. The other, for some reason wouldn’t open and the one that did, just barely. I realized I was in a hospital, it hurt to breath and my face and body throbbed with pain. When I tried to look around the room, I was jolted with pain and moaned, which caused even more pain. That’s when I heard my family.

“He’s waking up,” Tiffany said.

Both she and Mom came closer to the bed I was in. I could scarcely see them.

“Don’t try and talk or move,” Mom said.

“You’ve got several broken ribs, facial fractures and you may never see out of your left eye again. They had to operate and remove your spleen and fix a collapsed lung,” Tiffany said.

“Cobi jumped you and Becca. He knocked you out and then started kicking you over and over. Becca tried to stop him but he hit her too. He almost killed you, Peter.”

I tried to talk but couldn’t.

“Your jaw is wired shut… Becca’s fine if that’s what you wanted to know. She’s got a black eye and some other bruises. She’ll be back soon,” Tiffany said.

“There is a button in your right hand for morphine if the pain is bad,” Mom said.

I found the button and pushed it. It started to help but only some. I had never felt such pain. I almost wished Cobi had just killed me it hurt so badly. I was angry, confused, worried and suddenly realized… alone.

At least in my head. Evil Peter was gone. No humming, no groaning and no hiding. He was just gone, like before my car accident gone. Like, he never existed gone. It pissed me off more than anything. He had caused this pain and he wasn’t having to feel it.

“The police arrested Cobi. After beating you, he tried to flee after realizing what he had done. They pulled him over trying to get on the freeway. He’s in jail. You’ve been unconscious for three days,” Tiffany said.

Soon after a doctor came in and explained in great detail everything Tiffany said already and what they had to do to save my life. I guess I was very lucky to have survived.


I was in the hospital for six weeks, with my ribs broken and my mouth wired shut as the bones healed enough so that I could go home. Then physical therapy was scheduled for however long I needed until I was strong again.

I had to write down anything I wanted to say or answer if it wasn’t a yes or no question. Becca visited me every day as did Tiffany and my mom. Of all the things I was worried about that might ruin my perfect life, I never considered almost being kicked to death by Cobi. For all intents and purposes, I was still in with all three women. Out of commission for sure, but still in good with all of them.

I knew this because whenever I was one on one with them, they made it apparent they missed me and missed my cock. Tiffany, for example, mentioned when Mom and Becca were out of the room that Cobi had left my penis and balls pretty much unscathed in the beating. She had checked herself when I was unconscious and alone. I didn’t know, even when I recovered, if I could keep fucking all three without the help of evil Peter.

I wasn’t interested in sex and I don’t think my cock even got hard for the first five weeks of my recovery. Too much pain to think of anything else and I’m sure the catheter stuck up my urethra didn’t help. But as they say, time heals everything. By the fifth week, when the pain started to finally ease in my ribs and face, and they removed the catheter, because I was able to finally get out of bed. I woke up one morning with a raging hardon.

As I laid in my hospital bed, looking down at the bulge in the sheets, I was relived it still worked and started calculating how long it had been. Over four weeks since I had ejaculated. Four weeks! I had never gone that long before. It felt like it… my cock was so hard, just throbbing under the covers in the early morning. And the urge was back, the desire to cum, to have sex, to release what would undoubtable be the largest climax of my life, in volume at least. I was horny again and I wondered if evil Peter would show up as well, like maybe they were linked in some way, but no other voice sounded in my head as my cock throbbed on.