Sexting at it’s best

7 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Sexting at it’s bestDesiree : So how was ur day babe…im checking my email now 12:43 AMMe if you didnt get it. its cool its not tha important 12:43 AMDesiree : Im looking now…i got it 12:44 AMDesiree : Omfg! Is that what u did to my picture 12:45 AMMe: yes i busted a good one 12:47 AMDesiree : Did it feel really good…did ur toes curl when u were thinking of my tight pink wet pussy 12:56 AMMe: yes it felt great but not as good as if i was in that tight wet pink pussy. fuck i got hard just texting this.but i got the job done and made a nice mess 12:59 AMDesiree : U wanna go again? I could help 1:00 AMMe: i always want to go any. how can you help 1:02 AMDesiree : Well i can send u some texts 1:02 AMMe: wow some sexting 1:04 AMDesiree : Haha yea lol never done it but ill give it a go 1:05 AMDesiree : So right now i want u lay down klasbahis yeni giriş on ur back..and picture me in front of ur bed slowly taking my clothes off..u can look but u cant touch 1:06 AMDesiree : I run my hand across my lips then down my chest…carress my nipples then go down my stomach to my tight little pussy 1:07 AMDesiree : Now u have to lay there and watch me rub my titties and my clit……then i come up on the bed and straddle u…i let ur hard dick brush up against my pussy… 1:07 AMMe: i have never done that before. phone sex yes but never sexting. okay i can do that for you 1:08 AMDesiree : I kiss ur lips..ur neck and ur ear while ur dick pulses and continues to brush across my clit…my pussy starts to get sooo wet…so i go down to lick my juices 1:08 AMDesiree : Off ur dick..i start sucking klasbahis giriş on it harder and harder…i turn around so we are in the 69 position and let u taste what i taste…i let u grab my ass and let u 1:10 AMDesiree : Rub my clit with ur fingers as i continue to suck u up and stroke ur dick…u beg to be inside me…so u flip me over on the bed…. 1:11 AMDesiree : U suck each of my nipples so they get rock hard…and u run ur hands all over my body…then u spread my legs and shove ur dick deep inside… 1:11 AMDesiree : (how am i doing?) 1:12 AMMe: im fucking hard as a rock 1:13 AMDesiree : Ok well start stroking it…anyways…u shove ur dick deep in me and i start to moan quietly…i pull ur neck close to me so i can whisper dirty things into ur 1:14 AMDesiree : Ear…u start to push in harder so i klasbahis güvenilirmi moan louder…u tangle ur fingers into my hair and go harder and faster…i tell u im about to body tenses up and 1:16 AMDesiree : Im almost there…i lightly scratch ur back and moan louder and louder…u tell me ur about to bust the fattest nut deep inside me 1:16 AMDesiree : U shove ur fat cock in as deep as u can and bust a fat warm nut..and u keep going a little until ur wore out…as u slowly pull ur dick out u watch the cum drip 1:18 AMDesiree : Frm my pussy and i rub it all over my clit 1:18 AMMe: oh my fucking gosh i have never wanted someone this bad in my life and you havent even touched me 1:21 AM Desiree : So how did i do?Me: babe you did unbelievable thats how i like to be fucked so bananas 1:24 AMDesiree Hawkins: Good…did u cum for me 1:32 AMMe: of course i did if u were here where would u have wanted me to cum 1:34 AMDesiree : Deep inside me or all over my pussy and tummy 1:35 AMMe: fuck i would wanna fill ur lil pussy up 1:38 AMDesiree : I bet u could to…so im good at sexting yay! 1:38 AM