Sexual Encounter by jbbj83 and col1457 (Edited by

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Sexual Encounter by jbbj83 and col1457 (Edited by12:11 pm, June 10 col1457I am so hard for you honeyI want to feel your lips around my cock teasing it softlyYour body looks great as you kneel in front of meI guide my dick to your face…12:17 pm, June 10 jbbj83I move my face and head straight for your soft but tender ballsI take them one at a time in my mouth slowly sucking I then take the tip of your big hard cock and twirl the tip of my tongue hungrily around it Before taking the full length of you in my mouth whilst slowly and gently sliding a finger inside your arse and then out again…12:21 pm, June 10 col1457I gasp as your finger enters my arse it feels goodI can’t believe the ease with which you took my length into your hot sweet mouth it feels so goodI love the fact that you’re looking up at meI can feel my balls twitching as my pre cum starts to rise…12:28 pm, June 10 jbbj83I lap the pre cum like a thirsty little puppy before standing and looking up into your eyes I offer you my tongue so that you can taste your juices – it’s clear that you like the taste too as I feel your cock twitch against my swollen pussyYour hand raises to grasp my ponytail and with full force you pull me back onto my knees and force your now bigger dick laced with pre cum down the back of my throat I squirt a little onto your bare feet, I am so excited, wet and ready…12:35 pm, June 10 col1457I cant hold back any longer I grab your head and forcefully start to fuck your throatI am starting to make you gag but I cant help it you have turned me on so muchI canlı bahis start to cumIt is coming in jets I cant help it loads is coming outI pull out of your mouth and cover your face in jizz too…12:48 pm, June 10 jbbj83As much as I love the taste of your cum and swallow every last drop I can’t hide my disappointment in you …. I push you hard and you fall onto your back I clamber over you and position myself onto your faceYour tongue gently circles my clit before I start grinding my cunt around the full thickness and length of your swollen tongue.You murmur something about how good I taste and you lap my juices vigorously before inserting a finger into my deep, tight, wet pussy… I moan loudly with pleasure and silently long for you to insert more…12:56 pm, June 10 col1457I love it when you sit on my face, you taste so sweetI know you want more and I know that you want my cock deep inside you but for now I ease another finger into your tight cuntI have two fingers rubbing at your maGic spot and I continue licking small circles on your clit as you grind hard on my faceHearing you moaning is turning me on so much my cock is stiffening againI keep licking until my cock is rock hard for you then I throw you onto the bed and lift up your legs over my shoulders so I can fuck you hard and deep…1:10 pm, June 10 jbbj83My legs start to tremble I can feel myself … Any second now I’m going to cum all over you but I don’t want to. I move quickly out of your grasp and you turn over to see what’s happening Again I push you so that you fall back. bahis siteleri You’re lay on your back on the bed with your cock so big and hard it’s like a flag pole missing a flag … I steady myself onto your dick I am going to be your flag and your mast is going to raise me so fucking high – I am breathless with anticipation I glide gently taking deep hard strokes my pussy again throbs I thought me being in control would make my orgasm subside but it hasn’t it’s made my need to cum more forceful as I realise that me on top means your cock is going deeper into the tight black hole than before. You can tell that I’m going to cum any minute and you lick your finger before moving it to my clit … Trying to tip me over the edge … You spank my left arse cheek hard with your free hand and I squeal in sheer delight … I’m going to cum any second now … I’m cumming … I don’t want to so I quickly jump off your cock and with shaking legs I take your big hard cock in my mouth lapping up my own juices… You’re right I taste so fucking sweet. My pussy is dripping all over the bed I’m ready to cum now so I spin around into a 69 position and with one singular gentle stroke of your tongue against my clit I explode all over your face. I have squirted my love juice all over your face and you lie there satisfied before exploding one more in my mouth … I come up to kiss you, our tongues explore each others and we share our juices fuck we both taste so good. My cunt continues to throb and need you and your cock stirs again…1:23 pm, June 10 col1457Oh güvenilir bahis good I love our blended juices – they are all over the sheets and our faces. The bits of your body covered in cum are glistening I can’t help myself and I start to lick and suck the wetness off you.I start to nibble and bite on your nipples, they are so erectI spit into your pussy I want to clean you out before starting all over againI start to play again with your cunt I reach into your draw and pull out your dildoI start to tease your pussy, slowly pushing the tip in and out while licking your clit all the timeI want to fuck your arseI turn you over leaving your butt exposed. I start to rim you, even your arse hole looks and tastes great. My tongue moves making bigger and bigger circles preparing your sweet sexy behind for my once again throbbing cock. I slowly enter you and in unison I push the dildo deep into your still tight but oh so wet pussy…1:28 pm, June 10 jbbj83And there I go again legs trembling I EXPLODE … I cant let you touch me I am so sensitive so you ram the dildo into my mouth I gag and tears stream down my face you slap me hard. I look up at you forgivingly as I wipe the tears away. I fiercely lick and suck the dildo like a lollypop god this fuck is amazing…col1457I pull your arse towards meI am now stood at the bottom of the bed. I bend you over in front of me. I reach around in front of you and continue to play with the dildo in your pussyI cant help but spank your sexy arse, I don’t want to hurt you but you are driving me crazy. Your arse starts to redden, this just turns me on moreI drive my dick deep into your lovely behind,.. it’s so tight and it feels great – before I know it we are in each others arms on the bed trembling with desire for each other…