Sexual Fantasies: Sorry Honey

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Sexual Fantasies: Sorry HoneyDISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some bi, some sissy, some gay. But hopefully you’ll find them arousing!Sexual FantasiesSorry HoneyJohn walked into the house after a long day at work. He was ready to finally start college in the coming months and the job money would help. As he entered, he heard his mother calling him into the kitchen. Julia, a beautiful woman in her mid 40’s, was seated at the kitchen table wearing some jogging shorts and a white tank top. “What’s up, mom?”“Have a seat, honey.” Julia said. John sat down opposite of his mother. She seemed to have a serious look on her face. “Everything ok?” John asked.Julia smiled. “Everything is great for me.” She said. “But unfortunately your day is about to get depressing. For that I’m sorry, honey.”John was confused.“There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just start with the bad news and then tell you what happened. It’s going to get a little graphic but I think you need all the details to truly understand.” Julia continued. “Your girlfriend is breaking up with you.”“What?!” John exclaimed. “Why in the hell would Krystal break up with me?”Julia smiled. “It’s my fault.” She said. “Well, it’s also your fault. Let me explain.”“I’m listening.”“She came over earlier for a very sweet reason. She knows I know you two have been having sex and that I support you both. She knows I’m open-minded and she wanted my opinion.”“Opinion on what?” John asked. “Krystal wanted to surprise you with some new lingerie.” Julia told him. “She had purchased a few different sets and was wanting my opinion on which one I thought you’d like best. I told her I would be thrilled to help.”“I still don’t understand why she now wants to break up with me.”“She showed me the bras and panties she bought, but we agreed I would need to see them on her to judge fairly.” Julia explained. “So we went to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and watched her take off her shirt. Her natural tits looked so perky and I noticed she had the cutest little nipples. Then she took off her shorts and underwear. Honey…that girl has an amazing little body! A very, very beautiful vagina. And such a cute little butt.”“I know. That’s why I am dating her.”“You mean you were dating her.” Julia corrected him. “Anyway, I couldn’t help but stare at her crotch as she tried on her new panties. Such a tight, young vagina. Just lovely.”“Mom! Why are you talking about my girlfriend’s cunt?!”“Ex girlfriend.” Julia üsküdar escort said with a wink. “And I was just making conversation. Trying to focus elsewhere because my own vagina was getting juicy looking at her young body. So I casually asked if you were the first person to make her orgasm. And her response was shocking.”“What did she say?”“She asked if the female orgasm was a myth!” Julia told her son. “She said she gave you lots of orgasms but she had never experienced one herself and just assumed it was a myth for girls to climax. I was so saddened by that.”“But she’s always moaning and acting like she’s enjoying the sex.” John responded.“She was faking it to make you feel better.” Julia said with a sigh. “Krystal is beautiful and deserves to cum. But she still wanted to make you happy. The last pair of underwear she tried on was incredible. It was black, and totally crotch less and backless, so her taut buns were fully visible. She looked stunning.”John crossed his arms, still not knowing where this was going. “I couldn’t resist anymore. I squeezed her butt and told her how nice she looked.” Julia explained. “Then it just came out. I told her I was going to make her orgasm and she didn’t stop me. My hands and fingers were between her legs instantly. She left the lingerie on as I went to work. I kissed her bare ass as my fingers toyed her precious hole. Then I pulled one of her cheeks to the side and slid my tongue up and down her wrinkled anus.”“Mom!”“I know. But I couldn’t help it.” Julia confessed. “Her ass tasted so good. I slid two fingers into her twat and fingered her until she came on my hand as I licked her sweet little butthole.”“What the fuck?” John asked.“I didn’t stop there.” Julia told him. “I turned her around and switched it up. I licked her wet cunt and used a finger to tease her backdoor. Then I practically sucked her twat lips off of her body as I dipped the tip of my finger into her very tight bottom. She squirted! It was wonderful. Krystal’s pussy squirted all over mommy’s face and mouth. Her young snatch tasted SO good, honey. And the juice from her slit…creamy and delicious. I could’ve licked her little pussy for days and days.”“I can’t believe you fucked my girlfriend, mom. I didn’t even know you were a lesbian.”“Sweetie…” Julia said. “…it’s okay if you need to cry. Are you going to cry?”John sighed heavily. “No. I just didn’t know you were going to steal your son’s girlfriend.”“And I didn’t know my son was terrible at pleasing women.” tuzla escort Julia said bluntly. “As far as my lesbian side… ever since your father passed, being with another man never felt right. Back in college I used to eat snatch like it was Ramen noodles. So I figured I’d go back to having sex with women.”John shook his head in anger.“Anyway. Krystal was so grateful for the orgasm that she asked to return the favor. I was so worked up that I had to do it. Her face was too pretty for me to say no. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them down. She touched me through my underwear a bit. She commented on how wet my panties had gotten.”John sighed. “She pulled down my underwear and began to touch mommy’s privates. For a first timer she did exceptionally well. Krystal ate me out so well. I was still sitting on the bed, she was on her knees on the floor in front of me. She held your mother’s thighs open and just buried that cute face in my soaking muff. It wasn’t long until my own pussy squirted onto her face. She loved that. And she told me my pussy cum tasted much better than your semen.”“This is unbelievable.”“After that I explained tribbing to her. We got on the bed and rubbed our sopping wet cunts together and we both had another orgasm together. On each other. Then I just held her for a few minutes and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her.”“So that’s it? You gave her an orgasm and now she’s breaking up with me?”“Pretty much.” Julia admitted. “Who would choose no orgasms over orgasms, sweetie?”John noticed his mother didn’t have a bra on, as her nipples were very obviously poking through the material of her tank top.“Is this turning you on?” John asked in an angry tone. “Just thinking about her naked body in my arms is making me quite aroused, yes.”“And what about the fact that I’ll never see Krystal again?”“Oh you’ll see her plenty.” Julia said. “We talked after having sex and I’m going to date her now. She’s actually coming over for dinner tonight.”“Are you k**ding me?!”“Of course not, honey.” Julia assured her son. “She liked having an orgasm and wants more. I’m going to make sure she’s getting the vaginal and anal satisfaction she deserves.”“Anal?! She never let me go near her ass. I begged her to do that forever.”“Should’ve gotten her off. Women open up if they know you’ll get them off.” Julia told him. “After we had sex, she actually asked me to show her some butt stuff. I had her spread her cheeks and I put one of my plugs in her ass. pendik escort Then I sent her to the sex shop to pick out a nice strap on for me to put in her ass. She was so excited when she left. After she picks one out, she’s coming back over so I can fuck her in the butt.”“I can’t believe you did this, mom.”“Be happy for her that she’s being satisfied now.” His mother said. “And just know I am going to fuck that girl’s ass so good tonight. You’ll probably hear a lot of orgasm moans echoing through the house. I’m fine with you staying at a friend’s house if you prefer. Krystal’s pants are coming off as soon as we finish dinner and we are going to fuck all night long. I definitely want to grind our twat meat together again.”“I’m still going to think about her when I jerk off.” John said in a pouting manner. Julia frowned. “That’s kind of weird, honey. Masturbating to your mom’s girlfriend.”“She was my girlfriend first!” John exclaimed. “I think I need some air.” John stood up from the table, glaring at his mother. “That works for me.” Julia told her son. “I need to take a shower and rub one out before Krystal gets back. Just thinking about tonight has caused me to soak my little panties.”Julia giggled and stood up. She put a hand on John’s shoulder. “I love you. I’m sorry I stole your girlfriend, honey.” She said, sliding her other hand into her shorts and starting to touch herself. “I’m going to take good care of her though. I promise. Her body is in very capable hands now.”John walked out of the kitchen, still upset. Julia kept her hand in her shorts, rubbing her wet mound through her underwear, as she headed to the shower in her bedroom. Julia undressed and stepped into the shower. She quickly brought herself to orgasm thinking about all of the dirty things she was going to do to Krystal. She made good on her promise to drill Krystal in the butt. That night Krystal fell in love with having her anus penetrated. Then Julia bent over so Krystal could play with her hole. Both women had multiple orgasms that rang out across the house.John never fully got over his mother stealing his girlfriend, but he eventually moved on. He had sex with a few more women, but never was able to give one an orgasm. Eventually the woman he married made him a cuckold, and he was able to watch a bull have sex with her and got to witness a female orgasm. Seeing a woman so turned on and satisfied led to the biggest cumshot of his life, which his wife made him lick up.Julia and Krystal ended up dating for almost two years. After their relationship, they both remained exclusively with other women. Krystal never had another penis inside of her after John had wasted her time with his. Julia and Krystal parted on amicable terms. Julia was even a bridesmaid when Krystal married another girl Julia had introduced her to. John was invited but did not attend.