Sexual Satisfaction At Salon

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Sexual Satisfaction At SalonSexual Satisfaction At SalonBy: Londebaaz Chohan Zephyr observed the rain splashing after the drops hit his tanning salon window and it quickly turned to hard rain fall with intensity. Completely black clouds rolled and whipped in the skies. The wind also picked and it was obvious that the weather was going to be wicked and harsh for long time. He bid farewell to the 2 ladies that finished the tanning session and were leaving his salon cautioning them about the nasty weather. The both women giggled and Zephyr did not know why but he also chuckled with them. Being a small, very small town, he knew the things to be stale and not go anywhere but he enjoyed flirting with the ladies that visited his business. He knew fully that in such a small town, nothing could ever come of it and he also knew that most ladies were married and liked the friendly flirtation to keep them coming back. He had started this business almost a year ago. Like always, he began to daydream while straightening the beds and imagining about those ladies, who just left his business thinking of their hot bodies and how they looked laying naked. Helen had almost half an hour drive to her home from her office. She observed the weather and decided that she could beat it. She was so hopeful to relax and spend the time in the tanning bed after a long day but it if kept up such, she would not be able to make home for the joyous and fun evening in her own tanning bed. Zephyr shook his head and whispered of this being a long evening as he walked back to his seat on the front desk. Checking the register, he learned that there were no more appointments for the evening and with the weather being this bad, it would not hurt if he locked the doors little bit earlier. Helen had not gone far when the rain began strafing the windshield of her car. The black clouds had made everything to go dark and it really looked very bad. Suddenly rain started falling like the sheet of water coming down with a fury. She quickly thought to pull out into the small shopping center just ahead and wait it out at the coffee shop. What a stupidity, she should not had left the cozy office and waited it out there instead. By the time she came out of the car and walked into the coffee shop, she was soaked. The waitress brought her a small towel and led her to the seat. Helen was shivering until she sipped the hot coffee and noticed a tanning salon on the corner. She decided to visit, after she was done here.Watching out the window from his seat, Zephyr noticed a car pull into the shopping center and a young woman walked into the coffee shop. He decided that he could use a cup of coffee as well but was held at his seat by the phone call. This was a customer, calling to reserve a bed time tomorrow and after he was done with the needed information and put the phone down, he was suddenly startled by the soaking and the dripping youthful lady entering the saloon. The rain water wetness had made her blouse totally sheer revealing her plump, tan breasts. Zephyr smiled to welcome her and could not help stare her cleavage as she leaned over the counter and asked him, if any beds were available. Helen also noticed the very good looking guy behind the counter staring at her but cutely pretending that he was not looking at her. Zephyr looked up to ask her, “How much time she wanted” and that’s when she noticed his Emerald Green, burning eyes as she whispered her answer. She could even feel his eyes on her back as she walked bursa escort to the room. His eyes were at her nice and fully rounded ass as she walked to the door and he told her that if the weather got worse and thunder or lightening started, he would have to cut the power and turn off the bed. He really loved a full ass in front of his eyes and imagined squeezing it.Helen went in the room and started to take her clothes off. While she was rubbing the tan accelerator on her, she thought of the idea of him helping her. She put the headphones on as she laid in the bed. Tanning had become her escape plus the bed was so relaxing that she fell asleep soon with the music turned up loud and began dreaming of him rubbing oil on her body, his warm hands were roaming all over her breasts and smooth stomach. Her body started to tingle, dreaming of him touching her body. Her hand slipped down and she started to flick and caress her swollen clitoris. Zephyr watched the weather, growing in intensity while imagining her laying in the bed, her breasts being toasted nicely. She was the most beautiful woman he had seen in a while. He rubbed his crotch thinking of her deep pussy. Exactly then a huge bolt of lightning flashed in the air followed by another. The dark sky got lit and he decided to go get her out of there. He knocked on the door, couple of times but perhaps the music was too loud in the headphones or she had slept so deep that she did not answer. Zephyr thought to turn off the bed but then decided to rescue her in person. The thunder was getting even more dangerous. He took the key and slowly opened the door. The skimpy panties were fallen on the floor, visible to him, leaving no doubt that she was naked. He called her but other than a soft moan, there was no response from her. He called a bit louder but still no answer but her moans got intense and with that his cock got stiffening and throbbing, imagining to do her. He decided to open her bed and wake her up as he heard the thunder getting more intense. He walked over, hoping she would wake up and opened her bed just a little. There she was with her hand caressing her moist cunt. Her body was so magnificent. He touched her shoulder and she gasped and sat up quickly.He tried to explain her about the weather but the words got clogged in his throat and soon he got his mouth watering thinking of kissing her very beautiful, full firm breasts. She looked at the growing lump between his legs and smiled, stretching seductively as she got off the bed. He noticed the glistening wetness on her inner thighs from pleasuring herself. She thanked him for coming to get her out of her sleep, with a wicked grin on her face. A loud thunder made her jump a little as she asked Zephyr, looking at his obvious erection if she could help him because he was getting noticeably hot and he only gave her a teasing wink saying, “Any little bit would be great”! Helen turned and arched her back asking him to look and tell her if her tan was even in the back? “That is the best tan, I had seen in a while”. He told her, then rubbed her ass and inspected thoroughly, giving her couple of friendly slaps on her nicely rounded ass cheeks. By now his revolting cock was threatening to burst out of his pants. He kissed her neck and came to his knees to fondle her ass once again. She arched her back and kept up the rhythm as he played with her ass. Leaning on a chair, she gave him a better access. Zephyr ran a finger down her bursa escort bayan crack and over her soft pussy making her whimper in anticipation. He spread her cheeks and licked from her cunt to the top of her ass. She cried out with pleasure feeling his tongue on her clitoris once again. His tongue slowly ran up to circle around her tight asshole, darting in and around her ass. She screamed and her hips writhed as he drove her wild with couple of fingers slipped into her aching pussy for hard pumping and his tongue fucked her asshole. The sensation of his tongue flicking in her ass was driving her wild.Thunder raged outside and her heart pounded with each loud noise. Zephyr licked the glistening wetness from her inner thighs before standing up and kissing her possessively, thrusting his tongue in her mouth as the thunder pounded outside. He started kissing and sucking on her warm, full breasts while teasing her nipples with lip bites. Helen could feel his stiff cock pressing as well as his throbbing heat against her thighs. She unzipped his pants and reached in to fish out his thick cock while kissing Zephyr’s chest and abdomen. The beautiful site of his lovely cock made her greedy and she took it in her mouth. Soon she was completely lost in the moment, took his huge dick in her mouth and started sucking it, massaging it with her tongue. Zephyr moaned and started pumping harder, fucking her mouth like hell. Helen also moaned and sucked harder taking him deep in her throat, feeling the balls slapping against her lips. Her hands kneaded his balls making him ready to feed her every last drop.Zephyr announced that no, he would not do it that fast, grabbed her head and pulled away wanting to return the favor first. She quickly laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide for him. Zephyr saw her wet twat and simply could not resist to taste it. Positioning in 69 on top, he pushed his cock in her eager mouth and she felt his hot, wet tongue on her labial folds. She thrusted her hips up to meet him. He reached for her clitoris and brushed it with his tongue like a possessed man. She moaned loud and sucked him harder pulling him by his butt. A bit reluctantly, she wet her middle finger and gently encircled his asshole, making him shiver and quiver all the way up his spine. He stopped for a moment to let the pleasure run through his body and then screamed and began thrusting harder with the rhythm of the storm outside. She continued to play at his butt hole, making him moan much louder and her cunt suddenly began contracting, realizing how good she had made him feel. She fed her excitement to him with the gush of pleasure surging through her body. Zephyr could not get enough of her pussy juice and lapped all the sweet taste available. Her pussy flexed and released while her finger still teased his ass, making him ready to explode. The sensation was so intense and incredible that he urged her on but could not take much more of this. He had to fuck her now as a must.He pulled out her mouth and slipped a finger in her slick pussy. She groaned asking him to fuck her. He slipped his finger in her tight ass, driving her crazy until she begged him to fuck in her ass and took the doggy position on her knees and elbows to let him marvel her luscious ass, tanned and firm to perfection. Once gain he put one and then two fingers in her tight asshole. She rotated her hips and arched her back thrusting her ass high in the air and commanding escort bursa to fuck her ass, now.Zephyr took the position behind her and grabbed her ass for pulling her into him and slid his hard, dangerously erect cock into her warm and wet cunt for lubing himself. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock was so immense that he was tempted to stay in there for a while but he pumped couple of times and pulled out his dripping wet very thick, hard cock. She spread herself wide for him, feeling his cockhead stretch her wider. She shuddered, bit her lips and then began to feverishly finger her clitoris. She felt the thrusting of hard cock in her making her almost pass out with pleasure. Her heat was compelling Zephyr for Cumming. He remained very deep in her for a moment and then started to pump that hot ass. His cock felt like the heaven in her incredible ass, making low cries at every thrust. More he fucked her ass, more it got heated and slick. Soon Helen could feel him swell much more as he neared the release. This made her ass expand more and intensified the pleasure sensing both climaxes approaching. Her fingers started working her clitoris urgently and demanded for harder fucking in her ass. Zephyr plowed in her ass mercilessly, surprised at how much she could take. “Oh fuck! I am Cumming”, she cried first. He pulled her into him much harder, feeling her ass getting tighter, squeezing his cock and it made him cum too. Soon as her last orgasmic wave ended, Zephyr pulled himself out of her, leaving her feeling weak after such intense orgasm, she never had before. Soon, he held her against him again for a few seconds and then flipped her over onto her back. “Now I am going to fuck your pussy”, he said and she nodded in approval, unable to speak at the moment. First he placed his cock between her luscious tits and pushed them like a sandwich and started pumping violently until his cock was rigid like a bone. Seeing him ready again, she once again summoned her speaking power, telling him, how nice his cock felt between her breasts. “Yeah man, fuck those tits”. She asked. Zephyr pulled himself out of her tits and took into her pussy easily. “Cum my man, cum for me. Give me your fresh, warm load in my puss. Shower all over my cervix”. Helen was asking for his seed. “Please let me taste your brew”. Zephyr quickly pulled out of her cunt and started pumping between her breasts again. Less than a dozen plunges and he shot his load all over her plump boobs and lips. She began urgently licking her lips and his cock tip oozing the healthiest vitamins. He rubbed his cock all over her full breasts and caressed her nipples with his cockhead. They were both fully spent as they lay together exhausted from their efforts. He reached for a towel and dried her tits, while giving her an adorable look. “If you want, the weather had calmed down”, he said with a chuckle and smile, helping her to come to her feet for a kiss.“Thank you for rescuing me, in more than one way”. She said, giving him a very long, wet and sensuous kiss. “Do you still think, my ass had got the best tan, you had seen in a while”, she asked as she turned around. Zephyr quickly got behind her for a second look and declared that she looked delicious to him. Now they put their clothes on and Zephyr walked her to the door. They kissed goodbye but not before he promising her a bed whenever she stopped by on her way home, without the weather conditions and she promising him sex of total and complete satisfaction. As her car pulled away, Zephyr suddenly felt the most delicious feeling of fucking a woman in her pussy as well as the ass but did not even know her name. Maybe she will at least stop at his business during the next inclement weather.The End. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan October 2/2020