Shared wife

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Shared wifeI am Moni the wife. I love telling these stories from the wifes perspective.I wanted to be a shared wife from the beginning so it all started a few weeks after we were married.One day hubby’s cousin Dan was visiting from out of town ans was staying with us for a week. We had never met but i found him cute. i had alreary told my hubby how i wanted my lifestyle and he agreed as long as he always got to watch. On his second day there he had told my hubby how lucky he was since he thought I was pretty hot. This had been the first evening after many drinks and hubby told him he was lucky and told him I was the canlı bahis best at blow jobs that I was the only woman he knew that swallowed. His cousin couldn’t believe it.That next day his I noticed Dan smiling at me a lot and i later asked hubby what was up with that and he told me of their conversation the night before. You did what I said, a little shocked since we hadn’t discussed anuthing about it. I left it at that. That night hubby and Dan and I drank some more and watched TV and hubby decided to put some porn on, wasn’t sure why, then the scene was a woman sucking cock. And Dan said she did that well. I looked bahis siteleri and said not bad I guess. He said Oh and you can do better. Even on my worst day. Prove it he said as he looked at my hubby who just shrugged.I never refuse a challenge. I got on my knees and licked my lips. He got the message,Dan stood up and pulled off his pants and stood in front of me. Hi rubbed his cock through his shorts, it was very impressive. I slowly puled them down and his cock was already erect as it slapped aginst his stomach. I reached out and grabbed his shaft and rubbed his balls. He was looking down as I was making eye contact güvenilir bahis with him. I began to take him in my mouth and sucked the whole lenght of his fat 8″ cock. I was in heaven as I sucked him to near orgasm and stopped and I could see he was disappointed. I smiled and continued again and this time he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth for a few minutes I grabbed the base of his cock as he was about to cum and he just yelled out and released the largest amount of cum I had in a long time. I swallowed as fast as I could, I missed a bit but got 90% of it.He looked at my hubby and he said yes you were definitely right the best for sure, you are so lucky. That is not all she is good at.On that note i took Dan to bed where we fucked all night. Well actually all night and most of the day for the rest of his 1 week stay.