Sharing my girlfriend – Again!

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Sharing my girlfriend – Again!This is a true story about me and my long term girlfriend Bella, this story took place around 6 months ago, after the events of my last story, not much has changed in terms of us, Bella is still as hot as ever, but now has a tongue piercing, she still has a gorgeous pair of 34DD’s, amazing bubble ass and still trims down below rather than shaves. Anyway, on to the story, enjoy!P.S I sincerely apologize for my spelling, English is not my first language but I do try my best, please try and bear with me!Bella and I have become closer since our last sharing with Matt, we both spoke about doing it again but the opportunity hadn’t arose.The weather was nice and warm, so everyone was having some summer parties, I was invited to a house party with a lot of old friends of mine and Bella’s from School, since everyone had either gone off to university or moved this was one of the few occasions we would all be able to meet up, there was around 20 of us going, so quite a packed house party!I asked Bella if she wanted to go with me, and of course she jumped at the chance.But being summer it was about 26 degrees celcius outside, so we didn’t exactly dress up much, Bella wore a tight black skirt which rose just above her knees, which you could easily see the outline of her thong through, it also showed off her perfect curves, along with a tight blue vest, showing off her slim body (not to mention her massive tits).We finally arrived most people was already drunk, of course it didn’t take us long to catch up, there was about 5 women including Bella, the rest of them guys, all of which we knew – one me and Bella knew well, a guy called Martin, who she was close friends with in School. Now Martin was about average looking, wore glasses and had a bit of a belly on him (which the alcohol wasn’t helping) he also fancied the pants off Bella and has confessed to me (after plenty of alcohol) that he often masturbates thinking of her, and still wants to fuck her.I’d never told Bella this, me and Martin have always been good friends so I kept it secret, plus the fact that quite a lot of guys have commented saying how stunning my girlfriend is, so I didn’t think too much into it.I walked in a couple of hours later to see her in the kitchen flirting with a group of guys including Martin, I could feel my cock getting harder watching her, but of course I had to do the “Come on you’ve had too much to drink” Routine and ushered her away.Several hours in and more-than-several drinks later the party had died down. Me, Bella and Martin had migrated into the living room, almost everyone else was either asleep in the other rooms, but there was a few quiet voices muttering quietly in the kitchen. Me casino siteleri and Bella was sat on the three-peice setee, well, I was, Bella rest her head on my leg with a blanket over her covering her from the breasts down, she was still slightly sweaty from the dancing earlier, (and the fact it was so hot).Martin was sat in the chair opposite, his eyes glued to the T.V which has some music channel on with R&B playing, Bella grabbed my hand and slowly moved it under the cover, then under her skirt, My cock immediately started to get hard as I began stroking her wet pussy – there was no thong in the way, she had obviously taken it off sometime during the night.I began rubbing her clit, looking over, Martin still glued to the television, until Bella made a slight grunt in pleasure, I stopped rubbing as both me and Martin looked at Bella, I looked at her curiously as did Martin, Bella cleared her throat.”Something in my throat” She said smiling.Martin shook his head smiling as me and him both chuckled to ourselves, Martin stood up,”Want a drink or anything from the kitchen?””Just a glass of water please” I repliedMartin walked off out of the room, Bella sat up and started kissing my neck, “God I’m so horny” She whispered, her breath still smelling of alcohol”We could always get Martin involved….” I replied, slightly hesitant.A smile spread across Bellas’ face as she sat up, pulling her skirt back up, she then walked over and sat in the chair Martin was sat in, Martin came back in, and passed me the glass of water, he gave out a slight chuckle as he saw Bella sat in his seat, Bella beamed a cheesy smile at him, he then turned to sit down on the other side of the three-peice.”Perfect” Bella said standing back upShe then giggled then squeezed down between me and Martin, then decided to lay down between us, she rested her head on my leg, and put her bare feet across Martins legs, then covered her body with the blanket, Martin looked over at me and smiled while shaking his head slightly, I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him in reply, he rested his hands on Bella’s feet, I started to slowly run my finger up the back of her neck, knowing it turns her on, she reached down under the cover and pulled Martins hand up her leg, Martin smiled, obviously a little nervous, and probably confused at what was going on, Bella reached up again and pulled his hand up, running it up her silky smooth legs and under her skirt, feeling her naked hips, she let out a slight groan, to which Martin obviously started getting the message and reached round and grabbed Bellas perfect ass, Bella raised her leg and grabbed Martins hand and pulled it round to her pussy, Martin seemed a little suprised, probably canlı casino because of how wet she already was from earlier, he started playing with her pussy, as he looked up at me for what seemed like some form of approval from me. “Go ahead” I said grinning at himBella had her eyes closed grinding her hips as Martin fingered her, I run my hand down her back, my finger finding her tight little butthole, and began slowly pressing against it before slowly sliding the tip of my finger in her ass, her breathing became deeper as she started to let out slight groans, she sat up, throwing off the cover ass she leant over to me and began kissing me, Martin spread her legs then contniued fingering her. Bella was horny – big time, grabbing blindly for the zipper of my trousers – queue for me to take my them off, my rock hard cock practically springing up as they slid off, Martin had pulled down her top and bra and was sucking on her plumb pair of DD tits.Bella moved Martins hand away then slid off the setee, kneeling on the floor in front of Martin, she started to grab his bulge through his trousers as Martin started to undo them, he slid off his trousers, his erect cock springing up instantly, to which Bella began licking up his veiny shaft, before taking it into her mouth, Martin grabbed hold of Bella’s hair and bunched it above her head so we could both see her taking his rock hard cock in her throat, I began stroking my solid cock watching her, Martin leaning his head back and letting out a satisfied groan.she carried on for a couple of minutes, Martin becoming increasingly louder, I reached over and grabbed Bella’s head, and shoved it down so she was deepthroating him, she gagged a little but then continued, Martin tensed as she took most of his cock down her throat, Bella gagged again but then stopped, as she pulled away a thick string of pre-cum and saliva hung from her chin, eyes slightly watery from choking on his cock, which due to the saliva and pre-cum was now glistening in the light from the TV.Bella’s skirt had ridden back down a little, as she was knelt down you could just see the bottom of her ass showing under it.”Fuck that was amazing” Martin groaned, I think a lot louder than he meant to.”Get on the chair” he demanded, grinning. Bella stood, and turned around to walk to the chair as Martin slapped her plump ass, causing it to jiggle. She sprung up slightly, excited.She laid back on the chair, putting a leg up on either arm, her pussy spread, and almost dripping wet waiting for him, Martin stood up, stepping out of his trousers, which were down to his ankles and walked over to Bella, who was stroking her pussy hungry for his rock hard cock.He lowered himself down, smiling as he looked kaçak casino down at her. I walked over and stood next to the chair for a better view.Martin began rubbing his hard cock up and down against her moist pussy, as her body moved in rythm to his strokes, pushed the head of his cock down and slid inside her eager cunt, her eyes closing in extacy as his shaft slowly dissapeared inside her, his thrusts picking up speed as Bella grabbed onto his shoulders, both of them breathing heavily as the sound of his balls slapping against her pussy started to drown out the TV. Bella’s groans was becoming incresingly louder as Martin picked up her legs and positioned them on his shoulders, so he could now pound her balls deep. Bella had to hold on to the chair-arms to try and steady it due to how hard he was thrusting, her tits jiggling with every one as his were fixated on her toned body. “I’m close to cumming” Martin gasped.”Well don’t let me stop you” She replied, her voice jittering as he thrust into her.Martin was clearly shocked since, he didn’t know she was on the contraceptive pill. But didn’t stop.He picked up the speed, his breathing becoming quicker and heavier, as did Bella’s. His thrusting began to slow down as he was getting close to his climax, Bells, pulling on the chair arms to get deeper onto his cock gasped for air, as Martin began to cum. Her body and legs tensed up, pulling Martin towards her as her toes curled as she began to cum too, pushing Martins cock out of her as a mixture of his cum and her squirt ran down her pussy and butthole, pooling underneath her on the chair. Martin almost collapsed on her, trying to catch his breath. Bella wrapping her legs round him as she took a huge breath, her cheeks red and a few beads of sweat forming on her head. Martin stood up, smiling at Bella, his legs wobbly as he walked back to the setee and began putting his boxers back on, his soaking wet cock still semi-erect.”How was that?” I asked both of them”F**king incredible” Martin gasped as he sat back down.I looked down at Bella, still rosy cheeked from her orgasm, a huge grin on her face as she looked at me.”That was a powerful one!” She said, breathing deeply.It wasn’t long before we left, since everyone was asleep we sneaked out, mainly because that way we didn’t have to help tidy up in the morning!We both wished Martin goodnight as me and her left, having one can of cider I felt comfortable driving us back to our apartment, I had barely got in the door before Bella started groping me, wanting more!That night we easily f**ked for over an hour, and was some of the best sex we have had, and has boosted our confidence for sharing!Martin, Bella and I have kept the secret, and we said we would happily have to do it again sometime!Thanks for reading the story, once again I do apologize for my spelling/grammar. English not being my first language, but I did try!I have another true event of me and Bella to share soon!