Sharing my wife – true story

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Sharing my wife – true storyIt took long to convince my wife that I would really like to watch her fuck another guy. But finally she was ok with it. She had a chat with a guy I picked for her and she told me that he was ok. He was a guy about ten years younger then me, living pretty far from us. So we decided to meet somewhere in between. I booked e botel room in a very nice hotel and he did the same for himself. Me and my wife got into the car and drove there for weekend.After about three and a half hour drive we got there and checked in a hotel. We were relaxing in our room for some time, both being very excited, when I received a message from him. He was writing to me that he was by the reception desk taking his room key. I told him that we are going to meet him right away so we went downstairs. We said hello to each other and decided to have a nice dinner after a while. I asked my wife if she liked him??? She said “he is ok, although I would prefer,him to be slimer but never mind”.We had a very nice dinner with a long convesation (I was very unpatient all the time, seemed betsobet yeni giriş to me that the dinner will never end and that maybe I will not have a chance to share my wife. I was starting to get dissapointed, like we were building some kind of friendship here with that guy). Finally the dinner was over and we were going back in our hotel. Once we got back there he asked us if he can join us in our room for a glass of red wine (he brought a bottle of wine). I said sure, so the three of us headed toward our room. So, we were drinking our wine when he finally started to touch my wife. Omg, what a feeling. A strange guy touching and massaging my wife in front of me. It was turning me on, so I set on the other side of my wife and started to touch her other side the same as he did. It was obviosly that she liked it a lot. She liked the attention of two guys same time. After a while he started to take her clothes off, and she seemed to be happy with that. Soon she was naked and he was between her legs licking he pussy. She was moaning as never before betsobet güvenilirmi and  I was so horny. I grabed my camera and started to take pics of them. I used to take pics of my naked wife before, but this was the first time I was taking pics of her with another man. While licking her, he was taking his clothes off too (my wife to shy for the moment to help him) and soon his hard cock was out. It was not that big, but sure it was hard, very hard. After a while that hard cock was in my wife’s mouth and she was sucking it like a real slutty wife. I was shocked, couldn’t believe what I see, but same time I liked it very much. I was taking great pics of my wife with her mouth full of hard cock. Something I was dreaming for some time now.Not long after, he made her lay down on her back, raised her legs very high and started fucking her really hard. And she obviosly liked it a lot. She was moaning like never before and she was playing with her hands all over his body.  I was amazed how playfull she was.  I did some great pics again and soon betsobet giriş they both cummed and everything was over. Suddenly, he put his clothes on and he was excusing himself saying that he has to go to his room now, like he was not feeling very well.It seemed strange to me and my wife first but we didn’t pay much attention. We wanted this to happen so much and it did……now we were both very horny and wanted to play with each other. So, we started all over from begining…..licking, sucking, fucking etc., only this time it was ME playing with my wife……Suddenly, while we were having sex and tallking about our new experience, both very horny, the phone ring. It was him again, asking if we were still awake. I told him that we were very much awake and horny as hell. He asked if he can join and I aproved that of course. So, in a few min he was back at our room, in our bad, fucking my wife hard again, while I was kissing her and asking her if she likes it. It was great. This time she also rode him and he fucked her doggie. Beautiful things for my eyes. After he finished, he went back to his room again and we never saw him or heared from him again.Tomorrow morning we had a nice breakfest at our hotel and we headed back to our home.This was our first threesome experience, about five years ago, which was followed by many many other wonderful experiences.