She Took Control

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She Took ControlI was at the bar on a Saturday night drinking as usual. I was scoping out the girls and hoping I could find something to spend the night with. I found absolutely nothing. I continued to drink and drink and drink until I blacked out for the most part and can’t really tell u anything after that. When I came to I was in what appeared to be a woman’s room, there was a fish aquarium in the room and it appeared to be early morning outside. I had morning wood and I was wearing some males bikini cut underwear. I rolled over and saw a photo of a beautiful yellow skinned African American lady. She had long hair and a beautiful shape to her. I must have had sex with this woman last night I thought! I stood up and didn’t bother putting a shirt or pants on bc I wanted to have some 2nds that I would remember. I walked into the front room and nothing was going on..but I could hear a noise coming from the other room. Ahh good I thought, I walked toward the door and swung it opened looking for my lady.What I saw when I opened the door I couldnt believe. I saw a very muscular and thick black male being rode violently at an extreme rate of speed by what I formerly believed to be yellow-skinned women. Who I now realized was a shemale, her breast and huge cock were swinging wildly as her stomach pointed towards the roof and her butt slammed against his mid-section. They both stopped quickly with an “oh shit” expression on their faces. I shut the door and quickly headed towards the bedroom to get my clothes and leave. When I arrived in the room I couldnt find my clothes anywhere.”Im so sorry about that I thought u were still asleep” a females voice said.”what in the fuck is going on? I was at the bar and I blacked out next thing I know Im here…please tell me where my clothes are so I can leave!” “Umm excuse me” she said in a very sassy voice.”You were passed the fuck out in the middle of the alley near my garage when I came home from the club, I wasnt gonna let u just lay there and die, so I decided to bring u in and wash your clothes that were extremely dirty. NO we did not do anything, I was just trying to help!!!” she explained.I sat their without responding, I was puzzled and trying to piece the events of the night together.”Now as for what u just saw! Thats none of your business and I am sorry u walked in on that but u should have knocked!!” she said reaffirming her point. Now I felt better.”I am so sorry, you have to understand, I woke up with no clue of what happened. The first thing I saw was the picture of beautiful women next to the bed and I was in my underwear so I thought I had got lucky…I apologize…really” I said sincerely. “Hold on one second, letme get rid of him…I already got mine anyway he can come back if he wants to get his” She said this in a joking manner. She walked out of the room, and I heard some light talking. As I sat their I picked up a picture of her…she really was beautiful I thought to myself. The vision of her coke bottle shape slamming up and down on that mans sahabet güvenilirmi penis began playing over and over in my head. I kept seeing the semi-hard 9 or 10 swinging and bouncing off her inner thighs and then her stomach and down to his nuts. I felt my cock becoming extremely hard.”You can come out now…hes gone” her voice said from the den”Ok” I repliedI walked out to the front and she was wearing a nightgown. She was stunning, long hair, yellow skin, pretty face….I thought to myself and I couldnt believe I really felt that she was hot. Maybe Im hungover I thought to myself..thats just are hard up for sex.”Whats your name” she said.”Eddie, whats yours?” I replied”Rhonda, look your clothes aint gonna be ready for about 30 to 40 minutes. But look here is the remote..I got to take a shower and clean up..Im sure you know why” She said laughing a little bit as she finished her sentence. “Here is the remote you can watch whatever you want” she said as she walked back into her room. I had a hard on that I couldnt believe, the precum was making the front of my undies wet! I was using the pillow on her couch to cover it in fear of being discovered as a tranny lover. She walked back to her room. I sat there now plotting. I want to have sex with her I thought, I dont care if she is transgendered, she is hot! No one will ever find out I thought to myself. I grabbed the remote which appeared to control all aspects of the entertainment system..nothing was on that I liked. I decided to hit play on the DVD to see if anything was ready to play. When I did, I saw what looked to be the same room I was sitting in. A male was sitting on the same couch I appeared to be sitting on and then all of a sudden who appears but RHONDA!! I heard the water running through the pipes so I knew I had a lil time to watch the vid before she came back and dried up. I hit fast foward on the remote and the two began kissing, then feeling…and then underdressing each other!!!! The male had pulled down her panties and began kissing her slowly as he worked his way closer to her penis. HE began sucking it. I couldnt help myself, I pulled the fronts of my underwear down and started jacking off..precum was already all over my hands. “I knew you liked what u saw when my pretty ass was getting fucked…I could tell” Rhonda said. I was sooo embarassed. She hadnt even got fully in the shower yet, she was in a robe and now smiling at me. I sat there motionless as I quickly put my cock back in my wet underwear. “Do you like me Eddie?” she asked Rhonda appeared to be very high maintenance, she was tall probably about 6’1. Her hair was black and straight and came all the way down her back. Her nails were very long and painted, her toes were also painted and she has an anklet on. She was very thick, like a booty dancer almost. The only thing that was manly about this women was that lasso I saw swinging earlier.”Do you liked this?” She opened her robe slowly to reveal very light purple panties and no brah sahabet yeni giriş at all. Her bulge was very big. “Oh I know you do, you dont have to answer me, you wanna know something Eddie…I looked at your cock last night while you were asleep since you were out cold and not responding to me. Actually I put my nose right near your exposed package while I played with my ass until Big Boy got here and fucked my brains out…just thought u should know that” I was so horny but I was motionless, I didnt know how to respond. Rhonda walked over to me and moved the pillow away revealing my raging hard on in my briefs. She was standing infront of me now and I was sitting. She put her hands on her thick hips with the robe moved back on both sides and put her bulge about a foot away from my face. I hesitated for one second then I slowly leaned in and began kissing her stomach. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her panties.I pulled back after a minute or two of smelling the old sex that remained on her from her last encounter. I pulled down her panties slowly to see that light brown sugar stick and two nice sized chocolate eggs dangling underneath..she had a perfectly trimmed landing strip. Immediately after wards she grabbed my head with her left, grabbed her dick with the right and placed it right in my mouth. I began sucking on salty juices and big salami that was dripping sex juices.”Get on all fours” Rhonda said”ok” i said and obeyed as I got on all fours on the couch. She yanked my underwear off and began toying with my ass…it felt very good, no one had ever put there hand there but I liked it alot. She was completely hard, in between me sucking and licking on her huge shaft she would take her cock and slap me gently in the face with it. Her balls were juggling in and out of my mouth, they were smooth and smelt like perfume. “Come here” Rhonda said, she guided me to the bedroom and pushed me gently on to the bed. I was laying face down on a hard cock. She got on top of me and I felt her hard meat up against my right butt cheek. She handcuffed me quickly to the bed by both hands.”Hey what the hell are you doing!! I dont like this shit let me out!” I demanded”Eddie I got to take a shower real quick…plus ur little asshole is too little to take all this dick baby” she said as she began playing with my asshole again”I got to loosen it up first” she said as she opened up the counter and pulled out a nice sized dildo. It was about 6 or 7 inches and not very thick at all. She lubed me up and began slowly working the dildo into me. I would gasp then moan.”You cant handle me if you cant take this little thing” she said .within 15 minutes she had got an even bigger dildo sliding in and out of me rather smoothly. My ass earned for more now and she knew it, with this it ended. She walked off and began showering. I laid there so horny but I couldnt do anything. The lube that was in my ass slowly dripped out as I contracted my asshole together, the juices dropped sahabet giriş down the back of my balls.Finally after about 15 minutes she walked out of the shower completely nude. She put on a condom and walked behind me. She lifted my legs which were free up with my hands tied to the bedposts my ass was in the air. Her hot and thick tongue began licking on my ass cheeks and then right to the asshole as her tongue fucked my ass like a wet dick. My cock was hard and it had recieved no attention from the start. It just remained against my stomach for the whole time it seemed like. Next I felt a hot pinch in my asshole and then all of her force was coming behind it. She didnt take her time at all, she began ramming away as I moaned deeply. Clap!clap!clap!clap!clap! grind.grind.clap!clap!clap!clap! the sound she was making fucking my ass was very loud. She was pulling my cheeks apart as far as she could while fucking me. It hurt so good finally, I couldnt deny it. She put her weight on top of me and I went back down on to my stomach and she rode me now..I felt her very deep inside of me. I kept moaning and moaning louder and louder. She pulled out reached over me and uncuffed one of my hands..she flipped me over and recuffed me quickly, I was now on my back. She stood on the bed posistioned herself over me and put her huge juicy mounds of ass up to my mouth and nose. I began licking her pretty pussy wildly about a minute into it slober began drooling all over my chin and down her legs on to my chest. Her ass tasted wonderful.”You sure know how to lick some ass for being straight, you sure you havent done this before?….here now letme suck that dick of yours” She leaned away and layed on me in the opposited direction in 69 and I felt a hot mouth engulf my 7 inches of manhood like it was absolutely nothing. She went down to the base everytime she slurped, from the head to the base, over and over again…her lft hand was gripping my nuts tightly while her right was feeling on my ass and playing with my man pussy….I couldnt hold back anymore. It was the best blow job I ever recieved in my life. I sprayed the hottest load I have ever shot deep in her throat. “Mmmmm hmmmm” she moaned as I was shaking incontrollably.”taste great!” is all I heard next..”Now your gonna taste mine too” she told me as I laid there drunk from sex. She got in between my legs on her knees and that big dick slid back in me again for about 4 or 5 minutes as my limp stubby lay exposed soaking wet and unerect. She was moving at a very fast speed, she really knew what she was doing and I couldnt even moan anymore…just lay there and let her get whatever she wanted of me. All of a sudden she moved to my side pulled her condom off and put 10 inches of grade A beef right in my face. She grabbed the other side of my head and began fucking my mouth, only about 3 inches of her cock was in mouth. She grabbed my underwear and put the middle of them underneath her nose as she shot a thick gooey load in my mouth. It ran out the sides and down on to the bed. She threw my underwear on the floor bent over and began kissing me deeply and licking and kissing all of her own cum in and around my mouth. She laid next to me and uncuffed me, we laid there and made out romantically as the day passed by but it was only 11 a.m