Shopping Trip For His Own Panties

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Shopping Trip For His Own PantiesThis is a follow-up story to my weekend in liverpool with my husband Steve. He is now my little panty boy and I love the fact that I now have a way to control his sexual arousal. The first week that we returned home from his meeting I had Steve wear new his panties to work under his business suits and because of our shopping trip, he had enough girly panties to get him through the week without having to do laundry. He was always excited to come home to me and his little “secret” kept me on his mind at all times. Saturday rolled around and I thought it would be fun to send him shopping on a panty scavenger hunt to spice up our lovemaking that night.”Ohhh. That was an unexpected orgasm. It’s a nice way to start the morning for me.” I said early Saturday morning before the k**s were awake. I had woken up before Steve and began lightly rubbing his shaft through his panties. His penis responded by poking out the top of the waistband. Before I knew it he pulled his penis out of the side of his panties and was on top of me thrusting himself deep inside of me. We both came quickly and lay in bed until after 9 am. My sister was going to take the k**s off our hands again tonight so that we could celebrate our 5-year anniversary and I had plans that would guarantee us another fun night in bed. “Go get a pen and some paper. I’m sending you on a shopping trip today.” He retuned with a note pad and pen. “On your knees panty boy.”I sat on the side of the bed in front of him with my legs parted slightly. I was still naked so he had a clear view of my pussy. “You are going on a shopping trip today and if you want to get back between my legs this weekend you need to get everything that I tell you to. Make sure you write this down so you don’t forget anything. I want you to buy yourself 5 pairs of panties today, one for each day of the week next week. One is to be a cotton bikini with a retro print, one pair with an a****l of some sort on them on them, one pair of sheer panties so I can see your cock through them, a silky thong, and one pair that you can choose yourself. Make sure they are all sexy. I don’t want my panty boy in granny panties. Pick out pretty colors; pink, red, and blue are a must. Last but not least, I want you to pick out a sexy outfit for me. Find something that would absolutely drive you crazy if I wore it.””You want me to go and buy myself panties? It’s one thing to go with you, but I don’t know about buying them by myself.” “Well then, no pussy for you tonight,” I stated. “No problem then, let me shower real quick,” replied Steve. When he finished with his shower he walked out of the bathroom and I was twirling his red satin bikini panties on my finger. “You can wear these today. They are the only clean pair you have left. Remember how wet the front of them got in the dressing room last week?”He nodded with a smile and I watched as his dick started to harden with the thought of last weekend. “Come over here and let me help you with these,” I stated. He walked over to the bed and lifted one leg up and then the other as I slid his panties up over his erection. “You are such a good little panty boy.” I pulled up his panties, patted his stiff member and he was ready for his shopping trip so I sent him on his way. It took him until after noon to find all the items that I had put on his list. I figured that he would go to the local mall, which I had scouted out the day before to make sure that they had all the panties that I wanted him to find. I could just imagine how excited he was getting while he was shopping for his own panties. When he finally came home he told me what a difficult time he had finding a couple of them items, but I told him that I didn’t want to hear about it yet. “Just take your bags and put them upstairs and then come back downstairs and eat your lunch.”When he came down, I headed up to the bedroom to see what he had purchased secretly while he ate his lunch. I found the 3 bags sitting beside the bed and noticed that he had been to Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s. He had been busy today. I peeked in the first bag from Victoria’s secret and it had a cotton bikini with a very “retro” looking print. The bag from Neiman Marcus had a pair of satin panties that were bright yellow and had monkeys with bananas all over them. The third bag from Macys was full of panties. There were at least a dozen pair of panties in it, all of them size large which were too big for me so he must have really found some that he liked. I quickly looked at them all and there were thongs, bikinis, string bikinis and even a pair of tanga style panties. They were all very colorful and I imagined that he must have been really horny while browsing the racks and racks of panties. There was also a “Panty Card” that I found in the bottom of the bag that was full so he would get 2 free pairs of panties the next time that he went shopping. I knew that I would put it to good use soon. As I looked through the silky undergarments Steve purchased again I could not help but imagine how the soft smooth material would feel around his canlı bahis cock. The backs of the thongs were extremely thin and I knew they would feel delightful rubbing against his asshole since he was not used to the thin strip of fabric being there. This gave me another idea that I was sure would help enhance his orgasm tonight.Then I looked under the bed and found the last bag that I was looking for which had the outfit he had picked up for me to wear. It was a black corset with a matching pair of thong panties that was made of an almost neoprene type fabric that I imagined would fit very tightly around my body. I knew it would hug my curves and accentuate my bust line in a way that would leave him drooling. I really couldn’t wait to see myself in it and see his reaction when I walked into the room wearing it. I am sure that he bought it because tonight he was once again giving up control to me in the bedroom, what a great Pantyboy! That afternoon passed quickly and evening was quickly approaching. I was going to take a shower and get ready and the plan was to head out for a nice dinner at the restaurant that we went to for our first date in the next town. I shaved myself from paying particular attention to my pussy and further back just in case I wanted his tongue slip down to my backside tonight. Once I was satisfied with my work, I toweled off and lay on the bed waiting for Steve to come upstairs and get in the shower. It was a quick one and he stepped out of the bathroom and was drying himself when I tossed the bags from earlier at him. He caught two of the three, but the bag from Macys fell on the floor and all of his panties fell out. “Well, well, I thought that I told you to go and buy yourself enough panties to get yourself through the week. I gave you very specific instructions on what to buy, there must be a dozen pairs of panties on the floor, are some of those for me?” I asked. “Well not exactly,” he replied. “Well then who are they for if they are not for me?” I demanded. “I don’t know, I just sort of got carried away when I was shopping. I enjoyed shopping with you so much last weekend and I was at the store and couldn’t pick just one or two pairs, so I bought a couple of extra ones,” he stated.”I think that you are going to have to learn to follow the rules if you want me to play this little game with you. From now on you will only buy what I tell you to and when I tell you to. You will wear whatever I want you to under your clothes during the day and I think that you may need more than just panties at night to remind you that you are following my rules from now on. Do you understand me?””Yes, I am sorry I bought all of these panties. It won’t happen again,” he said looking at the floor in front of him.”I didn’t say that it wouldn’t happen again, just not unless I tell you it can.” With that he looked up and me and dropped his towel on the floor in front of him. His cock was hard and sticking straight up in front of him.”Not so fast buddy, I think that since you broke the rules and bought all of these extra panties, you will do a little fashion show for me before we go to dinner. Pick up your mess and model all of your panties for me one at a time. GO get started in the bathroom and come out with you first pair on. Start with the bikinis and then work your way to the thongs, I don’t want you shooting a load too quickly tonight,” I said with a smile. He stepped into the bathroom and stepped out a minute later with his first pair of panties on and nothing else. I lay on the bed and watched as my husband walked towards me with his yellow panties with the monkeys and bananas on them. They were definitely colorful and his cock was straining against the fabric to get out. I just lay there not saying a word but signaling him with my fingers as he put on a little lingerie show for me. With each item, he had to slowly turn for me so I could admire him from every view. I spent several minutes admiring each pretty pair of panties that he had bought. I would rub his cock and ass through the fabric and comment on how sexy and pretty each pair of panties were that he was wearing. It was driving him crazy. “You must really be enjoying yourself tonight as evident by your hard cock for the last 20 minutes during the fashion show.”Steve enjoyed the attention and teasing he was getting. The soft fabric was creating a sensual friction against his cock that took him into a deep erotic zone. He loved the way I admired and inspected him and talked about how sexy his panties were. When his last pair of panties was modeled, I told him to get his adorable yellow monkey and banana panties, his hot pink thong and his pick ruffled panties that I had him wear in the dressing room only a week ago in Chicago. “Put on your monkey panties and get on the bed next to me,” I instructed. He did as he was told and he gave me a long passionate kiss as he crawled over me to get on the bed. “Now roll over and don’t move until I get back.” I walked to the dresser and picked up a present that I had bought the day before and some jelly lubricant. I looked at the present in my bahis siteleri hand and hoped that it would do the trick. I moved back to the bed and kneeled over him above his ass. The panties he was wearing were really cute and I hoped that I didn’t mess them up tonight with the potential mess I could make. I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass towards me and he lifted it up off the bed. I lubed up the long slender butt plug from the tip to the base pulled his panties to the side, exposing his ass. He could sense that something was coming and he tensed a little so I reached around to his front side and stroked his cock through the smooth panties. He began to relax just enough and when he did I pressed the tip of the butt plug against his ass. He was a little startled at the coldness but I pressed just a little harder and it slid in, just past the outer muscles. I pulled it out and then pressed a little harder and then repeated it over and over until I was almost fucking him with this slender plug from behind. I gave it one final push and the base rested firmly against his ass. “How does that feel my little panty boy? Did you enjoy that little surprise? Do you like it when I play with you from behind? Don’t say a word….just nod when I talk to you for now.” He nodded and I pulled his panties back over his ass and I could see the shape of the butt plug pressing out against the fabric of his panties. I got off the bed to finish getting dressed and he stayed still just like he was supposed to. I could see that butt plug was trying to work its way out of his tight ass so I pushed it back in through his panties and he moaned just a little. I could tell that it was rubbing his prostate gland causing some precum to leak out the tip of his panties making the face of one of the monkeys very wet. “Well honey, it looks like your little ass is so tight it is going to push your toy out. Why don’t you turn over and put these on over what you are wearing.” I tossed him the hot pink thong that was just as slippery and satiny as the pair of panties that he was already wearing. He reached down and grabbed the panties and slipped them over his legs. I helped pull them up to his waist and arranged the back of the thong so that it was holding his new toy in perfect position and hopefully it would stay there until I was ready for it to come out. The hot pink color really looked pretty hot as is pushed the bikini panties into his ass. I stepped back and looked at Steve who was now on the edge of the bed. I had to admit, it was kind of hot seeing him in a thong that he was wearing over a pair of panties holding a toy in his ass that was rubbing his sensitive gland. I made him stand and added the finishing touch for the night, “Now, put on your ruffled panties and you will be ready for tonight.” He looked at me like I was crazy, but he knew the rules and if I wanted him to wear three pairs of panties at the same time he was going to do it and enjoy it. “Go ahead and pull them up.” He knelt over and in doing so, I could tell that his toy had moved and rubbed over a sensitive spot again. He had to stand straight up and readjust his thong before he could bend back over and pull the ruffled panties up to his waist. “Good, now get on your shorts, finish getting dressed and lets go to dinner, I am starving.” When we got in the car and again at the restaurant I could tell that he was having a hard time sitting down because he would have to gently lover himself to his seat. I purposely didn’t mention his panties or his new toy in hopes that it would make him even more horny as the night went on. Finally, as we drove home, I undid the top of his shorts and let my hand find its way to his cock. It was hard to feel through the three layers of panties, especially the ruffled ones, but it was rock hard and there was a wet spot that had soaked through the front of all three pairs about the size of a quarter. I knew that I had him where I wanted him. His butt plug has touched him in just the right spot and kept him hard for almost two hours. We pulled in the driveway and his shorts were around his ankles, I grabbed them and handed him the key chain. “Now go unlock the door for me, go to the bedroom and get my present for tonight.” “Whoa, there is no way that I am getting out of the car without my shorts. What if the neighbors see me running up there in these panties.” “Well then, you better make it quick, at least I remembered to turn the front porch lights off for you.” He jumped out of the car and ran up the front stairs to the front porch. I could see him looking for the key to the house and I could barely make out the ruffles that were sticking out from under his long shirt. I knew that he would be getting worried right about now, because I had taken the house key off of his keychain, so there he was at the front door wearing panties and a long shirt. Luckily, no one drove by and I got out of the car and walked slowly to the front door. I handed him my key and he fumbled to get it into the lock while I lifted his shirt up from behind and inspected his ass encased in all the ruffles of his güvenilir bahis panties. With the door finally open, it was right to the bedroom. He reached under the bed and handed me my outfit, still in the bag. “Good boy, now take off your shoes and socks, and your shirts and lay on the bed and wait for me. I hopped in the shower to wet my hair and clean between by legs so my little panty boy wouldn’t complain and got dressed in my new outfit. Man was I right, the corset fit like a glove, a very small, very tight glove. My tits looked about three sizes bigger than they actually were, but it was a nice outfit. I pulled the thong up to my waist and pulled my hair back and secured it tightly with a rubber band. Next, I put on my black boots that came up to above my knees. Damn, did I look like a sexy bitch. I walked out of the bathroom with an attitude to find Steve lying on the bed in nothing but his panties. “Get on your hands and knees at the foot of the bed right now.” “Yes mam,” he replied as he moved to the foot of the bed. I pushed the plug firmly in his ass and laid on the bed in front of him with my pussy only about a foot away from his face.”Thank you for my present. You certainly have good taste in lingerie. I expect you had a good time shopping today for yourself and I realize how nice it is to do something with you that you enjoy so much. I expect you to wear panties, or whatever lingerie I tell you to all the time now. I’ll decide each day what I want you to wear to work and to bed. I want your every movement to be a reminder of my control over you.” “Yes Mistress,” he replied.”Good answer, now I have grown very fond of your oral pleasure I am going to lie here on the bed and have you kneel between my legs and lick my pussy. I love when you slide your hands under my ass for leverage, so don’t disappoint me tonight.” I spread my legs wide, opening up my pussy under my panties for his needy tongue. I felt his tongue start to move over the thin fabric and I could tell that my panties would be soaked within minutes. His finger would often graze my ass, sending chills up my spine. He realized the effect this had on me and his fingers became more aggressive and invasive. I couldn’t hold it much longer so I locking him into place with my legs and began grinding my pussy against his face. I felt so powerful and liberated with Steve helpless between my legs. I had my first orgasm without even removing all my clothes, god was he getting good at giving me what I needed. “You are really getting good at this. I should have started dressing you up in panties years ago. I would love to see what you would do to me if you were in garters and stockings as well!! Maybe next time the k**s are out of town, we’ll try a little more my little panty boy. Tell me how that new butt plug feels, I felt that large wet spot in the front of your panties when we were driving home. Is it touching that little spot that I have read so much about,” I asked as I moved around behind him. “Honey, you have no clue how much I have wanted to fuck you since you bent me over the bed and pulled my thong up my legs to hold this thing in place. I pulled down his ruffled panties and he was kneeling on his hands and knees with the fabric from the thong still holding his plug in place. I reached forward and grabbed the base of the plug through his panties and began to fuck his ass again slowly at first and then a little more aggressively as he began to push his hips back towards be trying to get it deeper and deeper inside to rub against his prostate. “Does that feel good honey, you think I can make you cum with your pretty panties on again like you did for me,” I asked. I placed a pillow between his legs and he immediately knew what I was trying to do and he began to rub his cock against the pillow as I continued to fuck him from behind. Within a minute he was on the edge and then over it as a large wet spot turned the hot pink panties into a darker shade of pink in the front. The wet spot grew larger and larger until his hips stopped moving and he rolled over on his back breathing heavily. I was horny again and ready for round two. I took my panties off and straddled his face as he was recovering from his orgasm. I rubbed my cleanly shaven pussy up and down over his mouth and tongue until I noticed his cock starting to get hard again through his wet panties. I turned 180 degrees around so I was now facing his feet and took his thong off leaving him in his yellow monkey panties that had an even larger wet spot than the thong. As I bent over to take off his bikini panties I pushed back just a little so his tongue would slide off the back of my slit and quickly ran across my ass. I jumped and became even more aroused. I left my ass there for him to see what he would do, and bingo, his tongue ran back and forth over it about half a dozen times before it pressed a little deeper and began to open my tight muscle. I moved forward more and slid his cock out the side of his panties and guided it into my waiting pussy. I fucked him hard until he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced me on my back. He began fucking me hard and deep. I wanted more and reached around and gave the plug some very firm pressure, it did the trick and within seconds we were both on our backs, spent from our second orgasms of the night.