Sibling Reunion

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Life can be cruel, but sometimes it has a way of righting a wrong.

Mark Reynolds and Kylie Thomas should have grown up as brother and sister, close and the best of friends. But they didn’t.

One bounced from foster home to foster home while the other found a loving and stable family, even though they were separated as children they were very similar. Both were smart and attractive, both had a rebellious streak and both had a knack for charming others.

This is their story.

Mark and Kylie’s mother was 18 when she had Mark. He was the happy surprise to an affair with an older married man whose family she babysat for. Not everyone shared her excitement over her pregnancy, her parents were mortified and the man she thought she loved was upset.

Faced with unsupportive parents and a man who refused to support her or her child, she put her son up for adoption. She loved her son but was unable to care for him and hoped someone else could.

Mark’s mother didn’t know it, but her son would have been better off with her. He was adopted relatively quickly but his adoptive parents were soon overwhelmed by the new addition to their young family and failed as parents. They first sent him off to boarding school and became parents in name only. When they died in a car crash they became parents by memory.

Now back in the system, and no longer the cute baby he was when he was adopted, Mark bounced from foster home to foster home where his rebellious streak flourished and he grew accustomed to looking after himself.

He developed an ability to read people and tell them what they wanted to hear. Mark discovered quickly he had a talent with girls, which often got him in trouble, which made him more appealing to the opposite sex.

Mark developed a reputation in every new neighborhood and city he lived in. He was the boy a girl dated to have a good time or upset her parents, but he wasn’t the boy you took home to meet mom and dad.

Once he turned 18 Mark moved to California as soon as he possibly could, eager to live where the sun was always shining and the girls were half dressed.

For three years he worked odd jobs, mostly in construction and landscaping, which afforded him the opportunity to romance, and fuck, the wives and daughters of his employers and customers.

It was after one fantastic fuck session with a lonely housewife that Mark found his calling.

Mark smiled as he looked down at the horny housewife beneath him. Her body was glistening with sweat, her pussy full of his cock. Mark’s young muscles tightened as he thrust in and out of her. Her hands clawed at his body as he fucked her harder and harder.

The sound of their bodies meeting together in lust filled the room as his balls slapped against her while his big hard cock slid deep inside.

Mark had been fucking Alison Grandville, the wife of the homeowner whose garden he was supposed to be landscaping for the past week. She loved his cock and he loved giving it to her.

Finally after grunting and grinding together for 30 minutes Alison moaned loudly and started to shake as she orgasmed with her young lover inside her. Mark pulled out of the horny housewife and came all over her tits.

Later as they both caught their breath, Alison turned to Mark.

“How many housewives have you fucked, I know I’m not the only one,” she said with a glint in her eye.

Mark chuckled; they all wanted to know their competition. “I’ve had my share, but none as hot and exciting as you,” he responded, his hand sliding over her naked form.

Alison smiled, “I’m sure you tell that to all the girls.”

(He did)

“Regardless of how many you’ve had, you have a talent lover,” Alison said as her hand drifted down to Mark’s cock. She rubbed it softly as she continued, “you should insure this slab of love, it could make you a rich man.”

Mark propped himself up on one elbow, “what do you mean?”

Alison smirked and laughed, “oh come on, don’t pretend like you’ve never thought about it. You could strip, be a gigolo or even do porn and women would throw themselves at you!”

Alison leaned in even closer, “why give away the milk for free if the pussies are willing to pay?” she said.

Mark smiled, “I’d never even thought of that, you really think I could do that?”

Alison chucked again, “honey, I KNOW you could. But I want it for free, consider it my finder’s fee. Now lie back so I can fuck you again.”

After that, Mark changed the kind of manual labor he did for money. Now 20 he had no interest in being a gigolo or stripping, but porn appealed to him. He loved to have sex, why not get paid for it? He had no family, so there was no one to worry about disappointing or upsetting.

Mark’s career in porn began with a bang. At 6’3 with thick chestnut brown hair, blue eyes, a strong jaw and toned body from manual labor, he was appealing on screen. His first audition went well and once directors saw he had a big cock, and the stamina and skills to back it up, he didn’t have any trouble finding liseli porno work.


Five years after Mark’s mother gave him up for adoption she gave birth again, this time to a healthy and beautiful girl.

Once again Mark’s mother had an affair with an older man but this time he left his family for his young girlfriend and daughter. The pseudo married bliss didn’t last long and once again Mark and Kylie’s mother found herself alone. She did better this time, raising her daughter for two years, determined to right a wrong from years ago but when she was caught stealing money from where she worked, she lost her daughter. With her parents unwilling to raise another unwanted grandchild and a father who didn’t recognize his birth rights as a father (his name wasn’t on the birth certificate) Kylie followed her brother’s footsteps into adoption.

Like her brother she was lucky enough to be adopted in short order, but unlike her brother she found parents who loved her and were able to care for her.

Kylie grew up as the daughter of Molly and Peter Thomas in a home filled with love. Her parents were very religious and her father a preacher. Kylie did well in school and quickly learned she had a knack for persuasion.

At times she was the clichéd preacher’s daughter with a propensity for wildness but never let it get out of hand. Her parents were never aware of the escapades she and her best friend Julie would get into. Kylie loved her parents, but didn’t like how they tried to control her, especially in her friendship with Julie (who had a reputation for getting in trouble) and with the boys she wanted to date. Kylie knew she was an attractive girl and wanted to explore her sexuality the same way she wanted to expand her mind.

Kylie and her parents didn’t fight over the boys they didn’t know she would date, but they did fight over her desire to find the family she knew existed somewhere.

Even though they knew it was natural for their daughter to ask where she had come from, Kylie’s parents had difficulty masking the hurt they felt, even if they knew their daughter didn’t mean it as an insult.

Reluctantly Kylie’s parents helped her trace where she came from but what they found only raised more questions. They were told her biological parents were alive, and Kylie even managed to see one slip of paper that indicated she had a brother, even if the slip of paper contained absolutely no information about him.

Kylie’s mind was swimming with the possibilities for weeks after the revelation. Her parents encouraged her to manage her expectations, her mother and father didn’t want contact and the adoption official got angry when asked about her brother.

One Saturday night, while sleeping over at Julie’s house, Kylie couldn’t stop talking about her brother.

“Do you know what this means!?! I have a brother! I have an older brother to scare boys away, to take my side in fights with mom and dad.. -” Kylie exclaimed.

“An older brother for me to fuck!” Julie said, cutting her friend off.

Kylie rolled her eyes. “Be serious Jules, I have a brother!”

Julie smiled and looked over at her friend, “I’m happy for you hun, I really am. I hope you find him. But until then, check out the hunk I’ve found,” she said as she pulled out a bootleg DVD.

“What’s that?” asked Kylie.

Julie grinned a devilish grin, “THIS is Mark Masters, some new porn star and he has the best cock I’ve ever seen. When I go out west after we graduate, I’m going to find whatever porn set he’s on, and I’m going to fuck him.”

Kylie snorted and laughed, Julie’s desire to become a porn star was well known in their small circle of friends. Few believed it, but Kylie knew her friend wasn’t bluffing.

Julie, like Kylie, was an attractive girl. Julie had bigger breasts than Kylie, c cups compared to a b, but Kylie had legs and an ass that drove the boys (and some men) wild. Kylie had brown hair and green eyes and was slightly tanned. Julie was shorter than Kylie with blonde hair, fair skin and hazel eyes.

After she calmed down Julie slipped the DVD into the DVD player, and that was the first time Kylie ever saw her brother’s dick.


While Kylie didn’t have the same burning desire to be a porn star that Julie did, she did share her enthusiasm for “Mark Masters.” He DID have a great cock and Kylie found herself strangely attracted to him.

He wasn’t extremely muscular like some of the other performers, but he was definitely fit. He didn’t have tattoos like the other performers, but he had a bad boy quality to him. Most of all, he was cute and there was just something about him.

Kylie began researching Mark as much as she could. When she found an interview he had given that mentioned he too was adopted, Kylie’s crush on him grew even more.

She had enlisted the help of a classmate at school to help her find whatever she could about her family, now she had him researching Mark as well.

One night after fingering herself to another one of Mark meet suck and fuck porno Masters’ movies, Kylie reviewed some of the files her hacker classmate had uncovered. She was supposed to be researching colleges, but this was more important to her.

Kylie’s heart skipped a beat when one of the files showed Mark had the same hometown as she did. Another file indicated her unnamed brother was 5 years older than she was, and the same age as Mark Masters.

“Could Mark Masters be my brother?” she asked herself.

Her response scared her. Not only did her heart start to beat faster, but her nipples started to harden and her pussy started to moisten.

She looked back at the screen and hit play, re-watching Mark Masters latest movie. She started to touch herself again, “is he my brother?” she asked again.

Her furious finger fucking provided all the answer she needed. What began as a journey to find her family, then grew as a side project to learn more about a person she felt was a kindred spirit may now have resulted in the most unlikely of discoveries.


Once graduation arrived Kylie knew what she was going to do. Her parents were excited she had been accepted into four colleges, but didn’t yet know she intended to turn them all down. Kylie planned on going west with Julie on a quest to learn whether the man who starred in her sexual fantasies was also her brother.

“You’re doing what!?!” exclaimed her father.

“I’m going west with Julie,” repeated Kylie.

“What about college!!” yelled her mother.

“I’m not saying no to college, I have the rest of my life to go to college and be an adult. I want to go with Julie, make sure she doesn’t get in trouble… and… ” Kylie said.

“And what?” asked her father.

“She wants to look for her family,” answered her mother.

Kylie smiled, tears forming in her eyes. “… if I don’t look I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. I just want to know, for better or for worse,” she said.

Kylie’s parents sighed, and then they smiled.

“Go, do what you need to do,” her father said.

Kylie smiled then ran over to hug and kiss her parents.

What they didn’t realize was Kylie was about to find her brother, and that she’d do just about anything to be alone with him.


Mark was freshening up after another long day of taping. Porn wasn’t always as easy as it looked. It involved long days, some uncomfortable positions and marathon sex sessions. He didn’t mind the work, but it was exhausting.

He was on his way out the door when Terry, a director he worked with frequently, asked him to stay.

“What’s up? Mark asked.

“I have two girls in from Iowa that are applying for a fluffer job and some grunt work. They’re really green but seem enthusiastic. You want to help me test them? He asked.

Mark smiled, he’d just had sex but something made his cock twitch. “Sure,” he said, “you know I’m from Iowa too?”

Mark and Terry walked into the waiting room where Julie and Kylie were waiting. Both exclaimed when Mark walked into the room. Terry chuckled, “he has that effect on women.”

All four walked into a make shift boardroom where they sat down. Julie and Kylie were both wet with excitement and had trouble listening to Terry while he talked and explained what was available and what they’d be responsible for.

“You don’t just walk on the set and start fucking Mark Masters,” Terry started. “This is a business and you need to pay your dues. If you’re good enough to go on camera, you’ll get on camera,” he continued.

Mark half listened while Terry talked, telling them about the job, about getting tested and asking if they had representation.

Mark looked the two girls over while he listened. One was a blonde, her name was Julie, the other was a brunette, her name was Kylie. He’d always liked brunettes.

Neither of them had DD tits, but he liked that. Finally after 15 minutes of talking Terry asked the girls, “do you know what a fluffer is?” Both nodded their heads.

Terry and Mark both chuckled.

“Ok,” Terry continued, “I want you to both suck Mark’s cock. If you can’t do it here you can’t do it on set and you definitely won’t be able to do it on camera.”

“Right now?” Kylie and Julie asked in unison.

“Right now,” replied Terry, “together.”

Kylie and Julie looked at each other and then at Mark who stood up and walked over to them. They watched as he undid his pants and his big famous cock popped free.

Julie was the first to fall to her knees as she greedily gobbled up Mark’s cock. Her lips slithered over his shaft as she inhaled his cock. She pulled back, stroked his cock, spit on it and sucked it back into her mouth.

Kylie watched as her best friend sucked what she believed to be her brother’s cock. Her pussy was on fire, her nipples hard as she watched.

“I’m next,” she thought as she stared at her (hopefully) brother’s cock.

Kylie slipped down to her knees beside her mobil porno friend and wrapped her hand around Mark’s shaft. Julie stopped sucking Mark for a moment; he watched as Kylie leaned in, kissed her friend and then licked his cock.

Mark groaned as the brunette licked and then sucked his cock. It was clear she had done it before.

Kylie moaned and sucked her brother’s cock. She knew her parents would be mortified if they could see her now, but they were unaware of

Julie’s career plans and of the fact the two girls had often experimented together.

Kylie hummed on her brother’s cock before pulling back, swirling her tongue around the head and sucking him again.

“I want more,” Julie whined, so the girls started to suck his cock together. One by one swallowing his cock, licking and kissing his cock, and sucking on his balls.

Finally after sucking his cock for half an hour, they took turns swallowing his cum.

Mark stepped back, thoroughly pleasured. The blonde winked at him but something about the brunette drew his gaze to her.

Terry watched all three and smiled, “you’re hired.”


That night Kylie and Julie went back to the crappy little apartment they had found, still buzzing from what had happened.

“I can’t believe I, WE sucked Mark Masters cock!” Julie exclaimed.

Kylie smiled, “me neither, it was so crazy to be there!”

Julie sat down on their couch, “I gotta say K, I’m surprised you came. Never in a million years did I think you’d come with me and want to get into porn too,” she said.

Kylie sat down beside her friend, “I still don’t know if I want to get into porn, I don’t have a great desire to fuck half the world like you do, but I do want to fuck Mark Masters. And…” she trailed off.

“And what?” asked Julie.

Kylie took a deep breath and scooted closer to her best friend, “OK, don’t be mad, but the main reason I came with you, aside from having fun with you, is to look for my brother,” she said.

“Why would that upset me?” asked Julie.

“… because I think Mark Masters is my brother,” replied Kylie.

Julie’s jaw dropped as Kylie continued. “Remember how I asked that computer nerd Paul Wallace to look online for my background? After I saw Mark was adopted, I asked him to look into him too, just for interest sakes. But he found out Mark is from the same orphanage as me, he’s five years older than me, just like my brother is and he’s from Iowa, just like me. I have some other documents Paul found and I didn’t mean to snoop so much but if he’s my brother, I want to know him.”

Julie stared at her friend in shock.

“Wow,” she said.

Then it hit her, “wait, if he’s your brother then you just sucked his dick!”

Kylie’s face flushed red, “I know. I don’t know what it is, but I was attracted to him before I thought he might be my brother, but I’m even more attracted to him BECAUSE of that thought.”

Kylie’s head dropped and Julie could see her friend was embarrassed. She smiled and slipped closer to her. “It’s alright hun, your secret is safe with me,” she said as they hugged. “Besides, it’s pretty kinky.”


It was another week before Kylie and Julie were called for a job and three more weeks before they were called for a job that involved Mark Masters.

Mark arrived on set and greeted the crew as he arrived. Mark was well liked and more than a few women (and some of the men) had a crush on him.

He spotted the two new girls and waved to them as he went to shower and change.

Kylie and Julie watched as he came out later and started to go over the script and what would happen with his co-stars and the director. The scene was going to be a long one and called for Mark to have a threesome.

Kylie’s nipples were on fire as she watched the scene start and Mark start to disrobe. He and his two co-stars went right at it with both women sucking his cock just like she and Julie had weeks before. Kylie had to work to hide her excitement once the action turned to sex.

Once the director yelled “cut” for the first time, Kylie went into action. He asked for a fluffer and Julie pushed her forward. She walked towards Mark, and smiled before she sank to her knees and started to suck his cock.

Mark smiled down at the hot young brunette sucking his cock. This was a crazy business, one he liked but didn’t want to be in forever.

“You and your friend get settled?” he asked.

Kylie smiled and nodded, keeping Mark in her mouth.

“You liking it out on the west coast?” he asked.

Again Kylie smiled and nodded, this time sucking his cock even harder.

It was at that point the director called him back. He pulled his cock from Kylie’s lips, “thanks,” he said.

Kylie licked her lips and watched Mark return to the set. Julie walked up behind her as she stood up, “that was so hot to watch,” she said.

Kylie sucked Mark’s cock twice more before the scene was finished. Both times he’d ask her more questions and she answered them all. After the scene was over and he’d fucked both women, he put his robe on and walked over to Kylie, “could I talk to you in my dressing room for a sec” he asked.

Kylie excitedly followed him to his make shift dressing room. When he sat down, she returned to her knees and grabbed his cock again.