Sirens – A Bold New Dawn

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 1900UTC: USS Nimitz – Sea of Okhotsk, Extended Sea Duties.The sign on the door read ‘Lieutenant Dawn Delaney’ and it stood out in a sharp contrast to the battleship grey innards of the aircraft carrier’s metal passageways. The air here was stale and cloying under the artificial lighting which illuminated the run of narrow windowless corridor. Seated at the small cluttered desk, the lithe officer rifled through the wad of paperwork unceremoniously dumped in her In-tray before picking out the thick stapled file; scanning it carefully with a practiced eye. Satisfied, she signed off on the weekly crew rostering; making a few short amendments in red before consigning the document to the metal tray on the far corner of the desk. She reached for the ceramic coffee mug; sipping its contents and finding them cold. Wrinkling her nose, she leaned her lithe frame back in the old leather chair and took stock. A streaky-blonde mop of tousled hair and large spectacles endowed her with a somewhat severe look; rather like a schoolmistress or librarian she imagined. The body remained pleasingly taut and curvaceous; the close fitting fatigue shirt revealing a seductive curve of breast, slender waist and athletic hips. She knew the ratings referred to her as ‘Destroyer Delaney’ and revelled in the aura that she had created. Keeping a group of young sailors on their toes over the weeks of open sea operations proved a feat for any administrative officer; let alone a female. The fact that Dawn remained aloof and private by nature merely added to the mystique. The Siren of course had several reasons for that.Flicking stray hair out of her eyes brusquely; she found herself involuntarily squeezing her thighs together distractedly. The long enforced sexual solitude of these extended sea voyages was a chore for a female sailor as much as it was for the boyish able seamen in her charge. Her mind drifted to times gone by; dipped into the pool of shared wisdom and watched the memories of aeons past dance in sultry ripples. A sharp rapping on the cabin door brought her back to reality.“Come in,” she ventured; terse and businesslike.“Still working ma’am?” Delaney’s young junior lieutenant peeped in from the open door. Dark haired and fresh faced, he spoke casually but respectfully.“Just finishing crew and detail rosters for next week. You can take that back upstairs with you, if you don’t mind,” she replied with a casual nod towards the thick file in the Out-tray.“Sure, ma’am. Anyways, I just had an issue brought to my attention which you probably should hear about.”“Sure thing, sub. What’s up?”  Delaney put down the pen and sat back with arms crossed; giving the subaltern her undivided attention.“A couple of the men up to their high jinks again. Someone’s made themselves a gloryhole in a storage locker at the back of the boat deck.”“Seriously – you boys and your cocks! Well, wouldn’t be the first time. Have you done anything about it?”“Not yet ma’am. I’ve only just heard the gossip on the grapevine. Do you bonus veren siteler want me to see to it?”“No, relax Mike. I’ll deal with it personally. Thanks for the heads up.”“Sure thing ma’am. I’ll leave it in your capable hands.”“Okay, then. Great. One gloryhole inspection before bed.” Delaney frisked a hand quickly though the tousled mop of hair. “Shall I let you have one more go before I shut it down?” she added cheekily.“Not for me ma’am,’ replied the younger officer with a dry grin, “I’m not sure the good lady wife would approve!” ***The aft boat deck store was a good ten minutes’ walk from Delaney’s office and she arrived to find it darkened and seemingly secure. Opening the watertight door she weaved her way through the maze of pallets and canisters, revealing only mute emptiness. Pausing momentarily, she sensed rather than saw the diffuse slant of illumination beyond the heavy supporting bulkheads and made her way toward it.The rear of the storage locker was dark and cluttered and the small storage room was all but hidden behind a stack of equipment crates. Dawn entered the cramped room soundlessly; finding the metal door open. Locking it deftly behind her, she made her way toward the dim glow of light which emanated from the racks of shelving. A single circular hole had been neatly bored into the heavy timber door and the dim glow of diffuse light through it caught her eye.As she approached, a pair of probing fingers protruded quickly through the neatly cut hole then just as quickly disappeared. Casting a quick glance back toward the store room door; she unzipped her sea camo fatigues and felt herself warm and throbbing in the tight cotton briefs. Easing her groin up against the door, she drew out her semi-hard cock and slid it through the hole. No sooner had she done so then a warm, willing mouth on the other side of the timber door enveloped her hardening member, drawing it into a welcoming wetness with long, rhythmic sucks. Closing her eyes and pressing harder against the rough door, Dawn relaxed; her shapely bottom clenching rhythmically in time with the anonymous mouth which now sucked hungrily at her smooth shaft. Distractedly she fumbled with the leather belt; allowing her fatigue pants to slip a little down her thighs. A muffled grunt sounded from behind the timber door as she gave a sharp pelvic thrust; her erection coming to full hardness with the flickering tongue working feverishly on the swollen head. She sighed with the forbidden wave of pleasure and slipped furtive fingers into the waistband of her white cotton panties, finding her pussy lubricating nicely underneath her rigid cock. Tugging at the snug constraining underwear, she slipped two fingers up inside and frigged herself rapidly; riding on a warm wave of pleasure which she had been denied for long weeks. She rested a cheek against the rough door, mashing her slender body against it and thrusting herself into the circular opening; allowing her tousled hair to fall in her bedava bahis face as she abandoned herself to the stolen pleasure. The mouth on the other side of the door was doing a skilful job, she thought; certainly better than most men. The wet, greedy tongue traced almost seductively around the entire length of her offered shaft, sending her into a paroxysm of lust. She felt her orgasm building like an intense liquid wave; rubbing fingers frantically over her panty covered quim now as she clenched her buttocks in staccato pulses as her climax drew closer.A Sirens’ orgasm can be devastatingly violent and if directed intentionally, the climactic wave she exudes will stun a person she copulates with; effectively erasing the memory of the event. A Siren in full fury climax will kill her lover. Dawn had no intention of doing either; nevertheless her orgasm was bone-shaking and sent wave upon wave of warm pleasure through her body as she ejaculated into the sailor’s waiting mouth. Biting her lip hard she stifled an involuntary moan in her throat; relishing the muffled sound of the man struggling to swallow her load as she shot with indiscriminate lust.Her pent-up arousal quenched, Dawn unzipped hastily, straightened herself up and slinked quickly from the cramped room. Despite her agility the sudden clatter of boots caught her off-guard and she barely sidestepped the rushing figure in the gloom. Recognising her lithe figure and shock of dusky hair, the young rating straightened himself briskly at attention.“Long cruise was it, sailor?” she nodded toward his crotch. “Zip yourself up properly.”Adjusting himself awkwardly, the young rating remained at attention; red-faced.“I suppose you don’t know anything about an illegal gloryhole back here on the boat deck do you?”“Ma’am. No ma’am,” came the dutiful reply.“I’m not going to find one if I were to take a good look around, then?”“Ma’am…” the young lad faltered.“I’m going to do a full inspection and inventory check of the boat stores tomorrow morning. I don’t expect I’ll find any gloryhole and this entire storage area is going to be secure and seaworthy. Are you reading me sailor?”“Loud and clear, ma’am,” came the dutiful reply.“Excellent. On your way, sailor.”The young sailor exhaled and relaxed visibly; grateful for the opportunity to remove himself from the scene.“Oh, and sailor?” added Delaney with a conspiratorial smile; “You’ve got a little something on your chin.”Returning to her cabin, Delaney found a letter in the pigeonhole on the wall alongside the door. She snatched the letter brusquely and noted the bold type with a vague satisfaction:“Interview: Admiral Chegwidden’s offices. 1300 Tuesday 21st”Peeling off her uniform, she felt the wetness in her panties and quietly savoured the earlier stolen pleasure of pent-up release. ***1300PDT: Naval Station Everett WA – Admiral Chegwidden’s OfficesSituated just off the waterfront, the Admiral’s offices sat in a small grove of trees overlooking the steel blue waters deneme bonus of the bay. Checking her watch, Delaney deftly straightened the uniform dress jacket and drew a deep draft of salt sea air before entering the small reception area. The offices sat in a hushed solemnity and finding the door to the admiral’s office open, she knocked brusquely before entering.Fat and balding with a pasty white pallor; Admiral Chegwidden bore the haughty lecherousness that so often characterized older men of power and position. He watched Lieutenant Delaney walk catlike into his office; imagining the sultry temptress underneath the formal white naval uniform. The military formality seemed to exaggerate her sexuality. Acknowledging her crisp salute, he motioned her to sit; eyes roving. Mind imagining the naked splendour of her breasts, pussy and legs. She smiled patiently; knowing the leering expression of privileged men only too well.“Lieutenant Delaney,” the old officer spoke formally, “I’ve been reviewing your file. I trust the Okhotsk exercise went well for you?”“As well as can be expected, sir,” she replied evenly, “The usual administrative problems but nothing to write home about.”“Quite so lieutenant.” He made a display of shuffling though official papers on the polished desktop before continuing, “KPI’s and standing orders all met and you shut down an illicit gloryhole to boot?”“Yes, sir. Just the men and their high jinks,” she countered. Now how did I know the old bastard would zero in on that, she mused privately.“Men have their needs, lieutenant,” he said imperiously.“As do women, sir,” she countered.He weighed her reply, cautiously surprised; looked for signals in the piercing blue eyes that held his glance evenly and found only the notion of cool brooding strength. It unsettled him despite his growing arousal.“Yes…yes, indeed,” he mumbled; just a little on edge, “Well…no harm done.”“Sir, we were discussing my performance file?” The Siren spoke formally; steering the conversation back onto track.“Ah yes, lieutenant. Yes…I’ve read your file. And a personnel report from Captain Abrams.”“And, sir?”“And you have quite a record, Delaney. Competent. Consistent. Leadership qualities. And I would like to see you rewarded for it.”“Well thank you sir, I think that would be appropriate…”“Have you heard of the term quid pro quo, lieutenant?” the heavyset admiral interjected boldly; searching the lieutenant’s face for a cue.She regarded him coolly; her expression unchanged.“What exactly are you proposing, Admiral Chegwidden?”“Join me for a drink, Delaney.”He rose stiffly, adjusted his uniform and motioned her expansively toward a heavy framed door.Dawn entered the small room cautiously; found herself in a comfortable furnished bedroom. The rich oak furniture gave it a sense of understated opulence and matching timber venetians imbued the light with a warm diffuse glow. The admiral followed Delaney into the room; noted her quizzical look.“I work and live here, Lieutenant. You might say I’m married to the job.” He leaned toward a low cabinet, grasping for a glass.“Let’s dispense with the drinks, Admiral. I think we both know why we’re here,” she interjected.“As you wish, lieutenant,” he answered; intrigued and surprised at the promising turn of events.