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sister in lawHot sister In Law by Posted on 11 May 2010 in i****t | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 Add to My Favorite Stories | 0 Comments | Contact Author | Rate this Story | Report a Problem ISS Live Cam model online now! Hi ISS readers! I am Raj, 27, from Singapore and this is my first story on ISS. I thought of sharing an amazing experience with all the readers. This is a real life experience that I had a few days ago. We had my wife’s family and their friend’s family, in all 8 people, over to Singapore for a few days. I am married for 3 years and have a better than average sex life. However, the matter of the fact is that my sex drive is just insatiable. Any amount of sex I have is just not enough. My wife’s family is of 4 people and their friends’ family is also of 4 people. One of them was a cute 19 yr old girl studying in college, named Sonia. People call her Sonu with love. She is just too cute. She’s tall (about 5’6”) and has an awesome slim body (approx. 32-27-34). She used to be a very shy girl, who wouldn’t ever trousers and jeans. But surprisingly, she wore jeans and tops when she was here in Singapore. The first couple of days just went by in site seeing and just gossiping. On the third day everyone was very tired so we all planned to go to ECP in the evening. We had planned to camp there overnight. We were 9 people, so we carried about 3 tents (each one can accommodate 4 people) for camping. As soon as we reached ECP, we first put up the tents so that we can get some more rest. I forgot to tell you that, my wife was not with us at ECP since she is pregnant and one of her aunts stayed back to care of her. All the young ones took up one tent and the oldies took up one. The third tent was left was 2 people, so I volunteered to be in that tent alone to take care of all the belongings. The moment I said, “I can sleep there alone since my wife is at home anyways,” 2 k**s and Sonu also said that they want to be with their Jiju. In just sometime, everyone was fast asleep. There were 2 k**s on one side and Sonu on the other side. We only had 2 blankets, so I and Sonu had to share one. Sonu was also feeling sleepy, so I told to take some rest so that we can be fresh for the rest of our time at ECP and enjoy the BBQ. It seemed like this time around Sonu had changed a bit. She cuddled into me and was lying down with her head on my right shoulder. But somehow she was a little uncomfortable, so she asked me if I can flank her so she can sleep on arms. Our faces were very close to each other but we have kissed each other before on the cheeks. After a while, she woke up and slowly whispered to me that she is not feeling very sleepy because of a back ache. sleeping in a tent can be very uncomfortable at times because of the uneven floor. I told her that even I am not sleepy at all, so we can talk but softly since k**s were sleeping. She was very happy to hear that. We started talking very softly about general stuff, her college etc. She is in her final year of college. Me : So how are your studies going? Sonu : Fine. How’s your work happening? Me : Its going ok. Not too great these days. Hopefully, it will get fine soon. Sonu : Jiju, you know dad is already pushing me into thinking about marriage. But I think I am too young for that. I don’t want to get married so soon. And there she had some tears in her eyes. I quickly understood that the pressure for marriage is far too much than I thought. I had to console her, so I put my palm on her cheeks and rubbed off the tears from her eyes. She just came closer to me and started crying. I tried my best to stop her from crying so much and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said all sorts of nice things to her. Me : I talk to your dad and tell him not to pressurize you so much for marriage, so that you can study a little more. I am sure he will agree for that. Sonu : Are you very sure Jiju? Me : Yes Sonu, leave that to me and you don’t worry about it anymore. Sonu : You are the sweetest Jiju in this world. Thank you so much. Me : Sonu, do you have a boyfriend? canlı bahis Sonu : No Jiju. I don’t have a bf. But I want to have one. I feel that an experience will be good before marriage. Me : Why do you think so? Sonu : Because, I don’t know anything about relationships. I am afraid, if I am not able to keep my husband happy, he will divorce me. Me : Don’t worry, you can learn it easily. It is not so difficult. Sonu : Really? Me : Yes. What do you want to learn? Sonu : Everything. Jiju, do you think I am beautiful? Will my husband like me? Me : Oh yes. You are really pretty and very sexy too. Sonu : So do you really like me? Me : If I wasn’t you Jiju, I would have really married you. Sonu : Ok then teach me everything. Me : I don’t know if that will be right, Sonu. You are my SIL. Sonu : I know Jiju. But you are the only one I can trust. Please Jiju. Me : Ok. But we can do it within a limit. Sonu : Ok Jiju. With that, she came closer to me. We were whispering in each others’ ears. It was really difficult for both of us to control our emotions. Me : Let me ask you a few questions so that I know what to teach. Sonu : Ok. Me : Have you ever seen a boy naked? Sonu : Yes Jiju, but only in a movie. Never in real. Me : Ok. Do you masturbate? Sonu : What is that? Me : I mean do you play with your body, like pressing your breasts, rubbing your pussy, etc? Sonu : No Jiju, I have never done that. Me : Oh. So you are totally unaware of the feelings that physical love can bring. Have you ever kissed a boy on his lips? Sonu : No. I am afraid that I might get pregnant. Me : No you can’t get pregnant just by kissing. You need to have a sexual intercourse to get pregnant. Sonu : Oh. And what is that? Me : Leave that right now. I will tell you later. Let’s first see how a kiss feels like. An almost instantly she came close and I placed my lips on hers. What a feeling it was. Really soft and untouched lips. Anyone would have guessed that she has no experience. I slowly moved my tongue inside her mouth. Out tongues touched and we got engaged in a hot long French kiss. She started kissing me as if there was no tomorrow. Seemed like she was enjoying the first feelings. After a while I broke the kiss and asked her, “How did that feel?” She shyly smiled. Me : Good, so now you know how a kiss feels and also how to kiss. Me : Open your sweater. (It was a front button sweater) Sonu : Jiju. I don’t know why I feel like this. Me : Now raise your top and expose your bra, so that I can show you how a boy plays with a girl’s breasts. Breasts are also called Boobs. Sonu : Jiju, you will touch my breasts? Me : Yes. Sonu : I am really feeling shy, Jiju. But I also want to do it. Me : Ok. This shyness is making things sexier. You are already having an effect on me. I placed my hands on her boobs over her bra. They were amazingly soft. I could make out her nipples were hard. The moment I touched her breasts she let out a sigh with warm air, “Aaah”. Me : Did you notice that your nipples are hard? Sonu : Yes Jiju. But why? Me : That means that you are feeling hot and horny. You want sex. Are you also feeling wet down here? (Asking this, I touch her pussy over her cotton trousers.) Sonu : Oh. Yes. I was again on her breasts now. I was slowly cupping them. I inserted a finger inside her bra and touched her nipple. Then I slid her bra and uncovered her boob and softly kissed her nipple. She again let out a moan. Slightly louder this time. Her eyes were closed all the time and she was almost kissing my lips. Me : Don’t be so loud. k**s might wake up. Sonu : Sorry. Couldn’t control. Me : Ok. Are you liking it? Sonu : Yes Jiju. I am loving it. I was in a jogging shorts and my bulge would have been visible if there was no blanket. I took one of her hands and placed it on my thighs. She kept caressing my thighs and slowly pushed her hands on my bulge. Me : Sonu, this is the effect you have on me. This is my penis. It becomes hard when I feel horny. Sonu : Yes. It’s really very hard. Also feels like it is very big and very thick. Me : Yes Sonu, bahis siteleri it is almost 7.5 inches long and 3 inches thick. Sonu : Aww. Jiju, I like how it feels. Can I touch it from inside. Me : Yes, you can. Push your hand inside the shorts. She pushed her hand inside my shorts and was struggling a bit with the hold. It send chills down my spine the moment there was skin to skin contact. Sonu : Aaahhh. Jiju, I want to see it. I have never seen it in real before. Me : It is dangerous. If the k**s wake up, we might get caught. Sonu : I will take a torch and see it inside the blanket. Me : Ok. But please do it quickly. Sonu : Sure Jiju. She went under the blanket and placed her head on my belly. With one hand she was holding my penis inside the shorts and with the other she was trying to lower the shorts so that she can see it. I raised by butts so that my shorts can slide down and my penis was out. She breathing heavily and I could feel the warm breath on my penis. She held my penis and was playing with it. She was slowly moving her hands up and down as if to keep the foreskin in motion. She was discovering the male genital. Then she slowly moved her hand over the balls and I let out a moan. Aaahhhh. I then pulled her upwards and asked, “Did you like it?” Sonu : Yes Jiju. It is amazing. It is so big. I loved it. Me : Ok. Sonu, now it’s time to move further. Sonu : Meaning? Me : It’s time for getting to know your pussy better. And I placed my hand on her crotch. This time it was really wet. I slid my hands inside her pants and her panties too. I was just about on her pubic mound. And she started breathing very heavily. Finally I reach her pussy and whispered to her, “Your pussy has two areas. Clitoris and Vagina.” I was touching her clit, “This is your clitoris and is the part which stimulates a woman”. Then I quickly took a finger right to the hole and told her, “This is your vagina. Here is where a boy’s penis goes inside and that is known as Sexual Intercourse. It is inside the vagina that a boy can ejaculate his semen and make you pregnant. Got it?” Sonu : Oh. I was so stupid to think that kissing can make me pregnant. Your fingers are feeling so good. Can you do a little more Jiju, please? Me : Ok. I was still rubbing her pussy lips and her clit. Slowly, I took my finger and inserted it a bit in her pussy. “Sonu, here there is a membrane called Hymen, which breaks when something enters your vagina for the first time. Do you want me to break it with my finger?” Sonu : Will it hurt? Me : Yes, it will be painful for the first few minutes and then it will be very pleasurable. Sonu : Ok Jiju. I think you can go ahead and do it. Me : Are you sure? Sonu : Yes, Jiju. Me : Please do not make any noise, even if it hurts a little, else the k**s will wake up and it will create a big mess for both of us. Sonu : Sure Jiju. Slowly, I started entering my finger in her pussy. It was really wet and tight. The juices allowed a slightly better entry which was less painful for her. I kept going deeper and finally broke the hymen. She let out a loud ouch. I knew there would be some blood. But we took care of that. I kept pushing my finger in and out. After a while she started relaxing and was feeling good. She kept breathing heavily all the time. She was clung to my body and suddenly I felt her hands on my penis again. She started masturbating me. Her hands were moving up and down on my hard penis. She started kissing on my lips. It was an uncontrollable situation where I was fingering her pussy, she was shaking my penis and we were in a French kiss, all at once. I asked her, “Do you want to try my penis inside your pussy?” Sonu : What if I get pregnant? Me : I won’t ejaculate inside you. May be you want to try giving a blowjob first. Sonu : Blowjob? Me : You can take my penis in your mouth and suck it. Want to try? Sonu : Yes. Me : Maybe we can try to do a 69. Sonu : 69? Me : You can suck my penis and I can lick your pussy. Sonu : Oh ok. We got into a 69 position and started licking each other. We were lying güvenilir bahis sideways, so that things don’t look obvious, just in case. She was kissing all along my organ. She took it in her mouth and slowly started sucking it. The way she was moving her tongue, I really thought I will cum in her mouth but had to control. I was eating her pussy and slowly moving my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was moaning in between while sucking on penis. Aaaahhhh. Her’s was by far the best pussy that I have eater so far (I have eaten a few). Really soft and tender pussy lips and a very well shaped clit. Her juices were dripping. After a while of oral pleasure, I pulled her towards me and asked her, “Do you want me to put my penis in your pussy and show you how an intercourse feels like?” Sonu : Yes Jijju, I want you to do that. But I don’t want to get pregnant. Me : 1 week before and after your periods is a safe time. Do you think you are in your safe period? Sonu : Oh yes, I am. But I still don’t want to risk. Me : I will anyways not ejaculate inside you. Don’t worry. Sonu : Ok. Jiju let’s do it then. I made her lie down sideways, so that I can enter from behind and again not to make things too obvious for anyone. I placed my penis between her legs. I touched penis on her pussy and slowly rubbed it. She was breathing heavily and was softly moaning. Wow, she was really in the right mood. Me : Sonu, hold my penis and guide it inside. Sonu : I don’t know how to, Jiju. Me : I will show you how to. Don’t worry. She held my penis and I held her hand. We both were guiding my penis inside and there it went. It was too tight to immediately penetrate, so I kept it slow. In 2 minutes or so, I had to thrust it in. I kept one hand on her mouth so that we can avoid a loud cry. It went really well and I started moving in and out of her pussy. “Aaaah aaahhhhh….. Jiju it is really amazing.” I kept the motion and increased the speed. “This is how a boy fucks a girl,” I told her. “Did you like it?” Sonu : Yes, please keep doing it. I am really enjoying it. Me : Wow, your pussy is really nice, tight and slippery. This is the best fuck I have had so far. You are much better that your sister. Sonu : Really? Then why did you not do this earlier? Me : We didn’t get a chance to, Sonu. Had I got a chance, I would not have missed it. I really love you. Sonu : Jiju, I love you too. Can we have a secret sex affair? Me : Anytime you want sweetheart. Sonu : You penis has become too hard. Me : Yes, I am almost ready to cum. Sonu : Then do you want to ejaculate now? Me : Yes, but not inside. Sonu : The take it out and show me how you ejaculate. I really want to see that. Me : Where should I ejaculate? Can I cum in your mouth? Do you want to taste it? Sonu : That’s a great idea. Ok you can cum in my mouth. I removed my penis from her pussy and asked her to suck it for a while. The moment she touched her lips, I was ready to explode my cum. Everything about her was virgin. She took my penis in her mouth and I immediately shot my cum. Full load, I have never had such an orgasm before. I was in a different world altogether. She took my cum in her mouth and said, “Jiju, it is tasty. Can I swallow it? Is it harmful?” I replied, “No darling, it will make you even hotter.” She took it all in and sucked me dry. We were both really exhausted, so we cleaned up a bit, got properly dressed and slept off as if nothing had happened. Later in the evening, when we woke up, there was completely different smile on her face but she wasn’t able to walk to well. I told her to make up for that since no one should even doubt something happened. She took the pain and kept things hidden. We kept kissing each other at every opportunity all the time when we were at ECP, after that. It was an awesome experience for both of us. In the next 9 days, we again had the opportunity to have fun, which I will describe in the next part. Please motivate me to write the next part, by giving comments. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. If in case, any girl is interested in knowing more about the experience or in interested in having an experience of this kind, please reach me at : or just comment on this story. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to