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sistersBeing married for more than twenty years, I thought I had heard heard all of the stories from my wife’s sexual past. It turns out there are many still to be heard.A recent visit from her sister brought to light a little more detail about Marg. Her sister let slip a comment about men who like sisters. I thought it was a reference to the same man who wanted to date them both. It became a something else.There are three sisters with my wife being the middle sister. At one point all were living at home and all were sexual active. During canlı bahis a party one boyfriend suggested that they retire to a bedroom where the sisters could be laid out side be side to be fucked. The guys were really into the idea but the sisters were not sure although they gave in.The problem from the girls’ perspective was stripping in front of men who they were not dating. Marg claims that she was the one who was most nervous and the last to remove her bra and panties. They were then admired by all three men who compared their tits bahis siteleri and pussies and then bragged to each other about what they had done to their girlfriend. The men laid the three beside each other on the bed and quickly started to fuck their girfriend while talking about how wet and tight she was. Marg says it was a surprise, but I knew it was going to happen. On cue the men shifted to a different girl and although they protested, each sister was fucked by all three.Once I got my breath I was able to ask a question. The siters güvenilir bahis had followed some directions given and had entertained the men by kissing each other and feeling breasts. Marg was red faced but with her sister threatening to tell, Marg admitted she was the sister who had lowered her head between the legs of her younger sister and licked.As Marg told me that part I began to look at my sister-in-law and hope that old ways could come back. As usual, or so it seems, my own daughters picked that moment to return home. I left the room to keep my hard-on from being seen. “Why rush, I bet they have seen a few already.” I looked at my sister-in-law and said, “They are a little young.” “Do the math,” was the reply, “so were we. Perhaps next time then?”