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Subject: 6th formers shagging Sixth formers shagging The following is a true account of stumbling across three public school sixth formers having al fresco sex on Hampstead Heat last summer when I was 38. Comments gratefully received at Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. West Hampstead Heath in London is a well known gay cruising ground. There are plenty of bushes and secluded spots you can hide away from the dog walkers and ramblers for a bit of al fresco gay sexual fun. On the main heath there are three swimming lakes, one for men only, another just for women and a mixed pond. The men only swimming lake pulls a big gay crowd. Because of these two I had been a regular frequenter of the area since my sexual awakening in my teenage years. It was whilst cruising the West Heath early last summer that I stumbled across three sixth former public schoolboys engaged in an outdoor spit roast and got involved. It was a warm sunny week so I had taken it as holiday off from work. Even in the longest darkest winter months I’m horny but once the weather warms up I’m like a rabbit on Viagra. Because of that I had been to the men only swimming pond and spent the day sunning myself in the nude sunbathing section. Whilst there I did pull a fit 30 year old guy who I sucked off in the bushes behind the toilet block. At around 15:00 clouds started to move in so I packed up and decided to check out the west heath. As it started out warm and sunny I was wearing a white sleeveless muscle top which showed off my gym sculpted biceps and toned forearms dusted with blondish hairs. The tight top also hugged my firm toned chest and washboard abs. Down below I was wearing a pair of dark blue surfer shorts with my big thick limp cock bulging them out nicely. My deeply tanned sports toned legs were on display capped off with black ankle socks and trainers. Wandering around the west heath I did see a couple of guys cruise me but they weren’t my type so I left them alone. The sun might have been hidden by clouds but it was still warm and I was horny so I went to one of my favourite secluded spots for an al fresco wank and self suck. When I arrived there I got the greatest surprise. There was not one but three very sexy public schoolboys and all engaged in a bareback spit roast. Two of them were from a nearby Church of England public school whose uniform consisted of a black blazer with school emblem on the left breast pocket, white shirt, dark blue, white and red stripped tie and black trousers. They were both book ending a boy from a nearby Roman Catholic public school whose uniform consisted of a burgundy blazer with school emblem on the left breast pocket, white shirt, burgundy, white and black stripped tie and black trousers. All three had their trousers around their ankles as they spit roasted. The Roman Catholic schoolboy looked the youngest of the three seeming about 15 years old. He had black, slightly wavy hair topping a really cute, lightly tanned flawless face that had a slightly dusky Eastern European look to it. His thin pink lips were widely stretched around a really thick, pale, veiny 8.5 inch cock that was being repeatedly thrust in and out of his mouth. The owner of the cock was an incredibly sexy blond haired lad of about 18 years old. His dark blond hair was swept from left to right like a breaking wave. He had a very sexy oval face whose skin was lightly tanned and flawless with a cute dimple to his chin. He had sexy sports toned legs that were lightly tanned and dusted with blond hairs. His firm pert arse was dusted with downy blond hairs as it pumped away thrusting his cock into the other boy’s willing mouth. At the other end was another incredibly sexy blond lad whose hair was spiked up. He had a pale twink cute face whose skin was flawless. A look of pure sexual pleasure was on his gorgeous face as he rapidly thrust his slightly thicker than average 8.5 inch naked cock in and out of the younger boy’s arse. He had sexy sports toned legs dusted with blond hairs and his pale cute arse pumped away driving his fuck. It was a highly erotic sight watching three public schoolboys in their late teens engaged in public outdoor gay sex. As they were unashamed about fucking in the woods, all be it in a secluded spot, I fished out my rapidly swelling cock to stroke it as I watched the live gay sex show. It was the sexy blond lad fucking the bottom boy’s mouth who saw me first. Rather than run scared a mischievous grin spread across his incredible cute, twink sexy face as he continued to thrust his big thick cock into the other boy’s willing mouth. With a nod of his head he indicated to the other blond lad topping they had an audience. When he saw me his dreamily cute face broke into a mischievous grin too and he didn’t stop fucking the black haired boy’s arse. All three were incredibly cute in a twink sexy way and as I was 38 years old, a good 20 years their senior, I was just expecting to get a show. However either teen hormones or my dark blond hair, gym buff body and eye wateringly thick, deeply tanned 10 inch cock caused them to invite me over. Although they were all cute and sexy with not much between them I ranked them as blond boy face fucking first, the other blond lad second and black haired boy third. It was the blond lad face fucking who waved me over. As I walked over there my impressive cock swung before me. It wasn’t until I was almost stood by the black haired lad that he noticed my presence. His twink cute face broke out an expression of surprise when he saw my really thick 10 inch cock throbbing close by him. As he continued to fuck the black haired boy’s mouth the blond lad tightly gripped my really thick 10 inch cock in his soft warm right hand and began to wank it. He gave it a few strokes before he pulled his own impressive cock from the other boy’s mouth and steered me in front of him. The black haired lad’s really cute face had an expression of how the fuck am I going to take that but rampant teenage hormones won the day. With Dunkirk spirit he opened his thin pink lips and took my tanned bulbous knob into his mouth. He started strongly sucking my swollen sensitive knob as he swiped it with his tongue. The hot wetness of his strongly sucking mouth and caress of his skilful tongue made me purr with pleasure and ooze pre-cum. Immediately it became obvious that despite his young looking age he was an accomplished cock sucker. My eyes flitted between watching the cute black haired lad sucking on the end of my big tanned cock to watching the other blond lad fucking his arse with his big bare cock. Both were highly erotic sights that made my hormones race. The spectacle became even more erotic when the blond lads started passionately kissing. All three were really cute in a twink sexy way and as they’d already included me in on their gay sexual fun I decided to risk inviting them back to my place. Although I expected them to turn me down they readily agreed. We all adjusted our clothes and headed back to my place. On the way there we exchanged names and ages. The blond lad who had been face fucking was called Jason and was 18 years old. The other blond lad was called Justin who was also 18 years old. The black haired bottom boy was 17 years old although he looked 15 and was called Daniel. We also made small talk and I found out Jason and Justin became friends when they started secondary school together at the age of 11 close to 12. Their friendship turned sexual at the ages of 13 and they’d been shagging each other since. They met Daniel via www.ladslads a few months earlier. Being brought up a Roman Catholic Daniel had been a virgin until Jason and Justin popped his cherry hence they were safe fucking bareback. When we got back to my place we went straight to my bedroom where we started to strip. The reason I’d invited them back to my place was to give them a safer place to fuck and I’d just watch the sex show. However it soon became apparent they wanted me in on the act too. All three were sexy but Jason just about came out on top so I watched him strip first. His lightly tanned oval face was perfectly proportioned and twink cute. He had dreamy hazel eyes and lush pink lips curled up into a sexy smile. He pulled off his black school blazer and stripped tie. He then undid his white shirt and pulled it off. He revealed a lightly tanned, lean smooth upper body. There was slight definition to his smooth chest that was studded with two pinkish brown pointy nipples. He had a flat firm, lightly tanned stomach that had no treasure trail. When he pushed down his black school trousers the thick log of his 8.5 inch cock was an obvious bulge in his dark grey briefs. His lightly tanned legs were slim but sexily shaped with a nice covering of blondish brown hairs. When his briefs come off his big thick cock flopped out and jutted straight out from a small dense but trimmed short bush of light brown pubes. The pale shaft of his 8.5 inch cock was nicely veined and thicker than average. He had a large but neat circumcision scar below a prominent ridged pink knob. His big thick cock had a slight upward banana curve and hanging below, in a loose lightly pubed sack was a nice pair of balls. All three of them could be twink porn stars but especially Jason. My attention then turned to Justin who was another twink blond cutie. His light blond hair was spiked up at the front and topped his cute face. Its skin was pale and blemish free and he had dreamy brown eyes and lush pink kissable lips. He was already down to his bright yellow briefs with his hard cock being an obvious lump in the front of them. Justin had a bit more tone to his body than Jason’s did. Justin’s upper body had a slight swimmer’s build to it with subtly defined biceps. There was a hint of definition to his pale smooth chest that was studded with two small pink nipples. His stomach was flat and firm with no treasure trail. His pale legs were sexily shaped and lightly dusted with blondish brown hairs. When he pulled his briefs down his big cock flopped out. It was of slightly thicker than average for an 18 year old with the pale shaft jutting straight out from his groin with a slight downwards banana curve. He was uncut with half of his pink knob peeking out of his pale foreskin. He had big balls in a tight pale sack lightly dusted with blondish brown hairs. He had a naturally small bush of pubes he trimmed so short they almost had a buzz cut which made his impressive cock look even bigger. Although I ranked him in third place Daniel was still a really cute boy just up against stiff competition. His black hair, dreamy dark brown eyes and slightly dusky complexion gave him a slight Romany Eastern European appearance. His face was flawless and in the transition from schoolboy cuteness to twink sexiness. He had a slim petite build being a good few inches shorter than Jason & Justin. By now he was naked and I admired his slim, shapeless but sexy nevertheless body. He had slender arms and his chest and stomach were ironing board flat. His groin was shaved smooth but even if he let them grow out his pubic bush would be small. His cock was 5 inches long and a slightly duskier colour than the rest of him. He was uncut with just the ridge of his knob covered by his dusky foreskin. He had small balls in a tight naturally hairless dusky coloured sack. His spindly dusky legs were nicely covered with black hairs. As I admired them they in turn admired me. My light brown hair is spiked up into a duck tail at the front and tops my deeply tanned face that is still attractive despite my advancing years as my sex life is just as active as it ever was. Years of playing rugby, cricket and hitting the gym had given me a buff kocaeli escort bayan body without being overly bulky. Shapely shoulders led to defined deltoids, big biceps and toned forearms. My chest is nicely defined, deeply tanned and studded with two dark brown nipples I loved having roughed up. My stomach has nice washboard definition with a thin treasure trail leading to my light brown pubes. Except for my pubes and treasure trail, both of which I keep trimmed short, I shave the rest of my chest and stomach so they are smooth. My aerosol can thick, deeply tanned cock was rock hard from the sight of three naked and aroused 6th form schoolboys in my bedroom. It dangled between my well toned, tanned thighs which were dusted with light brown hairs. My cock is as deeply tanned as the rest of me with it being 10 inches long and 6 inches around. It ends with a prominent ridged bulbous knob most of which was peeking out of my tanned foreskin. My balls are big and still as highly productive as those of a teenage boy. My tanned arse is a firm pert bubble butt with a downy covering of hairs. Although I knew I was fairly good looking for my age I was surprised three lads as sexy as the ones in my room had come back with me. It was Daniel who kicked off the action by knelling in front of Justin. He began greedily sucking Justin’s cock even though it had recently been up his arse bareback. Until he met Jason & Justin a few months earlier he had been a virgin but from the way he was expertly sucking Justin’s big cock he was either a born cock sucker or a very quick learner. His boyishly cute face looked more like that of a 15 year old boy than his true 17 years so watching it sucking on an 18 year old lad’s big cock made it look even more erotic. Daniel’s dreamy dark brown eyes burned with the sexual hunger and lust he had for Justin. In turn Justin was looking down with equal lust to watch the cute slightly younger lad expertly sucking his cock. Although it was a sexy sight watching Daniel sucking on Justin’s big cock I wanted in on the action. However just as I was about to knell in front of Jason Daniel moved over and got to his cock first. Daniel opened his mouth, took in Jason’s bulbous circumcised knob and tightly wrapped his thin pink lips around the pale meaty shaft. Jason gasped with pleasure as he felt Daniel strongly sucking his swollen sensitive knob. Realising that Daniel must be a submissive bottom boy I decided to keep my place in line and await my turn for a cock suck. As I did so my gaze took in the sight of Daniel’s boyishly cute face sucking on the end of Jason’s thick pale 8.5 inch cock. He then started bobbing his hot wet sucking mouth up and down Jason’s impressive cock swallowing more and more each time. Jason dam sexy face had an expression of sexual bliss as he watched Daniel sucking his cock. After a few minutes it was my turn to experience the sexual pleasure of Daniel’s talented mouth. “Wow you have a massive cock.” Daniel said half in admiration and half in apprehension. His right hand looked tiny compared to my big cock which was so eye wateringly thick his fingers couldn’t meet as he stroked up and down. “Thanks.” Was all I could mutter as I eagerly awaited for this dreamily cute schoolboy to put my big man cock in his mouth. As if a wet dream I watched Daniel’s tongue snake out and swirl around my pre-cum slicked cock head. Waves of pleasure coursed down my cock as if his tongue was an electric eel. Then he kissed the tip and pushed his mouth forward. His dreamy dark brown eyes were looking up at me as I watched his thin pink lips slip over the prominent ridge of my bulbous knob. The hot wetness of his mouth soaked into my sensitive knob immediately causing me to gasp with pleasure. He started strongly sucking my bulbous bell end as he swirled his talented tongue all over. The pleasure was so great I rewarded him with copious amounts of pre-cum which caused him to muffle moans of appreciation. His dreamy brown eyes were lustfully looking up at me so I knew he wanted this. He so reminded me of myself when I was his age as on numerous occasions I’d been in his position, a teen boy knelt before a man sucking his cock. He then began bobbing his hot wet, strongly sucking mouth on my cock but due to its meaty girth he could only manage the top couple of inches. But what his tight young mouth couldn’t take in depth it made up for in talent. There have been men twice his age who hadn’t made my cock feel as good as this boy was making it feel now. It was hard to believe until a few months ago he had been a virgin but he was sucking my cock like a talented whore. There was the strong hot wet sucking sensations of his mouth and the silky caress of his swirling tongue. On top of that there was his stunning schoolboy cuteness. He looked 15 years old which gave it a kinky thrill but I was safe in the knowledge he was a young looking 17 year old. “Mmm you’re a great cock sucker.” I honestly complimented him. He replied with a cock sucker’s smile just as I had done so many times before when I was his age and sucking a man who complimented me on my cock sucking abilities. For a few minutes Daniel sucked my cock as Jason and Justin watched, stroking each other’s cock. Then the itch in Daniel’s arse must have got to him as without a word he stood up, walked over to my bed and climbed on it. He grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled them into his chest and out to the sides exposing his pert peach fuzzed arse. His brown pucker was slightly swollen and glistened with the lube from the fuck I had stumbled across him taking. With a slutty sultry come fuck me look, at polar odds to his innocent schoolboy appearance, he beckoned Justin over. A shit eating grin spread across Justin’s stunningly sexy twink cute when he realised he was about to resume his fuck. He knelt before Daniel who rested his legs on Justin’s shoulders. Justin then slowly sank his slightly thicker than average 8 inch pale cock ball deep into the younger lad’s waiting arse causing them both to moan with pleasure. He then resumed his fuck with teen boy vigour. It certainly was a hot sight watching two schoolboys fucking on my bed. One was a slightly dusky, very young and cute looking 17 year old taking a vigorous fucking from a dreamily sexy, well hung slightly older blond lad. The colour contrast of Justin’s pale cock against Daniel’s stretched wide dark brown sphincter and dusky, peach fuzzed buttocks was particularly erotic. Jason then went over to my bed and knelt to the right side of Daniel’s head. His cock hungry mouth opened and took in the circumcised tip of Jason’s thick veiny 8.5 inch teen boy cock and began to suck like a baby at the teat. A three way moan began with Justin from the pleasure of fucking a hot wet, tight arse bareback, Daniel from being spit roasted and Jason for the delights of having a blow job. Just as I was about to sit on a chair and watch the live schoolboy sex show before me, as that is all I was expecting to happen, Jason waved me over. Either lady luck was on my side or it was payback time for all the times I had engaged in gay sex with men as a teenage boy. Now I was to be that man and I had not one but three nubile teenage boys in my bed. Not believing my luck in climbed in and knelt to the left of Daniel’s head. “You’re well fit mister.” Jason said before pulling my face to his. Wow this stunningly sexy 18 year old lads somehow had the hots for me. Sure I had a gym buff body and porn star dick but I was 20 years older than him. But if he wanted to snog my face off I wasn’t going to protest. We began a passionate kiss with our lips mashing together and tongues battling as our hands explored each other’s upper body. My hands savoured caressing over the warm silky smooth skin of his subtly sculpted upper body. There was only a hint of tone to his chest and arms but enough to be felt. His small nipples were bullet hard and sensitive so I could do no more than gentle nipple play. As for me I let him know I liked it rough so if he wasn’t stroking my big biceps or gym sculpted chest he was yanking on my nipples make them red raw. Justin was no five minute wonder teen and gave Daniel a good long hard fuck. During that time the four of us enjoyed each other in various ways. One minute I’d be passionately kissing Jason and then the next Justin or Daniel. If I was kissing Daniel Jason and Justin would be snogging each other. Then there was the delight of Jason sliding his thick veiny 8.5 inch teen boy cock between Daniel’s and my lips as we kissed. In turn it was my cock Jason and Daniel slobbered over. Not wanting to be left out Justin wanted in on the oral action sucking first Jason’s and then my cock. Seeing his unbelievably cute, twink sexy pale face slurping on the end of my really thick, deeply tanned manhood was highly erotic. Then after a long hard fuck he slipped into the pre-orgasm fuck frenzy. His gorgeous face was a battle of expressions between that of sexual pleasure and the fight against impending orgasm. However the steamy hot wetness of Daniel’s tight arse won out. Maintaining his rapid harsh fuck Justin’s face, as stunning as the sexiest twink porn star scrunched up and went from pale to beet red as his orgasm hit. He began loudly grunting with intense sexual ecstasy and release as he flooded Daniel’s arse with cum. At the same time Daniel purred with pleasure as he felt warm cum squirt into his arse. When Justin pulled his cock from Daniel’s arse it glistened with his cum and Daniel’s arse juice and my mouth watered. He moved out of the way and Jason eagerly took his place. Jason thrust his thick veiny 8.5 inch cock ball deep into Daniel’s arse causing them both to groan with pleasure. Jason then launched into a rough hard vigorous fuck that had Daniel moaning with pleasure. Jason’s really thick veiny cock was certainly stretching Daniel’s brown pucker wide so it must have been burning with pleasure. After briefly watching Jason fuck Daniel I sucked Justin’s cock clean. The mix of his spunk and Daniel’s arse juice was delicious and I licked up every drop causing him to purr with pleasure, his tasty teen cock throbbing in my mouth. He then pulled my face to his and we began a passionate kiss with him savouring the lingering taste of sex slime on my lips and tongue. Then I pushed him on his back to devour his stunning twink cuteness. After lifting up his subtly toned arms I buried my face in his left armpit. It was a fragment mix of deodorant trying to mask teen boy sweat. He had a small tuft of blond hairs that tickled my tongue as I licked his pit clean of tasty teen boy sweat. Once it was clean I licked my way over his smooth subtly toned chest to his small pink nipple which I gently sucked and nibbled. My tongue then licked to his right nipple which got the same treatment. Then I licked his right armpit clean of tasty teen sweat before licking down his flat firm stomach to his cock. Despite its recent orgasm his big boy cock was still rock hard and throbbing. It was a beauty being slightly thicker than average, lightly veined, pale and uncut. After licking all over it I sucked it into my mouth and gave him a deep throat blow job swallowing all 8 inches of his boyhood. His stunningly sexy, flawless face was a picture of pure sexual bliss as he looked down to watch a man 20 years his senior expertly suck his teen boy cock. His hot hard cock powerfully throbbed in my hot wet sucking mouth and his free flowing pre-cum made my taste buds tingle with delicious pleasure. As I rapidly bobbed my mouth up and down his cock I stared into his dreamily cute face and hazel eyes that burned with lust. My hands caressed his sports toned thighs whose soft hairs tickled my palms. The sweaty, horny aroused teen boy aroma of his sparsely pubed groin was highly erotic. Then izmit sınırsız escort I lifted his legs and exposed his sexy firm, pert round arse and pink sphincter. The globes of his arse had a covering of peach fuzz with a few wispy blondish brown hairs in the crack. His pink pucker looked so small and tight but I knew it must be elastic if he’d been taking Jason’s really thick cock up it for the last five years. Burying my face in his arse crack I began to greedily lick it out. The soft hairs tickled my tongue and its sweaty teen boy aroma filled my nostrils driving me wild with lust. His sphincter spasmed uncontrollably under the lashing my tongue was giving it and he was groaning with pleasure. Then I started stabbing my tongue in and out which had him really squirming. It was so hard to believe this was happening for real. There I was a 38 year old man tongue fucking an unbelievably cute 18 year old boy’s tasty arse as his mate and long term sexual partner fucked another boy beside us. This was wet dream or porno film stuff but we were living it for real. Justin let me tongue fuck his arse for a few minutes before he pulled me up his body and began to passionate kiss me, relishing the taste of his own arse on my lips and tongue. He then rolled us over so he was on top and with a mischievous smile on his dreamily cute face he sank down my body until his head was above my cock. “Wow you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” He said with a look of total admiration on his gorgeous twink face as he took my cock into his soft warm right hand. “I bet it’s going to fucking hurt but I so want it inside me.” He lustfully said as he jerked my cock. “We all do.” Jason panted as he continued to fuck Daniel good and hard. The look of apprehension on Daniel’s boyish face meant he didn’t share the same willingness to take my eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock up his tight teen boy arse as his two fuck buddies did. However it was him who was put to the sword first. A couple of minutes into the suck and wank job Justin was giving me Jason slipped into the pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. My gaze had been watching how the meaty girth of my 10 inch cock meant Justin’s long slender fingers could quite wrap around it. The colour contrast of his pale hand wanking my tanned cock was highly erotic. His really sexy face was a picture of admiration and pleasure at playing with such a big thick cock. But when Jason slipped into his fucking frenzy I turned my attention to him and Daniel. Expressions of pure sexual pleasure, physical exertion and the battle against impending orgasm all played over Jason’s drop dead gorgeous face. Check out the Staxus porn star Jaxon Radoc for an idea of the blond beauty I was watching passionately fucking a slightly younger boy in my bed. Daniel’s boyish face, that belied his true age, was a picture of pure hard fucked pleasure. His dreamy dark brown eyes burned with lust as they looked up at the bigger and older boy who was pounding his arse. His small tanned hands were busy caressing Jason’s subtly toned chest or tensed biceps. Then Jason slammed his pale, really thick 8.5 inch cock ball deep into Daniel’s arse one last time. His face scrunched up and his body began to shudder as an intense orgasm hit him. He began loudly groaning with sexual ecstasy and release as he bucked and shuddered against Daniel, pumping him full of schoolboy spunk. Daniel purred with the pleasure of feeling a second load of teen boy cum pumped up his arse. When Jason’s orgasm ended he pulled his cock out of Daniel’s arse. Justin was on it like a shot licking and sucking it clean of the tasty mix of his cum, his mate’s cum and the juice of a boy’s arse. He then shared a sex slimed kiss with Jason and it was obvious they were passionate lover despite playing around with Daniel and I. “Come and fuck Daniel with that big cock of yours.” Jason lustfully said after breaking his kiss with Justin. With eagerness I moved around to admire Daniel’s pert little upturned arse. The slightly dusky skin was covered with black peach fuzz which got denser in his arse crack with glistened with sweat, lube and spunk. His arsehole looked tiny and was red and swollen. His boy butt looked so tasty so I dove in and gave it a serious tongue fuck that had him moaning with pleasure and squirming about. His arse would spasm and squeeze out some of Justin’s and Jason’s cum and his arse juice. He mix was delicious and made my taste buds tingle. As I ate out Daniel’s tasty teen arse Jason greased up my cock. At the time I was too busy engrossed in tongue fucking Daniel’s arse to realise Jason hadn’t put a condom on first. It was only when I knelt up ready to fuck Daniel I realised I was bareback. “If you boys want to carry on fucking each other bareback you should always wear condoms with anyone else, especially strangers.” I warned as I went to get a condom. “Have you got AIDS?” Justin asked. “No and I get tested regularly but that’s not the point. You’ve only got my word for that and besides if you go around letting strangers fuck you bareback you may have something.” “Well if you’re clean it’s ok. Daniel was cherry until he met us and we tested negative last month.” Jason cheerily said. “We don’t let just any old one fuck us bareback.” Justin added. “Just this old one.” I joked at our considerable age differences. Anyway it was strange we were having this conversation especially when it wasn’t their arse my cock was about to go up. “It’s your call.” I said looking into Daniel’s boyishly cute face. “If you’re clean it’s okay. I more worried about how much it’s going to hurt.” He said the apprehension obvious in his squeaky voice. “Trust me I’ll go easy, break you as if you were a virgin.” I said as I rubbed my big bulbous knob which seemed to dwarf his tiny brown pucker tinged red for the two fucks it had already taken. “That’ll be a first we banged him like a whore when we broke him in.” Justin laughed. “What considerate friends you have.” I joked After getting the confirmation he was ready I started pushing my cock in. His tight tiny sphincter briefly resisted but they was no way in could withstand my big bulbous knob. “Fuck!” Daniel squealed at the stinging burning sensation when the thick prominent ridge of my bulbous knob popped inside the tight O of his sphincter. His sphincter was so fucking tight it felt I’d stuck my knob in a snare. His tight pucker had a strangle hold on my eyes wateringly thick just below the ridge of its crown. The unbelievably tight grip on my cock and the hot wet velvety softness of his boy cunt soaking into my swollen sensitive knob was so pleasurable it was a surprise I wasn’t seeding him already. “That’s the hard part let me know when you are good to go.” I gently said as he panted fighting the pain radiating out from his arse. If I was an averagely sized guy in the dick department my statement would have been true. That initial pain of popping inside is usually the only one. But being fucked by a cock as big as mine there are two pain points as I all too well know from my arse being speared by huge cocks over the years. The popping inside is the pain fuller of the two but when a knob jabs into the entrance to your colon a second stab of pain radiates out. To help ease the pain I gently rubbed his deflating 5 inch teen boy cock between the thumb and index finger of my left hand as I caressed his smooth heaving stomach with my right. “Fuck your arse is well stretched.” Jason giggled as he showed Daniel a photo of my really thick, deeply tanned cock spreading his reddish brown sphincter spread to bursting point on his smart phone. His dreamy brown eyes widened in disbelief when he saw the image. It took him a couple of minutes to adjust to having the tip of my big cock in him let alone the rest. However he gave me the nod for more and I sank my cock in further. Oh if words could describe how wonderfully soft, steamy hot and tight his arse was as I sank in deeper. Even during my most fervent wanks my hand had never been clamped as tightly around my big thick cock as Daniel’s sphincter was now. It was almost painfully tight but the velvety soft wet caress of the walls of his arse on my swollen sensitive knob counterbalanced it. To begin with I fucked him with long slow, gentle thrusts using only half of my big thick cock. However when I felt his tight teen arse loosen some more I picked up the pace and increased the depth. Daniel whimpered with pain and winced in discomfort but he didn’t ask me to stop. My gaze flitted between watching my deeply tanned, aerosol can thick cock thrusting against Daniel’s overstretched sphincter to admiring his boyish face. He only looked 15 years old with slightly dusky flawless skin hinting at maybe Romany parentage somewhere down the line. His eyes were such a captivating deep brown that pulled you in. His pink lips begged to be kissed with a cute little nose above them. At first I fucked Daniel knelt up letting Justin and Jason have a good look at my deeply tanned, really thick cock plunging in and out of Daniel’s arse but only half way. But I felt Daniel had loosened up enough to take the full 10 inches and besides I so had to kiss those lips of his. With my cock half buried in his arse I went from being knelt up to the push up position above him. He was of a small build for his age and looked only 15 years old rather than his true 17. Being a good 21 years older than him and the contrast of his small boyish body against my muscular manly one gave me a domineering thrill. It was time to teach this tasty teen how to take a really big cock. Slowly I thrust forward sinking more of my big fat cock into him then before. His dreamy brown eyes went saucer wide and he gasped an “oh” of pain when my big bulbous knob forced its way into the entrance to his colon. Having his tight teen arse stuffed so full of hot hard cock than it ever had before might have been painful for him but it was intense pleasure for me. His wonderfully tight sphincter was like a tourniquet around the pubed base of my horse hung man cock. The really thick shaft and swollen sensitive knob of my 10 inch cock felt like it was in a hot wet velvet glove clamped in a vice. He panted as he battled the overstuffed sensation in his arse. The poor boy had only been taking it up the arse for a few month and then only from two 18 year old lads who whilst hung in their own right weren’t a patch on my monster cock. Check out the porn stars Steven Prior and Devlin Moss to see the meaty girth Daniel was currently having to endure in his arse. For a while I held my 12 inch by 6 inch cock ball deep in the steamy hot confines of Daniel’s tight teen arse. If he had been a man I’d be fucking him to buggery by now and dam the consequences. However I knew he was a relatively inexperienced 17 year old lad but there is no easy way to get around it. Taking a big cock up the arse is like pulling a plaster, fast with short intense pain followed by relief or slow but prolonged pain. My parents had always brought me up to pull the plaster fast and if that translated into taking a big cock up my arse I don’t know but I preferred to suffer the short harsh pain to the slow protracted one. With guilt and empathy overridden by pure animalistic lust I began to teach Daniel’s young arse my preferred lesson of taking a big cock. “Trust me kid this is the best way.” I said in a comforting voice that I knew was about to sound incredibly ironic. “Fucking hell!” Daniel squeaked at the top of his squeaky boyish voice as I launched into long rough hard fuck. From past experience I knew it was the best way and felt for him. You may disagree as your well hung lover broke you in slowly, maybe not even going in all the way on the first time. But from my point of view I’d done the gentle izmit anal yapan escort half way fuck but now I felt his arse was ready for the battering it deserved. Using all my rugby, cricket and gym built might I repeatedly and relentlessly pile drove my incredibly thick 10 inch cock in and out of Daniel’s steamy tight arse. It was obvious he was in pain but he was undecided about it. His small hands battered my shaved smooth gym buff chest but they seemed half hearted. He was a small lad for his age, especially compared to my mature rugby bulk, but even so he could have hit me harder if he wanted to. Also he was loudly crying out in pain, saying things like my cock was too big and how much it hurt but he never asked me to stop. That maybe because his whimpers were muffled when I began to passionately kiss those sexy lips of his. In the background Justin and Jason were laughing nervously, the laughter from watching the sadistic pain their mate was experiencing and the nervousness from the knowledge their turn would come. Daniel turned out to be a right little trooper. Despite the obvious pain he was experiencing as an eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock was brutally and repeated rammed up his arse he never asked me to stop. The passionate kiss I was giving him was returned equally but between his whimpers of pain. Then the tension and half hearted fight in his petite boyish body melted away. Mission accomplished I had fucked him over the pain barrier and I knew he was now on big cock cloud nine. So many time’s I’d been in his position having a man fuck my teen boy arse with a really big cock enduring the pain for that intense rush of pleasure to hit. Now I was that man fucking a different teen boy’s arse. “You like it now?” I asked breaking our kiss. “Oh wow.” Was all he could moan as if he was stoned rather than being brutally buggered up the arse. The sensations were now as intensely pleasurable for him as they were for me. On my part there was the vice like grip wank job his overstretched sphincter was giving my rapidly thrusting, really thick cock. My highly sensitive big bulbous knob savoured the hot wet, velvety soft caress of his tight teen boy arse and then the even tighter confines of the entrance to his colon when it slammed inside. Justin’s and Jason’s cum bubbled around my naked knob as I thrust in and out of Daniel’s sloppy arse. There was the intense domineering thrill of fucking a boy so much younger than me as two other schoolboys eagerly watched. Man on teen boy gay sex filled my nostrils and drove me wild with lust. His dreamily cute boyish face filled my vision and I got lost in his deep brown eyes. My lips kissing his felt wonderful with loving tenderness and lustful passion in equal measure. The shaved smooth skin of my chest tingled with pleasure as his small warm hands played across it. There was something so sweet, innocent and submissive about him it made you want to fuck the hell out of him one minute and nurture and protect him the next. As for Daniel his dreamy brown eyes drank in the sigh of a domineering leer on the sweaty face of a gym buff man old enough to be his Dad. His warm soft hands savoured the hard mounds of my smooth toned chest he was groping and the bullet hardness of my nipples. His slender 5 inch teen boy cock felt so hot squished between us and throbbed every time my bulbous knob boxed his prostate as my rapidly rippling abs caressed it. His tight little arsehole had been stretched wider than it had ever been before but the harsh burning sting was now pleasurable friction. The walls of his tight little arse and entrance to his colon throbbing from the brutal but pleasurable pounding they were taking. How did I know all this? Because I had been in his situation many times before, preserving with the pain for the following pleasure. However Daniel didn’t know that. Sure losing his virginity to an 8 inch and then a thicker 8.5 inch cock can’t have been an easy ride but it was child’s play compared to taking my long fat fucker. Dishy Daniel had to endure a harsh fuck that lasted twice as long to as the ones Justin and Jason had given him, and they lasted for a dam sight longer than most lads their age would have done. However my big cock had turned Daniel into a broken in cock hound which was obvious from the fact his groans of pain were now loud, uninhibited purrs of hard fucked pleasure. The far away dream look on boyishly cute face also signalled the pleasure he was deriving from the long, rough hard fuck my fat 10 inch man cock was giving his overstuffed teen boy arse. He would start to actively seek out that initial burning pain followed by intense pleasure of being fucked by a really big cock. He would start with fucking more with me than he did with Justin or Jason. However that still wasn’t enough and he became an even bigger cock whore than I was at his age. Even though gay sex is great I can’t do it with a guy I don’t fancy. Other guys and Daniel included can block out the fact the guy isn’t there type and concentrated purely on the pleasures of the sex. Daniel certain has and is often frequenting public toilets and cruise grounds eagerly letting any guy fuck him regardless of age or appearance. Luckily he learnt my lesson and always plays safe except with the three of us and he is awaiting the moment he turns 18 when the gay club scene, sauna and cruise bars open up to him. With his boyish looks he is going to get pissed being asked for ID all the time but boy is he going to get one well used arsehole. Anyway I digress away from the fact I am currently pumping Daniel’s steamy hot, tight little arse like a man possessed. Now that my fat 10 inch cock had broken him in I was fucking the hell out of him. His boyish moans of pleasure let me know he was enjoying the harsh fucking I was giving him as much as I was. He was passively taking it so I would have to teach him how to use his arse when a guy fucks him and shame on Jason and Justin from not already telling him. However as I would shortly find out, even after five years of sex together, they didn’t use their arse either so I ended up with three pupils who I had to teach in arse flexing whilst being fucked. Luckily all three were very quick learner who ended up with very talent teen arses. The virgin tight grip of Daniel’s sphincter was giving my aerosol can thick cock a wank job out of this world. The velvety soft caress of his hot wet arse on my swollen sensitive knob sent waves of pleasure flowing down my throbbing cock as if waves of electricity to charge my cum heavy balls. Not only was there the intense pleasure radiating out from my big cock but there was the domineering kinky thrill of fucking a boy who looked only 15 years old but safe in the knowledge he was a legal 17. Plus there was the heady erotic aroma of man on teen boy gay sex and the thrill of two other teenage boys watching us. Not to mention the stunning sexy sight of Daniel’s angelically cute teen boy face in the throes of hard fucked sexual pleasure All that intense carnal pleasure had only one outcome. As the pre-orgasm warning tingle hit my cock I slipped into a fuck frenzy, pounding the hell out of Daniel’s overstuffed teen boy arse even more so than before if that was possible. “Oh yes cum in me.” Daniel seductively purred in his cute boyish voice. Hell he might be relative inexperienced but Jason and Justin had fucked him enough times for Daniel to know when a guy was going to cum. “Going to…” I said as I deeply thrust my fat 10 inch dick into his steamy hot, tight little arse. “…so pump you…” I continued as I pulled my big cock back until the thick prominent ridge of my bulbous knob butted up against the inside of his tight sphincter. “…full of cum. Arghh!” I loudly concluded as an out of this world orgasm hit me. Daniel was so fucking boyishly cute and his arse so steamily hot and tight I had an orgasm the like of which I hadn’t had in years and I can tell you even my everyday orgasm are intense and copious. As if choreographed the first bolt of my thick man cum exploded out of my big bulbous knob the moment it slammed into the really tight entrance to Daniel’s colon breeding him deeper than anyone else had done before. His poor colon took a right bettering as I fucked him with deep short hard stabs of my very thick 10 inch cock as I added my cum to that of his two mates. A dreamy faraway look spread across his choirboy cute face as he felt me pump him full of cum and he purred with well bred pleasure. My gym buff body violently ground his petite boyish body into the mattress as I drained the copious load of man cum from my balls into his boy butt. Intense waves of sexual ecstasy and release coursed through me as I powerfully fired 14 squirts of cum into him, a new personal best for me. When my intense and copious orgasm ended I was totally drained and so lost in sexual bliss I just collapsed on top of Daniel in a heap just as plenty of heaving, sweaty men had done with me when I was his age. “Wow that was unbelievable.” Daniel purred in his boyish voice as his fingers lovingly caressed my sweaty back. My very thick cock had really hurt his relatively inexperienced little arse to start with but his comment let me know I had ended up giving him intense pleasure he’d never before experienced. Daniel is now a right little size queen who is currently in an open relationship with a black guy with a cock as long and thick as urt/ porn star Castro. How the fuck a cock that big and thick fits up Daniel’s tight little arse I don’t know as my smaller but fat 10 inch cock felt like it had him stretched to the max. When Dwayne fucks him internal organs must get rearranged to fit his monster big black cock, it sure feels that way when Dwayne does me. As my orgasm was so intense it took me a few minutes to recover from it. Staring into his choirboy boy cute slightly dusky face and dreamy brown eyes I slowly pulled my eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock from his cum laden battered boy cunt. The velvety soft walls of his cum splatter arse sucked at my retreating cock as if trying to pull it back in. When his really tight sphincter slipped over the prominent ridge of my big bulbous knob it stung me as if I’d taken a light slap to my bell end. All the rugby, cricket and time down the gym has given me great stamina but I felt as if I had just run a marathon at a sprinters pace which testified how hard I had fucked Daniel. All I could do was roll onto my back totally drained and savour the fading glow of my intense orgasm. That was prolonged though when in an orgasmic daze I watched Daniel clean my cock that had just been up his arse. The carnal lustful look and erotic action was so totally opposite to his sweet innocent boyish appearance. His dreamy brown eyes burned with lust as he savoured the sex slime of his own arse mingling with the cum of two of his mates and that of a man old enough to be his dad. His rapidly flicking tongue and sucking mouth sent waves of pleasure down my cock as he licked it clean. Then his petite boyish body climbed up my gym buff manly body and we began to passionately kiss. Our lips mashed together and our tongues fenced as I savoured the delicious taste of sex slime Daniel had just cleaned off my cock. His boyish cock burned and throbbed against my washboard abs and it flicked a switch. Feeling his hot hard 5 inch teen boy cock burning into my stomach turned me from a domineering top to a submissive bottom. “Fuck me.” I lustfully begged eager to feel this dreamily sexy schoolboy fuck my man cunt. Daniel’s expression was one of surprise at first not believing a hunky man 21 years his senior want to be fucked by a boyish looking 17 year old. However that expression soon turned to lustful eagerness as he descended my body. Apologies if you haven’t cum yet but here seems a good place to end otherwise it gets too long. However I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. The next part will follow.