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Subject: My date with you, and your size 15’s Please consider supporting Nifty so we can continue to have this great resource of stories to enjoy for a long time to cum! You come over. I open the door. You step in and say, “nice”. I smile and turn around, to lead you to the bedroom. You say, “Yeah, real nice”. Im wearing nothing but a jock strap. You follow me into the bedroom. As you sit on the bed, you spread your legs. I kneel down in between your feet. I look down at your shoes, knowing they hold your massive, masculine, wonderful feet. I feel my entire body start to get excited. I look up at you. You nod, “yes”. I hurriedly, yet lovingly, untie both your shoes. I slip off one, then the other. I see you flex your toes within your sox, as your feet appreciate being released from their confines. And, i think, “Am i more happy then your feet are, now that they are released?” It may sound crazy to some, but I know, the answer is, “yes. definetely”. I now have my nose right up to both of your feet. One on each side of my face. Im sniffing so that each nostril can inhale and enjoy one foot all to itself. Their size is so incredibly impressive. Their scent is so powerful. Im getting so turned on. You wiggle your feet away from my face. I know you want me to move forward with my worship of your massive masculine feet. I quickly peel each sock off your feet. I know you love having both your feet completely free now. I can almost see a smile on your feet. Deep inside, I hope they are as happy to see me, be with me, as I am to see and be with them. I find both my lips pressed down on one of your feet. I really dont remember actively doing that. Or even moving. But, here are my lips. Tenderly, lovingly, kissing the top of your foot. I guess i went on autopilot. I continue with my kissing… now licking… All over the top, and sides, and now ankara escort bayan the bottom of your huge foot. I am so turned on, right now, i think my dick is going to break through my jockstrap. I feel your other foot pressing at the side of my head. I dont want him to feel lonely or unloved. I tenderly place your one foot back down on the floor.. So that i may quickly begin to show your other foot the same loving caring respect and adoration. I repeat my kissing, licking…. I am so loving my mouth, my lips, my tongue, all over your foot. I didnt think it possible… But Im even more turned on, now that I am worshipping your second foot. I find my mouth is now tenderly sucking, licking, each individual toe.. I am lost in time. I feel like i am drugged. And i know i am. Its your feet in my mouth. And i couldnt love it any more than i already do, I believe. But i want to try. Im thinking, “why do people object to being addicted?” Im flippin loving it. As i get to your fifth toe…. I begin to desire to start this same process of licking, sucking, each toe on your other foot. Even with your fifth toe still in my mouth, I somehow can’t wait to start on the next one. Maybe I am addicted to your feet. And what wonderful feet to be addicted to! My mouth finds the first toe of your second foot… Without even completely disengaging from the last one. I just dont want to be separated from your awesome, massive, masculine feet! Not even for a split second! As i work on each of the toes on your second foot… I realize i hear moans of pleasure. The sounds are coming from me! How long have I been making these sounds? Im not sure. Ive been lost in this magnificent happiness that Im engulfed in. I feel your hand pat my head. And hear you say, “Good boy”. That is so awesome of you. I love hearing you compliment me. It makes me know Im eryaman escort doing a really good job for you. And thats what i want most. Its just an added benefit that I flippin love it so much. An awesome added benefit! I feel you gentley, firmly, start to push my head back, just a bit. For the first time since Ive removed your shoes, I look away from your feet, and up at you. I look into your wonderful eyes. You’re staring straight down at me. And you have this incredible smile on your face. I feel so happy and so proud to be here at your feet right now. As you smile at me, you grab your crotch. I know what comes next. I want to do nothing but please you. Make you happy. I reach up to unbutton, unzip your pants. You lift up, a bit, so i can slide your pants down. Your boxer shorts are barely hiding a growing hardon. I lean in and sniff your crotch. Im getting even more turned on. If that is even a physical possibility, at all? At this point? I place a big kiss on your crotch. Then, reach for the waist band of your shorts and eagerly pull them down. Wow. Your big, hard, cock is now standing tall and proud right in front of me. Im super horny now. Over the top, now. Anxiously, yet lovingly, i lean in and place a big, wet kiss on the head of your cock. I look up into your eyes as I begin to lick the entire length of your cock. As I get to the base, I see a really big smile forming on your face, and i hear a satisfied moan come from you. I am so excited. I love hearing that sound. Im encouraged, Im doing a good job. I begin to lick your big hairy balls, eagerly hoping to elicit another moan of satisfaction from you. You say, “oh yeah baby. That feels real good”. I get super excited and eager to do even better. I lick back up to the top of your cock, open wide, and slide my mouth down the length of your big cock. etlik escort I’m thinking, Awesome. This big cock feels amazing in my mouth and throat. I’ve waited for this. So fucking hot. As i slurp up and down the length of your big cock… I hear your moans getting louder…. I feel your hands on both sides of my head… I know you’re close… I…… I….. Your cock suddenly gets harder and bigger! My entire body feels like a bolt of extasy just shot through it! I realize my body involuntarily tightened up, and I am cumming in my jockstrap! Totally untouched! Your big cock seemed to generate my reaction, and also sense it simultaniously! Your big hard cock starts to shoot a load of cum right at the back of my throat! So many thoughts, feelings are rushing through my body, my mind, so quickly! I feel like I’m at the top of a huge roller coaster ride, in the front row of a fireworks display, and at the business end of a firehose… all at the same time! You shoot load after load into my throat, my mouth… What a huge amount of cum you are producing! I’m thinking how incredibly virile you are, how you are an awesome masculine man, how proud I am because I caused this reaction from you, but, while thinking…. Geezzzz… Am I going to choke to death? What an amazing way to go! But then, I feel your hands loosen their grip on my head. You slowly begin the withdrawl of your now spent cock from my mouth… My lips, my tongue, desperately trying to hold your cock for just a bit longer… You pull the last inch from my mouth. And, you hold it there, just a hair away from my lips.. As you appreciately pat my head, you say, “that was great baby. Now why don’t you be sure to lick off any last drop, and give him a big kiss and say, “thank you”. I lustfully lick the head of your still semi hard cock. And then place a big french kiss right on the head. And then I pull back just a bit, as I look directly at your cock and say, “thank you”. Wow. Was I supposed to thank your cock? Or you? I’m not sure. But, all I really care about, right now, is, when will you, he, let me do this again?