Skeletons in my closet part 10

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Skeletons in my closet part 10Skeletons in my closet part 10 Marriage and a tragic accident This chapter might be long as I have a lot that needs to be covered please bare with me. Come Tuesday Michelle went to school and we went to work. I was busy all morning long. I had to approve this disapprove that as I was going through the invoices I noticed one for a brand new four-wheel-drive SUV from Danny and Sara’s lot. I wanted to know just for whom this was for as I already had a new one. I grabbed that invoice and went to John’s office. ”Take me to lunch I am staving,” I said to him walking in without knocking.”Kay you should really knock what if I had been doing something, ” John said to me.I replied, ”That depends what you were doing, ” as I smiled at him.John and I went to lunch. He reminded me of Carol coming to see me. He handed me a set of keys as he told me to see she got her new ride as well. I sort of hid that invoice as I had thought the worst that being a gift for his girlfriend. He explained she had a long drive and wanted to make sure she was safe.I asked him just why I needed an assistant. He told me those contracts Ken had signed were for an eight store strip mall but not just in one town. John told me it was for six towns four in towns near here and two in towns down south.”Kay you had gotten his company the biggest contract ever, ” John said smiling at me.I hung my head as I told him I wasn’t proud of how I had done it. John lifted my head at our table as he told me he had been after that account for two long year’s wining and dining that pervert. You got him to sign in less than 2 hours. ” I don’t give a damn how you did it just that you did it.” ”Besides Ken must have enjoyed himself as you are to oversee his account personally permanently.”John told me as to Carol to show her what I could to get her going then send her to the community college here for computer accounting with us paying for it as it was time we updated a little bit.”What about me John just what is my job now then?” I asked him.John reached into his suit pocket and pulled out an envelope handing it to me. I opened it and inside were partnership papers with my name on them. For those unfamiliar with this term.A general partnership is a business structure involving two or more general partners who have formed a business for profit. Each partner is equally liable for the debts and obligations of the business, as well as the actions of the other partner and half of the profits.John told me it was to be my wedding present but the lawyers needed my signature now. John told me it was set up with him and I each having 45 percent and Michelle 10 percent of the company which was to be placed in a trust fund until she was 21.I told him I did not know what to say. John told me to say nothing just sign the papers as I had earned it. I signed the paperwork handing it back to him. He looked at his watch as he told me lunch was over and we both had work to do.When we returned to work to find a big heart-shaped thing made out of roses, sitting in front of Linda’s desk. I hugged John telling him they were the most beautiful of the day. Linda handed me the card that went to them.It said, ”Please give to the sarge”I handed it to John he opened and read it out loud. ” Sorry sarge but never teach a man to always have a card up his sleeve.””Damn it lost another 50 bucks to that man, ” John said walking to his office shaking his head.Linda looked at me and told me the two did pretty much the same thing to her when she became his personal secretary. Sort of a game between the two of them. You know like which one could pee the furthest or the longest. She told me her favorite was who could hold it the longest as she laughed. They were still just boys at heart.She came to me and hugged me then smiled as she asked, ”Do I call you boss or still just Kay?” I asked her how did she know about that. She told me someone had to get those partnership papers out of my office and also get the lawyers on it.”Just Kay to you, ” I replied hugging her back.Come June John and I was married in that gazebo we built. It was a lovely event with all his circles of friends and most of those working for us. I had tried to get John to wear his dress green but he flatly refused. He told me he was no longer married to the army only to me. We had no honeymoon our company was just to busy it would be many years before that honeymoon would take place as well as me giving him my asshole.A few weeks into being married John and I even removed his war wall. The pictures we saved in a box still unopened to this day except for two pictures the one of him with those five other men and the picture of him and me at the bar they hang framed now in his office. We replaced that war wall with a family picture wall which included pictures of Danny, Sara, Linda, Michelle, John and I.As a symbol of his love for me, he gave Michelle his army ranger ring telling her it was hers to do with what she wanted too with it. Michelle placed it on a gold chain and wore it around her neck like he was her high school sweetheart. Very few of her friends ever knew that John was not her real daddy especially as they both were blondes and had blue eyes. As I wrote that last sentence I thought maybe I had been looking at the wrong devil back then. Perhaps my daughter was the true blonde haired blue eyed she-devil.Michelle would also turn 16 and be a sophomore in high school this year. John had seen to it that she had been taking driver education since the spring and she had gotten her license. During our reception, he walked her and me to the garage where he stored his 68 Camaro. He handed her the keys telling her that the old girl was hers now.Michelle hugged him telling him she couldn’t accept his gift as it was too much and that car was his pride and joy. John hugged her than me as he told us both we were his pride and joy now.Michelle loved that car she drove it to school where she had become quite popular then to here after school. During the winter she drove a company truck and kept that car at home in the garage. Come spring her and her daddy would get it out go over it from end to end. They even added some stuff to make it faster.She also was working every day since school was out until September. Daddy paid her quite well and even still gave her an allowance. Michelle would buy her own clothes but John was still very strict with what she wore around him or out in public. He also never took her swimsuit shopping again. LolJohn decided to throw another party for the fourth of July. Once again it was just to be Danny, Sara, Linda, and Michelle. I wish that day had never happened as perhaps I wouldn’t have this skeleton in my closet.It was the afternoon of the fourth of July a day most Americans celebrated however after today we never would again. We all were sitting on the back porch. Michelle was down putting Ginger through her routine. We all loved to watch her ride that horse as they seemed like a well-oiled machine and made it look so easy. They seemed to know just what the other was doing. She had ribbons hanging in Ginger’s stall to prove it as well. That horse loved her as much as she loved her. We all had watched her many times with no problems.John had even built her a small jumping area complete with water jumps, fences, and hedges to jump over. It was close enough to the back porch so we could watch her. We all watched in horror that day as Ginger sort of stumbled upon going to jump the hedges. Instead of jumping Ginger sort of rolled over the hedges with Michelle still on her. That big horse rolled right over the top of her just laying there on her.John was off the porch in an instant with Danny right behind him telling us to call 911 and tell them we need air medical transport. As John jumped the fence and got to Ginger the horse rose up slowly and limped away. Michelle lies lifeless upon the ground. I watched as both John and Danny worked on her. One giving her mouth to mouth as the other did chest compression on her I thought she was dead as the others held me.The life flight helicopter finally arrived they placed her inside telling us they only had room for one person. John placed me in the helicopter telling me they would be with us soon. I held her lifeless hand as we flew to the closest trauma center. I prayed to God to let her be alright even in that I had not prayed for years.When Danny, Sara, Linda, and John arrived I went to John I beat my fists upon his chest. Telling him he had promised me she wouldn’t get hurt by Ginger. I told him I hated him as he had broken his promise to me, to always keep her safe here at home as well as at work. I told him I wish I had never met him.Danny quickly pulled me away walking me out of the family waiting room. Danny told me not to blame John it was an accident we all had seen it. Kay that man feels bad enough don’t make his pain any greater or his grief any deeper as he already blames himself please don’t make it any worst on him by you blaming him as well.However, my damage had already been done. I returned to John apologizing for my outburst. I told him it was not his fault. I waited to hear his usual reply to that of I istanbul escort know Kay, I know. However, I heard, ”It was my fault and I am to blame Kay, ” as that big strong man cried in my arms as I cried into his.Around ten hours later the doctor came to see us. He explained she was resting comfortably after surgery. He explained she had been placed in a d**g-induced c*** to make her more comfortable. He told us she suffered two collapsed lungs, broken ribs, several internal injuries and a severely crushed pelvis. He told us she would recover but it would take time. He also informed us she would never be able to have c***dren as they had to give her a hysterectomy as those organs were pretty much destroyed in her accident.The doctor asked just who was daddy looking at John and Danny. John sort of raised his hand. The doctor walked over and handed John that army ranger ring as he said, ”Michelle had wanted him to know it was not his fault or Gingers.” John’s eye filled with tears as Danny took him for a walk. The doctor asked me if those two men had been the ones first to her I told him yes. He told me those two men had saved her life because of their quick thinking and actions. She was alive thanks to them.As to Ginger, the vet had to put her down due to her injuries to her leg. John sold the other horses as well. No one would ride our land on horseback ever again after that day. In fact a lot of changes we’re about to enter our lives.John saw to it that she got the best medical care money could buy. We both were at the hospital every day until she came home. Once at home she had her own private nurse and John was spending all his time with her while I sort of oversaw the business. He told me nothing mattered to him anymore except for her recovery. In a way that meant me as well, I suppose. John and I started to drift apart as all his time was devoted to Michelle. I would leave in the morning with him beside her bed.When I arrived home from work he would still be beside her bed just stroking her long blonde hair. I knew he blamed himself and I suppose I myself still blamed him as well. I spent my time in our family room drinking. I did what John did when he had his war wall. I would run my hand over photos of Michelle on that new family wall. Except I didn’t stop at just one shot. The first time I woke passed out in the family room I didn’t think much of it by my 5th time I knew I might have a drinking problem.I was working long hours and on the road from time to time for business. Being gone for up to a week at a time. However once again I was not there for my daughter or for John. I felt bad so I told Michelle I would stay with her while her daddy returned to work.That girl let me have it telling me why to bother you haven’t been here for the last year and a half anyway. I thought had it been that long since her accident, I realized that it had been. She told me she wanted her daddy to be with her and not me. I reminded Michelle that John was not her father. Michelle looked at me with that same glare her daddy gets in his eyes as she told me he was and to never say that again.Michelle pulled her self up in her hospital bed using the t****ze bar over her bed as she said. ”Yeah and my mother abandoned me many years ago, ” In that same angry tone her daddy had.“MICHELLE!” I heard John say as he came into the room. I walked away not wanting to upset her any further. I went to the family room. I did not grab a bottle instead I sat on that leather sofa and cried into my hands. My daughter was right I had already missed most of her growing up because of that damn bar and now I was doing it again. I hadn’t even known she could sit up in bed as she had. I waited for John to come to give me comfort but he didn’t.I returned to Michelle’s room with John standing in the corner. My daughter gave me one of those fake ass apologies telling me if I wanted to stay with her she was ok with it. I looked at John and asked him to leave the room, please.He did as I asked. I took Michelle’s hand, “Now we can talk without daddy putting words into your mouth.” “If you want your daddy here so be it” “But that doesn’t mean I still don’t love you.” “Maybe someday you will see that.”I asked her to show me what else she had improved. Michelle swung her legs over to the edge of the bed she stood very slowly. She only stood for a few seconds hugged me then slipped slowly back into her bed. She told me daddy has been working with her day and night. She wanted to walk up to receive her high school diploma as that was her goal.She told me yes daddy had made her apologize to me but she was truly sorry as her words had to have hurt pretty bad but please know that it was out of frustration and not out of her not loving me. “”Daddy can do more than just love me, mom he can help me reach my goal,” “That is why I need him, mom,” Michelle said to me with tears in her eyes.I wiped her tears telling her I understood why she prefers him being with her instead of me.My relationship with John was strained to say the least. I walked to the family room to see John kicking back a big glass of whiskey. I grabbed it from his hand as I said, “A man once told me drinking only creates problems not solve them.”“I walked over to him and took his hand as I said,” A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.” “Just you remember that John.” Those words would come back to haunt me someday. I continued to run his business while he attended to Michelle. He was allowing me to have fun when away on business but I didn’t because I was tired most of the time. I would call home every night. I would talk to John and ask about Michelle. I would talk to Michelle and ask about John. They both seemed to be in good hands. I thought I had no concerns or worry about either of them.By her 18th birthday, she was standing and learning to walk again. John helped her with that as he himself had been down that same road. I often told John he was pushing her too hard but Michelle would tell me to stay out of it as it wasn’t up to me.Michelle had grown bitter toward me once again. Apparently, Danny had left it slip that I blamed John for her accident. At that time I couldn’t think of anything else it could be. Perhaps she was right in her judgment of me as deep down I did still blame him. Every day I saw her struggling to walk I seemed to see that blonde haired blue eyed devil telling me I promise she will be fine. Well, she wasn’t and in my mind, he was to blame.She did walk on her own to get her high school diploma just as she had planned. She stumbled going up the steps falling to one knee. I started toward her.”Let her be Kay she has to do it on her own, ” John said to me pulling me back.Michelle picked herself up and continued up the steps and received her diploma as her classmates and others in attendance stood and cheered for her. Which only made me cry. John told her she could attend the college of her choice. Michelle chose the local college to get a business degree as it was close to home. When Michelle turned 19 and I was 36. She was pretty much fully healed at least physically. Mentally she was troubled because her accident had left her unable to have c***dren. She thought no man would want her because of this. Her other metal problems would begin to show up later. She would never wear a two-piece swimsuit as she was ashamed of her scars. John would often say to her, ” Your scars tell a story, they are a reminder of when life tried to break you.” ”Bear them proudly not with shame.”John still blamed himself and I would tell him it was not his fault it had been just an accident. As I had finally accepted that myself I had forgiven him but he still had not forgiven himself.At 19 Michelle had grown into the lovely sexy woman John and I had worried about many years ago. She had grown to 5’ 8” with legs which seemed to go on forever. Her tits had grown to 40 DD which were bigger than mine and she had an ass to die for. John even allowed her to dress as she pleased even around him. Sure sometimes he would forget she was of age to make her own decisions as well as her own mistakes. And mistakes she seemed to make regularly.That girl got speeding tickets and parking tickets every week lol I believed. John threatened to take her car away but she told him he couldn’t as it was in her name. John told her that might be but a backhoe was no match for that car as he threatened to smash it to pieces if she didn’t slow down. He also told her those white lines at the mall were for parking, not the fire lane or places that said no parking. Michelle would go to him kiss him then tell him she would be more careful in the future. Michelle had him wrapped around her little finger by this time she probably could have gotten away with bloody murder and her daddy would have looked the other way.John would say, ”See that you do young lady.”However, if John yelled at her for something she believed in she was not afraid to set the record straight with him. I used to high five her as she left the room. Especially over the type of clothes she wore. I would often stick avcılar escort up for Michelle reminding John she was of age. In a way, my daughter was becoming her daddy. John never spanked her after her accident instead of grounding her from her friends and from working for him which hurt her more than any spanking ever could.One day Michelle came to me and asked if she could talk to me as she could not talk to daddy about this or would be grounded and fired. She took my hand as she told me she realizes we had drifted a little apart again. However, she loved me just as much as she did her daddy. Michelle then asked me if all men were fucking jerks. LolI asked Michelle what was wrong. She told me most of the boys she dated only wanted sex from her. She told me sometime she gave it to them may be a blow job and if they fucked her she never truly enjoyed it. Some were too rough others we’re too quick while most were just plain losers when it came to sex. I explained most men had one objective that to fuck any and all women they came across. However, there were men out there like her daddy and Uncle Danny. I told her she just hadn’t found him yet.She told me she wouldn’t ever find her knight in shiny armor nor the love she was seeking. However, she was happy with her daddy and me for now. That made me feel good and I told her I had the perfect cure for her blues.” Let’s go shopping and see what outfits we can buy to piss off your daddy, ” I said taking her by the hand.As we left Michelle told me she knew this very slinky clothing store not far from work. She was right as this place had very sexy clothing as well as sex toys. When we went to check out Michelle was going to use one of her credit cards. I stopped her as I handed the woman one of my company cards smiling as I told her daddy was buying today.John was sitting at the kitchen island. He looked at us as I told him Michelle and I had gone shopping for some new clothes. He peeked in the bag as he said, ”Holy shit, ” shaking his head as he walked away. I figured he had seen the couple dildo we had brought too.I wasn’t on the road any longer as I hired someone to do all that. John was also back to overseeing projects while Michelle helped him on projects when she could as she still went to college part of the day. One day they walked into the office and I heard John as he said, ”Young lady into my office right this minute.”Now when John called her that it meant she was in trouble. As she walked toward his office I asked her what she had done. She told me nothing and this was between her and daddy. She walked into his office and slammed the door. I went to his office door and listened. All I really could hear was. John telling her he didn’t want to talk about it. Michelle told him fine but he fucking damn well was going to listen to her at least. When I heard that I went back to my office and closed my door as I wanted no part of this argument now.Michelle came walking out about an hour later. She opened my door telling me afternoon mom love you then left. John came into my office closed the door and sat down on the sofa in my office. His hands went his head as he said, ”Princesses can be a pain in the ass sometimes. ”I went and sat beside him massaging his neck. I told him to tell me all about it. It seemed while after going to three different job sites that day. Michelle had suggested she could take over one of those job sites. Freeing her daddy up a bit. John told me he told her no way as she was not ready. She told him it was he who was not ready. I said, ”Maybe she was right and it was time you stopped holding her hand.” John told me he wasn’t holding her hand he was protecting her as always. He told me while he trusted most of his employees he was unsure about trusting them around her without him being present. I asked him if he had explained that to her. He told me he had. John rubbed the side of his face as he said, ”Kay the girl hits harder than you do.”He told me she told him how dare him to think that she would fuck any of his employees. He had raised her better than that. She told him she trusted him why couldn’t he trust her. She told him to just give her a chance. He told me they argued back and forth with him making more excuses until she told him if he didn’t give her a chance she was leaving and he couldn’t stop her as she was of age.John looked at me as tears filled his eyes as he said, ”Kay her eyes told me she meant it too.”John told me he finally agreed as he could not bear for her not to be part of his life. But he got to pick her crew. She told him no her crew her pick. He grabbed his workmen’s file and handed it to her. John told me that the girl picked the most loyal and trustworthy employees he had. The very same men he would have picked for her. The next day in the yard where the workers got their assignments from John and me, he told those men they were her crew now. They all sort of looked at each other as one of them said, ”But boss she is your daughter.”John looked at those men as he replied, ” No she was their boss now, ” as he walked away.I went to those men and warned them she was still his daughter and that they better not forget that in my best threatening tone. All of them replied, ”Yes Ms. K.”I had given up on breaking his men calling me that as that was who they really knew me as and really who I truly was anyways.A few months later I went to John and asked just how Michelle was doing in her new position. He told me she had gained her crew’s respect as well as his by completing projects on time and not having him to step in with any trouble with her or her crew, she always handled them herself. She is always on time and budget I reminded him. As his own projects sometimes we’re over budget. However, we were no way in or near the poor house yet. John told me he would try to stay within the budget for his next project.John and my sex life had sort of suffered during Michelle’s recovery. However, with her recovery, it had gone back to pretty normal. It hadn’t changed much he still made love to me better than any man could but I sort wanted to spice it up again so I asked about the rest of his circle of friends I would get to meet the rest of his circle of friends over this time period. We had parties every Saturday night. Most of the time we all met at a hotel or one of their houses due to Michelle being home.I won’t name them all but most were couples by now. The very first night I hated it. Sure the men of that group paid me plenty of attention however the women in this group were on John like flies to shit. I also didn’t enjoy sharing him with most of these women due to the fact I could no longer control my fits of jealousy. Perhaps I drank a bit too much as well during these parties. Like any normal drunk, my mouth got me in trouble a lot when I had been drinking. I got to taste John’s hand on my ass many times when we returned home. As Sara once told me it wasn’t enjoyable. I finally talked to John about being jealous I told him I hated seeing him with other women. I told him my jealousy was hurting our relationship as I always accused him of enjoying it too much or giving the woman to much pleasure. I Even accusing him of cheating on me with Carol after see her leave his office one day adjusting her hair and clothes. John made it even more embarrassing to me when John called her into his office and called me out on it to her.By now Carol was happily married to one of the guys that worked for John. She slapped me as she told me she thought I was her friend as she stormed from the office it would be some time until she ever talked to me again. I tried to talk to her but she wanted no part of me any longer perhaps that hurt me more than any spanking.John gave me that glare as he said,” Sorry that you had to lose a friend Kay but maybe next time you will lose a lot more.” By now I knew what was a joke, a warning or threat by John. This had most certainly been a threat. John would once again end his circles of friends however Danny, Sara and Linda would remain as they were family just as Michelle and I were. John told me if I did not accept that then we had a problem. I told him that was fine I accepted them as a family as I trusted them.They would come around at least once a month arriving on Friday letting themselves in as we had given them their own keys. They would leave come Sunday, even during the wintertime. I always enjoyed their company and so did Michelle. We all truly seemed and felt like one big family. However, Michell was still off-limits to them. We played in the basement while she was home or out on dates or with friends. The door to the basement had double locks so she could not enter unless we left her in.Sometimes Michelle would have her friends over to spend Saturday nights. Michelle’s friends all loved coming here as John always made sure they had fun. Many had come to see and be with her during her recovery as well as seeing she did not fall behind in school. I used to catch Michelle and her friends watching John when he worked out in his weight room. I thought it was harmless just girls being girls.Now you may remember Stacy her şirinevler escort best girlfriend from high school. The ugly one lol Well that girl had been like the ugly duckling story for she had grown into a sexy and lovely woman just like Michelle. Stacy was the same size as Michelle same figure, the only difference was she had bright red long hair. I often wondered if it matched down before.Stacy was a very sweet person always hugging me or thanking me for no reason. In a way, her hugs seemed a little sexual in natures as our tits always seemed to rub together when she hugged me.One Saturday night I awoke hearing noises coming from Michelle’s room which was now down at the end of our long hallway as that room had been hers when she recovered from her accident as it had a full bath in it with a whirlpool to aid with her recovery.Her door was wide open and I was shocked to see her and Stacy laying nude on the bed kissing passionately. Stacy also did have a full patch of red hair covering her big pussy. I watched as they felt each other’s tits up as they kissed swapping tongue as they did. I only had on my short robe. I know it was wrong and many might criticize me as I leaned back against the wall spreading my legs. My hand drifted to my hairy pussy. I rubbed at my pussy as I watched them kissing like young lovers. I could not help myself as I thought what it would be like to enjoy my own daughter like that.Michelle slipped down kissing, licking and sucking at Stacy’s tits. I slipped two fingers up inside my pussy as I watched her kiss her way down to Stacy’s red-haired big lipped pussy. Michelle expertly teased Stacy’s pussy and huge clit with her tongue. I thought this was not her first pussy that she had licked. My pussy was dripping all over my fingers. I brought my fingers to my mouth sucking my juices from my fingers wishing it was me she was eating out. I slipped my fingers back up into my pussy. I worked then quickly in and out as I leaned against the wall rubbing at my clit with my other hand.Stacy moaned loudly as Michelle sucked at her clit. Michelle told her to be silent as she would wake her mom or worst John. I heard Stacy whispered that was ok as she would love to have a shot at her mom. I almost moaned out loudly myself hearing that as I felt a small wet orgasm coming over me. My juices were running down my thighs as I silently walked away leaving them to their fun. I went to the bathroom in our bedroom after grabbing my toy from my nightstand. I dropped the toilet seat and sat down spreading my legs. I teased my pussy with my toy while thinking about what I had seen. I suddenly removed my toy from my pussy telling myself that was my own daughter I was about to get off too. I thought that was so wrong and sick of me but it had made my pussy so wet.I slipped back in bed making sure I didn’t wake John. I awoke early and was drinking coffee at the kitchen island. Michelle came out and kissed me on my cheek I could smell Stacy’s or maybe her own pussy all over her face. I looked at her. She asked me if something was wrong I told her she might want to wash her face before she kissed daddy and to make sure she closed her door for now on.I asked her if she was gay. She laughed telling me no she was bisexual just like me and her daddy. I about fell off my stool. I asked what made her think that. Michelle smiled telling me that sound still traveled through closed doors. Michelle asked, ”So just how long had her daddy and you been swinging?”I had been sipping my coffee and spit it from my mouth as I looked to her. She told me to come on mom couples over here all the time Danny lusting after them grabbing their girls or ass when he thought I wasn’t looking. Sara and Linda drooling looking at you most of the time. Which means you guys are swingers or have some very very close friends. ”Mom I am not stupid.”I asked if she had ever said anything to her daddy. She told me a few time but he had sort of blew her off until a few weeks ago. She told me he sat her down and finally told her the truth. He explained it was just friends with benefits. However as to her ever joining in, over his dead body so don’t even ask until she was 21. Michelle told me he told her to get her sex away from home. Michelle told me daddy asked her not to say anything to me as he thought you would be mad at him for telling me. I told her I was sort of glad she knew.Michelle came over and wrapped me in her arms kissing me passionately upon my lips. This was no mother-daughter kiss neither as our tongues touched. She broke our kiss as she told me she saw me standing in the hallway watching her and Stacy. Plus there was a small puddle outside her door. She smiled as she told me that it had rather turned her on then asked if I cared to join them.I told her absolutely not as she was off-limits. She asked me what I meant. I explained her daddy had set that rule years ago and everyone had followed it. I told her I damn well wasn’t going to be the first to break that rule.She told me that was why none of the others had ever made a pass at her or returned her pass at them. She told me Sara had slapped her one day after trying to swap some tongue telling her to never try or do that again. Michelle told me she had also once tried to seduced Uncle Danny down in the barn.Michelle had John’s temper by now. I saw that rage build in her eyes as she told me her dad had no right telling them that as she could do or be with anyone she chose to be with. She told me half her boyfriends had dumped her or we’re afraid to touch her because of him. I told her he was only protecting her.She looked sadly at me as she asked, ”Was he protecting her from others or from love.”Michelle told me I should keep my door closed as well as she had seen how one makes love instead of just having sex. She told me she has done the same thing I had done last night only at our door many times watching me and her daddy having sex. She told me she had also watched me with Sara and Linda.She asked me if I remembered that night I saw a shadow in the hallway that had been her. Michelle told me she had seen me with Uncle Danny as well. She told me that was why he spanked her as she threatened to tell her daddy that he was fucking my mom if he did not fuck me.Michelle rubbed that hot ass as she told me he hits harder than daddy but at least he had gotten a boner.””MICHELLE, ” I said.She asked me if that was why daddy had stopped spanking her was she giving him boners too. I told her I didn’t think so as it had more to do with him blaming himself for her accident. Michelle told me he was stubborn as that was not his fault it had been hers as she hadn’t led Ginger properly into the jump. I asked her if she had ever told her daddy that. She shook her head yes every day and he would tell her, ”I know princess I know, ” ”Which meant he was lying to me, ” She said.I took her hand as I asked her did she have any feelings toward John she told me no as that was sick, he was her own father and that would be i****t.I thought better about reminding her that he was not her real father. Not because I would have allowed him to have her anyways. But because she actually had always believed he was since her accident. She always introduced him to everyone as her daddy. I had asked her doctors about it. They told me a bunch of medical terms and reasons why she would think that and in her mind that he was her real father. They told me telling her otherwise may cause more harm than good. Once again I saw no harm in letting it continue. She told me she was going back to bed as it was too early. As she was leaving John came walking out.Michelle walked up to him and as he bent over to hug and kiss her she slapped him instead. Michelle walked away quickly. As she did John said, ”Good morning to you too Princess.”John walked out rubbing the side of his face as he asked me what the hell was that all about. He poured himself a cup of coffee kissed me then sat down as I looked him in his eye. I told him I thought it was about time Michelle learned about our little extended family.John took my hand as he told me she already knew as she had been asking a lot of questions lately and then Danny had talked to him as it seemed Michelle had tried to seduce him but got spanked instead. John told me he thought it best if she knew the truth. He shook his head as he told me she even asked if she could join in on some fun someday. John told her maybe when she was 21 if she kept this all to her self. I asked what happens when she is 21. John smiled as he told me I will tell her to wait until she is 22 a course. I did not tell him of what I had watched last night but I did about my talk with Michelle this morning. He told me that explained her slap. ”Kay I was only protecting her, ” John said to me.”Sometimes one can be overprotective as well, ” I said to him then added, ”One can only learn from their mistakes only if allowed to make them.”I kissed him passionately as I told him thank you. He asked me for what? I told him for not breaking his promise to me about ever lying to me. I told him he has always told me the truth. John hung his head as he took his coffee out the back patio doors as I heard him say, ” I broke one promise to you Kay that was enough.”I went to him telling him it was not his fault. I had been a fool to blame him in the first place as it was just an accident. I told him Michelle had even told him that. He replied. ”I know Kay,” before walking outside. For the first time in about 2 years, I actually believed him.Part 11 soon