Skeletons in my Closet part 17

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Skeletons in my Closet part 17Skeletons in my Closet part 17Shelton’s in my Closet part 17 The Shrink and Empathy As John drove Michelle cuddled up to him. I asked him why the new vehicle. John smiled as he told us both that it gives us a little more privacy.”Can’t have the whole town knowing daddy is fucking me, mom, ” Michelle said smiling at me.”That’s making love to you, ” I said smiling back at her.Michelle moved from John to me. She cuddled up against me as she had to him. John looked over and smiled at me. ”Did I miss something today?”John asked.”Just me giving mom a golden shower, ” Michelle replied kissing my cheek.John laughed as he replied, ”Damn it I miss all the fun.”We drove to a fancy place they had valet parking. John pulled up whispered something to Michelle and got out. He went to one of the valets. He handed him the keys and a fifty. He told him something as well. The young man about Michelle’s age came and opened the door.I slipped out giving him a big ole beaver shot. I knew he had to see my hairy bush sticking out from both sides of my thong. The young man took my hand smiling as he led me to beside John. I laced my arm through his. The young man returned to the vehicle and helped Michelle from the vehicle as she stepped from the vehicle she dropped her little purse. She squatted down in front of him as she parted her legs. Her long lovely legs spread apart showing her thighs and her blonde-haired pussy gaping open.The young man just stood there looking at her. You could see her lovely pussy lips hanging down. That girl had one of those perfect butterfly pussy. Michelle played her role as the slut perfectly. ”Oops forgot my panties, ” Michelle said smiling sexily as she stood back up looking at the young man.I squeezed John’s arm as I said, What a fucking slut, ” laughingly.The young man just stared at her. He finally regained control and led her to beside John as well. Michelle laced her arm through his. She kissed him upon his cheek.”You owe me fifty dollars John, ” Michelle said to him smiling.I looked up at him smiling as I said, ” I hope he brought plenty of cash with him as it could be an expensive night.”As we walked to the doors with John on each of our arms. I saw Michelle tense up and move shyly closer to John. I knew she didn’t like the attention she was getting from all the people standing in line there.I, on the other hand, was loving it. I flaunted the girls and shook my own hot little ass as we walked to a man behind a velvet rope. The man was a huge black man about John’s size.My pussy dripped as I thought about the big black cock I had tried at the glory hole.The black man shook hands with John as he said, ”Welcome back Sarge, it’s been a while.””Your table and guests are waiting, ” he added unhooking the velvet rope.Apparently, John and the others had been here before. Another man came and escorted us to our table. Danny stood up as we approached. He shook John’s hand. He smiled at Michelle and me.”Aren’t you two dressed to thrill tonight, ” Danny said checking us both out.John sat down and Danny sat Michelle and me on each side of him. I looked across the table to see Sara and Linda. They both smiled at me. Danny and John each stood up as a very lovely Amazon woman with flaming red hair walked over to the table. No, I would say it was more of a strut. A very confident and sexy one as all eyes turned to her. Beth was I would say my age mid-thirties. She had very long flaming red hair. With her big sexy body, I thought Jessica rabbit was joining us. Lol if you don’t know Jessica rabbit google it.She was dressed in a long leather dress which ran to her ankles. She had massive tits bouncing around in her lowcut leather dress. There was a slit running up the side showing her lovely leather thigh-high boots with stiletto heels. With those boots on, she was as tall as John.”Sorry boys I couldn’t hold it any longer, ” the woman said as she kissed John on his cheek.John sat back down at the table. I noticed that Michelle moved closer and tighter against him clutching at his arm. tightly. Danny walked the woman over to me.Danny smiled as he said, ”Ms. K this is Beth, Beth this is Ms. K.”I looked at Danny as I replied, ”Damn it Danny how many times do I have to tell you it’s just Kay.”Beth hugged me as she said, ” Nice to meet you Kay and we can punish him later, ” as she smiled at me.Danny and Beth joined us at the table. I looked around to see that we were sort of the center table in the place. It was a restaurant/bar much like the one I once ran except very lovely and rich looking they even had a dance floor and a stage for a band which was sitting up.There was a good crowd of people both men and women. The women were all pretty much dressed sexy. There were guys with guys and girls with girls. I wasn’t sure but this might have been swingers pick up bar.John ordered us all steak and lobster with all the extra as well. They even had champagne already at the table. Sara popped the champagne pouring us all glasses. While pouring mine she whispered one won’t hurt me. When all the glasses were poured John stood upraised his glass as he said, ” 3 Things to remember. 1 Never turn your back on a good opportunity. 2 Love your family, in the end, they are all you have. 3 Second chances are not free you must earn them.”As we all drank I thought perhaps that third one was directed at me. I looked around the table as I told everyone I was sorry for my absence from the family as I had made a mistake turning my back on all of them.”We do not pass judgment on others, Kay, as we each have our own faults, unfulfilled dreams, and demons, ” You only did what your mind told you to do, not what your heart told you to do, ” Sara said to me as she came over and hugged me tightly as she whispered welcome home Kay into my ear as she licked at it. Sara was right as I had made my decision to leave only with my mind. I had not listened to what my heart was telling me. My daughter was broken and she had only done what her mind had seen as being OK. John had done what he had because he had listened to his heart. His heart had told him Michelle was in pain and needed comforting.As we finished up dinner the band started to play. Danny came over to me taking my hand leading me to the dance floor. He embraced me as he passionately kissed me. His hands roaming my ass.”Danny your girlfriend will see, ” I said.”She knows everything Kay, ” Danny said smiling. ”Now as to you don’t you ever walk out on that man again, ” ”He has been through enough hell already.””You left him no options just as Michelle hadn’t, and myself once,” Daddy added.I wondered what he meant he had not once too. I told Danny it wasn’t easy on me neither. He apologized for not taking that into consideration. He told me I was John’s hope and peace just as Beth had become to him. Danny took my hand as he said, ”Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” He added, ”That would be my only lecture from him.”I asked Danny just who this Beth was as we danced. I also asked just what he meant she knew everything. I wondered if she knew I was a slut, a drunk and a bad mother who shared her husband with her daughter while also enjoying her own daughters loving pleasures.”She is my psychologist Kay, as well as Michelle’s, ” Danny replied as the song ended.I was stunned, to say the least. Danny walked me back to the table. John and Michelle got up to dance as Danny sat me back down at the table. Beth looked at him as she told him to be a dear and go dance with Sara and Linda so Kay and I can get acquitted.”Yes Mistress Beth, ” Danny said obediently taking the girls to the dance floor.Beth took my hand into hers. She told me I must have a thousand questions running around in my pretty little head. I just shook my head yes. I looked into her eyes she had one blue and one green. I guess I was staring really.Beth laughed as said, ”The green one is a colored contact, Kay.”Beth smiled as she told me yes she was a fully licensed psychologist. She told me her specialty was PTSD. She told me Danny had been in her care for around 3 years now. However, they had become a couple about 6 months ago when she had come to see Michelle at John’s request.Beth explained she was also a dominatrix. For those unfamiliar with this term, a dominatrix is a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities.Beth smiled as she said, ” Even a shrink has to unwind from time to time.”Beth explained her alter ego gave her permission to wear fierce red lipstick, high heels and clothes that made her feel like a million bucks ? from leather pencil skirts and corsets to vinyl dresses and catsuits, expensive nun and nurse costumes. Beth told me it was all thanks to John who allowed her to become Mistress Beth and join his family.”So you’re a slut like me, ” I replied smiling at her.Beth rubbed my hand as she replied, ” I am afraid there is only one Ms. K, ” smiling at me.I looked at John and Michelle as they danced. Men kept trying to cut in to dance with her. However, Michelle would refuse them and only get closer to John while John was willing to let them cut in.”Is my daughter broken like Danny and John?” I asked.Beth explained Danny just needed someone to be in control of him. His experience in war had turned him into a follower who needed to be told or ordered what to do. As to John, that man needed no help as he had found his help and strength in me and in Michelle. Just as Danny had now found in her.Beth looked to John and Michelle as she asked, ”What adana escort do you see Kay?”I told her I see a loving, gentle, caring man dancing with my daughter. A daughter who was confused as to whom she was dancing with? I told her, on one hand, she wanted to please daddy but was afraid of the man I knew as John. However, they were the same person.Beth told me I had pretty much hit the nail on the head so to speak. Michelle did see him as two different people. One good and one not so good. Right now she was dancing with daddy. The man who had healed her injuries after her riding accident.”Daddy healed her whereas John spanked her, ” Beth said to me.Beth explained during our one-to-one interactions, people seem quicker than ever to dogmatically assert their views as right and to demean or tear down those holding contrary views by mocking them, hurling insults, and calling them names. Such as Michelle calling me a slut. It’s as if many of us have lost—or never fully developed—the ability to empathize.Beth explained empathy was a word we hear a lot in psychology, so readily invoked that we often don’t bother to seriously think about what it is and what makes it so powerful. Empathy means that for the time being, you lay aside your own views and values in order to enter another’s world without prejudice.Imagine empathizing—rather than repudiating, attacking, demeaning, or mocking—those with whom we disagree? Of course, empathizing sounds easy, but it isn’t. Beth was quick to point out that empathizing can only be done by persons who are secure enough in themselves that they know they will not get lost in what may turn out to be the strange or bizarre world of the other, and that they can comfortably return to their own world when they wish.In other words, we can empathize with others even when we do not agree with them or share their view. When approaching other people empathically, we try to look at the world through their eyes and to experience things as they do. Out of empathy comes understanding and the possibility for change and growth—both for us and those with whom we empathize.”That man there has this ability as no matter how broken we all were he saw us as we saw ourselves, even me Kay, ” Beth said hanging her head for a few seconds.I asked her why did John have this ability. Beth told me perhaps it was a gene passed down through his family tree. Perhaps it was because of those three men he lost that night in the gulf war.Beth smiled at me as she said, ”Perhaps he is truly that blonde haired blue eyed devil that many of us see him as.””Can she be fixed?” I asked looking at Michelle.”Can any of us be truly fixed Kay, when we have no empathy ourselves, ” Beth replied smiling at John.”So John is her fix, ” I asked downing my full glass of champagne.”Maybe not any more than that glass of empathy you just drank Kay, ” Beth replied raising her eyebrow at me. I told her I did have a drinking problem. One which I was trying to control. Beth told me I had taken my first step by just admitting it. Just as Michelle had taken her first step confessing to her of her love for John. In return, John had given into Michelle’s desires out of having empathy for her.”I believe that John gives us all that we lack or each of us is seeking in some way, ” Beth said to me as she smiled with that sparkle in her eyes looking at John,I looked into Beth’s eyes as I asked, Do you love him too?”Beth smiled as she replied, ” It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.”I am no threat to you Kay just as Sara and Linda are not. I only enjoy dominating men. However, your daughter on the other hand very well could be. As she sees her love and life as only being with daddy. Beth warned me she was afraid someday I would find this out as well. She told me if that day ever came to become the person she feared the most.”Become John, ” Beth said to me.”Enough shop talk goes cut in and send your daughter to me as she looks a little distressed, Beth said to me. ”She is a little afraid of you meeting me, as you hold the key to her happiness” Beth added smiling at me.”What key?” I asked.Beth looked to John as she replied, ”The key to daddy’s heart for she knows without you she can not have him which was proven to her when you left him.””That is why she found you after you left, she knew she needs you in order to have him, ” Beth said to me.I knew then why Michelle had suggested we share her daddy. As to her, he was daddy and to me he was John. She knew she could not have daddy without having John.I looked to the dance floor to see Michelle still dancing with John but staring at me. Her one hand squeezing repeatedly at his arm nervously as they danced.I walked out to them on the dance floor. I asked Michelle if I might cut in as Beth wanted to see her. John kissed her forehead telling her it was alright princess.Michelle smiled turning as she replied, ”John is all yours for now mom, ” as she walked away toward our table.John took me in his arms. I started to say something. However, he placed his finger to my lips as he told me to dance and talk later. He danced me around the room sort of showing my charms off as he had Michelle.Whereas she hated it I enjoyed it. I needed that attention. I wanted all eyes on me as well as their hands all over my body. John could have laid me upon the floor and I would have fucked every man in the room. Well may not every man but at least most of them lolI understood what Beth had explained to me. About this man giving us each what we needed or were seeking. A man soon came over and asked to cut in. John handed me off telling the man to be his guest. John walked over to Danny, Sara, and Linda. Sara slipped from Danny’s side and into John’s arm. I watched as she cuddled up to him embracing him as she kissed his cheek. She laid her head upon his shoulder as she smiled dancing with him.I knew she felt that same secure warm loving feeling when she was in his arms as well. I did not feel that jealous feeling comes over me. I only saw John through Sara’s eyes. A man who allowed her the freedom and joy she was seeking from being out with Linda in public. A man who allowed her to remove the mask each of us wears in our everyday life. I saw him as the protector and provider of happiness he had become to both of them.I smiled to myself as I felt the man’s hand go to my ass. He rather squeezed a handful of my ass as he pressed his now hard cock against me as he dirty danced with me. I smiled at the man as I asked if I had done this?” As my hand dropped between us as I rubbed at his cock.The man smiled as he replied, ”Hell you had me hard when you walked into the room, ” as he pressed his boner into me once more.The man’s boner was rubbing at my clit as we danced. I felt my juices start to flow escaping from my thong. I did so enjoy being the slut I thought to myself.When the dance was over he walked me to John and the others. The man shook his hand then kissed me upon my cheek as he thanked me for an enjoyable dance and hoped he would see me at the party afterward.”What party, John?” I asked.”No party tonight Kay maybe another night but not tonight, ” John said to me.I know then this was a swingers type bar. Sara and Linda each grabbed my hand taking me back to the table. John and Danny walked to the bar to do their customary shot. As I sat down Michelle looked at me as she asked me if I had enjoyed that man’s hands all over my body. I looked to Beth who shook her head yes.I told her I had as I enjoy the attention men give to me. Even when it was not John giving me that attention. I told her that daddy enjoyed other men giving me attention as well. Beth smiled at me happily letting me know I had answered her right.John and Danny joined us at the table. John sat down between Michelle and me wrapping us both in his arm. He asked us both if we were enjoying ourselves. We both kissed his cheek as we both shook our head yes.”That’s good because if my girls are happy I am happy, ” John said, as he kissed us both upon our lips.Danny asked Beth to dance with him. Two men approached our table one asked me if I cared to dance while the other asked Michelle. They looked like twins so I thought they were brothers. We both looked to John who nodded his head yes. As we walked away John took Michelle’s hand as he said, ”You play nicely now Princess, ” as the men led us to the dance floor. I knew his remark to her was from the last time she had teased. As the men walked us away Sara and Linda replaced us sitting next to John and cuddling up to him. Once on the dance floor, the men took us in their arms. The men dirty danced us both around the room. I looked to Michelle who winked at me as she ground herself against the one she was dancing with. I smiled back as I slipped my dance partner’s hand to my ass. I was in competition with my own daughter on the dance floor.The man tightened his embrace on me forcing his boner against me. My pussy was soaking wet as I felt his nice cock rubbing against it. I looked to see Michelle reach between her and her dance partner. She squeezed at his cock with her hand.She whispered something into his ear. He got a look on his face when he smiled at me as he swapped places with the other man. After exchanging partners the men took up right where they had left off grinding their boners into us. My new partner had a very nice big cock which causes my juices to flow onto my thighs as we danced.When the dance ended the men thanked us. I asked her what she had told that one man. She smiled as she had told him we were a mother-daughter team. If they escort adana played their cards right they might get lucky.Michelle grabbed my hand leading me to the ladies’ room which was empty. Once inside she led me into a stall locking the door. She told me she was sorry but she was just so horny. Michelle wrapped me in her arms as her lips pressed against mine. We kissed passionately swapping tongue as we did.I backed her up against the stall wall with force as my hand slipped under her skirt. My hand was met with her wetness from between her thighs. I moved my fingers to her wet blonde haired pussy hole as I stuffed two fingers up inside her.I buried my fingers in her wet pussy as her hand slipped up my skirt. Her own fingers slid easily up into my wet hairy pussy. Our fingers found our g spots at the same time. We both dug our fingers into it. I started to bite at Michelle ’s lower lip as we kissed.A kiss doesn’t lie. I can tell the way you will taste, the rhythm of your movement, the level of your sensuality and exactly the kind of lover you’ll be by the way your lips touch mine. A gift I picked up during my bar days. An aggressive lip-biter, one who bites down HARD on your lower lip, is going to be a fiery, emotionally loaded, aggressive creature in the bedroom. Look, it’s not everyone’s style, and I get it. Most people don’t really like to get bitten.But some people I know (me) like it a little rough. I mean, what’s life without a bit of danger and thrill? Perhaps that just the slut in me.This is the kind of person who will fuck you in the kitchen, in a boardroom or in a scandalous bathroom at a fancy dinner party. The aggressive lip-biter is fearless and will fuck you anywhere. I fit well into this category as I have done all the above, perhaps the boardroom was the best lol but then again that is another story.Aggressive lip-biters like to be in control of all sexual situations. They take the reigns in and out of the bedroom. They’re true doms. If you’re into it, amazing. If it’s not your thing, walk away, baby. That’s the beautiful thing about sex. You can always walk the fuck away if it doesn’t feel good.I sensed Michelle was into it. She did not push me away, she only submitted herself to me. She only kissed me more passionately. She was grinding her pussy down onto my fingers as well.Michelle broke our kiss as she whispered, ” You’re going to make me cum mom, ” into my ear.Hearing her say that caused my pussy to quivering around her fingers as a wet orgasm flowed through my body. I mean here I was in a public restroom having finger sex with my own daughter. We both had to be crazy I thought as I squirted then she squirted onto the bathroom stall floor. We kissed softly in our embrace as our orgasms subsided.We adjusted ourselves making sure our dresses weren’t wet. I flushed the toilet. We walked hand in hand from the stall. There were two other women around my age stood at the mirror. One looked at us in the mirror as she said, ”Damn sluts get a room the next time.”Michelle and I laughed as we walked proudly from the bathroom. We walked all the way to the table laughing and holding hands like we were best friends. Linda and Sara started to move and I told them both to enjoy the comfort. I had mine beside me as I sat down with Michelle across from John.John looked to us both as he asked, ”Did he miss something again?”We both stuck our fingers under his nose. He sniffed at them then shook his head from side to side. Sara took Michelle’s finger and Linda took mine. They smelt them then kissed and licked at our fingers. Michelle and I both squirmed in our seats. I motioned Sara to me and whispered into her ear.Sara’s hand went to John’s pants. He almost jumped from his chair as she squeezed at his cock. John looked to me then to her.Sara smiled at me as she said, ”You owe me fifty dollars Kay and oh yeah he is hard.””Be a dear John and pay the woman as I am a little short this week, ” I said smiling at John.We all busted up laughing. John got his money clip out and handed Sara a fifty. She told him thanks as she tucked the fifty down inside her overflowing tits. Sara winked at me as she said, ”Maybe someday I will let you tuck it yourself but not today.”We all busted up laughing. Sara and Linda swapped seat with Michelle and I. We both kissed him upon his cheek as we thanked him for being a good sport. About this time Danny and Beth returned to the table.Danny looked at John as he asked, ”Had they missed anything?”John shook his head from side to side laughing as he wrapped his arm around Michelle and I. Sara and Linda filled them in on just what they had missed.The rest of our night was fun. I got to know Beth a little better as well. She alter ego was intriguing to me. She played the part of a dominatrix so very well. Almost as well as I played the slut. Danny sat loyally by her side only leaving to get her drinks.When men asked her to dance. She would hold out her black lace gothic gloved hand while making eye contact with them. Beth eyes we’re almost cat-like in appearance I believe it was having that green colored contact in her one eye. Beth would glare at them until they did one of two things.Either kissed her hand or just walk away. Beth towered over most men in the place. Beth was confident in her own sexuality as well. She played the room with her sexual appeal. While most men would be intimidated by her only a truly submissive man would be aroused by her.If she danced with the man her hand was often entwined in his hair at the back of his neck letting them know who was in charge. I also noticed she always accepted to dance with nerdy guys as well as wimpy ones. I believe she could tell by just looking into their eyes if they were submissive or not.I was up with John going to the dance floor as we walked by a table one of the men sitting there said, ”I bet that bitch could bust your balls, ” looking at Beth.John stopped and glared at the man. I don’t think he like that bitch comment about Beth. I pushed him from behind onto the dance floor.”Down boy he didn’t mean it as it sounded, ” I said as I took him into my arms dancing with him.John smiled at me as he kissed me passionately. The band played a swing or jitterbug dance. John whispered let us give them a show Ms.K. We used to dance to this type of music both out and at home perfecting it into the perfect tease dance which showed off all my assets.John dirty danced better than any of the men that night. He would twirl me around showing off my thong covered ass and the girls as we danced. This man knew every button to press on a woman. From kisses upon my neck to nibbling at my ear. To grinding that big cock of his everywhere. My pussy was dripping onto the dance floor by the time we had finished our dance.We no sooner returned to our table and sat down than a group of men rushed to our table. Men asked both Michelle and me to dance. While I allowed the men to feel my body up. Michelle would only allow them to grind into her. If their hand went to her ass she moved it.Michelle and I teased the men we danced with the rest of the night. Each time we danced Sara and Linda took our places besides John. Both of them were having fun teasing him or pointing out our tease play on the dance floor.A little after 1 am John suggested we take this party back home. We all went to our vehicles. Sara and Linda told Danny they would ride with us. Danny asked John how she drove. I told him he wasn’t keeping her smiling at him as John helped all us ladies into the vehicle.I sat next to John as Michelle had told me we must share him equally or this won’t work. Once on the road, I asked John if Michelle might join us tonight even if she was banned?John shook his head no as he said, ” No she may not, she is being punished, ” as he glared at her.”But John… ” I said.Michelle’s hand squeezed my thigh as she said, ”Don’t ruin our evening mom and make daddy mad.John glared at me. As if to tell me the ball was in my court. Either shoot or sit down. Sara leaned up and whispered into his ear.”However if she wishes to join Sara and Linda tonight she has my permission, ” John said smiling at Michelle.”Thanks John I would like that, a lot, ” as she smiled back at him while she cuddled up to me.”Your welcome, ” John said smiling down at me.John kissed my forehead as I smiled back at him. I believe he was thinking the same thing I was. Michelle had seen him as who he was not who she wanted him to be.We arrived home with Danny and Beth right behind us. Michelle jumped out helping Sara and Linda out. The three were laughing and whispering to each other. I figured it was about tonight’s fun to come.Danny came running up once again asking John how was she. John helped me out of the vehicle. He grabbed a handful of ass as he did.He turned to Danny as he said, ”She a little heavy on the bottom end, ” as he grabbed my ass again.”John, did you just call me fat?” I asked giving him a very serious look.John looked to Danny telling him thanks for getting him into trouble. Danny laughed telling him better than him. I smiled at Danny as I pointed behind him.Danny turned to see Beth standing there tapping her boot on the driveway. She stood there with the night breeze blowing her long red hair across her face. She looked dangerously sexy as she crossed her arms and walked up to Danny.”Opps sorry Mistress Beth, ” Danny said hanging his head.”Opps hell, ” ”How dare you to leave me sitting in the car, ” Beth said to him. ”Now go to your room I will deal with you later after I see everyone else.”Danny tucked his tail between adana escort bayan his leg and ran into the house. Beth went to one side of John as I was at the other. He walked us both into the house as he explained to me he meant the truck was a little heavy on the bottom end, not me.We joined the others in the family room except for Danny he was nowhere in sight. Sara, Linda, and Michelle were playing pinball. John sat Beth and me onto the leather sofa. He sat down between us wrapping his arms around us.I asked John and Beth if they would like to join me in a drink. Coffee that was I added as I smiled at them. They both smiled back shaking their head yes. I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. I even slipped into a black nylon catsuit covering it with one of those many white robes.I returned to find the girls still playing pinball or maybe more playing with each other. They would get behind one another and grind their bodies together in unison, as they played pinball.John and Beth sitting on that sofa her at one end him at the other. I thought it funny how far apart they were from each other. I sat our cups of coffee down. I moved John to where he was between us both again.I sat down as I said, ”Family has no jealousy.”I cuddled up to John smiling to Beth giving her my ok bitch you can touch him look lol Beth followed suit cuddling up to him on her side. I placed my hand on John’s cock rubbing at it. We all watched the girls playing pinball. I think it was it was erotic for all three of us as we watched them play. I know John was liking it as his cock was hard and throbbing in my hand.All three finally walked over holding hands. They each told us good night. Sara and Linda kissed John and Beth on their cheek. They both kissed me deeply and with passion. ”Don’t be long Michelle or we will start without you, ” they both said as they walked away.Michelle hugged Beth. Beth told her they would talk tomorrow. She hugged John then hugged me. She thanked us both for a wonderful and enjoyable evening. As she walked away she smiled at John as she said, ”Don’t forget to tell mom, daddy, ” then laughed as she ran to catch up with the other girls. ”Tell me what John, ” I asked looking at him.Beth stood up as she said, ”I think I have left Danny to think about his error in judgment long enough.” ”Plus you two need to talk.Beth went to John she hugged him. She thanked him for a wonderful evening then kissed him on his cheek. Beth hugged and kissed me lightly upon my lips. It was not a passionate kiss just more of a regular kiss. Beth told us both good night as she walked to the basement door.”Tell me what John?” I asked him again.John took my hand as he said, ” I made a deal with a devil today Kay, that being himself.”I asked him what did he mean. John explained he had purchased 3 plot of land150 acres in total which his company was going to build three demo homes on every 50 acres then build other homes as people wanted them built. I am sure most everyone has seen allotments like these even today or at least signs that read coming soon homes from $200k to $350k in this allotment.John told me he should have checked with me first but he could not turn his back on an opportunity like this. I told John it was Ok as he had more than enough company money to afford such a project. John explained that money was not a problem. Manpower was as he was short two people, one as an on-site manager and one on-site administrator for all three homes.John looked to me as he said, ”I filled the onsite manager by giving Michelle that job and her crew back,” ”However I am short that administrator spot.””Then hire someone, John, ” I said.John took my hand as he replied, ”I thought I would ask you to fill that position first.”Now for people who don’t know what a site administrator do they are responsible for the planning, budgeting, and coordination of construction projects, as well as the necessary administrative duties associated with each contract. They enjoy a collaborative role, working closely with project managers, contractors, and agencies.John and I had talked about this before. When he was building the strip malls for Ted. Which were still under construction but would be finished this coming spring on time and under budget. I had done it mostly from my office rarely did I ever go to the site. However, with this project, I would be on site a lot more. To be truthful onsite work scared me for two reasons. One because of the heavy equipment which scared me. The men on site cause concern for me as well. As I was not John or Michelle, I was Ms. K. to most of them. I knew I could trust them but could I trust myself.”John I am not ready, ” I said to him with a concerned look.”You will be as your my new assistant starting Monday, by spring you will be ready, ” John said.So that was why the stop at the work clothes shop today. I asked him if Michelle knew of his plans. John told me yes as he had talked to her after talking to Beth today. I asked him why he had checked with Beth first.John told me because on the allotment project I would be Michelle’s boss. John wanted to make sure that would not be a problem. Beth had told him it shouldn’t be as long as she was pleasing daddy.I asked John what was the deal with Beth. He told me about 3 years ago during a weekend with Danny, Sara, and Linda. Sara had come to him about Danny. She told him something was wrong with him as he was no longer protecting them but instead seeking out trouble when they went out.She told him rarely did they have a night out where Danny was not fighting with someone. Most had not even offended them in any way. Sara told him she thought Danny was fighting his wars all over again. John told her he would talk to him.Later that day Sara and Linda were in the hot tub. John was sitting on the railing watching them as they played as he often had many times. Suddenly Danny tackled him off the railing slamming him to the ground.John got up and asked, ”What the hell was wrong with him?”Danny’s reply was to throw the first punch. The two men took to fighting. Sara and Linda ran to them telling them to stop fighting they were friends. Danny told them John was no friend but the enemy.”John don’t hurt him please, but do stop him, ” Sara said to him sobbing.John told me it wasn’t easy but he found a way to get Danny in a chokehold and finally dropped him to the ground. John woke him telling him to stand down before he put him down for good.John told Sara to take him inside and clean him up as he was a bloody mess. Linda came to John and tended to his own bloody nose and cut lip. ”That is how he acts when out with us John, ” Linda said to him cleaning the blood from his nose which kept bleeding. ”Your nose might be broken John, ” Linda added.”I am ok as not the first broken nose, ”John replied Sara came back out with Danny beside her. John told me as far as damage wise he might have been in a little worst shape than Danny was.John stuck out his hand to Danny as he asked, ”Still brothers?””Still brothers, ” Danny replied shaking his hand.John told Danny to walk with him. Danny told him his war seemed to return to him from time to time. John told Danny to look around. If he didn’t want to lose all this and his car dealership. Perhaps he should seek some professional help as he was not the one to talk to about war. John hung his head as he told me that.I lifted it as I said, ”John it was not your fault.””I know Kay, I know, ” John said.John told me the following week Sara called him to tell him Danny was seeing someone about his problem which was PTSD. That person was Beth.When Michelle’s doctor had told him that she suffered from it he invited Beth to come with them for the weekend. During her stay, John told her about Michelle’s accident as well as about him and Michelle being intimate. How he had made a mistake and had made love to her behind my back.How I had caught them together and had left him. Also leaving Michelle in his care. John told her he had a moment of weakness and it cost him his own greatest asset that being me.Beth told him, ”Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature.”Beth also confided to him she had her moment of weakness when she made love to Danny in her office one day. She told him she could lose her practice if it ever got out. Beth explained Danny needed control or to be ordered to do stuff. Danny was a follower, not a leader like John was.That was why he had stopped fighting when John had ordered him to stand down. Beth told him she had an alter ego known as Mistress Beth the dominatrix, that year’s of listening to others problems had brought it about. Beth told John she only wishes she had a place where she could become Mistress Beth instead of Beth the shrink.”I will understand if you would prefer that she did not treat Michelle, ” Beth said to him.”We are all full of weakness and errors; let us mutually pardon each other our follies – it is the first law of nature, ” John replied to her.John also told her that she and her alter ego were welcome to join his family as no one here would pass judgment upon her and that she could be whoever she wanted to be when she was here with them.“You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” ”If you judge people, you have no time to love them, ” John said to me.I understood what Beth had told me about empathy earlier in the night. I told John I was sorry I had judged him and Michelle. I saw for the first time the error of my judgment of them both. Perhaps Michelle was more to blame than John in my mind. However, I was pretty sure my heart had already forgiven both her and John.Sorry, a little light on sex in this part but I wanted to get stuff set up for what is to come.Part 18 soon