Small Awakenings Ch. 05

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The trip back up to London was nothing more than a complete pain in the ass. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the train was running late but as we slowed down we got the usual announcement of leaves on the line. By the time the train arrived I had been sat on it for nearly seven hours and my mood was pretty shitty. The only thing that kept me from blowing a gasket was the thought of Kristine waiting for me at home.

“It’s me,” I announced as I rang her from the taxi rank. “I’ll be back in about forty minutes or so. You know where I want you.”

“Of course,” Kristine replied enthusiastically.

I hung up the phone and climbed into the taxi waiting for me. As I expected the trip took just about forty minutes, but this was a pleasant trip compared to the near horror of the train. It always feels much easier and quicker looking out of the windows and seeing familiar sights. By the time I arrived home I had relaxed a little and the anticipation of the coming evening started to flood my mind.

Paying the driver I let myself into my house. I took my time knowing Kristine was waiting for me. I put my bags under the stairs and making myself a drink I sat in the front room to help me relax a bit more. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more; I picked myself up and climbed the stairs. Kristine was in the bedroom waiting patiently for me. I walked up to her and gently kissed her, she responded immediately, her tongue pushing into my mouth. Reaching up I gave one of her nipples a twist. Kristine gave a shout of surprise. “Not so eager,” I said with a smile, “I need a shower first.”

Leaving Kristine where she was I went and took a hot shower washing away all the grime of the train journey. After drying myself off I went back into the bedroom, it was only then that I noticed a few differences.

“Been shopping?” I asked.

“You’re not the only one with the Internet.” She grinned, “I’ve been working on these bits for a couple of weeks.”

I looked around taking in the changes. Crisp new black satin sheets had replaced my bedclothes. The scarves I had left ties to the headboard had gone to be replaced but small chains. Looking around a Kristine I saw that she had a pair of leather cuffs on. They were clipped together in the middle behind her back, I could see that once they were unclipped they were intended to attach to the chains on the bed.

On the bedside table I noticed a couple of vibrators; one was a small slim one while the other was the one from Kristine’s video. Sat discreetly beside these toys was a small tube of lube. I could feel my cock twitch at seeing this; it seemed to remind me of where we were going that night.

I walked over to Kristine and kissed her again. “You have been busy,” I said to her. All she could do was grin back at me. I reached around her, unclipped her wrists and lead her to the bed. I laid her on her front and reaching her arms up attached the cuffs to the chains. “First things first,” I said to her, “fucking your ass with a vibrator is a very dirty thing to do. You need to be punished.” erotik film izle I walked to the bathroom and retrieved by belt from my trousers and holding the buckle in my hand I wrapped the leather around until only a foot or so was hanging loose.

I approached the bed and gently caressed Kristine’s rear. Her skin felt so soft and looked pale in the light. Removing my hand I brought the belt down across her cheeks. She squealed at the sudden impact. The belt instantly left and angry red welt on her skin. Again I ran my hand over her before removing my hand and giving her another lick with the belt. She jumped with the impact as another welt appeared on what was her flawless skin. I gave her another two strokes, Kristine shouted out loud as the leather slapped hard against her behind. Her skin now looked striped red and sore as I leant down and kissed where the belt had hit. She jumped and moaned as my lips pressed against the sore spots.

Moving up the bed I unfastened the cuffs and rolled Kristine over before re-attaching them. As I looked down her body I noticed that her nipples were standing out proud and erect. “Looks like you enjoyed that,” I said as I took them between my fingers and thumbs. “I’m really turning you into a filthy little thing aren’t I?” Kristine could only nod in agreement as I twisted her nipples, the pain evident on her face. As I pulled hard on her she bit down on her lip to stifle a loud sob. Letting go of her nipples I sat astride her chest. “You’re going to do something new for me tonight.” I said to her, “You are now going to suck me off until I cum, and you will swallow all I have to give you.” I could see half a protest appear on her face. This was one of the many things she would never do. I had never been able to cum her mouth let alone have it swallowed. My order was not answered; Kristine’s only action was to slowly open her mouth.

Leaning forward I eased myself into her mouth. I could feel her tongue flick around my head as she started to suck on me. I knew that I would not last very long as whipping her with the belt had really turned me on. I pushed down onto her and watched as she took all of me into her mouth, her nose pressing against my belly and my head at the back of her throat. As I felt myself getting close I reached down and took hold of her head, keeping her still I started to fuck her mouth. I moved in long strokes, her tongue flicking at my head when I pulled it out to her lips and then pushing back in deep into her throat. I could feel my balls tighten as my orgasm approached, Kristine needed no warning as the increased speed in my thrusting was enough to let her know I was close. With a groan and a final push of my hips I felt my release. I looked down at Kristine as I felt myself erupt into her mouth. I could see her swallowing as quick as she could but as I pulled out of her mouth I could see that I had given her too much.

As she lay below me catching her breath I could see a trickle of my cum down her cheek. I don’t know what came over me, and it was certainly film izle nothing I had done before, maybe I was carried away in a night of firsts. I leant down and licked my cum from her cheek before kissing her deeply. I could taste the last remnants of my salty seed in her mouth as our tongues entwined. It felt amazing sharing something so carnal with her; I could already feel my cock twitching back into life.

Breaking the kiss I lifted myself off Kristine and moved down the bed between her legs. I could see that at some point she had had and orgasm. Her pussy was moist and a wet patch was already forming below her. Without hesitating I pushed two fingers deep into her as I sucked her clit into my mouth. With a loud groan she came instantly nearly crushing my fingers in the process. As I slid my fingers in and out of her dripping hole I sucked hard on her clit, I could feel how hard it was against my tongue as I pulled at it with my teeth. Kristine was sliding over the satin sheets now as I pushed her through another orgasm.

Not forgetting the toys I had to play with I moved away from her and reached out to the bedside table. Taking both vibrators I resumed my position. Not giving her any time to rest I pushed the larger one deep into her, Kristine moaned out loud and forced herself down the bed trying in vain to get deeper penetration. I lay there for a few minutes watching her slide up and down the bed impaling herself. Turning on the smaller toy I pressed it against her clit. If I didn’t know better I could have thought she was having a fit of some sort. Her body thrashed around the bed wildly as the two toys did their job.

Not wanting to wear her out too much just yet I took the small toy away from her clit. Carefully I pushed it down the side of the bigger one in her pussy. I watched I awe as she stretched allowing it entry. She moaned again as she felt herself wider and fuller than she had ever been before. This was not what I wanted though; all I wanted was the small one wet. I pulled it out. Using her own juices as lubrication I pressed the small vibrator against the tight opening of her ass. My intention was to slowly ease it into her but he hips were so out of control that when she pushed down hard it slid into her in one. “Oh fuck.” Kristine shouted as it entered her. Even now with both her holes filled her movements never ceased; still she pushed herself down hard onto the vibrators.

“Take them out,” she panted surprising me, “I want you in my ass.”

How could I refuse her? She was completely lost now and all she wanted was pleasure and release. Taking the toys out of her I lifted her legs and place them over my shoulders. I took the lube and applied it liberally to myself and to Kristine’s puckered entrance. Leaning forward I rested my head against her opening. She stopped still for me as I slowly pushed into her. I watched in amazement as her ass stretched allowing me access to her tightest hole. “Holy shit,” I moaned, “you’re so tight.” I got no response from Kristine as she pushed towards me forcing me deeper seks filmi izle into her. Slowly I went further and further into her until I could feel my hips pressing tight against her behind.

Looking down at Kristine I could see from her face that she was feeling a bit of pain so I rested where I was until I saw her nod for me to continue. I eased back out of her until just my head was in her, then pushed back in. I could see Kristine start to lose herself again as I moved all the way back into her, as I did I reached forward and undid the clips on her cuffs. As soon as they were free her hands flew to her pussy, one hand forcing two fingers deep into her while the other began to rub furiously on her clit.

I could feel her fingers pressing against me deep inside her and it felt amazing. As Kristine’s hand worked hard on her pussy I witnessed her lose complete control. Her body shook and rocked, uncontrollable from the amount of intense pleasure it was receiving. Not saying a word I pulled out of her and turned her around onto her knees. Placing the head of my cock against her ass again I pushed all the way into her with one swift movement. Kristine screamed at the rough intrusion as I began to fuck her ass as hard as I could. Reaching forward I pulled her towards me, one hand found her left breast and I started to twist and pull on the nipple making her yell even more. My other hand wrapped itself around her neck and squeezed. I could hear and feel he breathing labour as I gently tightened my grip. Kristine’s reached her hand back and dug deep into my thighs, the pain making me moan and pull harder on her nipples.

By now we were both completely taken by pure animal lust. I continued to pound hard at Kristine’s tight ass while choking her. My other hand had left her nipples and was pulling her head back hard by her hair restricting her breath even more. Kristine’s hands were clawing and scratching hard at my thighs and I knew she had broken the skin, I could feel my blood running down my legs. At this point I could feel my orgasm start to build, vaguely through my lust I could feel the familiar tightening in my sack

I continued me abuse on Kristine’s body, pulling squeezing, making her feel as much as I could. Her panting was ragged and was finding it hard to shout out because of my hand still firmly around her throat. As I felt myself reaching release I pushed her forward, taking hold of her wrists I pulled them behind her back and started to pull her back onto me with as much force as I was pushing into her. With the restriction gone from her throat Kristine was screaming and shouting as she felt wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass.” I groaned, panting and practically out of breath

“Do it,” she shouted back at me, “fill me you fucker.”

I had never heard anything like it from her before and it pushed me well over the edge. With a loud groan I felt myself cum as spurt after spurt filled her ass. The feel of this pushed Kristine through one last barrier before we both collapsed onto the bed.

We both lay there out of breath just looking into each other’s eyes. Without talking we drifted off to sleep, not a thought about cuts bruises that would need tending to. That could wait until the morning.