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Subject: Smoking A Bowl With Dad 4 Dad headed to the bathroom to clean up & I was sitting in the floor in basketball shorts wiping his cum from my chin. I got off the floor and sat in the recliner, my 7.5 inch thick 17 yr old cock making a tent in my shorts and aching. I had to get this load out or I’d be in pain all day, so I pulled the waist band down just below my dick with one hand & I spit in the other. I laid my head back and started stroking. I barely got into it before Dad came back out of the bathroom, still naked.’Whao, hold up man, we still don’t have towels … go see if they’re done” “I just put them in before I came up” I said letting the elastic band slap back to my waist. “Might be ready for the dryer though” “Then handle it, I can’t go to the store like this” he laughed waving his hands in front of himself at the drying cum. “You gonna let me finish this?” I pointed at my own dick. “Boy handle the damn towels” “Uuuuugh Fine” I grabbed a sleeveless shirt off the top of my bag, tucked my dick into my waistband & headed down stairs. I thought it was kind of bullshit how even though we’d get fucked up together and we just literally fucked around together that he would pull the “dad card” and tell me to do some kind of stupid ass thing he didn’t want to do. I was always doing his dishes, laundry, or cleaning while I was with him. I was grumbling to myself out of frustration when I got downstairs. The washer was done so I loaded the dryer. I didn’t feel like going back up stairs with Dad, so leaned against the washer, pulled out my dick and started beating it again. I wasn’t even trying to enjoy it, just beat my dick and get the release I needed. I was getting close. I was imagining a buddy on my football team who would swap head and flip fuck every now & then. I was so close. Could feel the orgasm start at my toes…….. “Uuuuuuuh what are you doing?” I snapped my head to the right & saw my little cousin Daniel sitting next to some old boxes with his phone in his hand. I couldn’t stop it ….. I shot sprays of cum, my body convulsing with each shot, eyes locked on my 12 year old cousin in horror. “Why the fuck are you hiding in here!?” I yelled trying to cover myself up, I wasn’t very successful in these fucking clothes, and I ended up getting cum all over my shirt and shorts. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” “Mom told us we couldn’t have anymore screen time, I come sit out here with my phone when she does that” he explained “it’s got an outlet over here so I can charge my stuff …….. why were you jerking off down here?” “I didn’t know you were down here! You were fuckin hiding! How do you even know what that is?” “I’m 12, I do it too….. duh” “Don’t tell your mom and dad or my dad ……. it’s fucked up you saw that. I’m sorry Dan” “Whatever I’ve seen worse in porn, and why would I tell them….. you know how Mom & Dad react to everything” I couldn’t help but laugh “uuuh yeah I know how they are and you’re too young to be watching porn” He rolled his eyes and istanbul travesti went back to his phone. He was gone when I came back later to get the dry clothes. Me & Dad showered, grabbed some beer & snacks, & were getting ready to watch some horror movies when his phone rang. “Uncle Stevie wants to know if you wanna have dinner over there” “Sure” “Yeah, he’s gonna come over” he said & hung up. “Whoa whao whao, you’re not coming with me!?” “Oh Heeeeeeeeeell No” he laughed “I try not to go anywhere near Sarah” I begrudgingly went next door to my uncle’s house for dinner. I sat down to dinner directly across from the cousin that had seen me beat my dick not long before, ate the bland ass food, & listened to them drone on and on about work & church & school & bla bla bla. They asked me about my mom & school & football & majors & bla bla bla. Then came the part I knew was coming: “So your dad looking for a job?” Aunt Sarah asked with a feigned friendly smile. “Honey, not now” “No I just want to know if he’s actively trying to better himself or if he expects us to support him while he brings alcohol & drugs & who knows what all to our back yard where our children ……” I interrupted “Yeah uuuh, he’s looking. I came up to help him apply for jobs online but I guess I didn’t put my laptop in my bag, it’s my fault, I…..” She cut me off “OH! Is that all he needs?” She got up from the table as the cousins rolled their eyes and looked back at their phones & Uncle Stephen gave me a look that was part embarrassment & part apology. She came back with a silver laptop & charging cable. “Here, Steve just got a new one, he gives his brother EVERYTHING so I know he won’t mind” Uncle Stephen just looked down cheeks flushing in either anger or shame I couldn’t tell. I finished my meal, made my goodbyes, thanked them for the food & laptop and got the fuck out of there before they could make it any more weird. “How was it?” Dad asked knowingly glancing up from the bowl he was currently filling. “Oh it was awesome” I laughed sarcastically “I did score you a laptop though ……. so you can find a job” He looked up at me serious for a second …… then we both busted out laughing. I got the laptop charging, grabbed a newly restocked beer from the fridge, & got into my usual gym shorts & sleeveless shirt. I watched out of the corner of my eye to see if Dad would look at me when I undressed. He did. Instant chub. We sat and watched some tv, smoked some smoke, & had a few beers. “Order me a pizza or something” Dad commanded. “Its pretty late” I replied “I’ll see if anything’s open” I grabbed the laptop, opened it, & found a sticky note that said “Daniel08Johnathon10”. I powered on the machine & when prompted for the password I typed in what was on the sticky note. Real original password……. his sons and the years they were born. I did a quick online search, found a pizza place that delivered all night, & placed an order. “Holy shit you can do all that from the computer?” kadıköy travesti “Dad you’re so fuckin old sometimes” we both laughed. He wasn’t really that old at all. He got my mom pregnant when they were both 16, their parents forced them to get married, & here I am now. A 17 year old with a 34 year old mom and dad. I started going through the computer, just checking the apps and stuff then I found the Cloud backup. Looks like everything from Uncle Steve’s phone backed up here. There was mostly stupid screenshots of real estate listings, pictures of cars, and pictures of the boys but then I scrolled past a video……. “Holy shit” I said out loud. “what?” Dad said in a worried voice. I hit play & it was a video of Aunt Sarah on her hands and knees on the bed facing the camera, hair loose and tits swinging while my Uncle Stephen nailed her from the back. He was fucking her like a beast. It wasn’t like straight porn with the high pitched exaggerating woman, she was grunting deeply and he wasn’t making a sound. The sounds of the wet skin on skin slapping and guttural grunts got Dads attention. “What the fuck did you find!?” I slowly turned the laptop around and showed him. “Holy Shit” he echoed smiling like a kid “I told you she had amazing tits” “And look at Uncle Stephen, I didn’t know he was built like that” Dad kinda looked at me funny “Yeah I guess”. We watched my uncle rail my aunt for a little while til Dad suggested “look for more!” I scrolled through his backed up images and videos, found a few nude pics of Sarah and a couple more videos of him fucking her. Dad really enjoyed the one of her riding his brother her hair and tits bouncing, he adjusted himself several times during that one. Then I noticed a side tab with three other phone numbers. All of their saved media must go to the same cloud, some family plan nonsense I assumed. The first file was all pictures of the kids, plants, and a few screenshot inspirational bible quotes Sarah was famous for posting on her social media. The next number was alot of random kids lip synching and practicing some kind of choreographed dances. I clicked on the third one and dad immediately yelled “WHAT THE DICK DUDE”. The first thumbnail was of me jerking off downstairs in the garage. “Whoa Dad I didn’t know he was there And I damn sure didn’t know he recorded it” His face was turning red from anger “Did you beat off in front of one Stevies kids?!?” “Yeah but I didn’t know he was down there!” “Did you fucking touch that Kid?” “NO!” “Don’t lie to me B.J.” “Dad for real ….. I’m not lying” he calmed down when I explained what happened. He watched the entire video and saw my reaction when Dan finally said something & scared me right when I was busting a nut. “You gotta delete that before Stevie or Sarah see it man, they don’t play” I deleted the file from the cloud and kept scrolling. Daniel had several videos and pictures of himself naked. Dad & I were both incredibly uncomfortable seeing those. There were videos bakırköy travesti from bathrooms where he was filming other boys or men from under the stall or using the urinal, one of Uncle Steve getting out of the shower through a cracked door, one of Dad going to the mailbox in just his boxers. “Whao that kid has some issues” Dad said a little disturbed. I looked at Dad and laughed “Don’t we all” and squeezed his dick. He laughed but replied “man don’t do that”. “Look what else this thing can do” I said as I connected his “new” laptop up to stream on his tv. He sat back on the futon and lit the pipe, “find us something good to watch” he said. I went to a porn page and found some sketchy bisexual stuff, two dudes one girl. “Daaaaaamn dude, I didnt mean THAT good” Dad laughed. He passed the pipe to me and I started to smoke while he got lost in the porn. I got hard watching him get hard. We were both rubbing our dicks through our thin clothes when there was a knock on the door. “Who the fuck is that!? Damnit BJ you should not have shown your dick to Danny, fuck that’s Stevie, fuck, fuck” “Dad ……. chill ……. its the pizza” I was still exhaling the last of my last hit when I opened the door. The pizza guy was a skinny white dude in the cap and polo of the pizza franchise. He had tattoos on his neck and forearms, he probably wasn’t too much older than me. 22 at most. I let the door open and I turned around to grab my wallet out of my bag in the corner. He stepped inside saw the porn on the tv, Dad on the futon, & the pipe on the table. “Damn what y’all got goin on in here” he asked amused in a hood accent. “You want a hit?” I asked handing him some cash, taking the pizza, & setting it aside. “Fuck yeah” Dad wasn’t paying us much attention now that the excitement had passed, he was high as fuck lost in the porn. I passed the pizza dude the pipe, and as he was hitting it I asked “You want some head?” He furrowed his brow over the pipe like he was gonna say no then just spread his arms in a “go ahead” kind of motion and blew out a huge cloud. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his long thin uncut cock. He was lighting the pipe again so I put his dick in my mouth & started sucking on his soft dick. I rubbed my tongue around the inside of his foreskin, swallowed the whole thing balls deep, slapped myself on the face with it but he wasn’t getting hard or responding to me at all. Just hitting the pipe. I glanced over at Dad and he was watching, I got off my knees let the pizza dude finish his hit, & took the pipe. He shoved his dick back in his pants just nodded and left. Dad was still looking at me though, he was sitting on the futon leaned back one muscular arm on the back cushion the other just grabbing his hard dick through the boxers. I walked over, sat next to him and lit the pipe. He glanced at the tv & out of the blue said “Me & Stevie used to do that”. I looked at what was on the screen while taking a hit. There was one guy fucking a chick from behind and one throat fucking her. “You gotta tell me about that sometime” I said through the smoke I was exhaling, it was a good hit. I leaned back against his arm and slid my head against his shoulder. “I’ll tell you now if you want”