Sniff my Panty/Pantyhosed Crotch

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Sniff my Panty/Pantyhosed CrotchHere’s another story from my archives, updated slightly, friends…Because my lover has such a big cock I can’t refuse him anything, least of all his arousing fetish for sniffing my ass and crotch while I wear my shiny black full bottomed skintight panties under gleaming sheer to waist high gloss pantyhose!It all started when I needed a wardrobe putting up in my new flat and my sister recommended her boyfriend, Kev, to come round to do the job.On this day when Kev came around to put the wardrobe together in my bedroom I decided to leave work early to relax after I got a lot of appointments out the way. I’d always fancied Kev for a long time. Ever since my s*s hooked up with him. They went cycling at the weekends. On the occasions I met him I couldn’t resist having a sly perv on him in his skintight Lycra cycling shorts, his crotch and his padded ass. He always looked so damn delicious every time I saw him in his various outfits. He got more attention from me than my sister! And he often had a pantyline under his gleaming tight shorts, which drove me nuts. So anyway, I went home early, made my way upstairs, kicked off my shoes and entered the bedroom ready to drop on the bed for a rest. But I heard music coming from the bedroom, and I remembered that Kev had been given a key to get in. So I thought I’d offer him a drink but to my surprise he wasn’t putting the wardrobe together, he was wearing a pair of my high shine tan control top pantyhose, with my panties over his face, and canlı bahis a black stocking pulled tightly over the top, wanking himself furiously as he looked at himself in the mirror and was saying my name!’Well, well,’I smiled. ‘Wouldn’t you rather be sniffing my tights and panties with me in them?’ ‘Shit,’ he started. ‘I didn’t hear you…it’s not what you think…don’t tell Rebecca…Are these yours?’ I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, this hunk, this secret crush of mine indulging himself with my underwear…and my god, how hard and good his fat cock looked glistening in my pantyhose. ‘Tell you what, I won’t say anything if you do what I ask.’ ‘I’ll do anything!”In my drawer you’ll find a tiny blue leotard, then there’s a girdle and panties. I want you to layer them over your tights…keep that shiny black stocking on your face!’While Kev got changed I put on some silver tights, over black pantyhose, black panties and wore my business jacket heels and wig. When I returned we both examined each other. I smiled as I caressed his arse through the layers. He had panties and leotard over the tights and over these was a tight shiny girdle. I put my hands on his shimmering buttocks, drew him close to me and kissed him passionately through his stocking mask. He responded by hitching up my skirt and stroking my ass through my panties and hose.’I’ve always wanted this, ‘ he moaned.’You’re not the only one. From now on you’re to call me Polly…and this, dear, is where we begin our affair.”Anything…I had no idea you…’I bahis siteleri stopped him and put my finger over his stockinged lips. God what a dirty shit he was, wanking in my tights and kissing the crossdressed brother of his girlfriend! ‘You can start by sticking that hard pantyhosed cock in my mouth,’ I ordered. I squatted down before him in the mirror. ‘Yeah, yeah. Can you take your skirt off? I’d love to see the shape and sheen of your arse in your panties and tights,’ he said. ‘I could take off my pantyhose if you want.’ ‘I find it really sexy when women wear panties under tights. It’s so normal for them, they don’t know the effect it can have on some people, but it looks good the double shine, the way it hugs the arse and …I’ve always wanted to see you like that Polly, always! If you have a partner they are so lucky!’ ‘From where I’m squatting there’s only one lucky guy here!’ That was it, I pulled down his girdle, pulled the leotard and panties to one side and my lipstick mouth was all over his pantyhose encased cock bringing him off furiously, pumping his big thick shaft , pumping it up and down, in and out, until he piped his hot love cream through his hose deep into my mouth, as I gripped his hot buttocks tightly. ‘Fuck me, Kev, I’ve always wanted your hard cock in my mouth…just for starters. ‘ Our affair began from there. Every odd week, every spare time we had together he would come round and we’d fuck, often while I was dressed in leotard and tights. He had a naughty fetish of sniffing my güvenilir bahis panty/pantyhose crotch deeply, sometimes kissing and licking as he stroked my ass and patted my buttocks through the shiny material, and I have to admit, the way it felt to be sitting on my hunks face, and the teasing sensation of him sniffing very deeply, usually sent me over the edge. If I was feeling particular kind and naughty I’d tell him that I’d been wearing my hose all week, and they were dirty and sweaty, and often let him spunk straight onto my panty/pantyhosed covered crotch or ass. I remember one day while I was with Kev. I asked him to wear my pantyhose under his blue lycra shorts during one deep sniffing session which had me on the sofa in shiny suntan pantyhose over my red panties, with my legs parted and my knees pulled to my chest, when my sister called me. I can’t tell you how good I felt with Kev down there sniffing the sweat out of my skintight crotch and my his other half not having a clue what was going on, and telling me over the phone some dumb boring work story. As soon as I put the phone down, feeling more aroused than ever, I rushed to the bedroom grabbed all my pairs of pantyhose and panties and asked Kev to stuff them down the back of my pantyhose, so the bulge and the sheen encased the multiple pairs of tights, and I bent right over, stuck my ass out and begged him to cum all over my ass. Kev thought it was fucking Christmas and obliged, rubbing his hard cock against my pantyhosed bulging ass before drenching it in his beautiful, beautiful cream. I looked at my lover from between my legs, totally beaming, and I said, ‘Oh …I always think of you everyday when I put my pantyhose on over my tight panties…always.’