Snow Bunny & BBC

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Snow Bunny & BBCJavonte Murchison was halfway surprised at what he was doing. His eight millimeter white gold, stainless steel dookie chain bounced against his broad chest as he slammed his generous 8-inch-by-5½-inch uncut cock in and out of the slim asshole. His firm beer-keg gut ground against the slut’s slight and satiny tushie. “Ooh, baby,” whined his gray-eyed, brunette coworker.“Damn! You taking all this dick,” the 26 year-old grunted.“You like this pussy,” checked the occupancy services aide from the housing authority.“Yeah! That’s a good girl.”The six-foot tall man who was built like a b**st at 265 pounds took in the surroundings as he hefted his body up and took his dick from the booty hole. “Ooh wee! Just like that,” he remarked as he smacked the svelte, silken ass. “You look so hot in this pink bunny costume!”“You like it,” giggled Andie.“I damn sure do!” Javonte plunged right back in. “Oh, that ass! Give it to me, baby!” He pulled out once more and looked at the gaping pink anus. “You want some more this big dick, girl?”“Mmhmm,” Andie moaned as he wiggled his derriere.Javonte dove back in. He slammed with every bit of his strength.“You’re gonna break me in half,” the host teased.“You osmaniye escort just take it so good,” the man replied as he held onto the sissy’s slender waist. “Take this dick like a good girl!”“All I did was ask you to come over and look at my sink and now you’re fixing my pipes.”“Did you think I wouldn’t get turned on with you in the li’l ass shorts when I came over.”“I was hoping you would.”“Well, this is what you get then!”Javonte had noticed that Andie’s place was little more than a fuck den when he first arrived. The cramped apartment boasted a single bedroom with a living & dining combo. There was a kitchen no bigger than a postage stamp. And a bathroom that had only a standup shower for bathing. The housing authority maintenance worker also saw Andie only had sparse furnishings. An old couch up front. A dinette table with 4 chairs that looked like it came from a salvage store. And in the bedroom, just a memory foam mattress that sat directly on the floor.The place did have a nice big TV in the living room. But there were also half-empty liquor bottles on the shabby coffee table and an open box of condoms. Javonte had asked, “So you were getting fucked last escort osmaniye night?”“Who says I was getting fucked? Why couldn’t I be doing the fucking,” Andie shot back.“Whatever, man! You know you’re feminine as hell. And I just don’t think you’re packing enough to need Magnums.”Andie, whose government name was Andrew DeLuca, snickered. “Is it that obvious?”“I mean you got hair halfway down your back. You wear lipstick everyday. And your nails are painted.”“But they’re a nude pink,” protested the handyman.“I guess so! I was hoping to get fucked today.”“By me?”“Only if you wanted.”“Let me unclog the drain and we’ll see.”Javonte went to work.Andie had returned a few minutes later wearing a bunny ears headband, a cute cottontail attached to a lace thong, knee-length socks, & a bowtie – all light pink. He also had on a rhinestone four-row cuff bracelet on either wrist. The look was rounded out with a white spaghetti strap crop top training bra that had a small bow of pink ribbon in the center.“Damn!” Javonte’s eyes bugged. “What,” giggled Andie.“You look hot! Hotter than my girlfriend. She never dresses up for me!”“Well, I like it to be special!”“It is,” the large dude grinned.Javonte osmaniye escort bayan dropped his sweatpants as his dick had already sprang to life. Andie led his beau back to the bedroom. Javonte had plopped down onto the soft mattress and had lain back. Andie took the fellow’s meaty manhood into his mouth. He sucked it expertly as his guest groaned with pleasure.That is what led to the current situation.Javonte picked up the barely 150 pound white boi and placed him on his side. He crawled behind Andie and went back in. He held one of the sissy’s legs up and pounded.“Mmmmm,” Andie cried.“Yeah! Give me all that shit, girl!”“Oh, Javonte fuck me like I’m a real girl!”“You are a real girl for me, baby! You like having a big Black man fuck your pretty white ass?”“Yes, sir!”“Oh that ass,” roared the ramming partner. “Oh yesssss! Yessssss! Oh, that ass! Hell yessss! Give it to me!”Andie was panting wildly as his g-string was pulled to the side and Javonte hammered his rectum. “Fuck my pussy, Javonte! Your dick is so big!”“And you’re taking it all so good,” he praised the bunny rabbit. “You’re taking like a good girl!”“I like being your good girl,” Andie whined.Javonte nutted deep in his colleague’s bum-cunt.Andie wiggled free and tooted his thin ass in the air. He pushed out the baby batter.“Ooh look at that ass,” Javonte smiled as he playfully spanked the adorable fanny. “I’m gonna have to fuck you again!”Andie just gleefully laughed.