So, who is the Boss now, bitch…???

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So, who is the Boss now, bitch…???That morning my Boss called me to his office.I went there in a rush, fearing the worst about my position in the firm. But my kind Boss noticed it and said I should calm out…He explained we had a matter of attitude with one of the junior employees. The guy was the son of a good friend of his; so he did not want to take a decision about his fate… He needed me to correct the problem and fire the guy by myself…I knew this guy Tyrrell was a pain in the ass and fortunately, he did not work for my department. But my genius Boss considered me the right person to solve the matter…So I went back to my own office and called the guy to come.I knew Tyrrell was a young black guy in his early twenties, very handsome, big muscled body and a beautiful broad smile.But he was a troublemaker in every corner of the whole building.He was an undisciplined guy. He had been late several times during the last weeks and he fought back every claim against him.Tyrrell came to my office just when my secretary was leaving.I made him come in and offered a seat. The building now was starting to get empty.The black guy looked at me for a few seconds in a defiant attitude. He then pulled a chair in front of me and sat down in an agitated state of mind.”Ma’am, I hope you are not going to fire me…” He barked out.”Well, we are going to have to let you go because…””Oh ma’am… you are a filthy sucker bitch…! He interrupted me.”Now look Tyrrell, this is not up for discussion…!” I shot back.The truth was this was the first time I had to fire a person. Deep inside, I was a little nervous. I expected this black guy to get upset, he had a reputation of being a real asshole, arguing everything.I looked out my office window and saw the empty parking lot…I jumped to my feet and shouted at him:”End of discussion, lad; get your stuff and get out of the building”Tyrrell made a pause and stared at me right into my eyes.I expected him to leave my office as he slammed the door; but instead he shot from the chair onto his feet and climbed up on my desk, standing on it.”Get down!” I yelled at him. “Have you lost your fucking mind?” But he suddenly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his big cock. I gasped in astonishment; it was semi erect, very thick and it seized at least eight inches…I shouted again; my voice was full of anger but my eyes were istanbul escort fixated on his black cock, which he was starting to stroke.”Look, bitch… I bet you have never seen a huge black cock before.”He smiled with an evil grin in his eyes and he continued:“You might be the boss here; but I see that look in your eyes…”He was right; I could not take my eyes off from that incredible thing, which was growing even harder and bigger, as he jerked it…”Tyrrell, get down and leave… I am a married woman…”I protested, trying to convince him I wasn’t looking at his cock…”Yeah, bitch… I know you want to touch it, to suck on it…”His voice sounded deep; he was very confident in his words…I had to get control of the situation and get him off the desk.I cried again, but my eyes were gazed at his large black dangling piece of black manhood, growing even in length and thickness. His huge black cock was now a few inches in front of me.My voice weakened and I was now imploring him to get down…The nigger gave a slight twist of his hips, causing his erect cock to sway in front of me. My eyes were completely glued to his dick…It really was a very massive thing and it made me very curious.”Give me your hand, bitch” Tyrrell suddenly ordered me.I was so mesmerized by this view in front of me, that I slowly raised my hand to him. Tyrrell grabbed my wrist and he made me wrap my fingers around his thick cock.It felt powerful, very heavy, with a girth that was mind blowing…Without hesitation I started to stroke his cock, marveling myself at his length. “It is something unbelievable…” I admitted.”You are turned on for sure, little white bitch…” He blurted out.I remained silent, but continued to massage his cock very slowly,”Yes… I like your big black cock…” I finally broke down.The black guy slowly got off the desk, but I did not let go of my grip on his cock. When his feet hit the floor, he let his pants fall to his ankles and he sat on the desk. “Would you like to suck on it, bitch…? He whispered.His words shocked me so much; but I finally took my eyes off his dick and looked at his face in disbelief. I expected to see a smile, but he appeared to be as serious as he could be. I looked back down at his huge black manhood in my fingers.I then just hissed: “I cannot do it…”While still stroking avcılar escort his cock, I said again I was a married woman…Tyrrell laughed, noticing that now there was fear in my voice.He put a strong hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. I was now on my knees, with this monster cock just inches away from my face. He placed his hand on the back of my head and with the other hand; he took his cock from my control. I put my hands on his legs to give me separation between his cock and my mouth; but he began pulling me closer. I protested and resisted, trying to push him away.”Suck it bitch…. I know you want to do it” He pressed.He overpowered me and my mouth then was filled with his cock.Deeper and deeper it slid in my mouth. I started to slide back and forth on it, quickly losing my inhibition and getting into it. I tasted him so badly; his cock was delicious.”Yeah, my slutty white bitch, suck my big black cock…”Tyrrell suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to rub it all over my face. He smeared my own saliva all over my face.Still with a grip on the back of my head, he rubbed the cockhead on my face and then he shoved it back into my hungry mouth. I moaned out loud when it entered my wet mouth again.“Bitch, I will give you a lesson about who is the Boss here…”He then held my head firmly and started fuck my mouth very hard.The bastard had such control over me. I was happy just to receive his monster black cock this way.As he pulled out, his shiny black rod coated with my saliva…I felt my cunt starting to get wet…Tyrrell suddenly spun me around and unzipped my tight skirt. He let it fall to my ankles. He let out a whistle as he saw my tiny thong that barely covered the crack of my ass and my shaven mound.He positioned me, making me bend over the desk. I didn’t protest.I was completely under his control and noticed he pulled out something from his trousers pocket. It was a tube of lubricant, that he smeared all over his cockhead and then around my rear hole entrance. The bastard was going to fuck me in the ass…I protested, saying his dick was too big for my tight asshole.But Tyrrell laughed, saying he wanted me to feel some pain…He ordered me to stay quiet. He then spread my ass cheeks and lined his thick cockhead with my tiny rear hole. I gasped out loud as I felt his huge head slipping through şirinevler escort my tight sphincter. With a hard push, he penetrated me. “No, please! Your cock is so big…!” I screamed in pain.He pulled out and he then pushed back in, making me whimper.”So, who is the Boss now, bitch?” He hissed, as his black cock slid deeper without any trouble thanks to the amount of lube he used. “I cannot hear you, bitch!” He insisted. “Who is the boss now?””You are!” I squealed, with a mixture of pain and pleasure…“You are the fucking Boss…” I said again, feeling so humiliated.”Who is?” He asked again, as he picked up speed with his thrust.”You are… you filthy nigger… you are the Boss…” I cried.Tyrrell managed to slide nearly all of his eleven inches in my anus.He gave my poor asshole long deep thrusts at a fast pace.The bastard was destroying my ass; he was enjoying doing it…I could sense his hips slapping on my ass and his cock buried deep inside of me, pumping my ass like nothing I had ever felt before.I lost track with time as my mind drifted to what he was doing to me with his massive black cock. He was abusing my tight asshole so badly; but I was loving it…”Am I fired, bitch…?” Tyrrell asked as he sodomized me so hard.He suddenly pulled his entire cock out of my gaping asshole.It gave me a chance to catch my breath and I blurted:”No, no… you can stay! But now keep fucking me in the ass…!”He slid his cock back deep inside me and kept fucking me so hard.”Say it again, bitch… say I can stay.” He hissed into my ear.”Yes, you can stay. I will not fire you…” I screamed out.”With a raise… say it bitch; or I will pull my dick out…””Yes! Yes, I will give you a raise, Tyrrell; just keep fucking me…”Just seconds later, I felt my soaking wet beginning to get even wetter and suddenly I came, shouting loud and crying in tears.Tyrrell kept sliding his dick in and out on my sore ass. He picked up speed even faster and pulled his cock out of my ass. He pulled me off of the desk and pushed me down again, facing him as he stroked his cock furiously close to my face.I watched as his cock throbbed and spurted out stream after stream of burning semen all over my face. When he finished, Tyrrell just put his trousers back on, zipped up and walked out of my office saying: “See you on Monday…Boss”I sat there kneeling, completely in shock with what just happened. I cleaned my face the best I could and straightened myself up. My stretched asshole was sore and I could barely walk straight on weak legs. I drove home sensing cum oozing out from my rectum.The next Friday, Tyrrell came back to my office and, during an entire hour, he made me know that he was the Boss…