sold part 2

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sold part 2Gina awoke in the dark. She was groggy, disoriented. Herlast memories were indistinct, but her tender pussy testifiedthat she had indeed been fucking someone. She tried to moveand discovered she couldn’t. Her hands were tied above herhead somehow and her ankles were also secured. Fear washedover her. Where was she? She realized she was naked undersome sort of coarse blanket and there was a sensation ofmovement, as if the whole room were rocking. She assumed itwas the scotch she had so freely consumed making her stomachheave. She remembered the stranger and his driver and beingtaken on the trunk of the car but nothing more. She pulledagainst the bonds to no avail and finally shouted out.”Hey, where am I What’s going on…the game’s overguys, ok I want to go home. Hey, somebody!” No response.Time passed, Gina didn’t know how long. She heard a noise andcalled out again. This time she saw a glimmer of light and acurtain was pulled back. It was the stranger from the nightbefore and the light revealed that she was in some sort ofbunk, concealed by a curtain. Now he was dressed in aturtleneck sweater, slacks and, of all things, a captain’shat. Gina tried to be indignant despite her restraints anddemanded that he release her.”Look, last night was interesting and all, but I’m tiredof the game and I want to go home. Maybe we’ll do it againsometime, but just let me out of here, OK. It’s not funanymore and I’m tired and hung over and I just want to gohome, get a bath and sleep in my own bed.” The man justlaughed and, taking the blanket covering Gina, tossed it tothe floor, revealing her naked body. Seating himself on theedge of the bunk he reached for one of her breasts and rubbedit appreciatively. She tried to squirm away from his graspbut her bonds were too tight to permit much movement. Herreaction only made him grip her breast more firmly, and a bitpainfully.”You are home, my sweet little bitch,” he finallyanswered her. “At least for the time being.””What are you talking about?” Gina demanded, a new waveof fear spreading through her insides as he continued tomanipulate her nipple between thumb and forefinger.”Your “home” as you call it is wherever I choose, sinceyou are now my slave to do with as I please.” He switched toher other breast. “I really do like these tits,” he saidmatter of factually, “and so will my customers. Since you need aname of my choosing, I think I’ll call you Sweet Tits’.”Now Gina was truly scared. This man was crazy, talkingabout slaves and customers and nonchalantly fondling her atthe same time. “You can’t do this,” she said angrily, hervoice breaking, “this is k**napping, it isn’t a game anymore.I demand that you release me right now! I don’t know whatyou’re in to, but I’m not in the mood!” Instead of beingtaken aback, he merely laughed again.”Of course this isn’t a game, my dear. It’s business–mybusiness. I deal in pretty, fair skinned, female slaves andyou and the other women on my ship are merchandise. It’s assimple as that.” Slowly, his words sank in. His ship,merchandise, slaves…she had indeed been k**napped and, mygod, yes, the motion she felt was that of a ship underway.How would she escape? She struggled again and screamed athim. “You can’t be serious. You can’t possibly get away withthis. They’ll be looking for me and I left the party withyou. They’ll find out who you are!””Oh, but you’re wrong. No one will miss you for at leasta couple of days. You’ve no family except a couple of distantcousins. You often miss work because of weekend binges ofdrinking, d**gs, and trying to find something to fill thathot pussy of yours. As for me, no one at that party knew meand they’ll barely remember which man you left with. Whensomeone does get around to asking the police, they’llquestion a few people, assume you went off with a man whoended up r****g and probably murdering you, and list you as amissing person for a while. Then they’ll forget about it. NewYork is a rough city. Lots of things can happen.”With deepening horror, Gina realized that everything hesaid was true and also realized that he knew a great dealabout her for a “stranger.” He seemed to know what she wasthinking. “I study all my prospective merchandise,” heexplained. “I want ones with few ties and a reputation forsleeping around, and ones I believe are suited to the role ofsex slave and are trainable. Of course,” he added, “sometimesI am fortunate enough to find a fresh, young virgin who fitsmy criteria, and they bring a great deal of money atauction.” Now his hand dropped to her thigh. “But you will,too,” he continued. “Those magnificent tits will attract thebidders.”Gina shuddered at his touch. “You can’t do this and Iwon’t cooperate with you. I’ll scream bloody murder themoment I get off this ship. Someone’s bound to hear. And evenif they don’t, I won’t let anyone ‘own’ me. I’ll get awaysomehow.” She tried to be defiant, even though she knew therewas little chance of being rescued.Now his fingers toyed with the hair at her labia. “Butyou will cooperate,” he said sternly, “you will cooperate andyou will obey and you will learn to accept and appreciate yourole. You live for sex, Sweet Tits, for a hard cock in youand yet you are never satisfied. You need to be subdued,trained, and enslaved, always available to satisfy the needsof your master.” His fingers parted her pussy lips and workedtheir way into her, his thumb on her clit . Beneath her angerand fear, Gina felt the stirrings of her desire. Against herwill, she moaned softly, moving against his handinstinctively.”That’s right, slave, all that truly matters to you isyour cunt and soon you will admit that to me openly.” Never,Gina thought, even as she felt her juices begin to seep fromher vagina. He continued to stroke and manipulate her pussy,finger-fucking her as her arousal increased. With the otherhand he kneaded one of her breasts. The combination was toomuch to resist and she surrendered to the sensations andconcentrated on her impending orgasm, pushing her predicamentto the back of her mind, centering only on the hands whichtouched her body. And then, without warning, they stopped.”No,” she cried out without thinking. “Don’t stop.””Sorry, cunt, but you’ll have to earn your reward byshowing me that you can be obedient. You can start by tellingme that you understand I am your master and that you wantonly to please me in whatever way I choose.” Gina was silent,angry, and still caught at the edge of her climax.”Fuck you,” was all she said. He shrugged and got up. Hewas out of Gina’s view for a moment and when he returned hewas holding a small whip with several thongs.”I had hoped not to punish you harshly but it seemsinevitable. But don’t worry. I won’t leave any marks. I don’tcare for damaged merchandise.” And he brought the whip downover her breasts, making her cry out. He didn’t pause, butinstead continued whipping her chest, belly and thighs untilthey burned, as Gina struggled against the ropes which heldher. He ceased and then leaned over her and, spreading herpussy lips with one hand, inserted the whip handle into herstill wet hole. He held it there and then slowly beganfucking her with it, his other hand stroking her stiff clit.Despite the pain of the punishment, Gina was once again hotand aroused.”You see, slave, you will even welcome this whip intoyour cunt, as long as it fucks you. Isn’t that right?” Ginawas beside herself with the sensation of the ribbed handlestroking in and out of her and his thumb on her engorgedclit. “Yes,” she muttered.”Yes, what?” he prompted her. And she remembered hisinsistence from the night before. “Yes, …master.” she addedreluctantly.He continued stroking the whip handle in and out ofGina’s slippery vagina. She felt a powerful orgasm buildingwithin her, the tension in her belly growing with eachstroke. Her entire focus was her cunt, her need to come. Andthen he stopped! Gina groaned in frustration, bucking herhips, desperate for the release which was so near. But shewas helpless to achieve her climax alone. He stood therewatching her fruitless attempts.”You see how it is, slave. You need satisfaction, butonly obedience didim escort will earn what you desire. You will not beallowed that reward until I choose.” He stepped away andreturned with a small pair of smooth-edge nipple clamps andattached them to Gina’s taut nipples. She started to protestas the clamps bit into her, but he silenced her with a raisedhand. “Do not complain, slave, these are very benigntraining devices. If you persist in your disobedience, Iwill replace them with these.” He held up a pair of alligatorclips, which Gina knew would be considerably moreexcruciating on her tender nipples. She remained silent.”Good,” he continued. “Now I shall explain to you what Iexpect from all of my slaves. Obviously, you are expected tobe unquestionably obedient. No matter what you are instructedto do, you will proceed without an resistance or question. Doyou understand?” Gina nodded, but her response was inadequatefor he immediately lashed her belly with the whip. “You willalways answer ‘Yes, master’ or ‘no, master’!””Yes, master,” Gina said meekly, feeling the sting ofthe whip.”All right,” he went on. “You will accept that you arenow a piece of property, a useful possession for me and forthe master to whom I sell you. We are gratified by theownership of women like you, women whose true need is to besubdued and bent to our will. We enjoy amusing ourselvessexually and at the same time, if you are obedient, allowingyou to satisfy your own needs. But, keep in mind, that yourneeds are secondary. Your master’s pleasure is always ofutmost importance. Is that clear?” This time, Ginaimmediately answered, “Yes, master,” her mind stillunbelieving.”And you really have no choice,” he reminded her. “Thereis no escape. You will be sold, and you will be owned by yourpurchaser. Whether you are treated well or not dependsentirely on your behavior. And I will teach you how tobehave.” He untied Gina’s hands and feet. Instinctively, shereached for her aching sex, but he slapped her hand away withthe whip. “You may never touch yourself without permission,”he said sharply. He pulled her from the bunk and told her tokneel, knees apart. She did, but he grasped her shouldersand, lifting he slightly spread her knees even further withthe toe of his boot. Satisfied, he let her down.The position was painful, but Gina knew better than tocomplain. He told her to arch her back and support herselfwith her hands behind her, head tilted back, which helpedsomewhat. Her position now blatantly displayed her breastsand mound for inspection. He observed her for a moment,apparently pleased. “That is the position you will take whenyou are commanded to ‘offer yourself'” he said. And you willremain that way until you are given other instructions.”Now, get on your hands and knees.” Gina obeyed, glad toabandon the previous contortion. “Put your forehead on thedeck,” he ordered, “with your ass in the air.” He walkedaround her, pushing her knees apart further. “I like yourass, too, Sweet Tits,” he said, “and so will my clients. Thisis your position when you hear the command ‘down’.” Withoutwarning, he brought the whip down on her exposed buttocks.Gina yelped but knew better than to move. He whipped herseveral more times, on her ass and thighs, the tipoccasionally catching her tender pussy lips as Gina’s tearswet the smooth wooden deck. She heard a zipper, and a jar lidbeing unscrewed.”Your ass appeals to me, Sweet Tits.” He spread herburning ass cheeks and she felt the tip of his penis againstthe tight hole. Slowly, but without pausing, he forced hisstiff, lubricated prick into her rectum, making her gasp inpain. He paid little attention, letting his cock stay buriedin her for a moment. “I don’t want to damage you, Sweet Tits,so I suggest you relax while I use your ass.”He began slowly stroking, and Gina tried to ignore thepain of his assault. Gradually, the pain was less severe andshe even began to be aroused by his fucking motion. Shewanted to reach for her clit, but knew it would mean beingsubjected to the whip once more. She wanted him in her cuntmore than anything. But he seemed perfectly happy to emptyhis semen in her ass, and he did so, eventually withdrawinghis softening cock. He went to a chair and sat down.”Come here,” he commanded, “on your hands and knees,cunt! Crawl to me.” Gina moved toward him until she was a fewinches from his feet. “Lick my cock clean.” Eager for eventhis, Gina buried her face in his crotch and dutifully lickedhis beautiful prick until all traces of her sodomizing weregone. When she looked up at him, he slapped her.”Don’t look at my face, cunt, only at this.” He held hispenis in his palm. “This is where your attention should bedirected at all times. This is your only concern, the symbolof your owner’s manhood, and of his dominance over you. Yourmouth, your ass and your pussy are for this.” Her eyes wereriveted on his cock. “Now open your mouth!” He leaned forwardand placed the head of his soft penis on her tongue. “I haveto relieve myself, Sweet Tits.” He let go a stream of hoturine down her throat. She choked, surprised and pulled away,his pee splashing her face and chest. He grabbed her hair andstuffed his cock back in her mouth and finished urinating.Then he dropped her to the floor.”For that disobedience, you will be punished, cunt! Hepulled her to her feet, quickly attached wrist and anklecuffs, and secured the wrist cuffs to cords suspended fromthe ceiling. Pulling her arms taut, he then locked her anklesto hooks in the deck. He took the whip and began again.He methodically whipped her ass, the backs of her legs,her breasts, her belly and thighs, finding her spread pussymore than once with the painful lash. Finally, he stopped andsat down facing Gina who sobbed uncontrollably. “Im sorrythat was necessary, but you misbehaved. I wished to use yourmouth and you failed to accept my gift in the proper manner.I take it you will respond appropriately in the future?”Gina, choking, barely managed a ‘yes, Master.'”Good, then we can continue with your instruction.”He released her from her restraints and she fell to thefloor. “You may clean up the result of your disobedience,” hesaid, pointing to the drops of pee on the polished wood,”with your tongue.” She crawled to the spot and dutifullylicked the surface of the deck until he was satisfied. Therewas a knock at the cabin door and he told the caller toenter. It was his driver, Ben, the man who had fucked her sothoroughly on the trunk of the car.”Evening captain,” he said, saluting. “The weather’sholding and we’re making a good twenty knots. At this rate,we’ll be in port inside of a week.” He looked at Gina, facedown on the deck. “I see you’ve started training this one.””Yes, Ben, and I’m rather enjoying it.” He turned toGina. “Offer yourself, cunt!” And she quickly obeyed,arranging herself in the prescribed manner, breasts thrustupward, knees apart. Ben whistled his approval.”Very good, captain, she’ll bring an excellent price onthe block.””Yes, she will. This shipment will prove very profitablefor us. How are the others?””Locked up, just as you instructed. They’ve been fed,kept chained, handled a little, but not used. The crew’sgetting a little anxious, though. We’ve been underway forthree days now and they haven’t been getting any pussy.””All right, Ben, it’s time they started their traininganyway. Tell each of the men to take one and go over thebasic positions, light whipping and so forth. But I don’twant any of the merchandise damaged! And I don’t want theirpussies used until they’re ready to beg for it!””Yes, sir!” Ben grinned. “Oh, and don’t worry. Thevirgin cunts are locked in the aft cabins on B deck and I’vegot the key. We don’t want anyone popping those veryexpensive cherries, do we?””No,” the captain agreed. “They’ll fetch three timesmore than the others, even Sweet Tits here.” He trailed thetip of his whip across one of her nipples, making her shiver.”I’d like to do one of those sweet young things myself…nothing like being the first one in, is there Ben?””No sir,” he agreed. “But the buyers will go crazy whenwe put them up.” He leered at Gina’s nude body. “Any didim escort bayan chanceI’ll get another piece of that before we dock? I get hardjust looking at those huge tits.””Sure, Ben, once I’ve finished with her. But for now I’mgoing to make her wait until she’ll do anything to get a cockin her hot pussy.” He touched her parted cunt lips with thewhip and she quivered. “Now I want to give her something tothink about.” He told her to sit against one wall, her legsspread in front of her. He and Ben attached her cuffs tohooks in the wall and a spreader bar between her legs,keeping them wide apart.Then the captain pressed some buttons on his desk and apart of the wall across from Gina slid up, revealing alarge television screen. He pressed another switch and a tapebegan playing. It was a pornographic movie. A woman was doinga strip tease for a group of men who were clad only in shortrobes, pulled open to show their erect penises. She dancedprovocatively as she peeled off one piece of clothing afteranother. Soon all that remained was her G-string and a smallbra with the nipples cut out. She moved among the men, whoreached out to fondle her breasts and squeeze her mound orher buttocks. As she moved back toward the platform, shepointed to three of the men who quickly shed their robes and,picking her up, carried her to a large mattress. One rippedoff her bra and another her G-string while the third lay downon the mattress, his hard penis pointing toward the ceiling.The woman immediately straddled him and, spreading herpussy lips, lowered herself onto his cock and leaned forwardto allow access to her ass. The second man knelt and quicklyforced his prick into her tight ass hole, making her moanwith pleasure. Finally, a thick penis was presented to herwilling mouth and she eagerly sucked at it as all three menfucked her enthusiastically.Gina’s attention was riveted to the screen as the camerazoomed in for closeups of cocks stroking in and out of thewoman’s mouth, cunt and ass. Gina’s own pussy was dripping,her nipples taut within the nipple clamps. Her breath came ingasps as she watched the woman nearing her orgasm. Every partof Gina cried out to be that woman, to be taken like that.The men on the screen moved faster and faster and one by onethey came, spurting semen in her and all over her. Shescreamed an explosive climax as the penis in her mouth waswithdrawn and the man in her ass came. She rubbed her breastsfrantically as she rode the prick underneath her, until he,too came and she rolled off onto her back, panting, lickingthe semen from her lips, fingers delving into her wet cunt.Gina was desperate, shaking with arousal, but there wasnothing she could do, not even squeeze her thighs togetherbecause of the spreader bar. Ben came and stood over her, hispants open, his naked, rigid cock in his hand. “You’d likethis, wouldn’t you, bitch?””Yes, master,” Gina nodded, breathless, aching for thefeel of him in her again, her eyes not straying from hismanhood.”Too bad, bitch, it’s not quite time yet.” And he stoodover her and slowly masturbated himself, just out of thereach of her hungry mouth. “You’d like me in your hot box,wouldn’t you bitch, huh, you’d like this hard black meat inyour pink pussy, wouldn’t you?””Yes, master, yes!” she said again, hoping for just amoment of release, a moment of his penis in her. But he justcontinued stroking himself and taunting her until he spurtedhis cum on her face and her breasts. “That’s as close as youget, bitch,” he said and closed his pants.The captain started another tape. “This tape runs forthree hours,” he said. “I’m sure you will find it veryexciting and educational, Sweet Tits. So I will leave youhere to enjoy it. When I return, perhaps you will be ready topledge your complete obedience to me.” He turned up thevolume and extinguished the lights in the cabin. He and Benwere gone and Gina was left, bound and spread wide, watchingscene after scene of hot, wet, uninhibited fucking.Three hours later, the captain returned, finding Ginajust as he had left her, legs spread wide, her pussy juicestaining the floor beneath her. The tape was just ending witha wild orgy of group sex and Gina was trembling with arousalmore intense than she had ever felt. He released her wristcuffs and her hands rushed to her pussy but he slapped themaside. “Not without permission, slave!””Please, please m-m-master, I need to come, please!,Gina begged. He regarded her, amused by her completesubmission.”Are you prepared to acknowledge your subservience,Sweet Tits?””Yes, yes, master, I only want to serve you,” Ginapleaded. She knew that all she cared about was fucking, andshe wanted him desperately.”Then perhaps you are ready to demonstrate yourobedience, cunt.” And he removed the spreader bar andattached a wide leather collar around her neck, snapped aleash to it and yanked her to her feet. Without a word, hepicked up his whip, pulled on the leash and led her from thecabin and down the companionway. The entered a door and werein a large workout room where the crew were “training” theother slaves.Gina stared at the scene. Women were arranged in variouspositions, bound and nipple clamped, being punished or teasedby their captors. The men all came to attention when thecaptain led her into the room. Several whistled theirappreciation of Gina.”Men, this particular slave is ready to prove herobedience and I thought you might enjoy helping me fuck herbrains out since that’s what she wants. But first, a fewtests of her sincerity.” He turned to Gina. “Offer yourself,cunt.” Gina immediately assumed the proper position, her titswell displayed. The captain used the whip on her belly andmound but Gina didn’t flinch or protest. He stood over herface. “Open your mouth, cunt.” He released his penis and letgo a stream of hot urine into her open mouth and Gina gulpedit down. The crew applauded.The captain walked over to another slave, bound spreadeaglet to the floor. “Crawl over here, cunt.” Gina obeyed,keeping her eyes on his crotch, rather than his face. “Eather pussy, it amuses me.” Gina took a deep breath, hesitatingfor a moment. She had never done such a thing but she hadbeen watching pussies being tongued for hours and it didn’tseem to matter. Only obedience mattered now. She knew whatawaited her if she balked. She crawled between the woman’sthighs and began licking the soft, wet folds of flesh,slurping her juices. They all watched her going down on thewoman, the captain flicked at Gina’s ass with the whip whileshe concentrated. She felt the woman’s orgasm building, hermuscles tightening, her clit becoming engorged and Ginaenvied her, but was determine to bring her off.Suddenly, the Captain yanked her leash and pulled heraway from the women’s quivering slit. The slave groaned,pleading for Gina to finish. But she, too, was beingtormented with the need to climax, and she wasn’tsufficiently subdued yet.”Very good, Sweet Tits, I think we’re making progress.You are just a horny little slut, aren’t you?””Yes, master,” Gina nodded, her eyes down. “I am.””And all you really want to do is fuck and suck andcome, am I right?” She nodded again, answering, “yes,master, that’s all I really want.” He laughed heartily,joined by his crew. “Get on that table!” he ordered and Ginacrawled to what resembled a doctor’s examining table in themiddle of the room and lay down on it. It was fitted with thetraditional stirrups and Gina was told to place her feet inthem, which opened her legs wide and displayed her drippingcunt, making it totally accessible.One of the men strapped her ankles to the stirrups andher wrist cuffs were secured to rings above her head. TheCaptain inserted the whip in her, making her shiver withpleasure, and then, removing it, used it on her thighs andcunt lips. Gina bit her lip against the pain, not crying out.Satisfied with her performance so far, the captainopened his pants and knelt over the face of one of theslaves, stuffing his penis in her mouth, commanding her tosuck it. She did and he amused himself with her for severalminutes. Finally he came to stand between Gina’s thighs. “I’mready to use your cunt.” escort didim And he plunged into her instantly,his huge cock filling her hot pussy, sending shock waves ofpleasure through her. He rammed her hard and fast, verballyabusing her with every stroke and Gina begged for more.”Please fuck me master, fuck me harder, please, please, fuckmy pussy, master.”He stroked her harder and faster and shot his load ofsemen into her as she convulsed with the first wave of orgasmpleading for still more. A crewman quickly took the captain’splace and plunged his hard prick into her quivering cunt,screwing her just as hard, mauling her breasts at the sametime. “You like this, cunt, don’t you, come on bitch, tellyour masters how much you like this.””I like it,” Gina panted, “yes, master I like it.” Andthen he, too, filled her with hot cum and slid out, leavingher still short of the powerful orgasm which needed to bereleased. She moaned softly, frustrated. “She needs more,sir,” the one who had just finished with her said. And oneafter another, cocks were rammed into her hole, fucking herbrutally. Finally, as the captain lightly whipped her heavingbreasts, Ben, who had promised her the fucking of her life,stretched her cunt until Gina thought she would split open,and she CAME, screaming in pleasure at the onslaught of Ben’smassive cock in her, and his fingers buried in her ass hole.Her body writhed with the power of her climax, her ass risingto meet Ben’s prick and she screamed again as his semenboiled into her. She heard the captain saying, “very good,Ben, I think the slut’s finally had enough.” And Gina slippedinto u*********sness.The rest of the journey aboard the ship was taken upwith much of the same-Gina was constantly fucked and used andoccasionally whipped as part of her obedience training. Thecaptain, having amused himself sufficiently with Gina, gaveher to Ben, who kept her with him at all times, leading herby the leash wherever he went aboard ship. He thoroughlyenjoyed humiliating her and told Gina she wasn’t yet goodenough to be a slave and would have to be treated like abitch dog until she was. He made her sleep on the floor ofhis cabin and eat and drink from bowls with her hands tiedbehind her. When he awoke and called her, she crawled to hisbunk and licked his feet and then opened her mouth to receivehis morning pee.One day he took her to the forward cabins where the twovirgins were being kept. They were both tied on mattresses onthe floor spread eaglet. Each was fitted with headphoneswhich Ben told her were hooked up to indoctrination tapeswhich played either music or voices whispering obscenesuggestions or instructions on obedience. “We like to keepthem aroused, bitch, but we can’t fuck their cherry cunts, sotoday it’s your turn to lick their pussies.” Gina obedientlylowered her head between the first girl’s soft thighs andtongued her virgin cunt lips, lapping at the labia and theengorged clit while Ben knelt over the girl’s face and rubbedhis big cock all over her cheeks and mouth, finally stuffinghis prick between her lips and stroking in and out of hermouth. Then he slid out and masturbated himself and watchedGina eat pussy until the girl shuddered and moaned softly.Then he sprayed his cum on her budding breasts and orderedGina to lick them clean.When Gina turned her attention to the other young girl,Ben amused himself by whipping Gina’s upraised ass,occasionally fingering her pussy to keep her hot. When thesecond girl had reached her climax, Ben told Gina to lay ontop of the girl and French kiss her until he said to stopGina obeyed and forced her tongue into the teenager’s hotmouth, swirling it around, feeling the her own breasts mashedagainst the girl’s smaller ones, their cunts rubbing togetheras Gina found herself trying to achieve orgasm from thecontact. But Ben realized this and yanked Gina off and,ordering her to the “offer” position, whipped her breasts forpresuming to have an orgasm without permission. Then he saidhe had an idea for the last evening’s entertainment. “We docktomorrow, bitch, and tonight we’ll have some fun.”Later, another crewman came to Ben’s cabin and led herto the room where she had been fucked by the Captain daysbefore. Most of the crew were there, each with a slavekneeling or laying at his feet. In the center of the room wasa raised platform. Tied by a leash and collar to a ring inthe platform was another slave. Video cameras were set up oneither side. Ben got up and addressed the crew, motioning forGina to be brought forward. “Men, this little bitch here,Sweet Tits, had a nice time today doing the two cherries wehave on board. Why she had her tongue all the way down onecunt’s throat, trying to kiss her.” The men laughed. “So Ifigured she probably wanted to fuck that sweet thing. But weknow that’s against the rules, and she doesn’t have the rightequipment anyway.” Ben rubbed his crotch to more laughter.So I thought we’d give her a chance to show us what a studshe is, and mate her to this other bitch, Hot Tongue.” Hepicked up a strap on dildo and quickly fastened it on Ginaand told her to crawl onto the platform next to the otherslave, the fake penis dangling between her legs. “Now youfollow MY directions bitch, and maybe I won’t punish you. Imight even let you come.” He told two men to begin filmingand pulled a chair near the platform.”All right, Tits, now you’re a horny stud dog, and HotTongue here is a bitch in heat. You want her to knowyou’re interested, so start licking her ass and herfuck hole.” Gina approached the other slave from behind andtentatively licked her. “No, bitch, get your nose in there,shove her around, show her who’s boss.” More laughter fromthe audience. Gina pushed her nose between the woman’sthighs, forcing her forward, reaching with her tongue for thewarm slit. “You, Hot Tongue, wiggle that ass for your stud.That’s right, now bark for me.” The slave obeyed, trying tobark like a dog, to roars of delight from the crew as Ginacontinued to lick her pussy and asshole. “Now roll over onyour back, so your stud knows you’re begging for it, and holdyour “paws” up in the air.” She did and Ben told Gina to lickthe woman’s breasts and face and stick her tongue in thewoman’s mouth. Then she too, was ordered to bark and tocavort around the stage on all fours.”All right Hot Tongue,” Ben interrupted, “it’s time foryou to get your little bitch cunt fucked. Roll over andlick Sweet Tits’ ass and then turn around and show her yourdog pussy. Now, Tits, mount that bitch and bark for us whileyou bang her box.” Gina raised herself and positioned thedildo somewhat awkwardly and Ben suddenly cracked her asswith the whip and Gina lurched forward, ramming the bigphallus deep into the other slaves slippery hole. The womancried out but Ben told her to whimper like a dog while Ginabarked and fucked and the men applauded, shoutingencouragement to the “stud.” Gina stroked in and out, feelingthe base of the dildo pressing her own clit, making herjuices flow freely. From time to time, Ben brought the whipdown on her buttocks, encouraging her to fuck the other slaveharder, until Hot Tongue screamed her climax and fell to thefloor, unable to remain on her hands and knees. The fakepenis slipped out of the slave’s cunt and Ben immediatelyunstrapped it and shoved it in Gina’s mouth.”I don’t think our stud here had a chance to come, men,and it seems like the bitch on the floor should do somethingabout it, don’t you agree?” Ben pushed the other slavewith his foot until she rolled over on her back, stillpanting. 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