Some Bi fun

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Some Bi funIt all started a few years ago when for some reason a friend of mine who i knew to be bi used to come around to our house an a Thursday and we’d all get wrecked smoking our nuts off. sometimes there was 4 of us but mainly 3 of one Thursday we’ve had a few joints and all of us are feeling very relaxed. i have to go for a pee and head out of the room. when i come back i notice my mate Neil has moved next to my wife Annie,(who have previously fucked before with my consent.) he has his hands all over her crotch and in her stoned state shes really enjoying it not caring that its not me. so i join them i sit on the other side and my hands grab her large fleshy boobs through her top and we start to kiss swishing tongues and she starts to get turned on. she turns to Neil who also kisses her passionately and we both rub her into ecstasy. she moves to our cocks one hand on each side for one cock. first she rubs them through our trousers but soon shes tugging at my zip which i gladly help her with Neil does the same and some our man sticks are in a soft hand being wanked slowly. with a last kiss she pulls away and stands up pulling on our dicks together. bedroom boys she says we’ll be more comfortable there, so there we are lead to the bedroom by our cocks.once there she demands we undress which Neil and i do quickly not wanting to loose the sexual high we’re on. Annie sinks to her knees and grabs a cock in each hand, lucky fucker Neil is the first to get his cock in her mouth but that’s OK. she takes him in her mouth slowly sensually she looks him in the eyes as she licks his precum and circles his head with her tongue then she sucks him in taking it down as far as she can and back out again, doing this a few more times she releases him and moves to me doing the same as Neil has just has, slowly she wanks Neil now wet cock as she sucks me back and forth. then she moves back to Neil and so it goes.After a few minutes of this Neil pulls his cock from my wife’s hand and also drops to knees and watches her suck me, mind if i have some of that cock he asks?? Annie moves off and lets Neil in Annie stays close as she loves watching me get sucked off by another man. Neil opens his mouth and pretty soon he’s buried my cock down his neck swirling his tongue around it as he does, then he pulls nearly all the way off to leave some space for my wife to join him at my cock. together they lick and suck me, taking turns to suck and then to lick, I’m in heaven can this get any better? then Neil shuffles on his knees around behind me and leaves my dick for my wife, he grabs my arse and parts my cheeks to delve his wet tongue towards to waiting ring.I’m really loving all the attention I’m getting but want some pussy, i pull my wife off my cock and stand her up Neil joins me as we undress her together, steeping her our of her g-string and unhooking her bra and releasing those huge fleshy globes, Neil and i caress her while she stands there, one of my hands is squeezing her peachy arse cheeks as the other makes it way between her legs to be joined by Neils, together we stick a finger each up her moist cunt, she groans in ecstasy as two men finger her kiss her rock hard nipples and grope her arse.pretty soon her cunt is sopping wet and our fingers are easily slipping in and out. i leave her cunt for Neil and grab her boobs and tweak her nipples and suck them hard into my mouth. I decide to change things as i still want her pussy on my mouth, i tell her to lie down so i can eat her out, she lays back and opens her legs wide for me lifts her finger and gives me come on then!! i crawl towards her on all fours and bury my face into her juicy wet cunt, i push my tongue deep in her snatch and drink her wetness in, taking in her musky juice. shes so wet its running down towards her arse which I’ll get to soon but i want some of her juicy cunt. i have my arse in the air pointing at Neil and i get what i want too, he moves in for some more serious rimming, spreading my arse to gain better access to my waiting inviting ring. he pushes his tongue all over me and even breaches my tight dark hole.Annie is aydın escort deep into enjoying having her cunt sucked and licked, I’m also flicking my tongue over her clit as this drives her crazy and i know I’ll make her cum before to long. but before i do i lift her legs as high as i can and reach for her ring licking from clit to arse and back again. this pushes her over the edge and she starts to shake and convulse as she cums, panting and groaning i lick her deeply wanting to take her wetness in my mouth. Neil in the mean time is still licking and tongue fucking my ring and what a great feeling it is. one of his hands has found my cock dangling between my legs and is tugging at that too. Annie is in her orgasm afterglow so its time to change the chain.I pull Neil up the top of the bed and tell him to lay on his back next to Annie, i think he’s earned some lip service from me after pleasuring my ring. i crawl between his legs and up to his cock i grab it with my hand and pull it towards my tongue, i circle his head licking of the drops of precum. i pull his foreskin back and admire his nice looking cock before i pull it into my mouth and suck it like i like it. deep and long strokes up and down i go making it wet with my saliva, his eyes close as he drifts off to sexual heaven as i suck him.Annie starts to come around after her orgasm, she turns on her side towards Neil and pushes her tongue in his mouth for some passionate kissing. I’m enjoying sucking my mates cock off and start to squeeze his balls gently then i move for his arse i lift his legs just as i did Annie’s and go for his ring with my tongue. it twitches as i make it wet squeezing open and close as my tongues tries to fuck it, then back to his cock i go, i love sucking cock. out the corner of my eye i spot the bedside lube and grab it, i pour it on his dick and on his balls and watch it run down his crack to my prize! his arse. its pina colada flavour which really is quite nice to eat.I rub it in with my fingers pushing one finger into his arse quick, then a bit more lube and two fingers easily breach that tight muscle. so now with one hand i wank his lubed up cock and my other hand i finger his arse, moving my head in to suck and lick every now and then. Annie has clearly decide she wants back into this action and flips herself around and lifts her leg over Neil to present his face with her arse and cunt and demands he services both holes. again and she forces herself back onto his tongue while she watches me suck lick and finger fuck Neil. A few minutes pass and Annie has decided she wants some cock in her she again she turns around shuffles down towards me, i look up from my cock sucking to see my wife’s peachy arse come towards me.i hold Neils cock out for her to impale herself on and with the lube and her already having cum once it slips easily into her cunt, shes pushes herself all the way down to enjoy being full of cock, lingers just for a moment before starting to lift up and start to fuck him, i now am presented with a fabulous choice of man cunt, woman cunt and arse to help my self too,so as my wife fucks Neil i lick her arse and then his cock as its slides out of her cunt, then i lick his arse hole, occasionally pulling his cock from her cunt to lick him clean of her juices, then i go back to her arse. they both seem to be enjoying there fuck as well as me tonguing them both. i think that now i want to fuck some man cunt while he is balls deep in my wife. i grab the lube i give us another squirt. then i spy my wife’s arse twitching at me in the dim light and think shes never been dp’d before and now’s as good as time as ever. so i lube us all up.Annie tells me shes not sure she can take us both, but i say I’ll take it slowly !!!! so i push my cock head at her pulsing ring it doesn’t give so i push a little harder and watch as the fleshy hole starts to give and stretch, then pop in it goes, Annie’s gasps and the moment of pain and pleasure. i give her a second to get used to it then slowly i push my cock deeper and deeper into her back passage. she pushes back down onto Neil as i push in. then escort aydın slowly but surely her ring starts to give a little as i start to fuck her. so there we are the b**st with 3 backs writhing twisting and fucking my wife. shes panting heavily. feeling totally stuffed with dick, so we eventually form a strange sort of rhythm with her getting stuffed by two cocks.I’m really enjoying the feeling of Neils cock on mine through the skin of her arse as we slide in and out.Annie seems to be feeling over whelmed with cock so i pull it out slowly only to watch her arsehole twitch and slowly shrink, Ive had one arse now i want some man cunt. i don’t have to go far and its all lubed up and ready. i push my cock head again at this other dark hole and I’m rewarded with it slipping in easily to make Neil gasp in pleasure this time as i fill his hole with my dick. slowly i push myself into him feeling the tightness of his arse clamping down on my cock as i enter him. i stop when it wont go any more my balls touching his cheeks. then i pull out but not all the way just enough to stretch his ring with my cock head again then back in i go. so then i start to fuck his arse.Annie says i want to watch so she climbs off Neil and turns around moves her face down to watch me pounding Neils rectum, while shes down there she starts to lick her juices off Neils cock, watching me fuck this man cunt hard she sucks him deep into her mouth, his arse is getting looser and looser which is good cos it means I’m not going to come to quick. Neil is in sexual heaven and is getting close by the way hes making groaning noises, i slow right down and fuck him gently and deeply hoping to make this a good orgasm for him, my wife still has his cock clamped between her lips, his breathing is quickening and he is starting to tense, Annie senses hes going to dump his load and sucks his cock head like and hoover, he announces to us both he’s going to come just as his balls tighten and he starts to squirt into my wife’s accommodating mouth, i leave my dick deep in him as he comes squirt after squirt into Annie. with an exhale of air hes done, Annie looks up at me and smiles as a run of Neils spunk spills from her mouth down her chin.I pull out of Neil with a gooey cock and go down to my wife and she meets me together we share a spunky kiss she pushes some into my mouth and she swallows the rest i taste my friends spunk and its good, gooey and salty, i swallow it and go down his his flaccid cock and clean the rest of his cum up, taking my time to lick all the drips up, then i go back to my wife for another spunky kiss licking the dribble of her chin and letting her suck it off my tongue.We all lay down for second to catch our breath, neil comes over to us both and one at time we share as kiss, he mutters thank you that was amazing, fuck yeah that was great seeing my wife suck him off and sharing his cum. Annie decides shes going to take control with the next part of this evening entertainment. right boys on your hands and knees over the edge of the bed !! so next to each other we go knees on the floor. from the nightstand out comes the feeldoe dildo so i know we’re about to get fucked!!Annie inserts the feeldoe into herself and moves towards neil as his arse has already had some cock, she hands me the lube and tells me to grease myself up and get ready for some cock, with that she steers our big 10 inch bright red cock into neils arse, she grabs his shoulders and pulls herself deep into his greasy lubed arse just as i was before but this time the dildo is bigger than my average cock and he winces in pain and pleasure as she rams it in as far as she can go. i grab the lube and pour some at the top my arse and some on my fingers. i love the feel of lube and all that slippery ness, i jamb a finger in my butt pull it out and feed some more lube into me, then i push a couple of fingers into myself and start to fuck my own arse.Annie is watching me as she fucks neil. get a dildo out of drawer boy and open that arse for me she demands!!! i love it when she takes control cos she loves seeing me with a dildo or cock in my arse. aydın escort bayan i reach for the drawer and pull a purple twisty one out. i move it around my hole to get some lube on it then i push it at my tight hole. it goes in but my arse is still tight and im stretching a lot to take this dildo, i push the button in the middle a couple of times to give me some vibrations, damn i love a vibrator going off in my arse, its a great feeling cumming over myself with it vibrating the hell out of my i push it in me slowly down the hilt and my arse is stuffed full of dildo, i feel annie take my hand out the way and she takes control as she slows up fucking neils seriously stretched hole and start to ram the vibrating cock in and out of my hole too. shes loving being in control of two bi blokes being screwed by her. Annie pulls her cock out of neil and removes my vibrating cock, swops herself over and guides her plastic cock into my waiting hole, she pushes it deep till it hits bottom whist shes got it jambed all the way in she pushes the still vibrating cock into neils slippery gooey hole and pushes that all the way in, Jeez you boys know how to give a girl a good time ya know she says laughing as she fucks me hard and twists the vibrator around in neils hole.After a hole stretching few minutes she pulls out of me and swops it around again and neil gets his arsehole pounded again by my wife. this time she leave the dildo out of me and really concentrates on banging the hell out of neil. i sit up on the bed and start to wank my own cock as id love unload my balls right now. “dont you come yet you fucker ” annie says and pulls out of neil pulls the feeldoe out of herself. and turns her back to me and tells me to stick my cock in her cunt. she lowers herself onto me, its wet and slippery and stretched from the end of the feeldoe in her.with her facing neil now laying back over me he gets to watch as i fuck her juicy cunt. im not going to last long im so very turned on by the bi experience, neil leans in and licks my cock as she goes up and down, when shes down i feel his tongue leave my cock for her clit, my orgasm is staring to build and i know im going shoot a good load out after tonights fuck-a-thon after another couple of minutes i can hold out no longer and announce my comes arrival i start to sqirt it deep in my missus but neil has other ideas and pulls my cock out of her and lets it squirt over her cunt and my cock, before i know its all a sticky mess of cum and lube. neil goes to work on it he sucks the cum from her cunt licks my cock clean, Annie rolls of and neil puts her on her hands and knees and cleans her arse of cum too as its run everywhere. now this i’d like to join in so i do licking whats left of my jizz of my wifes arse hole. neil has already swallowed my jizz.Neil then says he’d like to do me to return the favour and his cock looks in need of some attention so i lay on my back lift my legs and beg him to fuck me in the arse. so he easily enters my stretchedhole and proceeds to bang my arse for me, squishing squelching his way inside me again i feel that full of cock feeling. Annie wants some more if im getting some more so she mounts my face and i get whats left of my jizz from inside her cunt, she slides forward to let me rim her aswell after all never let a hole be wasted. neil seems to be deeper in my arse than anything has all night his balls banging agaist my cheeks he rams me and im loving it. Ive had cock and cunt, arse and some man cunt and some cum too nights dont get much better than this, and pretty soon ill have an arse full of come too by the look of it, neil is closing his eyes and getting closer, he digs it in deeper and starts to hurt me but im loving being full of his cock. then with a final thrust and some jerky movements, i feel his cock head pulse as he unloads into my arse. wet and warm and full of come. slowly he calms down his cock softens quickly in me but its nice knowing he done his best inside of me. he gets off me and lays down with me annie also climbs off and lays the other side, slowly we calm down in the sexual afterglow and we all slowly caress each other as i feel the come run slowly from within me, annie puts a couple of fingers in my arse and plays with my spunk filled hole.Time for another smoke i think!!!!Any comments gladly received as well as cum.